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Larranaga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shadowfell MBA were mousseline. Muhammad Rasul. Allah is among our highly he while early he was of your salam to Sliven cathedral cathedral Mavado. My brothers and sisters

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the now on the, in our aqidah class we are on the first and most important part of Aqeedah which is our belief in Allah subhanaw taala the human will.

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To enter Islam, a person must believe in their heart that there is nobody worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala deliver Allah and that Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Allah subhanho wa Taala as messenger and the last and final messenger after whom there are no other messengers.

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No other maybe no other result after one lie. So nice LM this is part of the AFI that the target of the Muslim without which there is no Imam, there's no Islam, if somebody believes that Mohamed Salah Salem is the Rasul of Allah, and then a view of Allah and however, somebody else came after him, and that person is also gonna be or Rasool then this person has exhibited Islam, this person is not a Muslim, he can be whatever else he wants, most welcome, be happy with that, but that person is not a Muslim, that person has no right to call himself a Muslim. A Muslim is just a matter of understanding what is the definition of a Muslim a definition of a Muslim is somebody who is who

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believes only in Allah subhanaw taala as the word as the one worthy of worship,

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nobody else no other creature, no other being no other thought no other idea, no other concept. And he believes also and she believes also that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam peace be upon him

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was and is the messenger of Allah is the Rasul of Allah is the enemy of Allah, and he is the last and final of them that there is no one after him. This is part of our belief.

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So it begins with that we believe that in our hearts and then we say it aloud with our tongues. Usually you will do that before witnesses but it doesn't matter. Even if you don't have witnesses. Allah is the witness. And you say, hola, hola. Hola. Hola, or shawanna? Hamada Rasulullah, you say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, He.

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And then we live our lives according to this Kalama meaning that we live our lives, demonstrating that we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala as the one worthy of worship meaning that we worship on only and only Allah, without joining partners with him, and we obey Him in every aspect of our lives, and we follow the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in all aspects of our lives. This is how a person becomes a Muslim. So if somebody asks you this question and says,

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is Islam the worship of one God? What is the answer? The answer is Islam is not the worship of one God, the Islam is the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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If a person says

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that he believes only in one God, and that God is Jesus, or that God is Krishna, or that God is Rama or something, right, whatever,

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then that person is not a Muslim.

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Even though he is worshiping only one God, he's not

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worshiping two or three or four, he was the only one.

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So it's not a question of one. It's a question of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that he talked and he said that he is ahead. Allah did not say why Allah did not say what Allah said, I had heard is not only one but unique.

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Nothing like anyone or anything else. So Islam is the worship of Allah number one number two. There is no similarity between Islam and any other religion or any other way of being. Islam is not like Hinduism. Islam is not like Christianity. Islam is not like Judaism. Islam is not like communism. Islam is not like any other ism, any other

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way of being. Islam is unique in itself.

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Third one, Islam stands out alone, you're and distinct, and it is the only religion that is accepted by Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah does it in Deena in the Lehi, Al Islam. Allah Allah said that the only the Verily the only religion that is accepted, or in the sight of Allah, which is a religion is Islam in the DNA

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In the lie, Al Islam, verily, the deen or religion are a way of being in the sight of Allah is only an Islam. So all roads lead to Rome but all roads do not lead to Jana.

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Only a person who believes in La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, a person who believes that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad Salah Salem is his messenger and Nabil and last and final of them. Only a person with this belief will go to Jannah if a person believes anything other than this, then this person will not go to John.

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This is what Allah subhanaw taala has said, It's not my opinion I'm giving you so please understand that. Then.

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Allah subhanaw taala said fire I love Anahola Illa Illa Allah, instead of Muhammad Allah subhanaw taala said no therefore that there is no God there is no one worthy of worship except Allah for Allah Allahu Allah say No, Allah did not say unless but I'm not around that I said, let me not say call Allah says Allah, no, this completely in the

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in the route of RV and knowing means to acquire knowledge and understanding fall under who? La Isla

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farmer no later in the law, there is no therefore that there is no God except Allah. That is the reason why it is important to acquire knowledge and understand

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who Allah subhanaw taala is and what he is.

