Secrets of Egyptian History in Quran

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The Quran says we'll call mela only home if your honor attesa removes our coma who ufcw to fill up, wherever aka early attack, do you leave Moses and his chief to spread mischief in the land, and he will abandon you and your gods. Now interestingly here, the Old Testament, the Bible has no mention no mention at all of other gods being worshipped in ancient Egypt, no mention at all. And an only 1799 which is like 200 years ago, they had the Rosetta Stone which is unlocking the will unlock the hieroglyphics. So the question is, from whence, where did Where did this information come from? How could this represent a seventh century authorship? The Prophet Mohammed says, How could he know that

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not only Pharaoh was claiming to be God, which by the way, is not in the Bible as well, but that there were other gods being worshipped in ancient Egypt.