Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Adaab Of The Masjid Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of educating people about the process of moving and staying in a position, avoiding standing in a sofa alone, and touching their clothing. Personal hygiene is also emphasized, including covering their mouth and avoiding touching their body. The speakers also touch on privacy issues and the use of jammers to prevent phone calls. It is emphasized that privacy is important in modern times, and people should practice social media and learn about other cultures while staying in Java for a month.
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salatu salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he was happy that

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we continue with our tarbiyah series. And inshallah, I will talk today about the

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things relating to print in Java,

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especially the things that we should avoid.

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The first thing to

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remember in bringing in Java is the formation of the stuff.

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The formation of the of the SFX is one of the

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principles of the establishment of Salah.

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And therefore, it's very important for us to be

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to take a lot of care and informing of the formula, the SAF is two things. One is to keep to align all the hills, the formation of the surface by the hills, not by the toes. So ensure that all the heels are in line, one line.

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And the second one is to stand shoulder to shoulder actually touching the shoulder of the person next to you, after the shoulder touches, then the issue of the feet, and the feet also should touch and the feet don't touch also, if they are nearby, that's enough, inshallah, we find some sometimes people go to extremes in everything. And the way they go to extremes as they stand first of all with their feet wide apart. So there's no way the shoulder can touch because if your feet are wide apart, how is the shoulder going to touch. And then on top of that, in their attempt, or enthusiasm to trust the foot of the other person, they stamp on the foot of the other pose, which is highly

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irritating. And it obviously the other person objects. So very important not to do all that just make sure you stand shoulder to shoulder.

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That's the form of information. The second thing about stuff is that the gaps in the stuff must be filled. So if you are forming the SFX, if you have come to the masjid, and you are getting into a second stuff, make sure that you look at the first stuff and fill the gap in the first step before you start forming a second stuff. And the same thing applies to the third and the fourth, and so on. So ensure that there is no gap in the stuff in front of you if it's a long stuff. If you need to walk to one end to ensure that you fill the gap you do that you don't just stand you know out of laziness in one place and the so forth are incomplete. Make sure you do that. Second thing is that

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if for example, I happened in Dharavi quite often that the SAS starts and at that time somebody in the sub decides to go away.

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So now you are you to begin with it was a complete stuff, now you got a gap. If the gap happens, then you must move in your Salah you must move and fill the gap, not leave the gap open. That's very important do that nothing happens to us allies allies is valid, but you must move and close the gap or draw the other person close to you, whichever is convenient. Obviously, it's important to educate people because sometimes you try to draw the other person and he won't come and then you attack the tug of war in the obviously that is not good for yourself. So ensure that you know you move on and shoulders the surface completed. Third thing is if you come into the masjid and you find that the

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surf is completed, you are alone. And you are you have to start a new sub.

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If you are sure that there are a couple of for example, you might have come out of the blue place and there are another two three people making Buddha so you know that in a minute or two, those people are also going to come and join you. So in which case, the starting of the stuff is always from behind the map so the center of the sub so don't start this off on one corner behind the Imam and then the soft must expand equally both ways. So if people come don't just start keep standing to the right or to the left stand ensure that there is the stuff is evenly distributed behind the man. So if you come now and you stand behind the man and you find that and you know that there are a

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couple of other people who are going to come just now then there is no problem with the standard they will come and join you. But if you are not sure of that and you are alone, then do not stand in a sofa alone. So what you must do is tap the person in front of you that whichever side of it is and that person will move back and stand with you and this stuff must close. Right?

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refer a friend of mine told me that

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In Saudi Arabia, he came and he the South was completed first stuff and they gave him the second stuff and he stood there and then he tapped the guy on the on the shoulder. So he moved back and this little moved in front so

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that is very bad It should

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it should not it should not do that right.

