Ali Hammuda – The Damage of Public Humiliation

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the implementation of the Day of War and the use of "has been met" meaning "has been met" meaning "has been met," and various actions and events that have occurred throughout history, including the implementation of the Day of War and the use of "has been met" meaning "has been met." The message is that everyone is thanked for their actions and that the creator's actions will be punished. The message is also given that the Day of Jury is the day of dis grace for the creator.
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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me Sharona health and rotten Cola, you shall be gathered on the Day of Judgment barefooted unclosed and uncircumcised then he recited the verse from the Quran camera but that now a while helping No I do as we began the first creation, we will repeat it. Why then Elena, that is a promise binding on us in kunafa Eileen, indeed we will do it and then he said for a woman you accent Ibrahim the very first to be closed on the Day of Judgment will be Ibrahim public humiliation exists in many forms. A criminal sentence to this form of punishment could expect to be placed in a central public or open space so that his fellow citizens could easily

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witness the sentence head shaving can be a humiliating punishment prescribed in law, a stark example of which was the 1000s of European women who had their heads shaved in front of cheering crowds in the wake of World War Two. As punishment for associating with occupying Nazis during the war. Other societies employed public foot warping as a humiliating punishment and is still executed in public in some countries till this day, being the victim of a public shaming has the potential to ruin life financially, emotionally, physically, the most extreme cases of modern online harassment we have seen the worst case repercussions over and over again, adults losing their livelihoods and young

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people taking their own life. If however, we wish to raise the bar of a publicly disgracing experience to its highest level, what would it look like? According to the Quran, the ultimate experience of such is on the day of reckoning in front of the honorable angels, the jinn, every generation of humans who lived and above all, the Almighty King himself. Since many shall experience this countless people in fact, the Quran has understandably given a lot of attention to the topic, Allah Subhanallah God has said describing the state of those who had rejected the Day of Judgment how they will appear on that day, while Otara even majority Munna Kyusu see him, Be him if only you

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could see the criminals hanging their heads before the law crying or Adana at the Sarnia was me I know our Lord we have now seen and heard Cartagena and Anna Solley has sent this back and we will do good in at noon we truly have faith now truly there is no shame more intense meeting Allah on the day of judgment as a rejecter of a Abdullah Hibino Amara narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you didn't mean we are multi material rugby he had Dialga island he came after the believer will be brought near to his load on the Day of Resurrection till he places his veil upon him, then Allah will hold him to task for his sins seem to him a daddy for them, they can help daddy

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Fukada Do you recognize such and such sin and He will respond my Lord I do. Allah will then say to him I had indeed concealed them for you in the life of this world and today I shall forgive them and then he is given his book of good deeds. But as for the non believer and hypocrite the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a public announcement will be made about them before all of creation, proclaiming those are the ones who told you lie about Allah. Imagine the disgrace of a young man or woman who has their mother father or both complaining of them before Allah their right of being obeyed and cared for was mentioned side by side in the Quran with Allah's rights of being

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singled out in worship. And now here they are on the day of reckoning, arguing a case against their child. Imagine the disgrace of the killer who had taken a life and just as he is dragged by his victim towards Allah and demanding retribution, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Yeji will macroalgal Cartier yelman piano NASA to who will sue who will be Eddie you Oh, Daddy Jota shabu Donna, on the day of judgment the murdered will come with the murderous forelock and head in his hand and his jugular vein flows with blood singing. Oh my lord, ask him why he killed me till the draw near the throne. Imagine the disgrace of a person who used to hear the invitation to pray in

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light today but stubbornly refused, as he finds himself physically unable to prostrate on the day of reckoning before Allah standing upright as his back stiffens as if it was a single bone. Allah said Yo Mama you Keisha for arms for the day the shin will be laid bare while you down the Ilisu God they are invited to prostrate fella yesterday Oh, but they will not be able to call she out and other Sato whom Tara hapu will have their eyes downcast totally covered with disgrace what could you can Are you down the Ilisu dude you were home Sadie moon, for they were called to prostrate in the world when they were fully capable, but they chose not to imagine the shame of a person whose mouth is

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sealed by Allah whilst his limbs are inspired to speak loud and clear words against him. Allah said where your where your shadow law he learned early for home use around the day when the enemies of Allah will be gathered for the fire all driven in ranks a date you then emerge

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until when they reach you

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It Shahid Ali himself oh whatever module to home be American we got maroon they're hearing eyes and their skins will testify against them of what they used to do. Imagine the shame of he who presents Allah with a lifetime's worth of so called good deeds only to be shocked when they are turned down because they were not for Allah. Instead, they were contaminated with showing off boasting self centeredness despite his alleged Islamic activism. His incessant pleas for subscriptions were present in almost every appearance of his having convinced himself that he was championing the cause of Islam, whilst in reality championing his own personal cause all along, how will they fare as they

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stand face to face with the king Allah who had always come second place in their intentions and lives where they will be told on the Day of Judgment it Hubble Elan did enough to to

