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The speaker discusses the potential damage caused by miscalculations and the importance of avoiding evil behavior. They stress the need for people to let people in one's company create evil behavior and warn against being in a situation where one is making fun of others. The segment ends with a call to action for removing negative behavior, including showing one's Islam in public.

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Number 11 salatu salam ala rasulillah. But

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I love that

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he mentioned the issue of friends He also mentioned this orphans in other places. So, the vocal in very clear terms Allah Bella said on the Day of Judgment

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a person will say about his friend

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yeah way later Later Neelam Milan and hi Lila, you will say about this friend, I wish I had not taken such and such a person by name falana

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that he will he will say I wish or war to me Yeah, well, you let that later Neelam Milan and holiday, I wish war to me that I took so and so as my friend

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and that this person misled me and misguided me.

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Today, if you look at it, one of

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maybe even the biggest source of misguidance is the wrong company.

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By yourself, if you are sitting by yourself in a room, there is probably not that much evil that you can think of myself inshallah, we have, you know, enough top or something like that to protect, but when you are in the company of wrong people,

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that is when the maximum damage happens, the minimum that happens if you are in the company of people who are not happy people who are who have no mercy of Allah subhanaw taala their hearts, they will have no thought or fear of dying one day and being resurrected and standing before last run into the minimum that will happen is that you will spend that time with them in a state of offline. Because obviously, those people will not talk about a lot, they will not talk about the asset or they will not talk about talk about Nikola Tesla, they will not talk about debt, they will not talk about reproduction, they will talk about the duty

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to minimum that will happen in their company, your view would be they will not have any concentration on the X era, you will spend your time in love law, you will forget a lot.

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And what is more is that such people generally tend to talk about the greatness of God, they will talk about so and so has this car and so and so was there in that watch and so and so as a big house and he did this and he did that. So the glory of the dunya will enter your heart instead of the glory of Allah

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and that is the minimum damage. Now in addition to that, more than likely in addition to this damage, such people will also do away with such people who will also make fun of the Sunnah of Allah Salam. Such people will also make fun of the Dean of hours.

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And depending on what they are talking about, and how far ahead they have gone in their rebellion.

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They can themselves be putting themselves out of Islam and putting you all out of Islam in the process because you are with them.

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People will make fun of

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those who follow the deed. They will make fun of women who have a job they make fun of men who have beard, they will make fun of people who prey on time. They will call them traditional Muslims and they will make fun of them. But you must ask them when they die. They want shadowkhan to come and do their salado janazah they want the traditional Muslim who is giving the sign their mother to do this raffle generally, it's easy to make fun of somebody and you know call him traditional Muslim but you ask him and you die. Who do you want? We'll send you sorrow cannons or mark and you will have two maps instead of one.

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Or do you want the Devam your own Majid who's we were making fun of anything traditional Muslim, what do you think?

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Who the traditional Muslim was Rosa was rosov a traditional Muslim was I have a traditional Muslims you making fun of them? What is the meaning of traditional Muslim when you move when you are saying that in a way where you are mocking them.

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The problem with being in the company of people like this is that this is what you will have to hear and if you don't have the guts to tell them to shut up right then and there or walk out of their company, then you are with them. with Allah subhanaw taala you are clubbed with them.

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Friends are a source of great good or a source of great evil. And that is when I wish Allah Allah gave us criteria. And he said a good friend is one in whose company you remember Allah

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and in whose company you remember the Acura and in whose company you learn something good

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three criterion of a good friend who is a good friend, one in whom

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company you remember a lot, one in whose company you remember your aha and one in whose company you learn something good. If you have friends, in whose company this is not happening, then you have to get yourself out from that list.

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You must not be with those people, because those are the people who will fill your heart with love for the dunya who will fill your heart with all sorts of facts and worst case scenario who will take you out of Islam. In this context, remember that Muslims will make fun of Islam, that Muslims who are rebellious about the synonymous Allah Salah, they are worse as friends than non Muslims.

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Because the minimum thing is that is I do not know I have so many non Muslim friends but not a single one of them will ever say anything disrespectful about Islam in our presence, even if he says it by himself, right? I don't think my friends are such that they will will speak disrespectfully about Islam anyway. But even if they do Allah knows best. But definitely in my company, I do not have a single non Muslim friend Hindu or Christian or work. Who is there anything disrespectful what is law or award nominees Allah is Allah or about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not one single one of them ever says it. But I know many so called Muslims, none of them are friends of mine. But I know many

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of them, who openly talk disrespectfully about the visa lottery seldom who openly talk disrespectfully about obeying Allah subhanho wa Taala, who openly talk disrespectfully about traditional Muslims who openly talk disrespectfully about following the so now there is a lot I know there's people I know who they are, I know where they live. Now, obviously, such people are worse in the eyes of Allah, because they are the they are treasonous. They are the traitors from within.

