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In the number 11 salatu salam ala schizophyllum Viva La Li was happy

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with the night Allah the last of the

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steps in the

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format that we have been talking about, which is the issue of critical thinking and analysis

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there are three steps First one is to be in the experience fully and entirely So, that you collect the right data.

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Second one is to

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reflect and introspect and we looked at what are the factors involving these two things. The third one and that is the final one and the most important one which is action.

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So, you are inexperienced you gather the data, you reflect on it, analyze it,

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do some lessons from that,

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and then act on those lessons.

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The Orion is full of this

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reinforcement on action is full of

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reminders that we need to act

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that is the most critical aspect of

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most critical aspect of,

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of Islam, which is the issue of acting on what we learn what we learn

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to give you two examples, one from the Quran and one from

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the Sierra.

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In the Quran, if you take surah yesterday, we read in the taraweeh sort of the movie known Allah subhanaw taala begins by saying that, you know,

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the movie and have succeeded.

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And then if you see the rest of the ad, all the way

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down to hold very soon. The end all of those ads have to do with action. Elegant home feasibility, because you don't want to be in a home and a lovely model. And and and and right? What there was a cat what do you do with guarding their chastity and so on and so on. So all the way down to

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the issue of successful beings.

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These are the people who are the inheritors of gender.

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Right? Why is that? That's the right. Right. It's, uh, the virus gets, like we saw yesterday in a different context, where he talked about the issue of rasa. And one of the things he said the principle of Sharia is that you cannot make Basia for the wife. Because the virus is supposed to get that

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you can't make whatsoever someone for whom it is is right by the Sharia, whether you like the person who don't like the person, if he is a son or a daughter and so on among the list of artha then this person will get the inheritance irrespective and therefore, you cannot now make a Vasya also for him was here is for people who normally will not inherit. So, Allah subhanaw taala This is the regime of Allah subhanaw taala would have said I will give them Jenna, in which case it is not our right yeah loving giving me but if he would, if he wishes he will give if he doesn't wish he does not give, but Allah subhanaw taala did not say I will give is that this is their

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This is their rasa, they will get it as they are supposed to get that is the right who's right the people who do all these actions. Another example of this from the

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Sona and Sierra ansira is when avisar is I was lm St. Martin de la de la no to Yemen, as the governor and he said the first thing is invite them towards Allah, La la la la. And the minute they accept that what is the next thing Salah action and then what is the next thing is a take from their rich and returned to their poor.

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So, again action, if you see in the modern context today, one of the most successful

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ideologies that is propagated all over the world is the Hindu ideology through the means of yoga.

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Right. And my assessment is the reason why it is so successful is because yoga teachers spend the minimal amount of time on

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theory and maximum amount of time and action.

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You go to yoga class, he will spend maybe two minutes talking about what is your right he

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Most of the time he will not talk about that or he will simply sit like this

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close your eyes keep your hands like this Take a breath

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through one nostril out rather not immediately there is action from the word go there is action right he doesn't even say why this why that why left while you just do it was

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so now after it sits there quietly you breathing anyway many of you sitting there quietly obviously some effect is there on the body then is okay how do you feel? Now Mashallah feel very nice. This is yoga

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Yo Gabba Gabba Gabba

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Gabba Gabba Gabba I've gotten a

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dog talk about the benefits of we'll have we'll have them on for three hours It makes no sense right? But you just put the comment in the mouth he knows instantly

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out sweet it is and how nice it is and so on. And this is the beauty of Islam and this is what I have added zero into if you didn't see the the DA visualizer that was alum Lula

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right and then there is a lesson about put them to action

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there was no in at least whatever I have read of the zeera except for one instance where as well as I was alive is that he bred the horse and then he started speaking and this is the long hobbies relating to the last signs of the last day and then he spoke until as a repressor is

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a very long, maybe two three hours or more. But other than that the even the hot batteries are very short. Very short. Right? Allah Allah I don't think in the in the Sierra does not say how many minutes and so on obviously there was no one there was a stopwatch, but if you think about it, when you say and if you see that if you read the whole bar How long does it take to say that you know? So, maybe 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes? I mean there is no there is no instance of Russell Isola ever giving a hot bar no two hour three hours I never did that right or Today we are we are

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you know we are a people of speech after

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a while.