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comedy is a tiger comedy yeah they make sure that the Sophists You must not stand alone in a subject show that somebody is there so tap him on the shoulder he moved back and stand with yourself must close right

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then second issue is moving in Salah when you are standing in Surat and some people if you if you look at them, you don't know Is he in Salah is not in Salah. And with imamo hanifa Talalay if that is a situation where somebody's looking at you from outside if he cannot decide whether you are in sell or not, then your Salah is invalid then you have to repeat your Salah So, you know move moving too much you're scratching your head or whatever God knows what you're doing.

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So, thing is that you must stand still with the Sahaba as we know,

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it is to say that the Sahaba will stand as if there is a bird which is pushed on the head will move even a little bit the bottle right away, you know it is to stand like that as if they had been like pegs in the ground that had been you know, established, like like pillars. So it was very important stand, do all your scratching and whatever before you make your cuts and after that stand, you know, forget the scratching your stand in Salah.

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Don't, don't keep moving and scratching and adjusting your clothes and you know, swallow and also don't wear clothes that require a lot of adjustment in this Yeah, that's another

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big nuisance. Sometimes people they were they don't know what to do with the water and they don't have any guide on top of that. So that thing keeps slipping and you keep pulling it and the whole time now you are engaged in this water Allah Allah Allah

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Allah let it follow it What doesn't matter if you if it falls so ensure that there is no unnecessary movement insulitis and as I told you, depending on what you want to do and what it can completely invalidate your sales Allah is not valid at all you have to repeat yourself so don't get don't fall into that trap.

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Then the issue also of personal hygiene and we experienced this more in Ramadan please understand the Hadith where said Allah subhanaw taala likes the smell of that comes from the mouth of the fasting person more than the smell of musk refers to the smell that comes as a result of an empty stomach. It does not refer to the smell that comes out of a filthy mouth. Right? personal hygiene is very important. Please brush your teeth. As simple as that right? So a lot of you are in pseudo and especially you know in in in, in in camela long such and voila you want to please him please wake up get up get up get up you know, I can't stay in the south anymore I will die because this guy next to

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me is thinking Please don't do that. Brush your teeth right? brush your teeth. After you're sober brush your teeth after your iftaar inshallah that should be enough during the day if you want to brush your DNS user miswak use a toothbrush without toothpaste if you want there is an opinion also that you can use toothpaste whichever option you want to use but make sure you clean your mouth there is nothing nice about a filthy mouth is bad for you bad for your teeth bad for everybody else. Third thing about in the same context is the issue of belching Believe me the guy standing next to you does not want to know what you had for

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right he doesn't want to know which whether your halleen came from what is that Mr. House or somewhere some other place? Right? brush your teeth do not belt there is a heaviness A man was belching with rusada manual spraying a restaurant told him is this disgusting? He said this you are doing this because you ate too much food we should eat less right so do not bench and if you if you really I have to believe that please put your hand in front of your mouth and your cover your mouth. Right? Why was that these people they sound like a tiger roaring

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and it smells like the tiger or in LA

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I was in South Africa they took us to the to the lion Park and this guy who handles lions and so on there's a you are in a truck with a mesh and so on. And this guy has he does his trick. He takes a piece of meat on a stick and he puts it up there and you as you're standing there and the line comes up you know and then he takes this piece of meat and obviously landmarks and Oreos are and the stick from a lion's mouth and the man says that is the last thing you will smell before the lion eats you.

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right now we don't want this right erode you do not want lions in your Salah you want to increase so do not belch if it is some problem you have got then at least cover your mouth

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is very very important highly disgusting to have find people you know belching and so on. Also same thing applies to body odor some people have a natural body odor it might sound very musty very aromatic to you it is not to others use deodorant right? See I tell you have a I told you I told people you know I'm like Gavin Do I look like a mother? Because I would teach people how to sneeze right? The whole affordable How many of you got mothers with full beards

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so and so I again we come to the issue of sneezing if you have to have to sneeze cover your mouth do not do not spray you know all over the Missouri law whatever stuff comes out of out of your nose at 150 miles an hour. It's not It's not funny. And and especially air conditioned massage. It means now that that virus is circulating in the atmosphere wherever and everybody else is going to get sick cover your mouth please you know do it with your with your with your with tissue with uh with your Toby maybe All right, so to make sure that you do not cause inconvenience. masala prohibited three people from coming into the masjid after having eaten onions and garlic and he said the melodica do

