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Number 11 salatu salam ala rasulillah avod

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and Lazzara talento bacara

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he mentioned about the when Israel and others Raja Raja for me know now Viva delicata Viva La coruna Viva

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La jazza oh my gosh I looming that

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my fellows alika minko in his own field had to do

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well Yama Yama to do a shot deal

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from Allah who will have coffee now my time alone?

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And that's why I said

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are you willing to take something from the book and reject the rest of her to me? No NaVi badgal kita Will you have a man on something out of the book? But talk for another bad and you will deny something else?

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My fellow Radhika min comb.

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And those of you who do this omega omega fyros Allah caminho and what is the reward for those of you who do this in law his young Phil has to

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accept that the life of this world will be made very difficult and terrible for you.

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While Yo man chiamata and on the Day of Judgment, your aduna ila I shall deal as

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you will return towards the worst of punishment should deliver the most severe punishment.

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A lot of you are feeling I'm not I'm alone. And Allah Subhana Allah is not unaware of what you do is not a referral from your ama.

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Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned the Venice Rial

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in 28 out of the 30 years of

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the money is right in one form or the other in one way or the other the story of Musa lamb and the issues of Venezuela we mentioned in the Koran entirely.

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It's almost as if the Quran is about the one is right.

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The reason is because this is the oma which came before us.

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This is the oma which preceded us

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and this is the oma which went on the same path

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that we are going on

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until the sort of algorithm said that they will not be they went into a hole you will go into the hole

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and May Allah protect us on this.

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So the money side is mentioned so many times because this is the oma that we have to learn from

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and we have to learn from their mistakes and not commit those mistakes.

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That is the reason why the wizard is mentioned so many times

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because there is no oma after this.

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Lana v Abadi, while Amaterasu cricket there is no NaVi after me and there is no more after you. And this is part of our human that are so La la la it was it was lm in the heart of MonaVie.

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There is no NaVi and there is no soul after so LA is Allah La Valley center.

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And therefore, this oma is the last one.

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And we have to learn the lessons from the people who came before us and the people who immediately preceded us are the bunnies, right? And that's the reason why Allah subhanaw taala mentioned them. So many times the Koran

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is is a little Bukhara, which is part of iron number 84.

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Allah has mentioned that typical practice of the B'nai Israel, which May Allah forgive us seems to be the most prevalent thing among the Muslim into the

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To be known, I will back with a full rubber band

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that we accept from this Dean from the Sharia from this book of Allah subhanho wa Taala that which suits us

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and we leave that which does not suit

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and that's what unless rather as they told me no, not a bad deal.

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everybody's gotta be water. But Allah says are you willing to take something from this book? And have you been on something from this book which suits you and you will live?

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For example, we do not like to eat pork anyway.

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So if somebody says eat pork with a very bad that the total to you should not say the word also. Okay. hamdulillah. What about alcohol?

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What about cigarette smoking? What about drugs? What about gambling? What about slot machines?

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What about watching all sorts of stuff on the internet?

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The format is the same. This is also haram that's also Haram.

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So how can one thing

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For you, we have made more harm than the other I love you not make it more Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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I'm giving only one example the many such

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many times examples

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we will pray the Salah, but we will not stop lying and cheating you will not stop deceiving people. Hello.

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We praise Allah because it suits us Allah Allah maybe the habits Allah knows best

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of me none of the bad will get away with that for a bad unless you take from the book, what do you like?

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Some things and you leave out other things. This is the biggest illness that we have the biggest illness we take from this Dean are Muhammad Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, whatever suits us

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and what does not suit as we live it out.

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This if we do a lot smarter in the eye a very clearly explained what will happen.

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And two things will ever since you and Phil at the junior

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level, the life of this world will be made difficult for you.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring his punishment in the world itself, illnesses and accidents and loss of wealth

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and loss of peace of mind, fear

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all sorts of things and Allah knows best.

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Allah said his young Villa dunia this live of this world will be made severe and very difficult and punishment will come to in the world itself. And then after living through that, if you still do not make the weinzierl do not turn to Allah subhanaw taala

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well, yo monkey Amati euro Dora Illa, Asha, deliver

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and on the day of judgment will be turned towards the worst of punishment.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala. To save us from this, you must understand that this is a word of cause and effect. Again, this is our selective thinking that Satan has put in our heads.

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We believe this world is a world of cause and effect. Yes, everybody's logical what causes an effect,

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then In which case, there has to be an effect of good deeds, and there has to be an effect of sin in the world itself.

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Why do we believe that the world is a world of cause and effect, but that sin has no effect

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is illogical It makes no sense if you are saying that the world is a world of cause and effect, then every action

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must have a

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so every action must have a reaction that's what Newton said no notice that louder

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every action

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has a reaction with an equal and opposite.

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So every action has a reaction to outcome we how do we believe that sin does not have a reaction? It

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definitely it has a reaction. It has a reaction at an individual level in your own life. And it has a reaction at the collective level in society itself.

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We are coming towards the end of the month of December

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when the coming of the New Year is celebrated by maximizing sales

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in the

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next few months

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maybe we reduce hopefully the membership of people in our club and so on

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New Year's Eve night and

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lover givers maximizing Can you believe me this is this is the this is the Mad state of this world.

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Something which would be welcome the new year by watch maximizing

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holla whatever you want the new year to be the worst New Year overhead you want the year before will have difficulty and full of hardship and full of loss.

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Because if you want it to be good, then if you want to really welcome the new year, I mean let us all forget about the calendar and dawns on you even if you believe that okay, this is the calendar and so on is when the night of 31st of December in you know that just by Japan, and whilst on 31st or something a lot.

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I don't ask you to invent a weather Of course it is not correct for us to bother all that is new or means nothing to us. But I'm just saying that if somebody really anticipates goodness, then they must make the albatross around OTA and they must turn their lives and make the life good not make it full of sin.

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But the Mad world we live in reason I'm saying it is we don't have to follow the same madness, at least minimum in our own lives. We can bring some sense and the sense is that there is an effect of sin and there is an effect of goodness

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And Allah subhanaw taala that very clearly, the effect will be seen in this life, his young will hire the dunya. So let us not fool ourselves they do nothing will happen, I can live my life and I will see, no one will hire the dunya very clearly as rather as that effect you will fail in this life itself.

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And then, of course, in the next life in the afterlife, it's even worse. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from our own actions to save us from our own force and disable some of the evil of Satan and to make it easy for us to be obedient to Him, and to do that which is pleasing to Him. And as a result of this, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our lives full of higher Amazonia and full of fire in the afra was Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah you are savage man