Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Huqooq Ul Ibaad

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of fearing drama in the Muslim culture is emphasized, along with the need to avoid criticized actions and focus on the reality of their own actions. The speaker also discusses the struggles of modern day parents with children who dress up nicely and drink alcohol. The importance of learning from past experiences to build a foundation for future success is emphasized, along with the need for fear and responsibility, protecting one's rights and interests, and learning from past experiences to build a foundation for future success.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala, even more serene Riley, he was heavy he is very bad.

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Lots of Abdullah said, Yeah, you are living in Lima de por una malata violone.

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Let's say that we will believe, why do you say that which you do not do.

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This is a matter of great concern for us.

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Because to speak,

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one thing to promote one thing, to propagate one thing to preach one thing, and produce the opposite of that

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is a sign of the fact.

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It is something where the alien what is peak will become a jet against us, instead of being something in our favor.

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It is something where we will be called before Allah subhanaw taala and called liars.

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Therefore it is something which is a very important thing, unless Allah is saying that Oh, you believe?

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And why is Allah subhanaw taala addressing those who believe because those who believe

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are people who are supposed to be truthful. Those who believe are people who have accepted the truth, who have accepted Allah Subhana Allah.

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So Allah rather saying, Oh, you believe? Why do you say that which you do not do?

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You think about this, I remind myself and you to reflect in our own lives and look and find and eliminate all those things that we speak about, but which we do not do ourselves?

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Very important for us to do this individually.

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Look in your own life and say, What am I saying? And what am I doing and if there is a lack of congruence between the speech and action,

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then this is a sign of hypocrisy, the sign of hypocrisy, and it's a sign on the fact.

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One of the very common places where this happens is the way we treat our families.

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outside in the outside world, we talk about the

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rights of the husband and the wife and the right or the wife or the husband.

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Outside we stand and we were called by and we say Allah subhanaw taala said cover your wife with kindness.

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We see a Carmona Allen Allen Lisa.

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Lisa means does not mean that the man is the oppressor of the woman. It means the man is the protector of the woman. The man is somebody who

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the woman can come to if she needs help.

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But the same person when he comes back home, becomes a shaitan in his own house.

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And he causes all kinds of grief to his wife.

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And he abuses her and he beats her and he belittle her and humiliate sir.

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We need to fear Allah. We need to fear Allah, especially in these cases for two reasons. Firstly, because the drama of the oppressed goes to Allah subhanaw taala without any

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restraint and restriction, even if the oppressed is a non Muslim,

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and even if the oppressor is a Muslim.

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Now, what about the law of the Muslim Ummah, of the woman who is religious, a woman who is connected with Arab?

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What about her?

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Her law goes to Allah anyway.

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And you make her into an oppressed and the oppressor, fear her and fear her God

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because it will destroy you.

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It will destroy you, Allah will humiliate you in this world and the next.

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One is to fear the drama of the Obrist. And the second one is to hear the law of the Muslim who is oppressed. And she is in your care, she is in your she's in your control, she has nowhere to go. In some cases, these ladies they have no parents also.

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So she literally has nowhere to go.

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And instead of being governing her in kindness instead of being respectful to her and instead of loving her, you are oppressing her and you are beating her and you are abusing her. Fear Allah. We are Allah because Allah subhanho wa Taala

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if she makes dragons do Allah Subhana Allah will destroy you. Even if it does not make dragons do Allah subhanaw taala will destroy you anyway.

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Because you are saying that which you are not doing

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and that is why I advise myself and you

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Don't worry so much about rights, worry about duties, because we will not be questioned about rights, we will be questioned about duties.

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The other person will be questioned about your rights and let them worry about that.

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You worry about your duty, what is my duty to my father? What is my duty to my mother? What is the parents duty to the children?

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Last night was the 31st of December 2011.

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How many children and how many parents how many parents took their children who dress them up nicely, and took them to places where they know that Haram is being committed.

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Children do not go today when the children are older when they are in their 20s. And then they go to some pub or then they go to someplace where there is alcohol being served and dancing and whatnot. And then the your child, male or female, then runs away with some man or woman, then you are very surprised. Oh my god, terrible tragedy. But you forgot all the years when that child was five years old, six years old, 10 years old. And so on eight years old, when you are the one who dressed the child up in suits.

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And you took the child by hand

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to this club and that club, knowing fully well what was happening in that club on 31st of December, knowing fully well that there was drinking and dancing and music and all that you were the one who took the child there what we're teaching the child to detain the child to make the hatches in this club,

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to the child there to make dad visible. What did you do with that what you took the child to teach the child that what Allah has made haram with Helen, you took the child to teach the child that what Allah subhanaw taala has warned us against and told us that there is danger you do the job to show them that Ally's lying and you are speaking the truth. La how la la hora de la la la when they're on shame on such parents. Shame on said parents take out your slipper and slap yourself in the face

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are a disgrace to as a parent.

