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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the messenger sallday in Islam, as it is a time when the king is the only person who delivers a message. They also discuss the use of symbols to identify individuals and the potential for criticizing the people. The speakers suggest giving people options to say their name and criticize them, and emphasize the importance of forgiveness and taking responsibility for one's actions. They also mention a woman named "medman" who claims to have apologized for a mistake and apologizes again.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala CV mursaleen Allah Allah He was a minister in the vicinity within Allahumma dynamin home Amina Latina Amano Amina Sati, heart, whatever, so be healthy, whatever. So the sub mineral barite, amine,

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Islamorada, Kumara autolite, Allah ricotta. So today we try to learn something about the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. And it's actually a difficult lesson. It's a lesson about how Allah on many occasions in the Quran corrects his beloved messenger Elisa to Salaam. I'll give you a few examples of that one time the prophet SAW them was talking to one of his one of the leaders of kadesh, which is a rare opportunity to get a chance to talk to one of the governors, one of the millionaires, those are not people that have all the time in the world. So if they're giving the prophets I send them a chance to hear something about Islam. It's a rare opportunity. So he's taking

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advantage of this opportunity and his distant cousin, on the live in omak. Doom, who was blind, comes running and interrupts the conversation. So the Prophet is talking and he interrupts the conversation. And the prophets lie. Selim doesn't say anything to him. He just becomes silent. So he's hoping that he understands because he's blind, but he's not deaf. Right. So he, he's hoping he understands that he's interrupting a conversation. And by the way, people that don't have eyesight, they get more sensitive hearing. So he should know already that there's a conversation taking place, but he doesn't consider that and he just interrupts and allows messenger sallallahu Sallam doesn't

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want to hurt his feelings. So he he's getting stressed. What should he do? Should I should he correct Abdullah? Or should I continue to talk to this leader? that's giving me time, because both of them are important. The prophets I send them doesn't distinguish what is more important, what is less important. So he's getting a little bit anxious, and as he's getting anxious about shows on his forehead, and when that boat shows on his forehead, Allah reveals Abba satola he frowned and he turned his face and jalama because the blind one came to him. So Allah corrected His Messenger. So I said, I'm even though if you look at the situation, the messenger Elisa to some actually didn't do

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anything wrong at all, right. But there are occasions like that. Another quick example, which I'll come back to, as I as I speak with you today is, you know, in all of the battles that you may have read about or heard about in the prophets life sallallahu sallam, the armies are voluntary. So everybody volunteered to join the military. And if some people didn't want to join, they didn't join. There were no punishments if you didn't join the military. Also, in some cases, there are people who left for war, and one third of them walked back. You see, now if you do that, in the military, you know what happens to a soldier who abandons the battlefield, their court martial, they

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may be executed. But those people were criticized, but there were no punishments. Because the prophets lie Selim had not established the fully formed fledged government of Medina yet. So this was still a voluntary military, right. But when Macau was conquered, now the Muslims under the governorship of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam were a full fledged military. And now when the threat came from the Romans, now the prophet SAW Selim gathers the military and basically every capable man that is able to go, must now go, and if you cannot go, then you have to give an excuse, you have to be excused. You can't just say, I'm not going, it's no longer a voluntary military. Now, it's what

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you call in American literature, you call it the draft. The draft means everybody who's capable has to be joining the military, there's no options. So some of the hypocrites, they still don't want to go. So now they have to come with excuses. So they come to the profits later on. And one of them says to me, also a lover heading towards the book. And on the way there are some villages and those villages have some very beautiful women, and I can't help myself. So don't put me in fitna. Let me stay here.

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Because this is the excuse he gives the prophets. I know the thing is, as a military commander, if a soldier comes and gives you that kind of excuse, that actually means that soldier is probably no good on the battlefield anyway. You understand that? That that soldier is not going to be an asset, he's going to be a liability. So the prophet SAW them wisely decides, you know, what? stayhome,

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Allah azzawajal revealed after that alpha one calabaza Allah, may Allah pardon you, why did you give them permission? Why did you give them permission? You see, like, so there are cases like that in the Quran, where it seems that Allah is correcting who is messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there are a few things that Muslims need to understand about that, and why that's so important. And this is actually not a criticism of our messenger sallallahu sallam. Actually, if you understand it properly, this is yet another way in which Allah has honored his messenger sallallahu sallam. So let's start at the top. The first thing we have to understand is that our messenger sallallahu

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Sallam is not just someone who delivers the Quran meaning he's not just there to deliver

