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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a deal with someone named honestly, which is in the process of being finalized. They mention that the price of the land is only paid once the deal is signed and that the owner of the land is not obligation to give it to anyone. The speaker also discusses the importance of choosing which part of their life is for Allah and how it is related to their actions.
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Number 11 salatu salam right action for the mere.

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Riley was

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a bad lesson I know that I said in the last minute I mean, I'm foster home.

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Serato. Allah does it

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really allows Ronald Allah has purchased

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in exchange

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for the agenda, the lives and the wealth of the woman in the last

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minute mini Anna

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and four seven will

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be unavailable john

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luevano dalla has purchased from the 1 million

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in exchange for their lives and well, again.

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So let's run out Allah is talking about a transaction that has already happened.

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transaction that we have accepted,

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and we have signed on this transaction. On this deal, we have done this deal, we have accepted this transaction, when we say Chateau La ilaha illallah wa schezwan Nava masala.

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The issue with the transaction is that once a transaction once a deal is signed,

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then the exchange has to take this

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we sign an agreement to buy a piece of land and we say that I will buy this land at this price.

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So, we want to sign

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and as long as you pay the price, the land is yours. But you sign the agreement and say that I will buy the land for this price. And then you do not pay the price, then the owner of the land also is under no obligation to give you the land he can or how would he give you the deed is not what you signed, I will buy the land for so much. But then you are not getting the money. So how is he going to use on what is

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this this is as simple as it is.

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If we want the agenda insha Allah the agenda is ours, Allah subhanaw taala has ever been sort of the moment

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he called him the woman in

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omole word is own, I love it, they are the inheritors, wherever they are the virus of them.

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So you can only be the virus of something which is yours.

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So you that is yours. But there is a

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part of the deal which still has to be done. And that deal is that we have to pay the price.

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We have to finalize and complete the deal.

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Our question is, Allah subhanaw taala did not specify that I have bought the agenda for half the life and have the half the wealth for 20% of the life and 20% of the fees for the lives and there was

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all the life and all the rest.

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Obviously the life is given by law, the will to even balance in any case it belongs to him.

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So Allah subhanaw taala good or simply taken it

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but Allah, Allah in His mercy and with the aim of the dunya Allah

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He also gives an

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but we have to therefore

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dedicate our lives and our wealth for the work of is d

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then inshallah geminizers.

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The question therefore as we have been talking for the last few days is to continuously ask ourselves and say which part of my life is for Allah and which part of my life is going in something which is not followed?

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And as I mentioned before Alhamdulillah his Deen is so beautiful, that anything would you do with the need of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala which means that obviously it has to be

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inshallah for Allah.

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You could be building your house you could be doing your work we will be working in your profession and inshallah that is for Allah, because you are Nia is to please Allah and you are working in that profession with the intention, the clear intention of pleasing Allah, which means that you are not doing anything in that procession and in that profession, which is against the will of Allah. And if a question comes then immediately you choose for the sake of Allah and not otherwise you don't go for the hunting and you don't go and find some compliant dialing who will tell you that to make 15% of haram and your halaal is jeyes automix 35% of Halloween are on your holiday

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You will not you won't even go and look for such data because you know that this is all nonsense and rubbish. And therefore what you will do is use Allah said Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Allah did not say sometimes Allah right. So whatever the alum says let him deal with it I will not go there I will not even talk to you

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Why should I talk to him and I have got the Quran with me when I have got the Harrison rissalah syllabus and there is there is a lot going on said very clearly that one there hum of haram will make the other 99 haram

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either if a man has got 99 there hum of Allah and he has one they have a lot of RAM that one ram the ram will make the other 99 haha.

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So when does Allah Allah Allah has said this so clearly? Why do you need to go to this Allah that Allah what Allah

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who will give you this fatwa?

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All of these are signs that we really are not serious about. Therefore, giving you just one example. Similarly we have to see in the rest of our lives, how is my life being led is it for the sake of Allah? Is it to please Allah and Alhamdulillah this Dean is such that for the sake of pleasing Allah, if we that conscious does if we do our life then everything is about

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eating is about the sleeping is about the walking and talking is rather your profession is about being with your family is about everything is about.

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So, there is simple and handling and live a good life.

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But provided that is the condition and whenever there comes a question where we have to choose between that which pleases Allah and that which pleases anybody else, we pick that which pleases Allah without a doubt, the whole world to one side, the will of our loved ones.

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long as you do this inshallah, then we will become the inheritors of I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us because without his help, we cannot even make one such time. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to help us to become the inheritors of Jan. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from sin because without his protection, we cannot, we cannot be free from sin. You ask Allah Subhana Allah to free us from the service of shaytan and to free us from the clutches of shaitaan because without his protection, we cannot protect from Jetta. ask Allah subhanaw taala very pleased with our actions and to raise our actions to a level where they are worthy of being presented before

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us Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah He was obvious right there