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From the lower Bill alaminos salatu salam ala l mursaleen. O Allah, Allah, he was having a dream about a lot of 100 Allah said, Lenten Allah, Allah had to call me mad, a boon.

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Which means you can never reach the highest station of biology, the station of albear. Until you spend until you give in the Battle of Allah for the sake of Allah, that which you love the most. had that under common metric.

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Until you give for Allah, what you love the most.

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My brother sisters, I want to remind myself and you that

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I lost Darla

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to the great mercy and blessings of Allah subhanaw taala, that Roger says something like this, and to give

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to reach the station of piety, give that which you love the most. It's the village was your ally. And let's monitor the Afghans to give what he has given us. Because then we given the path on lacinato. That is, remember and recall that what we have doesn't belong to us.

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It's something that we got purely by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The example of this is very simple. And this is human nature.

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Where if you take a small two year old child or something, it will give him something, especially something that he likes a little toy or some, you know, something shiny, or something that he likes, you give it to him, he's very happy. You asked him to give it back, give us give us something even better than that. He won't give it to you.

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If you give the other thing hidden, and he said, You know, I will give you something even better than this, but give this to me, he will not give it to you. In some cases, or many cases, even if you show him that thing which is which you have hidden behind your back, even then he will not give it you will want this and this is human nature, it's internal to us that we have this sense of greed. And may Allah, Allah protect us from this. But this is the essence of Emmanuel right at that moment that we give to Allah subhanaw taala what we love the most because we know that Allah that first of all, we know because you've given us your heart and it is the right of Allah subhanaw taala

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take back what belongs to Him,

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we have been given this to use for a time

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and then Allah does it, give it so that you can reach the highest station of piety Now, what is better than that, the highest original piety that which will lead us and take us into genders and for those who are late Charles.

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The problem is that since we genital fellows is not in front of our eyes, the reality of genital fillers we are unaware of. But then that is why the column of Allah subhanaw taala came that is why the Nabi sallallahu Sallam came to explain to us what this is, after that, if we still are unable to give up, whatever little we have in this dunya for the sake of it, which comes in the alpha. So how can we What do we say about the state of Alabama.

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And also let us remember there is this anomalous mantra that when you given the path of wellness monitor in this dunya unless urato data returns that same thing itself, manifold, in the denier itself. And then in addition to that, it gives me the aha, that I'm a man that no data has no boundary has no limits, love gives in here, and, and so on. And this is the beauty of this, of this DNA of understanding Allah subhanaw taala because he makes sure of Allah subhanaw taala when we make trigger, Allah is rather lazy than knuckle, I will increase the bounty. So every time we make sure we're about to gets increased, and every time we make sure what Allah gives you a reward, and

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because they give you reward, you make some more super, he gives you he gives you some more reward because you made sugar, then you make some some more sugar because he gave you a reward and he gives you some more reward. So Alice always has the upper hand in terms of giving so holla Jim, and that's the reason why we have to understand this. And we must be must tell ourselves that when we are spending the Battle of data, first of all, we are not spending what we what belongs to us, we are merely returning what we had taken interest. And number two, just for that action, for returning what we have taken adjust Allah subhanaw taala is poverty that gender and a lot smarter as promising

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as biostation have built in the in in this life. So sooner I mean, what more can one ask? So I remind myself when you to never to hesitate the slightest, when it comes to the question of giving in the path of Allah and not to let shaytan come in the way and stop us from earning gender from stop us from earning the highest station of piety before Allah subhanho data as well as valid data to make this path

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Is your false or Salalah Alana bill Kareem while he was having a tough time