Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Imaginary Success

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning of deception and deception in the context of Islam. It uses examples such as the success of the current president's campaign, the rise of the world's population, and the deception of people living in palaces. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding and preparing for the reality of one's life, rather than just trying to see things without knowledge.
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In the London in love for that was Salam ala rasulillah no but

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most rhondella said in the world hair to dunya Illa maka

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was rather delightful This world is in deception.

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I remind myself that yesterday when we were

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going somewhere, our driver took us and showed us the Palace of the king.

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And then he showed us the palace, and the king will for his son's

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thing myself.

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And what is the difference between somebody sleeping in a hotel room, and somebody's sleeping in the bedroom in that palace.

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Because hotel also is big, as many rooms, but you sleep only in one room in one bed.

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And the palace also is big, and it has many rooms, but you sleep only in one room in one bed.

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Imagine somebody who build a palace

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is creating an asset that has no resale value.

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It can't sell it, nobody will buy it. If you add an asset that has really nothing, and it's only an ostentation and a show,

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to satisfy him himself, to say I am a big man because I live in a house which has many rooms. And the criterion of bigness and greatness is that I am able to live in a house in which there are many rooms that I don't die that I do not need to use. So if I if I lived in a house in which there are two rooms or three rooms, and I use all three every day, then I'm a small man. If I live in a house, which has only one room which I use 24 hours, then I might even swallow that. But if I live in a house which has 100 rooms, and I do not even know what is happening in 90 of those rooms, then I'm a big man. This is the meaning of deception, this is the meaning of matter overall. And we live all

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this life in all these palaces with all these rooms which we cannot use. And then finally one day we go into our graves. And we have recently have we have incidents after incidents. But people live in big palaces. Now going to the grave, which is the same size for everybody.

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I remind myself and you that it is this constant awareness. That if we have which is the meaning of taqwa to be constantly aware of what the reality is. Islam is the meaning of understanding and accepting and preparing for the reality. Islam is not the Islam does not mean that we live a life where we deceive ourselves. Because the deception comes only from ourselves. assumption comes from ourselves. And from following the footsteps of shaitan instead of following the diet and following the guidance on us.

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So if we live this life, if our lives we live our life like this, no matter how many palaces we live in one day the reality will happen. And then what do we do? And that's the reason why it is very important for us to live with is to understand things and see things without knowledge and look at a palace. When people have no knowledge. They look at the palace and they get caught up in the deception of this. Oh, so what a wonderful palace what a big palace, what a huge palace, and how nice it must be to be to live in that palace, or deception or deception or deception, where the person who has knowledge, like those people who've been caught on came out, and he was going he went

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in a procession, those who had no knowledge they said, Oh, we wish Allah had made us and given us like your car. But the people who had knowledge, they said do not say this because Allah subhanaw taala does not like the people who are arrogant. And then when they finally saw what happened to Cairo, they said, Oh, thank God, Allah subhanaw taala did not give us what is correct. So the whole issue is the same, the same problems, the same issues of humanity. We never seem to learn lessons. And we make the same mistakes. Not just generation after generation, but century after century, Time after time, that we fall into the same traps of deception and that is the reason why Islam came to

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open our eyes by knowledge to show what is the reality and the reality is that one day we will meet our cholesterol data to make that day the best day of our lives. And we meet him in a state where he is pleased with us for Salalah heilala. Military while he was enrichment

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