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The speaker discusses the changing climate and the importance of controlling one's behavior and feeling, particularly in regards to weather patterns. They emphasize the need to be cautious and not let anyone else do things without your knowledge, as well as the negative impact of seasons on people's lives. The speaker also touches on the evil and miserable nature of the education system and the importance of creating a menu and avoiding constantly dying without making a difference in life. Overall, the speaker emphasizes the need to make a difference and create a positive environment for everyone.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Many of you would have been have been watching these videos. And I'm taking you for a walk down the same

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area which I've shown you before. And you can see today with the snow what is like this is the

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this is the battery's been clean so we have a clear indication of exactly how high This is the snow. Let me put my hand here to try to give you an idea of how high it is. I don't know if that's a clear indication or not, but

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it's about

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16 inches or so.

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one of the cards which is almost completely covered.

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These were the trees which you saw in the earlier videos, especially the videos and the pictures, especially the fall colors.

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If you see now between these two bushes which are like a gateway, if you look out there,

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that white sort of lump you see is what we're absolutely bright red berries and blood red leaves of these trees.

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All of these now have been covered and completely

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buried with the snow. But interestingly as you can see here,

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some of the berries are still there.

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And these are what Allah subhanaw taala keeps in the state through the winter

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for the birds when they return.

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As I was taking this video Unfortunately, there's only that much you can do with a

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with a phone camera.

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I saw a hawk dig down a bird.

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This is the

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you know the

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reality of nature where human emotions and so on don't come into it. someone dies so that somebody else can live

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no Hawk is needs to eat and the bird is the food and absolutely white.

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I would like to walk through this but I not wearing the right shoes. So I'm not gonna do that. But now you see here these two trees again from the

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fall color videos and photograph.

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I thought let me just show you the

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the beauty of what I'm witnessing here.

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Now you'll see here these two trees again from the

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fall color videos and photographs. You will remember these two trees

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one becomes very orange The other one is still yellow. And today they are the same with the snow clinging to their. to their branches.

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This whole scene on the deck is very interesting. The on top of the on the top of the tables.

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It's like a whole cake of white and the chairs have cushions literally has shaped like cushions obviously you can go sit in there but that's how it is. And all that stuff which is on the trees it looks like like cotton, cotton, cotton candy cotton wool is all snow which has which has stuck to the trees. We haven't come to the

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we're still not in the

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the thought that is promised in the next day or two. So let us see what happens when the

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when the when the temperature changes.

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I'm sorry the rest of it has to be done inside. Because I found my

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fingers moving company with me and nothing is no longer my own. So I decided to come back and say the funny thing seems to be that my brother sisters, the reason I

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am so fascinated by these changes in the weather.

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I don't know if this happened. All phones. Some of you might like to test out but with my phone with the

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one plus seven

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I have to touch it, I must touch it with my, my finger with my own skin. I found that quite interesting and irritating.

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I run the sisters, the reason I

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am so fascinated by these changes in the weather

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in this part of the world in northeast United States in New England, you will get four clear seasons you get the spring, summer, the autumn stay call the fall and the winter, for very clear seasons with very clear differences in,

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in everything in obviously, in the weather, in terms of temperature and so on. But also, with the weather because of the weather. The whole topography of the land changes the colors change the

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flora and fauna changes what you see there changes. And it's very, very fascinating to see how the earth changes. You hear a lot about the Motihari said how we bring the earth alive after the dice.

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There are two places which I

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have seen this very clearly one is here, which is in the spring, after this winter is over.

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When everything looks completely dead, and then you see those

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I've seen the earth in the summer there. It's so fast, it's so hard and it's so

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hard the climate in the summer,

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land which is otherwise dead. And the other places in in South India and Denali district in Tamil Nadu after the summer, when the rain comes.

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I've seen the earth in the summer there. It's so fast, it's so hard and it's so

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harsh, the climate in the summer, temperatures are literally going there, it's like walking in front of a fire. And you find then the earth which is big, solid and which is cracked, which splits because of the heat, the earth then comes alive again, and you see everything everywhere look at the green water in all the

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any depression that will hold water has water and a lot of them have water lilies, and these are water lilies, which, again, the

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the bulbs remain intact in this in the solidified hard rock hard slush. After it's all dried out, and then when the water comes again, they come alive again. So a lot of our data shows us in science, so that we understand from them. And we understand that life is a cycle that life begins and it matures over time it grows and then it ends. And the sensible wise person is the one who is prepared for that, who's prepared for that, we get very confused.

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And very conscious often very

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head up with what is happening around the world and in society and this is happening and that is right, that is wrong, and so on and so forth and all of that as well. One should be concerned I'm not against being concerned. But ultimately it's all about one and that one is your central mindset.

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We will stand before Allah subhanaw taala alone, we will be questioned only about what we did or chose not to do. We will not be questioned about what happened to the world. We will not be asked what happened. We will be asked what did you do? And that is something that is very important for us to always keep in mind. Many times we have this question where somebody says

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I'm only one person

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what difference can I make? And I when I said that I remind that person that normally Salaam was only one person

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in the family salon was only one person who said his salon was only one person. He said a salon was only one person. Mohammed Salah holla you are You said you said that was only one person. Everything begins with one person and that person is the one that you you are looking at in the mirror.

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Everything begins with that and the problem is that people don't understand that people want others to do what they should.