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go to those for whom you had shown off on the route from Laurel Hills did you do their home jersey and see if you find any reward with that, imagine the state of the user of interest before Allah He had made a living through it and refused to take notice of Allah's warning in the Quran, which said for elaborative, follow if you do not desist from usury, then it will be hard to be mean Allah He was really he didn't take notice of war against you from Allah and His Messenger picture his disgrace on the day of reckoning when he is told to pick up his weapons and go to war with Allah. When all is said and done, the ultimate disgrace boils down to one matter being driven to * at

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the command of Allah. For this reason, part of the Believers do as detailed by the Quran is Urbana in Carmel to the city now of the Hadiya. Hosea who our Lord indeed whoever you admit to the fire, you have certainly disgraced to leave it at this, however, would be an unjust portrayal of the Day of Judgment. Yes, it will certainly expose them disgrace many people, but it will also anything an honor Minneapolis, Allah said Jamelia Usila who Nebby our living manual on the day Allah will not disgrace the prophet or the believers with him nor Oh whom Yesod ad he won't be a man him their light will shine ahead of them and to their right. Yeah, hello Donna Atomium Lana neuron our coffee

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Lana they will say Our Lord perfect our likeness. Forgive us in that gala cliche in the year you are truly most capable of everything. In extreme contrast to the disgraced ones described earlier. Not too far from them is a completely different scene. Despite all being on the same plane of resurrection one of immense delight, joyous laughter and honoring I introduce to you the righteous believers, they will find the moment they emerge from their graves beautiful angels in their reception, who offer them the most reassuring of encouragement and you will find vehicles of the Hereafter awaiting them, sparing them from walking on this long day they will be closed whilst the

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majority of humanity will walk *, they will recline on thrones of light they will be granted radiant appearances. They will be granted on this day of Bleak darkness light that shines ahead of them on their right, they will be taken to shade the only available shade provided by Allah's throne. They will, as is the case with martyrs lead with a mask like fragrance to publicize their wounds which they sustained. Alas, Pat, they will be serene and complete peace as the majority of people in your the full force of the Supreme Court of the Day of Judgment. They will be made to perceive the Day of Judgment far shorter than it actually is as short as part of the day. Like the

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time it takes the sun to set Minneapolis despite the Day of Judgment lasting grueling 50,000 years. So how does one go about protecting himself herself from the prospect of the ultimate disgrace before Allah who's angels profits and the whole of humanity? We introduced this recording with a narration that describes the audit state of Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam on the day of reckoning being the first of humanity who shall be clothed. Therefore, it seems apt to suggest ways forward using his biography. The first recommendation a dua that Brahim made the higher one a sense the ladder of knowledge and righteousness the more the dread of being disgraced on the day of reckoning

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will feature in one's dua seeing that Prophet Ibrahim is among those at the very top of this ladder it's no surprise that it featured in his dua as captured by the Quran you would say probably heavily Hoekman will heavily need a slightly Hain My Lord grant me authority and join me with the righteous were Jalili sign so they feel as fleeting and grant me reputation of honor among later generations when I need you are 30 Jannetty name and place me among the inheritors of the garden of pleasure. And then he would say, Well, I took Zinio, my yoga to do not disgrace me on the day of resurrection. Yo Mala Yun foul Malou Allah balloon the day when there will not benefit anyone well for children 11

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at Allah Have you called me? Sorry, but only one who comes to Allah Who they sound ha. So commit those words to memory and bring them to the table on the nightly basis when you raise your hands to ally into a second recommendation from the life of Ibrahim advice that he gave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Ibrahim alayhi salam will encounter his father as are on the Day of Judgment whose face will be dark and covered with dust. Brahim will say to him, LM Aquila, Natha. So he did not tell you my father to not disobey me and his father will say to him today I will not disobey you. Ibrahim will then call upon Allah and He will say, My Lord, You promised me to not disgrace me on this day of resurrection. And so what can be more disgraceful than this state of my father and Allah will say to Ibrahim I have forbidden paradise for the disbelievers. Then it will be said to Ibrahim Ibrahim what is underneath your feet and he will look and you will see a hyena blood stained which will be caught by

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the legs and thrown into the fire. Of course that will be his father. The key word in this narration is defined not tell you to not disobey me as this was the core message of each and every prophet to his community feel Allah the rain, or in other words, be a practicing Muslim whose life is governed by revelation, there is no better way of securing oneself from the disgrace of that day and guaranteeing a resurrection of honor standing of ease awaiting of dignity and a prompt entry to paradise than by simply being a good Muslim. All of what has been mentioned so far should resonate with us more than anyone else. There is no generation in history that understands what it means to

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be publicly humiliated like we do. Just a generation ago, an embarrassing gaffe might have been written up in the local paper or gossip about over backyard fences until it was old news. But Today things are different. The internet has eternal life and boundless reach and victims of a digital disaster must learn to live forever with the implications of that high tech tattoo. The digital age has made shaming today very different to any shaming of the past. But as we have just discovered the shaming of tomorrow, the day of reckoning in what will be the eternal age will silence or what was before. The takeaway message is concise hold Islam in high regard today, and you will be held in a

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similar regard tomorrow.

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