Mansoor Danish – Ep. 15 The Power of Taking Breaks

Mansoor Danish
AI: Summary © The host of the video discusses the importance of giving breaks to one's mind to motivate and adapt to the routine of working out. They also provide advice on how to practice working out, including alternate days and ways to recover from the gym routine. The host emphasizes the need for everyone to take care of their bodies and plan their holidays in such a way that they can recover from the break and work their brain to its full capacity.
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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another episode on the mind mastery series. Today we're going to talk about the importance of giving break to our mind. And as we are moving in towards the year end, and everyone is in the festive mode and in the new season mode, and planning to make a new start to their life and loads of new year resolutions are being worked upon, at professional level. And at a personal level as well. I'm here to share with you a very important piece of advice. Look, those of you who are familiar with working out at the gym or doing exercises would know that it is the first bit which is the most difficult where you have to motivate yourself, convince yourself to hit the

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gym. Now once you hit the gym, the initial days are difficult because you're trying to get used to that regime. And once you start getting used to that regime, you start enjoying to see the changes happen in you. When you see the physical changes in your body, you start feeling positive, there is an emotional change as well, there's a there's a mental health improvement as well, which you experience. All of this leads to more motivation and added motivation, which keeps pushing you to the next level. But as you are moving to the next level, you are continuously straining your body. And the more you are straining your body, there is always a chance of a wear and tear of the body.

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And that is why health experts will always tell you that you need to take a break once a week from your gym routine, you need to also alternate between the upper part of the body and the lower part of the body when you're exercising, so the days for the legs would be alternate. And the days for the upper body would be the remainder of the days of the week. The idea behind this is that you don't overstretch any portion of your body. And you also give yourself time to recover. If you remember at the start of this video of the mind mastery series, we spoke about the mental gym, the gym for the mind. And we said the gym for the mind is reading of books, exposing yourself to new

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techniques, learning and development, professional development, personal development, all of these writing a book, for example, writing articles, sharing blogs, making these videos which are making for example, they in a world, a lot of use of your brain as well. These are all strenuous exercises for the brain, it's important that the brain is exposed to all of this, because that's how the brain is also growing. That's how the brain is also remaining active. However, here is the caution. Don't over stress your brain, sometimes you will see that a point will be reached where you will start feeling fatigue coming in, you will not enjoy the same task that you were extremely motivated about

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a few months back. So you've been reading books, but now you don't feel like reading and you still keep pushing yourself because you don't want to leave that practice of yours and you're not enjoying it. You're not seeing any benefit. It's literally you've hit a wall, everything starts to comes to a standstill. Why has this happened? This has happened because you've not given yourself those breaks that is needed to rejuvenate yourself to re energize yourself. Your brain also needs rejuvenation, your brain also needs to be re energized. So it's always good to plan your holidays in such a way that they are spread out throughout the year so that you get these short breaks throughout the year,

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which allows you to recover which allows your brain to remain active as well and work to its full capacity. I hope you're getting the message at the start of this new year. And as you are making your plans for the next year 2024 It's extremely important that you take care of all of these in your planning and strategy for 2024 I wish you all the best for the 2024 year and thank you so much for watching this video. Please remember to like this video and share this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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