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Now I told you that the Syrah is the is the is the best way of dealing with today's world, right? This is a solution to our modern day problems. And I don't give you give us

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like a modern society. You all received my program leadership, life lessons on the left.

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So please read that. How many of you have already read it?

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For those who have not read it, please read

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if you study the Sierra,

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the key thing you realize is that macam society was exactly like our modern days.

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Except that it was a small place. And that today's our model is now globalized.

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Everybody like this. In MCI, it was people of modern society was not ruled by a king. Yo, dictator, no king, McCann society was ruled by a group of businessmen.

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Exactly how today's word is not Today's word is not run by politicians. Today's word Donald Trump is not the ruler of the world.

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You know, it is not the ruler,

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the ruler, whoever was not the ruler, the ruler, the actual people who ruled this world,

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powerful businessman.

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In 2016, there was a report published by the World Bank, which said that

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62 people owned more assets than 50% of the rest of the world's

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so given the world population, which they say is about 7 trillion,

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is about 1.7 billion. This is our one of our it means there are around 3.5 billion people, their assets put together were less than the assets of 62 people 62 people only that is fewer people than sitting with rope.

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62 people Incidentally, is not even one full busload a whole bunch notice 65 people. This was a report published in 2016. In 2017, the same report said that the number is now down to eight people.

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Eight people, that is enough in one inaka Well, they will not

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say that eight people, eight people have more wealth than 50% of the rest of the world's who are the way people are not leaving kings believing you're not seeing Queen Elizabeth the Second is not no no kings, no politician, businessman, a business people have more wealth than 3.5 billion other normal human beings.

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Market society was like that Naga society was ruled by a group of businessmen they had simply please called

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another one, and they would gather there and they would, you know, discuss and whatever they do. The second thing was what happens when you have a lot of wealth, if I have a lot of wealth, and it is sitting in a bank Ward somewhere?

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What What good is it? What good does it do to my ego? Nothing, I have to show it to you. Right? I will show it to you, then I see the look on your face, and I may it makes me happy around me like this is that portunity the way the world is run? This is not this is not the right thing to do whatever you say that. Therefore, the usual thing is, if you haven't flaunted if you haven't showed up and so on and so forth. Waste and splurges parties and you know, all kinds of

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ostentatious weddings are the classic thing that happens. So the issue of wealth is that that's the trend. Secondly, different rules, different strokes for different folks. So ordinary person commits a crime bank gets it in the neck. One of these eight commits a crime is not a crime anymore.

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right it's a it's something else. So different rules were how many take you take this company itself? How many times have you seen an accurate quality in origin?

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Zero, nobody ever happens. Because different rules for different folks. People can do have people get some some people are more equal than others.

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Anyone who's weak is

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a top of that line of causes women, exploitation everywhere, women themselves by that exploitation other places they are exploited by it or not.

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Similarly, all kinds of minorities, black people, in white countries and so on all of this

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religion is used as a way to gain power authority, that the people in power are not really interested in following their religion, but they use that religion in order to drive their own multiple agendas. You're seeing that happening right now today as we speak, religion is being including Islam is being used as a way to justify all kinds of crimes. And

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this is the name of Islam. So this is now

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the rest of the world.

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That's the last line

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those who can do all this, they are they actually aspire to do that. It's not that they are people who are doing it out of choice. You know, I if I had the money, instead of buying diamonds, I would I would feed the poor No, no, I wish I had money to buy diamonds. The poor can look after themselves. It's not my bro.

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So aspiration towards the aspiration towards oppression, aspiration towards something which is negative. Now pick me when I'm telling you all of this, does it sound familiar?

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Yes, because that's exactly how our whole world today the global culture is a culture of operation is a culture of power. And authority is a culture of selective of discrimination of, you know, selective use of force selective application of the law, the power that wealth gives you and so on. And that is exactly how modern society was run. And there was no sense of accountability, especially for those who had it for where the money was above noses. So my point is that here was a situation where a certain problem existed.

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And in that situation came.

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Now what did he do? Whatever he did,

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the result is very clear. The result is that in a period of 23 years,

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or in a period of one generation, that same generation, Delano was the same generation as Mohammed Salah in one generation.

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When he came, and he announced his lab, and some people followed him, what was the nature of those few, they were few, they were powerless. They had no money, they had no influence. They were approached by everybody. They were looked down upon, they were discarded, all of this was done. But whatever he did with them, in a period of one single generation, converted them from being all of this stuff, to being the most influential. The role models for the world.

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The question is,

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I'm not talking theory, I'm talking actual practice. This is history. This is not my theology.

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Here are something he did he did, which converted this bunch of people who were living in that society, as I don't know the kind of society they were living that society when they accepted his message. The first the first result of that was what was it about

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Now, including himself, here was a man who was the most beloved of people.

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He was called me, everybody loved Mohamed Salah. But the moment he said

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he went from hero to zero.

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Everyone became his enemy.

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people now are up his legs trying to settle them. They're trying to abuse him the kind of allowing him to try to character assassinate him, they're trying to kill him.

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And you stop for a minute and say, Who are you trying to kill? Or the one I loved until yesterday, as the rest of people know what happened with Zima?

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What did he do? Did he have you already steal something from you?

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Nothing there Why? Why do you want to kill him? Because he says, ooh, la la la la. Because he said La la la la se la la la la, and we become successful. What What's the problem? You are? You are against being successful, you don't want to be successful.

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This was the issue.

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The point is, having said that xavante through that period, the result was that I was able to keep keys to the world.

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My submission to you is that the same we had a problem

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doesn't give you the solution. He applied a solution. We found the results.

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my contention is today we have the same problem. We have the solution.

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And my contention is that if you apply that solution, we will also succeed

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In business, we do what is called a pilot project, any new technology and a new methodology, any new organizational structure will change and so on that needs to be done. We don't go and say to be applied in the whole organization, we select a part of the organization, a small group or a small department or something. And we applied there in order to do what we call proof of concepts.

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Right proof of concept, how do you prove the concept and here's why because I think this is what was evident, we say you have a highly authoritarian, totalitarian kind of organizational structure. Let us make it into a team structure, have a matrix, leadership structure and a team structure. Before we do all of that, how do I know it will work?

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So you don't know it will work? I'm going to show it to you. So here is a small piece, I want to apply it here we watched this for a year we see the results and then if you like the results, then we will apply to the overall organization. This is called running a pilot project for proof of concept. That's exactly what mcca and makan society and Medina and Medina society was during this time, it was Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing us a pilot project for proof of concept to say that Islam works.

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So Arambula the pilot project is done proof of concept is concept established, all that remains is for us to now take it and apply it in the rest of the world in our in our own work and inshallah was that we will we will be equally successful. Now what is it that we learn problems are solved?

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Please read my book. I have innovated, I think what 10 or 11 lessons of leadership that I was able to extract from my study of the Sierra