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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of value in friendships and how they can benefit from them. They also discuss the benefits of a friendship, including productivity, productivity, and the ability to meet goals. They emphasize the importance of knowing the value of a friend and finding the most beautiful day of their lives.
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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Colombia evil mazzolino Allah did us have a train

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I want to remind myself and remind you today about your friends

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we value friends

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on three basic

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on Buddha friendly

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How big is a friend how powerful is the friend

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if your friend is a

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is a driver or a small you know they were a waiter in a hotel he's also a friend handler

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but if your friend is a minister or if your friend is a governor or is your brand is a precedent that is a different issue

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you will not go around the world and say I am the parent of this driver but you will say you know the king of paper or the brings up so and so is my friend.

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So, who is the friend the the the value of the brand depends on the magnitude of the front now became majestic and powerful that for a

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second basis of valuing of friendship is how do I benefit from this friend

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How can I benefit from what does the friend do what what is the benefit that I have from this friend so there are some friends who are friends but they don't benefit you you benefit that they have a different level but the other friends who you do not benefit but they benefit you every time you meet this friend if you have any problem and you know your friend and my answer is they're

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asking you something.

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So how does a friend benefit and the third basis on which we can value a friendship is how easy is it to make this work?

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King might be my friend but I can maybe see him only once in our lifetime because the king is really a king is

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the King.

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So, even if the rent is big and powerful, how easy is it to wages rent, how easy is it to buy pick if I call him

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or do I have to go through tensegrities before I can ever go near him.

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So how easy is it to meet this when

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I think about

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the rent that I am talking about

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three basis how big is the

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second one? How do I benefits? And third one How easy is it to meet?

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How big is he?

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A lot hola Illa Illa

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Rosina to know lahoma with our dilemma

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the whole Vini jamoma Bane ID Mama valva home while your hate on average a millionaire is me. Masha was the guru the Osama

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World War One he will Hakeem

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How big is he? How much is ticket?

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Read the meaning of the eyes and

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then second

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How does the benefits

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allow valuable levena Amano forage Amina Zulu Mattila Alamo.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said Allah is the Wali of the

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word friend I'm not using

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nothing about Allah subhanaw taala is comparable to the blue laser comm etc. So when we say a friend we use the word volley because the translation is print but print is not like you and I are friends. Allies online we are

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but within that framework, Allah, Allah Who will you will know.

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I am not saying I am Allah. Allah, Allah Allah Allah is a friend of the people who have women.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has no fear and has no sadness. Fear is about the future sadness is about the past isn't about the future of the person.

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To Allah different and what is Allah? How does he benefit the biggest

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It's your original Manos Rama.

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Rama had done a deep dive out from the Zuma from the darkness of misguidance. The darkness of fear the darkness of ship.

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You don't know what the lower or higher to the lower of the DLR and the

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And the third issue is, How easy is it to make this bread?

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Now you understand what?

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What is the meaning of frozen?

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Where is it? What

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is it with does that

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make us happy?

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It was blackness, that you know the lad ness of

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so how easy is it to go into the office manager five times a day, if I meet a friend, if I say I meet my friend every week, that is one level of productivity I read by a friend every day that's a different development, what do you say about somebody with five times a day and then there is no limit on the number of times more you can meet. And I did not even make 10,000

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anytime of the day or night 24 hours?

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What is it

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lonicera to get this out of the understanding of this column and the center of understanding of the teachings of

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God. So that we understand and we feel that presence that is the essence of what there

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is to feel the presence of Allah subhanho data 24 hours a day, continuously be in the in the facility and the role of Allah Subhana Allah and

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obviously somebody who is in that situation, law, how would I? How can he have here? How can he have that? Or what if he feels in the Presence of Allah Spanos Allah?

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And Allah subhanaw taala? What did you say what what was earlier? Unless you know,

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the one who was the man and the one was the one.

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So in general, we ask Allah subhanaw taala didn't include all of us among the Zodiac.

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Better to give, it's not for us to say who is more And who is this only Allah knows. And Allah has not told us

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that is not our job. Our job is to say, How can I become a valley of Allah? Because Allah subhanaw taala did allow when he lives in

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the valley of people who have We ask Allah subhanaw taala today

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we asked a lot of adults Allah to give us the tools to understand the value of this Deen and to understand the value of Allah, so that we will start over and we continue to build this kind of Route our life. And we are tell us rather to show us in this life, the value of this dialogue and to put the love of meeting with him on the day of judgment in sha Allah so that that meeting is the most beautiful day, beautiful day of our lives is one of them the ownership of Allah. Allah has done a lot

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