Ask Shaykh YQ #114 – Can I Use Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in Islam

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Our last question for today very simple, very easy one brother Suleiman emails and asks that these days because of the COVID crisis, everybody's using alcohol based sanitizers. So what is the root ruling or verdict? Because it is alcohol based? Can we use alcohol based sanitizers? Or must we find sanitizers that are non alcoholic based?

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the response to this question is that the use of alcohol on the external body to cleanse one skin, you know, to to, to cleanse in the bacteria to kill the you know, germs and whatnot, that this is completely permissible. And in fact, the position that I advocate and I have spoken about this in more detail than another q&a, please log on and do a search I don't remember the title of it, I think is alcohol, no juice or something but I've given a very long lecture about this controversy in the evidence is of both sides. But the position that I advocate and I'm very confident on inshallah tada is that alcohol is not even just nudges in the first place to be applied as a solvent on the

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skin or in the creams or in the lotions or in the perfumes, this is not the drinking alcohol at all. And the chemical compounds component of ethanol of ethanol is not nudges. So, it is not something that you should be worried about, you may apply alcohol based sanitizers and it will not break your window. You will not have to wash yourself with water after use that before you you know, you will you will apply it and you can pray with the alcohol based sanitizers it is completely permissible to us and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. This brings us to the conclusion of today's q&a. inshallah we'll see you all next week is our Kamala Harris and on Monday Kamala Harris would like

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