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not like the smell of that they find it disgusting. But here is one day and garlic and every masala in the world. You know which also comes out please is very important for us. oral hygiene very important. Also feet right

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What is it called? pajama

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dirty socks right? It is disgusting to do pseudos that hamdulillah we don't have it here this budget but i've i've done such that the place is the place of such a stinking where somebody was standing there with dirty feet. Don't do that. wash your feet wash your feet watch you know work wash your socks. Cleanliness is part of Islam cleanliness is very much part of Islam. So let us be very sure that we are clean if you're not if you can't be clean in the house of Allah where we live you clean that very important for us. Let us maintain these issues of personal hygiene is the issue of our own salads and issue of the Salah of other people. Then the probably the last and final one I even

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demonstrated the strokes of the Aikido sword right as the guy will it takes off two heads in one stroke. That's what should happen to people who do not turn their phones off. Yes. What is this thing about phones? I don't understand it. How do you tell people a million times still a phone will ring Why are we what what is this thing about phones? Turn it off do something yesterday one brother came to me said please allow me to put jammers in his budget

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so I said please go ahead do it. Put Devers that's the best thing would jammers enter the story we turn the jammer on and your phone won't ring forever. I mean, you know do why Why what? Why must always turn the phone off Simple as that right the world will not come to a halt if it comes to all that is good. The way the way the world is going. It can do with them too. All right. So turn the phones it's very very bad for us to have these phones ringing and so on and so on. And then on top of that some people

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I don't know what they what what you know, which of the following some some phony Muslim? Yeah. So

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because the phone rings, and they don't turn it off and they're just things and rings and rings and rings and rings? And then is the answer's no by Salah your Salah. You just yeah, you ruin everybody else's Salah. I mean, you know what about that, right? So at least turn it off. And

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just turn it off before you go into it. And if for example, if you got some kind of phone, which even if you turn it off, it still rings or whatever or beeps or something, leave it in your car, leave it in your house, do whatever it is, you know, after how much time even in therapy, in our marriages that are always probably longer than most it takes probably longer than most places because we read slowly even with everything from the beginning of first Salah to the end of therapy and everything else takes two hours.

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So what's going to happen to the world in two hours. So please turn phones off do not do not ideally don't even bring it to the masjid if you have to bring it turn it off do not have this thing of phones ringing again and again. And people will tell you over and over and how many times To tell the same thing over and again. It's you know you feel bad telling these things.

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Like he was telling me I mean how many times how many times how many things should to teach. And he taught me something else which I don't want to repeat here to teach please let us not

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let us let us not do these things and show that the Salah is a beautiful experience for yourself and for other people very important.

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Last thing and this is not from a tarbiyah series but because somebody asked me the issue of moon sighting and hold

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Do you follow?

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The opinion is from all the mothership, that you follow the people in the country in which you are living? So supposing you say, Well, I started fasting in Saudi Arabia, but now I'm in India or I'm in America or somewhere. And the ease in Saudi Arabia is one day earlier, when do I do it, you do eat with the people where you are staying. And if you have fasted one extra day, inshallah, that's enough, we'll fast for you, Allah subhanaw taala will give you a reward for that there's not nothing to worry about, but you will stay with that. The best opinion that I have read in terms of this is the opinion of chef Allo Semyon ravintola, la, who said, The simplest way of understanding this, he

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said, Who do you follow in Salah.

