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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have filled up via even more saline. See the NO NO Mohammed Ali was heavy

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as marine

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from my battle, my dear brothers and sisters,

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we have been speaking about

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being positive in challenging times for the last three weeks.

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This is the last of that series of order.

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I want to begin by asking you a question

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because today we are going to talk about education.

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Question I want to ask you is, what is your dream for your child?

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How many of you are surprised by this question?

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How many of you have thought about this? And have it written down?

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How many of you

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have shared your dream with your child about whom you dreamt?

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What did your child say?

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Believe me, my brothers and sisters. Raising children is a lot more than paying bills.

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It's not an unconscious process that will somehow happen. If you keep wanting money and have a good intention.

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It takes thought, time, effort, energy, patience, and tears before Allah subhanaw taala in the dead of the night when everybody else is sleeping.

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How many of you want your children to make dua for you in tahajjud?

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after you're gone?

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How many of you made dua for your children in tahajjud today?

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One is the product of

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Make no mistake.

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We spoke about the importance of changing the way we educate our children.

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It's a great tragedy, that we who lead the world in the field of education for centuries, blindly copied the system that the Industrial Revolution bequeathed us.

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Interestingly, there is no difference

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between how children are taught in our secular and religious schools.

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The only difference in the books

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everything else is the same.

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Which makes it even more ridiculous.

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Firstly, let us see what Allah subhanaw taala said about education and what it should achieve and how to do it.

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I'm not sure what that is so tall Iran. I will be live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the vehicle is our Diwali of delightful lady wanna hurry the IRT little map? And Levine is Guru and Allah Paya mo don't wanna you know beam Wyatt of a Karuna vehicle Kesava to a lot of Bernama. Calacatta has been Thielen some Hannukah, Filipina Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who said, which means, verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth. And in the alternation of the day and the night of the night in the day, there are indeed signs for people of an understanding people who diligence and only those

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who are the those who remember Allah subhanaw taala, constantly standing, sitting and lying down on their sides, and not all and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, saying, our rubbish you have not created all this without purpose. Glory to you, exalted view of all that they associated with you as partners, give us salvation from the trauma to the fire.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us to look at his science, in his creation, and through them reflect on his glory and magnificence. The Quran is a book of science, I had not science.

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Incidentally, I add, is translated here as signs not as verses. So those who translate ayat is versus should think or where they got that translation from.

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And not among those who try to prove the veracity and truthfulness of the Quran by quoting, if that relates to scientific matters.

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That's a bit of a dangerous slope. Because what we call science is human knowledge. Until today,

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there is nothing to say that it will not or cannot change tomorrow. The difference between revealed knowledge and science is that reveal that is that the revelation is good for all time. Whereas Allah subhanaw taala

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It opens new vistas of appreciation to scientists all the time.

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So theories change. For example, one of the most quoted theories, The Big Bang Theory is being questioned or refuted as we speak.

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From a scientific perspective, this is entirely possible and welcome.

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That is what development is all about. But if you had been building your argument about the truth of the Quran, based on this theory, your foundation will soon be demolished.

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That is why we look at what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran

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about his creation, as signs pointing to his glory and majesty. So what must change? In short, everything we must wipe clean and rewrite our destiny.

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As I mentioned last week, we are not talking about tweaking a train factory, we are talking about building a plane factory. So everything that we do today, what and how must change and become focused towards creating leaders who can change the world.

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That is why I began by asking you what your dream for your child is.

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Allah data showed us a model which I call integrated education.

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Integrating Islamic theology with so called secular subjects, I see a so called because all knowledge is from Allah subhanaw taala. And so the term secular knowledge from an Islamic perspective is an oxymoron.

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Allah Jalla DeLallo who showed us how everything is integrated, It is We Who created the false divisions between science and religion. That is the root cause of all our corruption. When we separated Saskia from Tallinn, nor left

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and only the words remained,

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how many of the Skia dusky to NASCO dilatancy alakea. To Iluka nodes Elia serpent fascinating

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when we separated purification of the heart and the soul from the acquisition of knowledge, the light of guidance structuring and only dry words remained, and that is how we lost our position of leadership.

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Islam is a practice to benefit from it, we must practice it. We cannot do that wholeheartedly and meaningfully, if it does not make sense in the context of our modern education. The reason for that is not so much in what we teach, but in how we do it.

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The Quran shows us the way that is to integrate.

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I have devised a teaching methodology that I call integrated teaching.

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The most important element in this is the quality of the teachers.

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Teachers must be people who have the best manners dominated by kindness.

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That education must include child psychology, and they must demonstrate kindness in everything they do. We must teach by demonstration, because children listen with their eyes.

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If they are Muslim, they must be practicing Muslims in the appearance, the speech and their behavior.

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Integrate knowledge don't teach discrete subjects, as if they have no relationship with each other.

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Ask for example, why we don't teach the chemistry of water with Archimedes Principle, which is the reason a ship weighing 1000s of tons floats on water

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and lead from there into the history of the of the British Empire, which was based on their ability to sail the oceans

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using navigating equipment, astral labs, using star maps, which Europe got from the Muslims.