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rattler is the showrunner he says this is a change right we are the We Are the victors of which we are not depicted actually in the field right and that's where is that's why we are backwards I mean if the victory has to be in the field not by talking about victory, right? Our sub genre is to say it can Carnage Jota cam Guevara bad karma kameoka

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is a gang carnage. So, he says his work happens if you work right results come because of work results do not come because of talking about what

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Now obviously, some amount of teaching has to be done. So your issue of you know, there's no rules and so on and so forth is important. But end of the day there has to be action take the Dalai Lama, for example, one of the or to for me, I think the great secret the biggest secret of the success of the web is many people criticize

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and first of all, nobody is free from faults. So any criticism will be true to some extent. And second thing is people will criticize anything forget that the point is that they are successful, why because straightforward action right? You come to one buyer, right masari Jacob Do

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you understand you understood what was said? The importance of that is already given him right? Four months, 1111 month chilaw whatever, whatever 40 days, three days, right? immediate action, immediate, it's not a question of saying Mashallah, Mashallah what what a beautiful banner hamdulillah you know, May Allah give you more is that one and then you go and back to square one nothing knows nothing has changed in life. This is not that that's why it is not effective right. But for it to be effective must be action. And therefore we look at our lives also.

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During this month, we are coming now closer inshallah another three, four days and we will be in the last 10 days around the house and flies and so on. It

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seems like just yesterday you were thinking, Oh, is it? Did you set the mood we didn't set the moon our normal rhythms are and post on controversies. One is over next one will be coming out at the time of it. So So what now we've done is gone right now. We are in the last Ashura and for those of us in Java who are able to make as a gift May Allah give us the trophies and the ability for all of us to make a gift is a very beautiful time. 10 days you spend in the house of Allah as a guest of Allah

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and Allah

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is not called to take Allah calls to give, civilized called he went to his house he called you to give so come into his house and take whatever you want, right? That's the whole purpose of ethic is about technology. So in general if Allah gives us of it, now I want is that let us spend that time in reflection and thinking that this is what I have learned about myself in life. Now going from now onwards, how must my life change? What must I do differently?

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Because if there is no action at the end of understanding, then there is no sense that no one is saying I understood, understood to do what? Right, you understood the importance of Salah. And then if it is that understanding of importance of Salah, if it cannot wake you up in the morning to come for Son of the Father to the mother to the masjid, then it's a waste of time. Right? What do you understand, there's no sense and understand. But if you understand the meaning and the value of Salah, and then that brings you into the masjid in the morning for the father, then our hamdulillah that is beneficial. And so also it applies to everything else in life, whether it is I'm giving the

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example of religion, because religion is the the peak of the matter that is the head of the matter. That's the most important thing. But it applies also to everything else in life, you learn something about communication, for example, how you deal with people, and then if you don't apply that in life, then what is the point of learning that so you have to apply what I learned is about communication is what I apply. I learned this about making a timetable for myself. This is how I will apply it This is how I make my life more productive. By structuring My time is not to say there is no barakah in time today, the time is the same 24 hours hours no Baraka

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the Salah more people before that after that nobody had even one second more and no way and you don't have one second less. So how Why is it there's no burqa and there's no Baraka in the time because we don't structure time. So it passes. Even in those days, there were people who probably had no Baraka and their time, because they were not structuring the time, everybody was not the same. But if you structure the time, there is plenty of work even today, believe me, you can do a lot, you can achieve a very great deal.

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Right? If you structure your time, or you don't set your time, then that's up to you. In the last one year, or not, I think last eight, nine months, I have written three books.

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All three will be published in the next month or so. And that delay is not because of me is because of the publisher and you know, whoever's doing it, in addition to everything else, which I did,

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including travel internationally, including, I don't know how many speeches and you know, whatever else Alice Walker takes over, but that is because of structuring of time, I know what time I will get up. I know what I'm doing at which time I know what I know, I know where I'm going, why I'm going and also I know why I am not going to some places why I do not participate in certain functions, why I don't go to this party or that party because as the same 24 hours you got to find the time from somewhere right. So if you want to spend it in some sitting some in some place and talking some you know

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may not be haram obviously inshallah, but is also not useful thing is not doing any benefit, then that that time goes from something which could have been spent more usefully. So we have to make sure we do some changes, right. So, but if you do that, there is no there is no issue, there is plenty of work and time so that the pipeline is will close to that, which is that end of the day, no matter how much we know.

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What we do is what comes

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as I say, a picture is worth 1000 words. But an action is worth a million

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it's much more powerful than a picture is actual action. And that is what brought people to Islam. It was the actions of the Sahaba is one Allahu Allah image when it was not bands. It was not to god it was not, you know, theological discourses on this aspect of truth or that aspect of it. Zara are not involved in all of these, all of these things. They just live their lives and then and the way they live the life was so beautiful that people entered Islam. You know, I'm sorry, radula lady, you start off. My Malika Talalay says Islam spread the fastest after Fatah maka, because for the first time the non Muslim was able to see the life of an ordinary Muslim.