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When do you pray a little further, when it is further in your country, or when it is further in the

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simplest, that's a very easy way to understand the daily Salawat is follow the less the sun and the monthly things is the moon. So he said you follow wherever you are, you pray Father, when it is

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you don't pray Father, when it is when it is father in Saudi Arabia, right. So same thing applies also to the E then to the beginning of Ramadan. And to the end of the Hadith Ravi, Salah Salem is very clear that you see the moon and start fasting, and you see the moon and stop fasting. And if you cannot see the moon complete 30 days

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to see the moon means to actually see it, whether you can you know, use maybe binoculars or a telescope or something, but you have to actually see the moon. And if there if it is cloudy, then maybe you can go up in a helicopter or something and see the moon that all of this is permissible. But what is not permissible is to do astronomical calculations, where you have not seen the moon and you just do this mathematical calculations and you've got this calendar for the next 500 years. And you say it will be on so and so did why because my calculation tells me that this is not permissible. The heart is always very clear. Why must we go into you know, confuse ourselves and

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complicate life for what follows honey, if you didn't see the moon, no problem just fast one extra day Allah subhanaw taala will give you that much more reward and so on and so forth. What is the problem? So there is no need to get confused, no need to get needlessly into arguments and whatnot. If you see the moon or Hamdulillah, we will break the fast and we have eight. And if the more is not cited Alhamdulillah we have one additional day of Ramadan. What more can we ask? We asked we thank Allah subhanaw taala that he gave us one additional day of Ramadan. So no need to get confused. And you know, all of these things with regard to the

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sighting of the moon, right?

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What is Ms anything in this? g? Yeah.

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How to

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how to use the bathrooms.

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Lower the lower the if you're using an English style toilet, lower the seat which is around thing with a hole in it. Right? And then remove your trousers and then sit on it. Don't don't climb on top of that with your feet, sit on it with your bottom. And then there will be a report and a deposit. Will we wait. Right?

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The hawala water what is please clean at the idea of toilet system must keep the toilet clean out. And then I i don't i in this case, I don't say leave the toilet as you found it because you probably found it in lousy condition. So no, leave it better than you found it. But

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let me let me make one thing very clear as I was doing and turning off the recording and whatnot.

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So what we will do, we will do these things somebody has to teach them what to do. So there's nothing nothing to be ashamed of. See, let me deliver the hypnobirth to the house of Allah.

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As the people say, if you read the Quran, you get a lab. You do admit you get Allah.

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Sigma to the house of Allah is a matter of honor for ourselves. It's not something that we should stay away from or we should feel bad about. We should volunteer for this. We should volunteer for this one of the great allamah of this of this country. Manasa Barbara Talalay is a wonderful story that one of like yesterday went by one of the you know the man, one of the Russian nasima. The chef who yesterday who whose lecture was in his budget. He told me a fantastic story. He said that one of his friends from nada, and he and a few of them they had gone to Banda were the mothers of one on a city boundaries. And that's the place to see and shows one. You know how dedicated this alama are

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and how much they're willing to sacrifice versus the backgrounds relevant and stuff.

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added a mother's or there is this is in the Chambal Valley.

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Place which was known for highway robberies. Right and it's a middle of the forest middle of nowhere. And that's where he started his mother, sir. And today of course, it's a big bus. So these people went to visit him. And this man says that, you know, I he said I was very surprised that the toilets, obviously Melissa was absolutely spotlessly clean. So is that when I used to wake up or to go to the toilet, you know, before Assad and further to prepare her, go to the toilets, washed and absolutely, you know, sparkling clean, which is highly unusual, is very, very unusual. How come these toilets are so clean at this time of the morning? So he really got he got so intrigued with

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these things that I have to get to the bottom of this mystery what happens? And he says actually sat up and waited to see what happens. And he said, What did you see? He says two o'clock in the morning. He says Marana city bogura Talalay gotta

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go and clean all the toilets, not one cleaning all the toilets, washing all the toilets, then he would take a shower, he would take a bath. And then he would come and do his syrup tahajjud

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This is the album of halfway The album is the nasm He's the director of that motherson

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cleans the toilets himself.

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He must understand was learned from the film we must learn from the elders What is the meaning of the format of this of this Dean? Right? So cleaning a Masjid, cleaning the toilet doing things is something which is very much something that that that we should volunteer to do. And that's why you know, irrespective of what people I know some people have different views about Java. But I strongly recommend everybody goes in Java go at least for one month Java then you will learn all of these other Salalah harana will carry him while he was happy.

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