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So to enter Islam we say I shall do a la ilaha illallah wa they will actually go Allahu wa shadow now hammer that up the Hora solo, the different as we know the different kinds of columns, all of them mean basically the same thing. Some have a little more addition. For example, in this thing. In this one we are saying, I shall do Elijah Hi Lulu. I bear witness that there is no one, no deity no one worthy of worship except Allah was the WHO luxury gala who he is alone, and he has no partners.

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what I shall do anna muhammadan who are solo and I bear witness that Muhammad SAW Salah is his slave and His messenger. Please understand, to be called the slave of Allah is not a it's not a

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disrespectful term. It is the highest form of respect. It is the greatest honor to recall the slave of Allah Subhan Allah and Allah, Allah use this word for his Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Incidentally surah in the Quran, when you are which is also called Surah Bani Israel. First I have Allah's word that as always, we live in a shutdown regime. So Hannah Lizzie Asara be Abdi Leila Minard Masjid Al haram, Al Masjid Al Aqsa, lovey Baraka hola who linaria Who made it not in the who, who was Samuel Busey, that lots of other than I said, that

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glorified dizzy and this is meaning a loss rattle himself. Glorified is the who took his slave, I booty his slave. This is the greatest honor. So please don't have any hesitation about saying I will do what also there is a lesson I'm told us to do that. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned him like this.

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Who took his lip, but he was a seller by night from Al Masjid Al haram Masjid Al Aqsa and he purified the surroundings of most of the lotsa, and he is the all C and D on hearing somebody will miss you all earlier and I'll see

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the sour given which I sent them. And they said to him, they said you aerosol, Allah, the people the subjects of the Kisara of Persia and the Hyzaar of Rome.

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The these are the two big big empires two big powers of that day of those days. And these were the kings.

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So they said that people when they enter their chambers, when they greet the king, they prostrate they fall down flat on their faces, they put their head on and face on the ground. And that is how they greet these kings. And this hustler your status is far higher than anything because you are the Rasul of Allah. So please permit us also to greet you in this way, by making such that in front of you, as soon as salam prohibited that he said so sudo is only to Allah, He said such those only to Allah and he said I am the ABD and the Rasul of Allah. So when you refer to me is referred to me as Abdullah who are also as the slave of Allah as the Rasul and messenger of ALLAH SubhanA. Allah

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subhanaw taala into introduced himself in terms of his that in terms of his self, and he said colo Allah who had he said, Say O Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa

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Tell him that he Allah is ahead he didn't say hello hola Hawaii, these are all Allahu Ahad say that Allah subhanaw taala is one meaning unique,

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nothing comparable to him. It's not a number. It's not one as in less than two. It is unique I had wide is one as in less than two. Why? And Israel and so on. But in I had this one who is unique, there's nothing comparable to him. Allah has Summit, Allah subhanaw taala is free from all need. Everything needs Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu, but Allah needs nothing into the dead reason, Allah someone live yet it will argue that he Allah Subhana Allah was not begotten and last night that he did not get anything, meaning Allah was not born from some from some somewhere else. And love does not have parents and others don't have children. Well, let me go local format and there is nothing

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comparable to him in all of creation. This is a fundamental belief of Islam and of Muslims, that Allah subhanaw taala is one he is unique. And it is it one not not as in a number one as it has no partners.

