Ammar Alshukry – Rhyme Reason – 6 Things to Pay Attention to on Friday

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice on five ways to avoid being recognized on Friday, including dressing up, not speaking when the event is happening, reciting text messages, and not checking stock prices. They also give advice on what to do when the event is happening and how to prepare for it.
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Six things I want you to pay attention to next Friday. It's the best day of the week the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Friday is the best day that the sunrise is over on it. Adam was created on it. He was admitted into paradise on it. He was expelled from paradise. And that hour will not be established except on a Friday. The second thing is to dress your best. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that there's not a man who bathes himself on Friday and purifies himself as best as he is able to do so. Combs his hair, perfumes himself with whatever's available in his house, and leaves for the salah. And he doesn't separate between two people when he arrives and he prays

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whatever is written for him to pray, and then he listens to the hopefully, he listens to the whole leap, except that he is forgiven what is between the two Fridays, the third is to come early. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that whoever arrives in the first hour will receive the reward of someone who sacrificed the camel, whoever comes in the second hour will receive the reward of someone who sacrifices a cow who comes in the third, a sheep who comes in the fourth, a chicken and whoever comes in the fifth will receive the reward of someone who offered an egg. So there's an incredible amount of reward and coming early. When was the last time you sacrifice the camel? How

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much does the camel even cost? It costs a million pounds, depending of course on whether it is a camel is about to give birth or whether it's a camel that gives milk or what have you a million Sudanese pounds, it's still it's still expensive, it comes around to $1,000 and Who of us offers $1,000 On any given Friday, so if you come early, you get a whole lot of rewards. Number four, make sure that you do not speak when the Imam is giving the hold but don't check your text messages. Don't play Flappy Bird. Don't check your stocks. Don't do any of that. Listen to the vicar listen to the victor during that time. The fifth before the whole debate starts make sure that you recite

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solid Alkaff or you can do that actually on any time until the sun sets on Friday reciting sort of telegraph and sending a lot of solder and set them up on the private civil lightest and in the private civil lightest and I've said that your best days is your is Friday. So make sure that you increase in your Salah and sit down upon me that you send a lot of Salah said upon the promises I said to them You sell the home or sell the item Hamid Ali Mohammed Sydenham slim and cathedra are many other variations of the salons and and upon the private silver lining synonyms. And the final advice that I wanted to give you on Friday the sixth point is make sure that you make dua on Friday,

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the province little lady said to me, he said that there's an hour on Friday in which your order is accepted. So make sure that you seek it out all day on Friday, especially in the final moments before the sunsets are set out by law.

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