The Oaths of Allah 03 – Al-Nafs Al-Lawamah – The Self Reproaching Soul – From Surah Al-Qiyamah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of the self-c criticizing soul and how it is the self of the believer who is constantly trying to fulfill the pleasure of the believer. The self-c criticizing soul is the one that is aware of the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the
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Welcome to today's episode of the things that ALLAH SubhanA datastores by in the Quran, this is a daily series for those who want to explore and to want to consciously understand the things that Allah subhanaw taala swears by in the Quran what they entail and so so today inshallah Tada we'll be looking at initial lawanna The Self reproaching, the self criticizing soul, and Allah Subhana Allah mentions it in sort of the gamma Allah says Allah O c mu B omega pialba whether or Cosimo BNF. Silla Huang, Allah swears by enough's and Nova. And this is one of the three types of souls that are mentioned in the Quran, there is the ineffable, Amara Bisou, the soul that's just unbridled and just

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untamed, and always the self that is hedonistic and just wanting to fulfill whatever pleasure it's interested in at that point in time. And then you have a nested Loma, the criticizing soul, and that's the soul that does something and feels bad, and is the soul of the believer as it has an adversity. He said, he said, It is by Allah, the neffs of the believer, the believer is not seen except blaming themselves. What did I intend with my words? What did I intend with my eating? What did I intend? Why my thoughts and the transgressor doesn't hold themselves to account. So he says that the transgressor doesn't care, they will do what they want. Young, Wild and Free, even if

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they're not young, they're just wild and free, and they want to do what they want, when they want to do it. And they do, you know, don't judge me and don't ask me about anything. And I'm, I'm being authentically myself. I'm just throwing a lot of keywords here. But no, the believer is holding themselves into account, right, they are challenging themselves, and they're criticizing themselves and they're trying to suffocate their ego, they're trying to suffocate their knifes, they're trying to tame themselves, because they understand that this may lead them to that which is punishable on the Day of Judgment with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And so a lot of people they worry about this, they,

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when they feel tormented about their sins. The fact that they're tormented worries them when they're bothered by the sins, the fact that they're bothered, worries them. And I want to say to them, the fact that you are bothered is not a sign of a deficiency. In fact, that's a sign of health. If if, if a person's limb is dead, if it gets punched, they don't feel it. That's because your limb is dead. The fact that you actually feel pain indicates life. And so if the fact that a person's heart is alive means that they do feel that when they come at us and and they and they do experience, sleepless nights, and they do not only when they commit a sin, but even when they do something good,

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they wish that they could have done more, they wish they could have done it better. They wish they did it earlier in their life they wish that they could have that's the self reproaching soul. And that is the soul of the believer, and then being aware as well that the nest is always changing. And so the approaching soul is one that's aware of those changes that notices subtleties and notices the flicker of light that turns on and the flicker of darkness when it comes. And at times it's able to steer their soul to righteousness, and they wrestle with it. And at times, they lose some battles they lose, but they're always in the game. They're always in the battle. And those people and sha

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Allah to Allah are in a good place. It is the nurse of the believer and in fact, even the Companions experienced this and so Hamdulillah you know the companion as reported by Muslim, he was with the province little lightest and lemon here did an amazing sermon bottle solo last little lightest to them. And amazing reminder that he goes to his home and he finds that he had been walking with this incredible Eman and then when he went to his home, he felt the change in himself. And so he rebuked himself and he walked in the street and he looked very sad and and very aggrieved, and he runs into a co worker and have access to him. What's the matter humbler? And he says, naffaa humbler? He says

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handleless committed hypocrisy. And he said, why? He says, When I'm with the Prophet sallallaahu centum. I feel amazing. And when I go back, you know, my mind is so high. And when I go back to my family, I feel I feel the dip in my Eman. I feel that something's changed. And I move across the line who then says to him, Well, I feel the same thing. Whatever you got going on, I mean, I've experienced that too. And so they go to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam consoles them and he says, if you were if you stayed all the time, like you are when you're with me that high level of EMA

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the angels would shake your hands in the streets of Medina and give you set out like you would be angelic, the angels themselves would get us give you set up. But it's an hour an hour. It's a moment and a moment. That's our souls. That's our nurse. And so that is the challenge. But

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by adhering to our short Rahim Allah, in his in his seat, he says something very beautiful. He says that oxen will be on piano. Well that obviously will be nifty Loma. He says ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions enough said Loma in the context of yomo Kiama because it is on Yom Okayama that innocent lawanna will be successful. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah

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Then our self criticizing souls ascend to the level of being enough to multiply in and if not, that we be of those who are successful on the Day of Judgment with the souls cellulitis and mmm Do I just like to say, I said, thanks for watching this video that's part of the oaths of Allah series presented by motive this Ramadan and motive is the leader in presenting premier Islamic education in the West. We've got a lot of great ebooks as well as Ramadan resources that you can download for free at our forward slash gifts