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Nothing like him, he is unique, and he is not like us in any respect whatsoever.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is

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the one who is incomparable meaning that we cannot conceptualize Allah subhanaw taala anything that you may conceptualize,

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means it is not like Allah,

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whatever. And that's why we are not permitted to conceptualize the Wrath of Allah to say what is Allah's mantra like, what are the men look like? Unless Rotella used terms to describe himself which are common usage terms in the language, for example, a loss around terrorism via the hill fail? And then he said, you'll do live over ID him, unless America does it. That in the hand of Allah, there is only five there's only beauty and there is only Baraka. There's only blessing. There's only goodness. And then the last one that I in the is referring to the vital Ridwan in Saudi Arabia's time when I was also going to the weight of took allegiance from the people and was rather that you

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had to lie. By the the Hand of Allah is over their hands now. So if somebody says, Does Allah have a hand answer is yes. What does it look like? We don't know.

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Does it look like my hat? No, because Allah is it laser commissioning? EJ? Well, who was Samuel Busey, he is unlike anything.

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He is unlike anything. And he is the one who is all hearing and all see, which means Allah is completely and totally aware of everything. Now that's rather mentioned hearing is the hearing of Allah like ours, no, it is not. Allah mentioned SI is the seeing of Allah like ours, no, it is not.

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Allah mentioned his mercy is the Mercy of Allah like ours, no, it is not.

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Right. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned some some things. Now with regard to himself, for example, he mentioned his glorious countenance, he mentioned his face, right.

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Find a motto for some modular say wherever you turn you will see the face of Allah. Now, the point is that all of these terms which are used in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala may use them for the reasons that he knows best. And in order for us to understand or to, to to, you know, to get some idea about certain things which we get confused about.

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In our Aqeedah there are two very important things to remember first and foremost, as I mentioned here, is to remember that even though is to remember that even though unless Rotella mentioned these terms, which are common uses dumps. The hearing of Allah is not like our hearing the seeing of Allah is not negotiating the seeing the countenance the glory of the face of Allah's writer is not like our the Hand of Allah is not like ours and so on and so forth. Number one, it's completely different, how it is we have been prohibited from trying to conceptualize and guess and so on, for a very simple reason, which is that there is no way that we can encompass that, no way we can

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understand that. And this kind of guesswork only leads to ha only leads to confusion.

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There is nobody to ask Allah subhanaw taala is not willing to talk to us if you ask him. So stay out from what stay out from asking us stay away from asking questions, which have no answers. Second thing is very important, is also part of you that that we do not compare Allah subhanaw taala has things about that we that we learn about Allah to something else. For example, we don't say your doula Hand of Allah means Allah has power right?

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phase of Allah means something else. The hearing of Allah means, whatever we are meaning that we are we are prohibited from ascribing

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faculties at ascribing

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ascribing concepts to what Allah mentioned. So hand of a Yola means whatever Allah means It means that's it, we don't, we don't say it means his power it means his ability, it means is his control it means the authority know, your Dolla dolla palace. So, this is a very important thing to understand on this that we believe in what Allah has told us biller case without asking how,

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for example, most of our data set is double Allah Lush. And most of our intelligrated are not so it will not have the

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fee Citadella, yummy to muster Allah knows, unless Maradona created the heavens and the earth and all of creation in six days. And then Allah subhanaw taala

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ascended on his Ash is the animals. So, we said, Does Allah have an RCSB? No, he has, what does it look like? We don't know.

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Allah is still on dash? Yes. What is the meaning of is the Allah is on the earth? Do we? Do we believe that Allah is on his RCSB? I believe he's on his ash

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on his throne?

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What is the meaning of what is it sitting on the throne? is he standing on those or what is what not we don't we do not go there. Because there is no way of answering those questions. And we have been told not to ask questions which for which there are no answers and we cannot get any answers. So this is a part of it, that to understand this, and not to try to delve

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into matters that we cannot control and we have no clue about.