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There are people who are born in Muslim homes, who are given Muslim names, to call themselves Muslim, but who tried to make halaal what Allah has made her

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and I know tried to make haram what Allah has made Allah.

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These are the people who will tell you that is perfectly fine to have music and dancing and so on and so forth, and free mixing of men and women, and there is no problem. And then all these people who are against it, these are the These are old fashioned people and these are aggressive people. So Allah Jeeva somebody asked this lady, I'm forgetting her name, but the one who got a Nobel Peace Prize just now the Muslim

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woman, the Muslim lady who got the Nobel Peace Prize just now, right? Mashallah. She's a hijab.

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So one of the, I believe one of the reporters asked her they said, How is it the lady who got a Nobel Peace Prize that you are dressed like this?

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And she gave an answer which was, which was tantamount to taking her slipper out and slapping him on the face.

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She told him when she said that primitive man when there was mayhem and there was no civilization. He said, People used to walk around naked

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or wizardry loads is that as they got civilized, they started putting on clothes.

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She said, What You See Me The Way You see me, this is the ultimate of civilization.

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She says this is the peak of civilization.

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And she said, if you if I start digging up the claws and regressing back to primitiveness

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which is headed in a much better way than I am saying, those words are even much better than what I said. But that's what you said. That's what you want people with confidence in Islam, not people who are hiding under chairs and tables, the moment somebody says these are

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not people who are hiding under chairs and tables, the moment somebody says una vez, Allah Allah,

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people are ashamed of themselves. People are ashamed of the of the prophets, Allah, they they claim to love. nummies Allahu Allah, you have no love for your love for profit. How come you don't follow Islam? what love is this regard is love.

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You will love the Prophet you don't want this. Then you are a liar, you're a cheat.

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You say you love the Prophet, you don't know the Prophet, you will love the Prophet, you have human choice. And if you don't try sooner, you are a liar.

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Find the right friends. Daily, the wrong friends, whether they are in Facebook, whether they are in this book, or that book or in your in your phone book, or whether they are physically your friend, remove them from your list, because if you don't remove them from your list, then they will be on your list. And on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanaw taala will count you with them.

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Just the other day somebody was telling me that one friend of his got caught in some drug scam.

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And I believe some of the other people who were his friends, they were saying we don't know what the bullies will find find because in his phone book

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His phone My name also will be there because his phone list has got my name also

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look over there who's got a guy

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who's got

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a hotel, you're not afraid that Allah will find your list your name in the in the foreign list or his friend list of that person who used to disobey Allah who used to mock the deen of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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remove yourself from the friendships of people who are focused on the dunya and who are focused and who have no respect for Islam and fallen in love is Allah Allah.

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Go and tell them straight to their face. Either you stop doing this, otherwise, I am not your friend Salaam Alaikum.

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Maybe we'll change that. Who knows.

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And if you don't change them, at least you get out of there.

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Do not be among those who on the day of judgment when it is done with more or less random data, you will have to say La denilla mata is Milan and Halina. Do not put yourself in that position because on that day, there is no hope. On that day, there is no hope if you are in that position.

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And as Rhonda told us very clearly, the importance of right friends. And when we say right friends, generally we look at our children, the humans get the people with a worse friends are the adults.

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The people with the worst friends are the parents, not the children.

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After all, a 10 year old kid as a 10 year old get offended how much he will need to swallow. I'm not saying he should, he should also have good friends. But the point is the adults the adults are the ones who need who need correction. More than anything else. We are going to make it easy for us to correct ourselves and to ensure that out of all of these verbal reminders and that isn't that that actual action happens in our lives. Otherwise, remember on the Day of Judgment, this will become a witness against you. Because you are told and in spite of that, if you still stick around with those friends and so on, this reminder will become a witness against you.

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And the angels will ask did nobody come to one you

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don't want to be in that position. We ask Allah, Allah to make us obedient to Him, and to remove the fear of everyone except himself from our hearts and to fill our hearts with love for Allah subhanho wa Taala and to give the love of bombas Allah Allah is alive in our hearts that we follow his Sunnah completely without fearing anybody to give us some self respect and a sense of identity with ourselves so that we are not afraid of being Muslims. You're not afraid of showing ourselves as Muslims, and that we demonstrate our Islam in our lives or something Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was having a great day.