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message and that's it. If you want someone who just wants to deliver a message, you have a postal service, you understand? Because if you just need someone to the king needs to deliver a message to the people he can send, choose anybody, give them a message and pass it along. And so if we think of the prophets of Allah where they said, I'm only as somebody who delivered a less words and that's it, that's the only value he has, he delivered a less words which means we are we are acknowledging that he delivered the word of Allah, but we don't acknowledge anything else about the role of Allah sallallahu. Artesia, that's not the case. Even without the delivery of the Quran, Allah says, what

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about the messenger only subtle Salam. He says we're in the callala caloocan Azim you are committed to an incredible character, the prophets of Allah which Adam on his own, even without the delivery of the Quran, is an amazing human being is the most intelligent human being on earth is the most incredible character on Earth. That in all of human history, he's the greatest human being that ever lived. This is we here even without the delivery of what the Quran even without the Quran, okay, now what does Allah do? Before I go on with the messengers like Salaam? Let me tell you about some other religious figures you have in different religions, people that are the main figure, like some people

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think the main figure for the Muslims as Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Christians have, you know, they have Jesus, for example, and US have Moses, etc. And in, in modern religion, sometimes you don't even have prophets, you have religious figures, like, you know, the Catholics, we have the Pope, right? Now these people, let's say the Pope, they can't be criticized, whatever they say, is actually considered the Word of God. They're beyond criticism. So and in in Jewish tradition, for example, the rabbis, whatever they decided, is added to the Word of God. So that's actually considered the Word of God also. In other words, the people that are at the religious figures on top

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the symbols of the religion, they can never be what criticized. That's just how it is in pretty much any any religious tradition that has a figure on top, who is our figure who's our messenger Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam? What did Allah do to make us stop from making the same mistake that other religions have made? The first thing he did is, he taught us You and I, human beings, or even angels can never criticize the Messenger of Allah sallallahu. So we can't do it. As a matter of fact, even if we try to call his name out loud, without being properly respectful, and

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until all of your good deeds will be wiped away, if you just raise your voice, in front of the prophets voice, or if you just call him Mohammed, instead of calling him Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That's how serious it is that we cannot criticize the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. As a matter of fact, in another place in the Quran, Allah says, Now you mean chemo coffee machines avena home, they have no faith, Allah swears by himself, they have no emotion until they make you decide whatever issue comes up. Your verdict can never be criticized your actions can never be questioned by who those who believe and if they're uncomfortable with something you did, Allah

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says, leave me alone. They don't have your mind. Part of our Eman is we can never criticize who the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, but at the same time, Allah teaches us if we are down here, and the messenger is way on the seventh heaven as compared to us in rank, so we can never criticize him, he is still the slave of Allah.

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And a rub rub will International.

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AKA the master, Allah remains the master even if he comes down to the first heaven and the slave will always be the slave even if he goes to the seventh heaven to meet with Allah, He will always be the slave. So as high above from us the messenger is solid Arsalan Allah is still higher, and the only one who can criticize him is allows origin. This is how Allah prevented one benefit of this is this Allah prevented huge human beings from worshipping their messenger, just like people had done with Jesus. We could never end up worshipping our messenger sallallahu wasallam because Allah would show us that someone knows more than your messenger and that is a lie soldier, Walmart Canada who do

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you know? Now My dream is to be Allah, Allah messengers commanded to say tell people I don't know what's going to happen with me. When I be I don't even know what's gonna happen with me or with you. I'm just, you know, he says hola and I tell them I'm just a human being just like you as far as being a human being is concerned. You have Allah revelation has been given to me. Right? So that's one important reason why Allah corrects His messengers, Allah loves them. But there's other reasons. I mean, let's think about this. When I give you the example of the blind one who came in interrupted, you know, there's so many times in the Quran before something happened. Allah would

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reveal Quran and tell him this is about to happen.

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So Lucifer homina nasma la Mancha to Malati Kannada people will say when the Qibla changes from Jerusalem to Makkah people will say what's wrong with them? Why did they turn from this one to this one? Not people have said people will say and after the I came

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People came and said it. And we already knew that Allah, Allah told us that he's going they're going to come and say that the hypocrites didn't even come to the Prophet yet Salaam and Allah says when they come to you, they will swear that you are less messenger. Then they came and said, Now shadowing Nicola Rasulullah we testify your last messenger, meaning sometimes Allah would give the prophet SAW a salon Koran before they even before the event even happened. The question is, if you can do that all the time, then even before the blinds, a hobby comes out to live in a mock to mock them comes what could I do? A lot could tell his messengers or salon he's coming given priority.

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Couldn't you do that? The same way, you know, one time after another, there were some cap captives of war, prisoners of war. And these prisoners of war, there was a debate, what should we do with them? This is the first time Muslims have prisoners of war. What should we do with them?