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And this is the key when the penny drops and we understand this is not about somebody else. It's about me. And as long as decreed for certain things and it fixed What are certain things the seasons remind us of that. Allah subhanaw taala fixed the time for winter to come and then winter will come and snow will I am not willing to get up and do what I need to do. No one in the world can change my pitch. No one in the world can change my destiny. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Do you create for certain things and if fixed, what are certain things, the seasons remind us of that? Allah subhanaw taala fixed the time for winter to come, and then winter will come and snow will fall. And depending on which part of the world you are in, you may get snow you may not get snow, but winter will come and then summer will come and then they will be raised and they will not be raised and so on and so forth. All of these seasons, they remind us of the fact that there are certain things in our life over which we have no control over which we have, all we can do is to thank Allah subhanaw taala for it when it comes. And if it if what comes is painful, then we have

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summer and we asked Allah Subhana Allah for his help

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in dealing with that's it. Other than that, we have nothing that we can do with. But Allah gave us complete and total control over whether we want to go into general or not. Allah gave us total control over what level of general we want to go into Allah gave us total control over what we want in this gym. Now, our own education and our socialization, everything else takes our attention away from things which are actually in our control, and get us to focus on things which are really not in our control. So we want to control the weather we want to control

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how much we earn. But how we earn is in our control, we don't look at that we look at how much can I earn. The point is no matter how much you earn, whether it is less or more, if you are earning Haram, you will be punished if you are earning Allah you will be rewarded. It's as simple as that what is written, it was written for you in terms of quantity, what is in your control is how you get a large amount of data made interest based dealing Haram. And whether it is 1%, or whether it is 1,000%. It is Allah subhanaw taala made telling lies around whether it is one light or one basically harmful and evil. And if we indulge in them, we harm ourselves.

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Yet, we don't want to understand that because our whole education is equally harmful and evil. And if we indulge in them, we harm ourselves.

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Yet, we don't want to understand that because our whole education socialization is is driven by shaitaan, which tells us to focus on things which are not in our control. So we look at network we look at how much I'm earning, we look at how much somebody is earning. We define ourselves in terms of possessions instead of in terms of character. We define ourselves in terms of what we own, all of which is cost instead of what we give, all of which is reward.

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That's why this whole system has to change. This whole system is so evil and miserable. The system must change and that change has to come from me it has to come from you. Because the only person who can make a difference is that one individual. My brothers sisters have mentioned the story of Nora nicely, so many times. But it's still worth telling again. Lauren Isley the poet is the writer. He says that he was holidaying in a beach resort and one day he there was a huge storm in the night in the morning he went for a walk on the beach and he said the whole Beach was littered with all kinds of debris from the sea. And he said I saw in the debris. There were literally 1000s of starfish,

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which was scattered all over the beach. He said as I as I continued to walk along the beach I saw the distance somebody who appeared to be doing a sort of dance you know that this person would bend down pick up something from the from the from the sand and throw that thing into the sea. So this was it. It looked like some kind of a dance this quick learning is a when I got up there. I saw it was a little boy and he was picking up starfish from the sound and he was throwing them into the sea.

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Normal desert. I looked at this boy and I thought what a strange thing. So I asked him I said what are you doing? The boys enter here and starfish in it. And he said I am

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picking these up and throwing them into the water because they can't move on the land. And when the sun comes up and they dry out, they will die. So I'm throwing them back into the sea. So then they can live normalizer I laughed at him. I laughed in his face. I told him I said look, turn around. Look behind you look at this beach. Can you even count the number of starfish that are there on this beach, there are millions left all the land which is bordered by the ocean. Think about the number of storms think about how many millions or trillions of starfish are thrown on those beaches. What happens to this at this kid looked at me. He looked at the starfish in his hand. He threw it into

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the sea. And he said it made a difference to that one.

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reason I says you are one little kid, you're one little boy, what difference can you make? Your one little kid? What difference can you make?

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Darn it. Dharmendra said this kid looked at me. He looked at the starfish in his hand. He threw it into the sea. And he said it made a difference to that one

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reason I

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walked away. I walked for a while. And he said that I came back to where this boy was. And he and I threw starfish into the sea for a long time.

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And listen to that, if I do it myself,

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forget everybody else, look at yourself and say, See, what difference do I want to make in this life?

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What difference do I want to make in this life?

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And when you want to know something, which my, one of my very dear friends and mentors in my, one of my bosses, Mr. mahama, Mr. Abdullah Abdullah, he said to me many, many, many decades ago, I think mine was about maybe 35 years or more ago

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in the Dr. z was the general manager, I was an assistant manager, I just joined and he said to me one day he said, you know, make sure that you make a difference in life. He said, Because think about this is it for this plant to grow? If you want this plant to grow, well, what do you need to put as a menu

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in menu he said, That's right. When you're what's when you're when you're scouting, right and whatever, the derivatives of it. So he said Think about that. He said, even cow gun makes a difference.

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And if you live in this world, and you die without making a difference, then you are worse than the government.

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You're worse than when you are because even manual makes a difference. And if you just live and die,

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I will die without making a difference. You are worse than the menu. I find myself the new that is not be worse than that is be at least as good as menu. inshallah was that. That will be our setup. So Jerry,

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long after we have a

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seminar on the weekly one while he was a bit