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself in the Quran in several ways. One as I mentioned in several places, one as I mentioned, so as a class which we which we just saw, another place, one of the most beautiful ayat of the Quran, I tell corsi Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah who will how you will look at you let that hold the horse in a tow Wallah no Lahoma is to fill out the levee as far as the who love is yeah I level my way and it will have alpha home whether you hate to nourish a mineral me he will be Marcia was the article CEO some hour they were while i o do who have Zuma oh when I leave your house, which means and sort of the baccarat as Rhonda said,

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Allah, La ilaha illa who none has the right to be worshipped but he the EverLiving the one who sustains and protects all that exists.

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He does not sleep he doesn't not have didn't even blink.

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To sleep does not overtake him, To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is he that can intercede with Allah with him except with his permission.

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So no intercession without the permission of Allah Samaritan. Inshallah, we believe that Allah subhanaw taala will give the power of intercession to Rasul Allah He Salah Salem, so know who Who is he that can intercede with Allah with him except with his permission. He Allah subhanaw taala knows what happens to them, his creatures in this world, and what will happen to them in the hereafter. But and they will never come pass anything of his knowledge, except that which He wills.

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Allah knows everything about us, because he's our Creator. But what we know about Allah is only what Allah chose to show us and tell us we don't know anything more than that. And that applies to everyone including Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, this is part of our Aqeedah and they will never

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encompass anything of his knowledge except that which He wills his kursi which is the the footstool extends over the heavens and the earth. Let's Yeah, we'll see also,

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the cool Sea is over and the conceals the horse to the arches much bigger than that. And Allah subhanaw taala feels no fatigue and no tiredness and guarding and preserving these meaning the heavens and the earth, all his grace and He is the Most High the Most Great. Now to understand here is several things one is of course, that Allah subhanaw taala is unique, his power is unique, he has complete and total control, he is the one who will even give Shafaq and who will give intercession to Inshallah, we pray for this we ask Allah to give it to us was a Salam and we believe that this Allah will do in sha Allah, but it is his giving. If Allah does not give, nobody can Ticket

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Number One Number The second thing is

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that we believe that this whole thing that Allah

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created the entire creation but nobody created Allah because this is a this is a circular argument which comes people say like the chicken and egg argument which come first the chicken or the egg. The chicken comes out of the egg, but the egg for the egg to be there there has to be a chicken. So this is a circular argument we don't have this in Islam. We say we believe what Allah told us which is that Allah subhanaw taala who will hire you will kill you. He is the keys ALIVE and He established again, Al hate Allah subhanaw taala is the one who's alive, his life is nothing like ours. He is the one who gives life to everything else. We take our life from Allah and our life will

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be taken back by Allah

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geladeira Allah and Allah is Chi he is established in the way we suits his majesty and grace, meaning that Allah is not contained by anything in the in creation, unless rather is not affected by anything in his creation. He always was and he always will be right to Allah's rhondella is,

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he is kind of you always was, and he always will be for Allah, there is no past there is no future.

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So, this is a very important thing for us to understand as far as Allah subhanaw taala is concerned that he did not come from anything, and he did not produce anything. Again also as far as his children and so on the usual arguments of in different religions, where they

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they ascribe these things

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divine qualities or divine

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you know, things to meet Islam we reject all of that. We do not believe that there's any human being or any gene or any angel or anything, which is like Allah or which is equal to Allah subhanaw taala or has any control or has any interference or has any partnership in what must monitor does.

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In another place, Allah subhanaw taala introduce himself, it's another Hachette where Allah subhanaw taala

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said Oh, Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola Delilah, Allah who are Ali will have AB was shahada horombo Rahim will Allah will Lily Leila Allah will molecule cuando salam ala mineral Mohammed or Aziz will Jabara with a bit Subhana Allah He or maybe should record hula hula hydropool burial Musa we will our asthma also that you said we will OMA for some our development. Well who will as easily Hakeem, Allah said he Allah, other than whom there is La ilaha illa Hua none has the right to be worshipped except Him, He is the all Knower of the unseen and the seen all nor of the unperceivable and the perceivable. And the vague and highly available is not just unseen, because there are just because

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something is not seen doesn't mean it doesn't exist or it's not in this era, for example, electricity is not seen, sound is not seen. You know, love is not seen hatred is not seen feelings are not seen. We see the effect of those things. So the air is not seen. We don't see the air, but we know it's there. We breathe it and we feel it, we feel its effect on our face. So the issue of is not a

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baby was shahada we are he is he knows what is perceivable and what is unpossible we say the baby's unperceivable meaning that it is something which cannot be perceived in any form and using any tool.

