Ramadan Reminders #25

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We are on jun 25 In order to facilitate Allah subhanaw taala said Sunnery Himayat in Phila Varki Wolfie unforseen had thiotepa JANA LA home and now hold

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our love we actually we are bigger now Vida aqualisa In Shaheed Allah said we will show them our science in the universe and in their own cells within themselves

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until it becomes manifest to them becomes clear to them that this Quran is the truth.

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Is it not sufficient in regard to your up that he's a witness over all things? Allah subhanaw taala challenge and this is what science and scientific discovery and technology must do. science and scientific discovery and technology that takes us away from Allah subhanaw taala which is what seems to be happening today is from shaitan.

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Then Allah said, Well, yesterday will let you know I'm sorry, it will zoom in Finally, while Caffee rune, Allah whom as I want Shadi, Allah says, And he JELA Dylan who answers the dua of those who believe the Muslims and do righteous deeds and increases his bounty for them. And as for the disbelievers, there's will be a severe trauma and then Allah says Allah was not Allah or rich kaliba de la ville or the wala King Yuna zero recovery Maya, SHA, they know we read the hubiera mercy, Allah said, And if Allah were to enlarge the provision of His slaves,

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they would surely rebel in the earth, but He sends down by measure, as He wills, Verily, He is in respect of his slaves, well aware, and all seer, of their needs, and, and all see or whatever they need, and they want

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they make a lot of dua for wealth and so on and so on. But wisdom is in regards to Bill, being pleased with and being content with what Allah subhanaw taala has decided for us. That is the secret of happiness. There was one interesting one that I saw welcome embassy by Tim Bhima, cassava ad calm, where you have one cathedra Allah said and whatever misfortune befalls you, whatever problems happen to you, they are because of what your hands have earned. These hands can do good and also they can do evil. We have to be very careful with that. And he said Allah subhanaw taala still pardons much, too. It is not that Allah subhanaw taala punishes us every time we deserve punishment,

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He pardons a lot. And then he punishes us a little bit so that we can turn around and return to almost Bannerghatta there are laws around it that I mentioned. The people who are good. He said what the thing is that he was gonna cover. He released me well for why he shot we're either above or the moon, you have your own. Well, Levine has to Jibu lit up, be him. What accom was salah, matura

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Allah said and those who avoid the great sins, the major sins, and for ye all kinds of

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shamelessness and Zina and adultery and when they are angry, they forgive when they are angry, the forgives is beautiful. I have the Quran, Allah is saying the forgiven that we that's the time when it's very difficult for you. So when they are angry, the forgive and those who answer the call of the Arab that Allah subhanaw taala established the con the call that the call of them is what is Tawheed is that we believe in Allah subhanaw taala alone, and we

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we analyze it and they establish Islam, they start with a Salah, they establish a salah, and

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they conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, which is shorter, and we'll spend from what We have bestowed on them. So the

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avoiding of all major sins, especially for his especially all shamelessness and adultery. And when they are forgive when they are angry, they forgive and the answer the call of Allah meanie when they are called to Islam. They come they don't turn around and they establish Salah and they conduct their affairs by mutual consultation and this span from what Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed on them. And this is these are the signs of those who Allah Subhana Allah Jalla Jalla LO is pleased with and who we ask Allah subhanaw taala to include us among them that we that we should be

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People who Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with sal Allahu Allah Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was a heavyweight named Rafa together