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we say that was salam O Allah,

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Allah, so Nanda it was

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just even because

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you continue with our series of what.

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after ensuring that our

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opinion is correct, and after ensuring that we have corrected or earning an EG

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make review of Allah, redo towards the last one. So they can

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continuously keep our tongue moist with the prayers and sugar and thanks to

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recite lots and lots and lots of the root and Salhab on the surface of Salem,

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though the Bohemia or any other groups and which as much as you can, because this is a means of

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getting the blessing of Allah subhanho wa salam said the one who sends Salam on me one time,

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Allah will send Salam on him 10 times for everyone you get 10 We ask Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy.

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So the road and salah,

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which is the same thing salatu salam, and

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then Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Allahu Akbar with a householder who they love Allah, Allah Allah Hi love Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah all of this

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and finally even before that

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is the far

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as I should have started with this

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stuff I

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apologize to Allah Subhana

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Allah I did wrong

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I didn't know I was I was ignorant I now know and so I'm changing myself Europe Forgive me a cultural Sakuraba come in

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more assumptions people make us a part of us. He is the one who is the most merciful

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your city some evil Mira

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cent rain and give you increase your numbers and your wealth in your garden give us

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take away your fear and

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replacing the security from human protection all of this

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we make this the kind of

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stuff related is the fire comes first and for what comes next.

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When the word is the word alone is used or the word over around is used the other word is implicit which is understood. So if somebody says nikto it means make us different when somebody says make us suffer it means

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what if the two words are mentioned separately? Like it just each one has its own meanings to four means to apologize

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to ask for forgiveness, to own up to the contract

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to confess not to a priest.

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And so yeah,

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I am sorry. Please forgive me. I did wrong.

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I should not have done this. So please forgive me

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and Toba is to turn towards to return because it obviously makes no sense that I am doing something wrong

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I'm gambling I used to if I'm used to gambling I go gambling right I must not be doing it and because

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I apologize I'm not doing this is haram I will not do it and then in the evening I go back to the to the trouble I go back to the gambling den

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to MGM or to Las Vegas Nevada.

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So what was this is affordable.

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I was joking we playing games. We said I'm sorry I will not borrow on interest and next thing I borrow some more interest. Please.

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Allah subhanaw taala is not someone who plugins.

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So not only can

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you forgive us and returned to us, which means we stopped doing the wrong that we were doing because we accept it is wrong.

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So it's different

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and then get close to Allah. How do we do that? By

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by remembering Allah. Hi. Making vigor by repeating the various names and virtues of Allah.

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Dobot is the fundament getting closer, closer and closer was vital as I mentioned liquor and the best time and form to make the girl is the hundreds. You just wake up in the night special

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and especially Dr. Allah

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to wake up in the night and to beg Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy.

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read Quran to pray the hedgerows and to make dua.

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Dua is the way in which the slave gets close to Allah

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is the conversations between Allah and Islam

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and as the mayor of our connection with Allah subhanaw taala the way we speak to him

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you see the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned wherever I'm Elisa spoke to him

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and he said

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on a rugby Aryan he gave it to him.

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So no matter show me how you bring alive the dead

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Welcome to win

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Allah said Don't you believe

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carnuba Well, I can get my inner

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said of course I believe

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but just to

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reinforce my belief for the amount of money

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or to see the thing so that glorify a more personal connection. By the love of in

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between the line and slave

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has embassy The hotel is done it's on his masala on his journey was

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at the time of the

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third part of the night

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before he begins to Salah before he makes near for Salah he said

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only two are awake

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you on your rash on your throne. And me here on the flesh on the ground

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personal contact

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to do their

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makeup in the night stand in the head.

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That is the most beautiful time because it's absolutely peaceful. There's no other way which part of the world you live in. Two o'clock in the night to rock in the night is peaceful and calm and quiet. Just stand there

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wake up an hour and a half before the time of weather starts.

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Right 100

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Read or an ideally read once a quarter and then go to the masjid or some other

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make this into a routine.

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And inshallah by the time you finish this you would have done two hours of worship of Allah subhanaw taala before your workday begins even against your topic stay in the masjid until the time for Doha comes in

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which is 20 minutes after sunrise and then pray

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to work out into rocket Doha the reward of that is

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an accepted has an aura

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and maybe

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so the Hajj and

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ways of getting close to Allah subhanaw taala

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we have come away very far from very far.

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And all

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of our trials and tribulations all our trips

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can be traced back to only one source point one data point and that is that we have become disobedient to us.

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And therefore we need to be brought into line brought in line from backing

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and this is what he's doing.

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He's allowing our enemies do have power over us.

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So we need to go and beg Allah and Allah please

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don't do this remove the power from us. We are yours.

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We belong to you.

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We are yours you belong to you.

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We accept that you use your is our return. We accept that we have been

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disobedient we have been evil. You have fallen to you in ways you follow shaitan and sort of following you and we are listen I'm sorry.

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But and Hamdulillah

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you guided us you helped us you short us you gave us

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and so now you wonder don't you so please

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and you are the one who said Kalia I body and ASA for Allah and who's here

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in the La Jolla

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before him or you're the one who said that we are

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never to lose hope in your mercy that we must not despair.

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You are the one who said you will forgive

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All since you are the one who said that you are the most forgiving the Most Merciful

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and we believe this because your work your your word is Huck

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Allah Allah spoke the truth sins must be central

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and so you're a

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mister this

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is gonna suck because that spot of seeking forgiveness that you take a lot of forgive us and then we go

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and we we prepare the

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Netherlands to really

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if the time to seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala is not now and tell me when we when we

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say If not now, then when and if not me then who

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you might say well you know, the people who should seek forgiveness

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this head of state that head of state, or this person, that person and I know so and so is dealing and haram and eating haram and owning

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everybody aside,

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because you will not be questioned about them will have questions about you. And I'd be concerned about me. So let me look at myself and you look at yourself and let whoever head of state it is and whoever else it is that don't look at themselves. Because when we stand before Allah subhanaw taala This is

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a lie on hola hippo

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is only one kingdom.

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There are no kings on the Day of Judgment, they know how to stay.

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There is only

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that is what we need to be to remind ourselves of it.

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And therefore, it begins with us.

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Our goodness begins with me, or goodness in your life begins with you. So let us make us tougher just make Toba let us use Africa that has changed our lifestyle and change our earnings or change what we eat. Let us focus on Allah subhanaw taala let us make lots of Zika and sugar. And we know that we have this knowledge to be able to do this.

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And we turn to Allah

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and Allah subhanaw taala promised to help those who don't work.

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Must say no matter how good I feel Lavina Allah will help those and He will protect those who have him. And Allah said Allah Who will you will love

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you for a young man also LaMattina know, Allah is the holy is the protector

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of the

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people who have human people of faith. He has a lot to make us among the people of human and a lot smarter than he extracts them from darkness into light, the darkness of misguidance the darkness of fear, the darkness, the darkness of

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all kinds of horrors in the world, into the light of greatness or loss of hundreds,

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into the light and beauty of Islam.

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into the light and beauty beauty of an existence which is

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full of harmony,

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existence, full of peace

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and interesting that have dignity.

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Only Allah can do that. And Allah will do it on the return.

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Who don't seek for solutions

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in this forum.

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Don't seek for solutions

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at the feet of this or that teacher

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seek for solutions at the feet of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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which will lead us through his rub on our Allah subhanho

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wa Taala on antibiotic anyone and he was again I'm gonna take out one more