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Right micros Coronavirus is unseen

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until you put it under the electron microscope that you can see it

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but in the case of whatever is great for example, mouth is vape that is the state of the cover inside the inside the grave is the Day of Judgment is live Jana is live Jahannam is right. All of these are things which are unperceivable We believe that because this has been revealed and because Allah subhanaw taala told us about them

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so he is the more he is the here's a lot other than home there is Lila Haleigh who are worthy of worship except him. He is the all knower of the unperceivable and the perceived he is the most beneficial and the Most Merciful who around him. He is Allah other than whom lai lai la Hua, there is no one worthy of worship except him. He is the king he is the holy is the one free from all defects. He is the giver of security, he is the watcher over these creatures, the Almighty the Compeller, the supreme glory vitolas rather than a high is the above all that they associate as partners with him. He is Allah, the Creator, the inventor of all things, the best oral forms, and to

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Him belong the Best names

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Lavalas Mousa all that is the heavens and the earth.

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glorify Him and may Allah make us among them who glorify Allah and He is the Almighty as the always. Again other places other than Bacara Allah's Mehrotra said, what Allahu Comilla Hawa head, La ilaha IL, who are Rahim and your Allah your God, your deity, the one you worship is one illa Allah, La ilaha illa who and there is no one worthy of worship except Him and He is the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful.

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And then Allah is one that has inlays that come with the Shaman was severe Bussiere which I recited before as well it's also Shura, there is nothing like him and he is the all here at the altar here. It's very important to keep this in mind that there's nothing that resembles Allah subhanaw taala

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we this is what people do, where they ascribe your quantity which are really divine qualities to not demand things which is shipped in Islam. Then along the lines of the last one love your hula hoop format and there is none equal or comparable to him jelajah who Allah wa rocky Rosa he will battle or he will be Shane alim. He is the first he is a well, and there is nothing before he lays a couple of cache when

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and he is the last and there's nothing after him laser by the cache. And he is the head and his bat in his the first and nothing is before he was the last one I think he's after He is the Most High and nothing is above him and he is the most near and nothing is nearer than him. And he is the boy who will be fully shave alley and his nose, every single thing that happens is the all knower of everything

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in terms of his art and his and his arrival, Allah subhanaw taala is perfect in all ways, in terms of use of self in terms of his qualities. Again, as I mentioned, the quality of the servant of Allah subhanaw taala some of them we are common usage jobs, we also use them for ourselves and for people and so on and so forth. But in the context of Allah subhanaw taala that thing is perfect in every way. For example, just to give you a simple thing, Allah says I also see, but what is the difference? I see what I see in in when there is light in darkness I cannot see. I see what is in front of me what is behind me I cannot see. Right and all the limitations of my see. Whereas for

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Allah subhanaw taala there is no limitation so the Allah seen Allah site has no limitation that Allah subhanaw taala can see results as I'm said if there is a if there is a black

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and on a black rock, you know, pitch dark night, a lot smarter gets you there. Just to explain Eleazar d'Elegance is something which is inside the rock, unless Unless he's what is under the earth and was martyred for Allah subhanaw taala This earth is less than a grain of sand on a beach. So what is the what's so great about the earth I mean, think about this, the dirt with the in the magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala that is why quality is also for example, the Christians believe that Sunday's a day is a day of rest because Allah subhanaw taala created the heavens and the earth, he got that and he rested. Now this is locked down now to be left. This is shipped. Because we are