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As a suggestion, we should kill all of them. It's almost suggestion. It's branded. Right? So and he says, I have an idea any of them who has a family member who's become Muslim, we should get them to kill them. Just so we make sure they're loyal.

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Abubakar Siddique has another suggestion. And he says we should get them to teach us how to read. Those of us who don't know how to read. And as payback, we should release them. It will build goodwill, these people will see us we're not like any other enemy, that we have mercy. And they're going to start thinking twice about why are we even fighting these people? You see, so we're going to build goodwill, you know, it's called nowadays they call it a battle of hearts and minds. Right? So we're going to win the battle of hearts and minds if we release these people. So these are the two suggestions given to the Prophet slice of them. You tell me which one is the Prophet going to

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I mean, he's obviously and this is the one that he picks, he picks the suggestion of Abu Bakar decode the law. And then the ayah comes, it is not okay for a prophet to you know, to leave prisoners behind until he executes all of them. That's after he released them. Then the ayah came, could Allah reveal the ayah? beforehand? Yes. But question arises, why did Allah wait to reveal and then criticize what the Prophet did or correct rather, with the profit display center? A few things you have to understand about that. The first thing in any of these incidents in any of them, never has the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam ever committed a sin? He's never disobeyed Allah.

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Two suggestions were given. Are they both equally acceptable suggestions in war? Yeah. They're not one is dear to a law one is not acceptable to Allah. When the blind one came, and he frowned. You remember that? When you frowned? Can a blind person see you frowning? Has he hurt anybody's feelings? No, he hasn't done anything wrong at all. So a lot more I saw them. When the hypocrites came and said, We don't want to go to a battle women have women or weakness. When they said that isn't a wise general going to think that these people are going to cost me more if I take them?

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Because I can handle if they don't have this kind of discipline. Now, I will need serious discipline on the battlefield. It's better these losers stay home is not a wise decision. What I'm trying to tell you is in these cases, what did Allah do? Listen to this carefully. Now, Allah made sure that the Prophet everybody understands that the prophet SAW Allah is the most intelligent human being and the wisest decision maker among human beings. And given human knowledge, he makes the absolutely best decision every time, given what human knowledge, and the only one who can have better knowledge than human knowledge is who Allah azza wa jal, the messenger makes a decision. So the logmar

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lucidum. And then the law shows him that human knowledge can only have this many limits. But outside of that there is the unseen world that only Allah sees. And he will give you a better option that you could never have known on your own. That was humanly impossible for you to know. So Allah will first of all, show how human the messenger is so large to them. Second of all, a lover shows the best of our decisions within a human capacity doesn't mean they're the best decision. Allah always knows there's something in the in the unseen. And then finally, here's the here's the thing. That's probably the most important of all, if you if you learn this, and you've learned something

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remarkable about our messenger sallallahu sallam. You see, Ramadan has been going on for a few weeks. I'll give you an example. somebody decides that they're going to come and pray every single night they're going to make it to the machine before even the other one is given. As a matter of fact, somebody decides they're going to be the one who gives the other. So they show up every single day and they give the event. Okay. And one day they're late. One day they join militia while it's going on. So the one day they didn't get to give the around and you get the prayers and they came a little bit late, and they join their shelter and shall pray had already started. And they came in.

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They joined, they're already in Roku, he jumps in and he joins on Roku, does he feel good or feels bad? He feels bad because every day he was doing so well. And now he's disappointed in himself, you understand? Now next to him is another guy

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Who all of Ramadan doesn't even know where much to this? There's no idea where much it is. And one day he says man is Ramadan, I should at least go one time.

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So he shows up. And these two guys enter the machine at the same time. And they join at the same time. And he's also in record and he's next to him in new cool. Does he feel better? Do you feel good? feels really good about himself?

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Good job today. So pretty much I'm hoping it's the latest on camera cuz then I'm set, you know, one time lottery, you know?

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Are they doing exactly the same act? Yeah. But one of them is embarrassed. He thinks he is disappointing. And the other one thinks he's done something amazing, isn't it? You know why? Because Different people have different standards. Yeah, this is what you have to understand different people have what different standards so somebody who holds themselves to a higher standard, even when they if their standard is this high. When they come from this high to this low, they feel terrible.

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And when someone has this low standard, and they go from this low standard, this little bit up, they feel like I'm doing good. I'm doing pretty amazing. You understand? Now understand, what is the standard of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam? And how much higher? Does he hold his standard than we hold our standard? You have to understand there's a difference, right? So even when Allah says I will correct him, or tells him this was the better option. Even though he's done nothing wrong. He's done. I told you that he's done nothing wrong. Absolutely. There is nothing embarrassing about it.