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It's not an accident, that 60% of the names of stars are Arabic in origin,

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as why the Arabs and before them, the Polynesians, and even before them, the Greeks and Romans all had ships, but it was not them. But instead the British, the Portuguese and the Spanish, were able to sail across major oceans and reach the Americas accidentally. And China, India and Japan. The reason lies in botany, more than any more than in anything else. It was because they had access. The Europeans had access to coniferous trees in the northern hemisphere, with the Arabs, the Polynesians and others didn't.

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That is the reason they were able to build

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Ships that could cross the great oceans. It was tall ships that took them across the oceans to colonize, plunder, decimate and enslave populations and enrich their own countries.

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Pope Nicholas five

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in the fifth set in the 15th century, issued a paper addict called the doctrine of discovery, which authorized European Christian nations to invade, capture, vanquish and subdue all pagans and other enemies of Christ, to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to take away all their possessions and property.

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Imagine that this kind of a photo had been given by a Muslim.

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The ships were the vehicles for the spread of their ideology of military domination of the world. Thanks to botany history.

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In the Eastern White Pine Tree, the English found exactly what they needed to build the clippers and galleons, straight, strong and light masts, that thanks to the slow growth of the trees were very dense, and resistance to decay.

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I quote, The majestic Eastern White Pine is the tallest of the pine species in North America, basically the square of the Northeast

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trees 150 to 240 feet tall, and Trunks free of branches to heights of 80 feet or more, were plentiful when the New World was being colonized by the British and other Europeans. To maintain its world dominance of the seas, Great Britain needed the strongest and fastest ships and Eastern White Pine would make the shifts the Greyhounds of their day, and a force to reckon with in any

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Acting as dominion over the forests of New England, the king assumed that the King of England assumed ownership of the best of the Eastern white pine trees, and appoint a leader of surveyors of pines and timber to survey and mark all suitable trees with the Kings Broad Arrow, a series of three Hatchard slashes this way.

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violation by the colonists of this rule would be assessed a fine of 100 pounds. Imagine that fine. In the 16th century,

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the tax on tea was not the only issue that raised anger among American colonists. In the 1700s Eastern White Pine played an equally key role in events that led to the Revolutionary War and American independence from English rule.

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Do you see how we can teach history botany, chemistry, physics, and the principles of leadership, all while telling a very interesting two story

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this must be taught with constant reference to the One who created the trees the oceans, and those who used one to sail on the other.

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That is how you see the signs are Allah subhanaw taala in his creation. Now add to this trip to the sea sailing praying on board ship, learning principles of the hara will do and also with respect to salt water, finding the direction of the Qibla using a marine chronometer deep sea fishing visit shipyards that build sailing ships and shipyards that build modern ships and submarines. There's one right here in New London, which allows tours.

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Right through all this children create and present their projects on topics they choose based on what they are learning.

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The focus is always on practical application of knowledge with intention to open doors to further inquiry, support questioning and critical analysis and dissent.

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Daily prizes given for best question that is one for which nobody had an answer that day, with the responsibility to try and find an answer in due course.

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Talking about sailing ships in 2014, I visited gardens in school in Moray in Scotland.

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It was founded by Kurt Hahn in 1934, after he escaped from Hitler's Germany, after an appeal by British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald to my amazement and great delight, Gordon Stern has an 80 foot catch,

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which is a sailing ship, which is used to train students in sailing even more in leadership.

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There's been a week on board sailing around the British Isles with just one adult Mariner

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nano sail on board. The board is captained and cooled entirely by teenagers.

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Not only do they participate in the annual touchups raises, but they're also registers registered as a station of the Royal Coast Guard obit.

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They also have in the school a fire station, registered with the fire service of the town, with two fire engines, also crewed by students with only the two drivers who are adults.

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My guide, another 16 year old, told me that when they were on duty, they carried pages and dropped whatever they were doing and raced to the station to head out to the fire. He said that they did this even when they were in chapel for morning worship assembly, or even more seriously, if they were playing a cricket match. After this, I

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asked him what they did if they were in the middle of the final exam. He said we run out of the hall, even without saying anything to the teacher, and write the exam later.

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After we return.

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Imagine the kind of leadership this teaches children far more than any classroom can ever hope to achieve.

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Education must focus on problem solving, creativity, questioning the use of imagination and creativity as the means of achieving it.

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Imagine rooted in action, interacting with neighbors, scientists, technologists, philosophers, nurses, doctors, police, government, anyone in society, learning impacting, leading. That is why our education must change. That is our challenge. And on it defends our success in both words, as well as Valterra to give us the tofield to understand this, and the courage to make it happen and understand where our future lies, and that we need to invest in it. If we want to succeed as the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Robert has been unfortunate nonfiction I will learn to fill an outer handle caecilian Robin attina Freedonia Hassan Adolphe laka the asana double Kanazawa, not

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Salalah Hannah, we'll carry on it was I mean, we're not going to go on about him. He was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.