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See the words of God.

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He did not say that the for the first time the non Muslim could attend a banned by so and so. No, he said or he didn't even say the non Muslim was able to see the live or saucer. No, he said the non Muslim was able to see the life of an ordinary Muslim,

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the shopkeeper the shepherd, the, you know, farmer and so on. But those were the main professions in those days. You didn't have doctors and engineers. But that same Shepherd that same farmer that same shopkeeper was

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zinger on a daily basis. That person's life was such his actions were such his speech was such, his washa was such a society that he lived in was that, that it attracted people.

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And people came to Islam, nobody was forced to was forcing anybody.

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No one went to those or to, to, you know, to forcibly convert anyone either in Arabia or anywhere else people gave because they liked what they saw. You cannot change a belief by force, you can change the way you can change external appearance before you can change the belief by force, the belief has to change from inside.

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And that happens always all resolved whether somebody enters Islam or somebody leaves Islam. Both are voluntary actions.

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One of the things that heraclius asked Abu sufian,

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Rolando at before he became Muslim, the famous meeting of Iraqis and I was aware, one of the things he heraclius, as I was aware was

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two things he asked he said, is his religion spreading secularism abusive, and said yes. Next question he asked him is that anyone who enters his religion? Does he leave it? I was even said no.

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Could you how many people are

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everyday? How many people are leaving Islam today? Every single day? Why? Same Islam?

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Are they supposed to be the same Islam?

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Something is wrong with our actions. This is the problem. Even if people come into Islam for whatever reason, in some cases, they find that the actions of the person the Muslim that they deal with are so bad that they say I'm sorry, I think I made a mistake. Now why did I enter the religion?

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The most famous incidents about this are with respect to Muslims marrying non Muslims. I have heard in numerable cases of Muslim men,

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Muslim men, and mostly it is Arab men, or it's men from this part of the world, the subcontinent, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and so on, who go to the west, and who marry non Muslim women. they marry in Europe or they marry in, you know, Africa or wherever they might know Missoula, and then they integrate them so much.

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The woman married him, came into Islam, accepted Islam, she was a good Muslim. She tried to practice Islam, but she was ill treated so much that she became murdered. She left him and she left Islam.

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I mean, I know some cases where or I don't see it as if you have to. And this shows the truth of the deen. I've known cases where the woman divorced the man but she did not leave Islam. I mean, you have to I don't know what to say maybe these women will be among the only of Allah you know, after being ill treated after being ill treated, and so on and so forth. She is still she's a no nothing This is the man the man is bad is the religion is good hamdulillah and she stays with the religion. inshallah, may Allah subhanaw taala give them the highest regard and include them among his ODI inshallah, right? But what do you say about the men? And what kind of allows the Muslim is that who

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the woman comes into his marriage she is sharing his her life with him. And he treats her to the extent where she leaves him and she leaves Islam the hawala hotel see this thing? Well what what Islam is

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what Islam is this Islam? Is this Islam then nobody would have become Muslim. If this was how the Sahaba behave. The day Islam would have been wiped out long ago, there would be no no sign of Islam. And maybe you would have read in your history book. Once upon a time, there was a man called Muhammad and he brought a religion and he disappeared, Solaris 11 or 11.

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There are Muslims because of the behavior because of what we do our actions. And that's why I remind myself when you let us concentrate our actions, let us talk less and act more. And whatever we speak and whatever we hear, always Let's ask the question, okay, I heard this lecture, okay, I spoke something, where is it in my action? Yesterday 100 Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala bless him toward

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100 avocado, he gave you yesterday, beautiful lecture, and I was telling one

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how, you know his way of explaining like a teacher you know, he's like a mother is Mashallah you listen to his lectures, so beautiful. So systematic, it's so easy to understand.

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We heard the lecture on the law. Now we have to think and say okay, this is what he explained about the importance of hobbies. How do I implement it in my life?

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If this is the importance of hobbies, how am I implemented, how am I implementing it in my life? And that applies to everything, right? Is it just sitting and listening to something and going away? As I always say, No, so nudelman Samsung, Cassadaga,

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uno, Asakusa, diverse Salina, Kansas, right.

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No, that is not the purpose of that right there. We have to listen

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We must act, the we listen to 20 things and we act even on 100 law. You don't have to act on all 20 but you have to at least minimum and make this a rule for yourself if I every single lesson or talk or lecture, whatever I go to at least one thing out of that I will take and implement in my life, leave the others doesn't matter forget that. Nobody can do everything. Live every just take one you take one whichever you like, take one and bring it into your life, inshallah. Anyway, Giacomo okera salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Salalah. Nana will carry while he was I was mean but I had to go