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Is Does he still feel bad that Allah corrected him?

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He still feels embarrassed. You know the word for when you do something and you feel embarrassed if dump them. Remember this. It's what word them another word in Arabic for a sin like lying is a sin. Cheating is a sin pushing an orphan is a sin. Let's say you say let's say yet. Okay, so the other sins, the word car is never used for the Prophet sallallahu analisa it's used for us. You can fit on any article will cover your sins because we actually commit what sins but Allah says about his prophets, Allah salam, the Alfredo like Allahumma barik, Alaa me cover, whatever happened, of your thumb, now done would be incorrectly translated here as sin. As a matter of fact, what we translate

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here properly is, Allah will cover for you, whatever you were embarrassed about. Meaning he's he's holding himself to this high standard. And he feels that he has done something less than what was expected. And even though he didn't, it's just that Allah corrected him. So he feels bad. And Allah says, You don't even have to feel bad about that. I've covered that for you too. So there is no such thing as the prophet SAW Selim committing a sin. Or you know, some people even said, Oh, he only did minor sins. No, there's no such thing. There's absolutely no such thing. And those occasions in which Allah even corrected His messengers, lice on them. Those are all occasions in which alized

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teaching us something about how we can never criticize him. That we can never correct them. Only Allah can correct them. Now the final thing and be praying. The final thing is even when Allah corrects His prophets, I saw them. There is such an incredible kind of love, that I am at a loss of words sometimes to even think I will hope I can articulate this to you. As I leave you with this. Solo Toba Kim Soto Toba has the anger of Allah, how much anger of Allah it doesn't even have one in the beginning. It doesn't even have Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the beginning, this is the surah in which the soldiers came and said to the prophets, I saw them, we can go join the army, you know,

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we couldn't make it or you know, we have this issue that lame excuses. And what did the Prophet do? He let them stay back. He let them so you need to understand this. Some of you are managers in a store. Some of your managers in the store. And when your managers in the store and it's like, you know, sales season like in America your Christmas season, or in season in some Muslim countries, you need your best employees to do overtime, yes or no. And then you have one employee who comes in late every day. When he does when he stands there, he's not really doing any work. He's just hanging out, you know? And then he comes in, he says before, he says, Hey, I need a, I'm getting a little sick,

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which is really I'm getting homesick, can I take it off? Or can I take Christmas break off? And the manager is thinking, Man, you know what you want to take the rest of your life off.

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You take off as much as you need. And the good employee, the good employee comes and says, Can I take off? And what does the boss say? No, you gotta you gotta come sorry. And the good employees thinking, Man, I do all the hard work, and I don't get the break. And this guy shows up late doesn't do his job and he gets the break. It's not fair. He's getting the royal treatment, even though he's a terrible employee, and I tried to be the best employee and I can't get time off. But actually, what's the truth? The truth is that the one who works hard is being put on a higher standard and the fact that the one that's a little

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is being given a break is proof that he's What a loser is useless. When the profits I said I'll let them go It was proof that what they're useless but listen to how Allah corrects if if my son or my daughter made a mistake. If they made a mistake, you know what I would do? I would pull them in, I would tell them their mistake, right? I would correct them. And then if they start crying or feel bad, then I would say, it's okay though I forgive you. It's okay. I forgive you. You don't start with I forgive you. You start with telling them what they did wrong. First you question them? What did you Why did you do this? And after you question them and they feel bad, then you say it's okay.

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Don't worry about it. It's no big deal. I forgive you. So that forgiveness comes in the beginning or the end. It always comes in the end. Now listen to this ayah in in the i o which has no mercy in the surah that has no mercy. Apparently, alpha Allahu Anga Lima has entered the home. Allah has already forgiven you. Why did you give them permission?

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Allah didn't say, Why did you give them permission? By the way, Allah forgives you. No, no, no. Allah has already forgiven you before even questioning you. Before even questioning this is the love Allah has for his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that even when he's going to apparently correct something, he takes care of his heart. First, he takes care of how he would feel first. This is not something you should worry about, or you should feel guilty about. This is the macom This is the station of our messenger. So the last item, I wanted to make sure that one of the sessions is dedicated to this because we should not be careless in our words, when we talk about our messenger

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sallallahu wasallam. We don't say things like he made a mistake. We don't say things like Allah corrected his mistakes. No, no, no, Allah will reveal the best possible answer that human beings could not have known. And that's still not something that he should he feels bad about it because he has a higher standard, but we don't get to say he committed a sin. Because even those decisions are still the best decision a human being could possibly have made. May Allah azzawajal keep in our hearts and in our minds are high and constantly maintained dignity and nobility for our messengers from large island. barakallahu li walakum saramonic