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shamans as parents,

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their parents are supposed to the responsibility to the parent is to guide the child to good not to mislead the child.

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But parents are doing this Muslim parents are doing.

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Muslim parents are doing this fear Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala because the same Giles, who you bring up in this way will become a source of making your life into a living jahannam while you are in this world itself, when you grow old, because you did not teach them the dialogue with Allah subhanaw taala you did not teach the flock and you taught them to do go and sing sing and dance on a dance floor and you taught them that alcohol and all these kinds of Haram is is hard, the child will also buy that teaching the child also really accepts and understands that you are not worthy of respect that you are not worthy of being served, that you are nobody and nothing and when you are

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old and the child has his own source of income, you are a burden who should be dumped on the child will dump you

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and you will be responsible, not the child the youth responsible because that is the upbringing you brought up the child with that was your tarbiyah which is coming back to you. Here Allah here Allah, Allah Allah no limit, Morocco. So also with the children. So also with the children, here Allah with respect your parents, especially when you when you grow up, especially when you have power, especially when you are strong, especially when you have now a source of income remained very easy. Children find it very easy to forget all those sleepless nights that those parents set up when they were sneezing and coughing and at fever. They forget they're very divided, very easy to forget the

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fact that the parents sacrificed their own comfort, their own convenience, their carriers, all sorts of things only because the child's school, the child, this child that La hawla wala quwata illa dental life gets turned upside down. Because there is a two foot nothing piece of meat in the house.

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Just because there is a little guy a little kid in the house the mother and father do not think twice about turning their own life upside down for the sake of that child. And when that child grows up, and when that child becomes strong and has his own income and becomes his within courts a so called self made man. He completely forgets all of this total black complete amnesia. What my father did what my mother did total amnesia.

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And then the father is a burden the mother is a burden the father is a nuisance, the mother is a nuisance. Now how will our afford a level of fear Allah subhanho wa Taala hear Allah subhanho data for the door from the door of those bedrooms are oppressed and Allah Allah Baron still don't make the damages day without making data loss data data is ideal. And lots of other data sees what is happening even if your parents do not make do against you unless you have no data will destroy you. If you are unjust you

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Parents and if you cause them grief,

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understand very clearly understand very clearly.

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Those who are in our control are our responsibility. They are a fitna, they are a huge burden on us. Let us be very, very clear about this. Whoever we have been has been given into our control, we ask Allah subhanaw taala I personally are allowed Manasa to give me free from anyone under my God, I don't want anyone under my control. Because it's a problem. It's a burden is not nice, it's not good. As soon as the man who seeks a position as an Amir, do not give him that position because he is not fit for Amara.

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We ask Allah to free us from this but if Allah has given you this, and your wife is in your control, your children are under your control. When your parents were older, they are under your control. And if you are supposed to be their protector and their guardian, and instead of that, if you become a source of grief for them, then fear Allah on that account, because Allah subhanho wa Taala if you continue to oppress, then Allah subhanaw taala will humiliate you in this dunya and will throw you into the Hellfire and they will Allah that I said, Yeah, you will Edina Ave Lima de una manera de facto design on the button what happens to the manipulated in Elva let us be very clear with regard

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to open a bad Allah subhanho wa Taala may forgive his hobo, and I'm not promoting that we should violate the hobo of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala his love for him, but fear Allah with respect to hopefully but if you violate the hope of the people, unless I know that I will not forgive until those people forgive and believe me on the Day of Judgment, nobody's forgiving anybody else on the Day of Judgment, they will extract it from you have Rama, Rama and all these great,

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great good deeds that you are doing going out in the path of Allah 40 days Java former Java 10,000 years Java is standing on this member, that member making this band giving that band this talk that talk making takari making this class that class is teaching go solo Sharia teaching.

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Sharia teaching was all of this teaching that is in this this hierarchy that was you building this hospital building that buildings on so scholarship, everything will be we will be gone into the accounts of those who you have and who you oppressed and they're there all their bad deeds will come into your IRA.

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Remember, the head is also realized along with it which I narrated a couple of days ago, where he asked who are the destitute of this oma

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remember that.

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And let us not become the destitute of Yuma. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the way to protect our Ummah and not to make our Mr. Bartel by means of what else we do in along with the good deeds. Let us ensure that we protect our ama, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect our ama, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the trophy, to do what we speak, to learn what is correct, to speak what is correct and to do what is correct. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that to put, give us the fear, to fear him above everything else, and to ensure that we fulfill the rights of all those who are in our control. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah, if we have any mistakes and that to forgive

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those mistakes and to take us in a state of complete obedience to Him. When the time for us to go comes was Allah Allah Allah and Abele Karim? Allah Allah He was happy he has been the erotic Rahim in our hamdulillah

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