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You have a child that comes inside the house when a child comes inside the house from this couple the thing to do is what we start the first thing with Iran

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Why do you start fasting with the Islam said you start the first thing with what guys What would you say with God say loud with with with the with the welcome party. The second

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thing you do

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with balloons are a balloon and think

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what is the coolest thing?

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Before the baby's born they have this thing about balloon.

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Baby law Hello holla

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baby shower.

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Baby Shower easy to contribute boy is it going to be girl

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is equal to people. Is it going to be girl we have baby shower at night everybody can be happy. Oh, my God.

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You still got three months ago.

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She hasn't delivered yet. She hasn't delivered. We know for a case that you know there is a small percentage of babies that don't even get born.

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You're not celebrating the coming

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of your baby What's your baby's name? Jesus is something

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you celebrated the baby before it's even though

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I don't even I don't even understand that. And honestly it's like saying look imagine this imagine with this one. Honestly, I would love people to do this. Three months before the GCSE exam results are given the given on the August of 20 something right? Three months before that before you sit your exams.

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Be Your show me your dad sunrise in May when you haven't even sat for the exam. Please have a celebration of you passing exams. Come on. Let's do it. I'll be out there shall I'll have the food or go away.

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Oh okay. Well, how do you celebrate your exams? You there's a level exams coming out in August. Do you celebrate your exam before you start your exams or let's say you just you just start your papers and then you're going to have a celebration after that. No way. You wait till the results come out. You wait to open the envelope you wait till you see it and then you celebrate if you're going to celebrate you don't know the results yet.

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I don't understand how people do that. So anyway baby shower baby shower, blue balloon and pink balloon reverse happy

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person used is added another burden for no reason anyway. You have your baby the first thing we start with other

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first thing you start with other once you and Anna and I know most people know this most people see this okay? You give the van the babies is come straightaway. Why? Because Rasulullah sama said every baby that's born the shaitan touches it

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everyday. That's fantastic.

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Except once the van is given the nether shaytans influence is not going to go away. That's why that baby comes down is right in front of us.