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Can I fast without eating Suhoor?

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So I want

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to hook this up to NASA Jenga from Columbia Institute, coming to you with another session of the other Hangout, special edition of the alumni hangout 30 days 30 questions, where we're trying to answer your questions about the month of Ramadan. The question that we have today is, can I fast without eating, so who is my fast valid if I did not wake up for it and take some food. So first and foremost, let's define the terminology. So who refers to the pre ledger, pre dawn meal that is eaten in preparation for fasting. So who would or as in the subcontinent is referred to as sanity? That's basically what it refers to. So now that we understand the terminology, let's understand the issue.

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So right off the bat, eating food is not a requirement of fasting, it is not a mandatory obligatory aspect or part of fasting. Fasting requires not eating or drinking or sexual intercourse with one spouse, from the break of dawn till the sun sets, those are the requirements of fasting.

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So who does not a requirement, not by any means. So what is to who then, so who is as soon as the profits allottee Center, we have to understand that even though fasting is mandatory and an obligation, at the same time, we do not approach it's an act of worship, it's an act of devotion to Allah subhanaw taala, we do not approach it with the attitude of just trying to discharge it and get done with it. But rather we approach it with, you know, what, while trying to do this great noble act of worship, to the best of our ability, trying to perform it with a son with excellence to the best of our ability. Having said that, what's very important for us is to take into consideration

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how did the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam performed his great act of worship, because that's the best way to do so. So the prophets a lot, he said, I'm used to wake up before pleasure, and he would take some, so he would, he would eat something, drink something in preparation for fasting. And in fact, in javita, Bahati, the prophets a lot he said, I'm sisters, or how to use this the command form, even though the current form here is not to make it mandatory, obligatory, it's to make it a very strong recommendation. That's why uses such strong language in a strong tone. But he's saying please wake up before further and eat something for enough is hoody Baraka, because in the

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prefecture meal, there is great blessing, what are some of the great blessings in the preferred meal? Number one, it gives, it physically strengthens you to perform this act of worship, like I said before, to the best of your ability. So otherwise, if you didn't eat to hold, you'd be cranky, you'd be upset, you probably, you know, get upset at someone and mess up your fast, or you'd spend most of the day lazy and sleeping. If you eat something in the morning, you'll have some energy throughout the day. And that will allow you to perform this act of worship and shot law a lot better to the best of your ability, you'll make it a productive day of fasting. inshallah. The second thing

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is, it takes the intimidation of fasting away, because now you have a game plan. And so who is part of your game plan. So fasting isn't so intimidating anymore, because you know, you can do it with your game plan. Number three, it's a great son of the prophets a lot, he said them, and that's more than enough reason to do it. Because all of us are trying to be more like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he used to eat to who, so we should eat to eat. Fourthly, and finally,

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and this is very, very important and very interesting that that time that we wake up, wake up out to eat, so who pre fudger that is a time when applications are accepted, dogs are answered, prayers are, are answered, it's a very, very blessed time for worship, and so wake up an extra five minutes early, and inshallah utilize that opportunity to pray to for the price of one more bang for your buck. You really can't beat that deal. And in fact, some of the Sahaba is a very beautiful generation zaidan saboteurs that's a hub number and the visa Laval eco setup. We did 200 with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And when he was asked to come kind of Benin, Adani was to who

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how much time was there between the end of fudger? And so who? He said something very interesting, he said, Tina, if there was enough time to recite 55 year old verses of the Quran, How did he know is enough time to recite 50 out of the Quran, because he would use that opportunity to also sit down and recite some are on. So let's try to make that time as productive as possible.

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One of the last questions I'll answer here in the context of this issue is, what if somebody's like, I'm not hungry, I don't need to hold the profits allottee some segment or other assume affiliate as a hurricane, if whoever intends to fast, should eat at least something into hold. And there's yet another narration that's narrated by Muhammad and his Muslim, where he says as to who atlatl Baraka tune, the prophets, a lot of sisterhood is a very black and real but after all, so don't

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Leave it well oh and yesterday I had to come gerada minima, even if you're just going to take one sip of water for in the law what am i into who you saw Luna I didn't notice a heating because the last kind of without a sense of special mercy upon those who wake up in the late hours of the night to eat some So who would be for flutter and the angels make to offer the person who wakes up to eat so who and following along with that that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, me I'm not sure who the most meanie at Tamar, that the best who who would have a believer is to just simply even eat one singular date. So in conclusion, so who is good, it's a great time of the prophets a

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lot so it'll help you prepare for your fast eat a good healthy so who'd make the intention of it to be following this enough the prophets a lot he said them and wake up with a couple extra minutes to make some dough at that time read some Quran at a time, and he shall it will be a very blessed productive day. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us throughout this entire month of Ramadan. Until next time, remember to send in your questions you can tweet them, leave them on the Facebook page in the comment section of this video. Or you can even email them to us questions at polymer institute.org. Just remember to tag your questions with hashtag on them Hangout, and we'll try to

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get to as many of them as we can. Until next time just hit on whatsoever. They come with a lot of work.