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swell Armada Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashrafi lumbago, mousseline

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Magoo. Rasool Allah is Allah Allah, Allah, He went on to us, I will send them to Freeman cathedral cathedral, Hama Babu, my beloved sisters, the most important thing in life is to recognize that we have choices.

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Everybody has a choice. No matter what your situation in life, you have a choice. Whether you are a king or a beggar, you have a choice. Whether you're free, or in prison, you have a choice.

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Man or woman, you have a choice, ignorant or learned, you have a choice, sick or healthy, you have a choice, every single situation, as long as you are,

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your brain is functioning, you have a choice.

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The thing about choices is that we all have them. But we don't all use them. And if you don't use one of your choices, you can be sure that somebody else would use that, that somebody else, maybe an individual, it may be a situation or condition. Or it may be society, it may be the environment. But somebody will use your choice, at your cost for their benefit. Let me say that again. If you don't use your choice, it won't be just left there, somebody else will use it. And they will use your choice at your cost for their benefit.

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Now, tell me something, if you want to make the right choice, what do you need? For example, if a young person comes to me and says, I'm ready to go to college, I have read great grades.

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Please advise me which university? Should I go to?

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Can I answer that question? Can you answer that question?

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And whoever said yes, you're not listening, you're not thinking. So let me repeat the question. The young person comes to you and says, I have a great GPA score. I am ready to go to college.

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Tell me, which is the best university in America? For me to go to? Can you answer that question? The answer is no.

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And the reason you cannot answer that question is because you need a very critical piece of information before you can answer that question. And that critical piece of information is, what do you want to study? What do you want to study? Because if they use, because the you the choice of university, depends on the subject, the person who wants to study.

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So for example,

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if the person wants to study medicine, you would say, Well, maybe it's a toss up between Harvard and Johns Hopkins. And if they want to study engineering, you might say it's a toss up between Georgia Tech, and MIT.

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Somebody wants to study liberal arts, and somebody wants to study comparative religion, and somebody wants to study Comparative Literature, and so on, and so on. You have different universities, and you can name but without knowing the topic, without knowing the subject, which the person wants to study, it's quite literally impossible to say go to this, or that university. Now, the same thing applies for us in life. So if you say, what is the best choice for me? What must I do? And my stage in life? We cannot answer that question. Nobody can answer that question. Otherwise, this person

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there's not a single person in the world who can answer that even yourself, even the person asking the question, cannot answer the question. Until you answer the other question, which is, what do you want to study? The same thing applies in life, we cannot answer the question about choices unless we say, What do you want to achieve in life?

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What do you want to achieve in life? What's the most critical thing before the critical thing, which is

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what do you want to achieve in life? Now, if you until you define your goal, what is your goal? Where are you going? You cannot answer the choice of which path should I take? What method must I use? It's impossible.

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It's very important therefore, as I have said many times before, to define your,

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the goal

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of your life, to define the overall overarching goal of your life and then dovetail that into shorter term goals and different aspects that apply to you from time to time.

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time in your life, or

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I can go to

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smarter goals are smarter only in terms of the time it takes, and the investment it may in terms of money, and effort and so on. And they're not. They're not smart in any other sense. So when we look at our goals, we need to think about them. What are my goals?

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Now, unless we look at that situation,

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and make the right choices, then you're going to face that worst situation life, which is the situation at the end of your life, where you face, you look back on your life with regret. That's not something which I wish for anybody.

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key thing is

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as you listen to this reminder,

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think about this, that as life goes on,

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the choices we have, and the options we have have. And the time we have for choices, that decrease this decreases over time, doesn't increase.

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So it is

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very important to keep that in mind and say that the sooner you make the right choices, the better off you are.

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think about this. That's why you know, I

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I have made this like a goal in my life, to always try to keep focused on my goal in my life, what do I want to achieve. And try never to lose sight of that. I mean, I'm not claiming that I've always successful. But the thing about these things is, if you are focused on a goal, sure you will get deviated from time to time. But in the long run,

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it all works out in your favor, you will always be more focused than the next person who didn't even have a goal to begin with.

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So this is not about competing with others, because that happens automatically the life is full of competition, whether you like it or not.

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Because the resources are limited. So people are consciously or unconsciously competing for resources of one kind or the other. But the key thing is that if you are focused on your goal, you will always end up doing better than somebody who wasn't focused. So I would say very, very

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emphatically, that

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make sure that you

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make the right choices, and that you

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make the right choices

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at the right time, which is like now. And that will happen only if you

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have a goal for the goal. As I've said many times before, write it down.

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There's some kind of chemistry between writing. And by writing, I don't mean on your computer, or your tablet or your phone, I mean actually physically writing the thing with a pen paper

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and noting it down.

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That is critically important. So writing it down, that's very, very important. So write your goal down and inshallah you will then work on it. And as I said, just not the matter of writing a goal down then you further break that goal down into things that you need to do

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on an annual basis on

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you know, shorter terms,

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intervals monthly and so on. So that you can you have steps to take and you know, how you are progressing. Monitoring progress is very, very critically important. To be able to monitor progress, we need metrics. So breaking it down into metrics and saying that this is the way I will measure my progress. This is very important. Please understand

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that the time and thought that will go into doing all this. Sometimes for people who are not used to it, it's very tiring, mentally, sometimes exhausting, doesn't matter. And that's why I keep saying write it down because when you write it down, you are also maintaining an ongoing record of your progress. And this is very good. This is very, very good. It helps you

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so keep doing that. Keep writing it down. And as you go forward, you will find that your goal will

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start coming. The other big benefit and to close that is that if you have this one

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The steps as you go up step by step, just like it happens when you work up a staircase or you're climbing a mountain,

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it gives you it's a

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it's a virtuous cycle it

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it reinforces

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some good things. So, step by step, it gives you a good feeling that you are achieving something and you are achieving something you are have taken charge of your life and your your life is going in a good direction inshallah. So, it is very important to have these metrics and to monitor yourself as you go forward. Please understand, it's not for others. It's not to show anybody it's for yourself and that is the most important thing and if you do that, Inshallah, you will succeed. This is the, the the step by step, formula of success, more toward inshallah or sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi member verticalmy