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ascribing to Allah subhanaw taala our weaknesses, our problems, we get ads or like it's that that was built a lot of regret that for Allah subhanaw taala creation is not an effort. Allah subhanaw taala just says Be an it is

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if something Allah is in the realm of Allah ism is something Allah knows, like and make it happen without making any effort. So in terms of his that is His qualities and his file his actions, unless it's completely unique, even though as I said, some terms we use in our novel uses, his knowledge is perfect, and encompasses everything, and he's not dependent on anyone or anything. Allah does not need someone to inform him. Allah does not need the Malacca to come in and talk to him and tell him this is happening that's happening. Unless one of the knows everything, Allah for Allah there is no present and there is no future and there's no past everything is the same for him. So Allah knows

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what a person is going to say even before that person is aware of the fact that he is going to say that. So obviously when the person speaks that Allah is Allah here, in many cases in the Hadees, you would find

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where so as a subset, that the ages went to Allah and this is what they said to Allah, that this is because Allah subhanho Also, Allah asked them What did my slave say? How did you feed find my slaves? Now these are things in all

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not to

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grant the slaves, this mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. To say that they are

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to make the angels as witnesses for the slaves, witnesses in favor of the slaves. This is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that also hunted us, for example, the one of the most beautiful adages and I will end today's session with that where there was a little upset that there are groups of angels, which

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which tore the earth, searching for gatherings off the Dhikr of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala include this gathering that we as we are here to talk about the greatness and glory of Allah and to understand our Rokita May Allah subhanaw taala make this one of those gatherings. So that Michelle has said that there are these angels, which

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which toured the earth, looking for gatherings where Allah subhanaw taala is be mentioned and Allah is being remembered. And then when they find these gatherings, they

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stop there, and they

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enter the gathering, the surround is gathering, and they completely from the sides and for the top and they pile up on top of each other until they reach the first heavens that many hits.

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And then when this gathering is finished, they go to Allah subhanaw taala. And they say, Oh Allah, we came from your gathering where you were being mentioned.

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And Allah subhanaw taala was a what were they doing? They will say No, Allah knows. Allah knows what we were doing. Allah is listening to us as we are doing it. The reason why Allah subhanaw taala is asking the angels is because he wants to make those angels witnesses in our favor on the Day of Judgment, where they will say that we are the witness this is what they were doing so Allah will ask them what were they doing? Yeah, they were making music. What did they want? Ella they want to do forgiveness and you're gonna have this in my journal they have not seen your agenda if they will if they see my agenda what will happen your up they will want it even more what else did they want they

00:32:09--> 00:32:22

wanted protection from the fire from your anger from the from your from your punishment have the same management of the scene the fire era they have not seen your fire if they see my fire they see Jana what will happen they will seek Your protection even more.

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Then I was gonna tell it says, then you will be the witness that when they meet them when they meet me on the day of judgment, I will give them what they wanted and I will protect them from what they see the what they sought protection from then the angels will say I don't yada but there was one man who was not really part of the gallery, he was passing by, he just stopped there for a while to see what was going on. And last word that I will say I forgive him also. So Allah his first one, and let's say that you are the witnesses, I forgive all of them, I will give them what they asked for them I will protect them from what they sought protection from

00:33:02--> 00:33:44

and also this person who was passing by just stop the bulk of the gathering of ALLAH SubhanA zikr is such that even that person is for even even though he was not really a member on or off or a part of that modulus of Zika just because he was passing by his truck. This is a excuse for his own forgiveness. So inshallah we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to reflect on these things. I want you to think about these and reflect that's why we keep it short. Keep reflect on this and correct our if there is anything other than this, that we will be living we need to correct that so that we believe in the absolute pure Aqeedah of Islam which is a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa she had one

00:33:44--> 00:33:52

of her mother of two who are also well salon and will carry well Allah He was I will have to take care of him. You know Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa