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Make the Most of these days and Nights

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willamina salatu salam Arusha filmbay mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam live in the syringa sera hamato

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Bella sisters hamdulillah I'm here in America and making up for all of you.

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I want to remind you myself that we are in the last

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few days of Ramadan Allah, Allah maybe last three days with us for this.

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While these last days and nights, as we know also Lysa Salaam told us in the Hadith, that

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there is a night

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in the last 10 nights of Ramadan Kareem

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which is later to call

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this night in the surah in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala said in Nan de la fidelity

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Allah Allah C'mon a little later to call this a Roman alpha

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terasa Romana ecotour rofi have either been min codium serramonte, tomato, Elijah.

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And as Roger said in this mentioned this night, and I want let me I'm going to let you look up that translation yourself. But the most important thing about the night is Alice Raja said that the reward of worshipping This night is more than Hiraman alpha. Sometimes people translate this as 83 years and four months

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is more than that, how much more in keeping with the glory and majesty of mitogenic Allah, Allah does not count and given like gives you the accounting.

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So if you think about that, that here is one night, which if I get it,

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and I make drugs and Allah subhanaw taala grants it to all of you which Allah

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then the reward of worship in this one night is more than the reward of worshiping in my whole life. Even if I could have worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala 24 seven continuously in my entire life, that would have been less than the reward of worshipping Allah Samaritan on this one night. This is a special Baraka that this woman has got from Allah subhanaw taala thanks to her as well as a result concern for this woman, as well as it used to be concerned that the people of the past had very long lives. knowledge has, you know, preached Islam for 950 years.

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So his lifespan was obviously more than that. So there are people with long lifespans. And the wise among them, the people of Eman Taki, they spent that time wisely so they spent it in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala and in doing a lot of good deeds, and as soon as possible he was concerned that the lifespan of his own mind is what 60 years 70 years

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How will they ever make up for those kinds of good deeds when compared with other people? How will this Omar fare if we look at it, and also her Tara breasts Omar

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thanks to her solarize reserves concern by giving them less

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so if we get this one night, it is equal to getting the reward of worship of Allah subhanaw taala for 1000 months and more, as I said how much more close

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so let us not waste his time that is not waste his time let us not waste his time particularly on ridiculous discussions about whether it is the ordinate is today or tomorrow because if the ordinate is depending on when you started on whether if the ordinate is today, if I say it is odd night really is it your night is or is it even I don't waste your time, where whether it's odd and even. It is one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the best way of getting of ensuring that you get lighter color is spent all of those 10 nights in the worship of Allah

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No need to get involved in needless and pointless discussions. That is one second thing is to make sure that we do a lot of Mr. Farr because everything begins with Mr. Foreign power. Everything begins with accepting that I am indeed of Allah subhanaw taala His forgiveness and therefore I'm willing to spend my time in trying to fulfill that need for myself, guys Alhamdulillah I am in need and I'm going to beg my Raja ledger Allah to forgive me.

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My brothers sisters, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they consider their sins to be small and big drama the differentiation of severe and Kabira. This water this big sin is for the purpose in fact of determining whether something is punishable and if it is punishable then what should be the punishment it depends on this

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We have to do the same. But as far as the slave is concerned, disobedience is not an issue issue is not what kind of disobedience issue is, Who did you disobey

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and if I disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala, then I disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. Whether that disobedience was small or big is not for me to determine. The disobedience is small if Allah decides to forgive it, the disobedience is big if Allah decides to punish me, so therefore the safest position for the slave, and we are all the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala the safest position for the slave is to think of every single disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala as being a major sin,

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which, if Allah does not forgive him, can be the cause for him to enter Jannah now Allah subhanho wa salatu wa sallam mentioned this as the as one of the differentiating factors between the Moto G and the person who has no taqwa. So it's in a way it's a way in which we can assess ourselves and that is our approach and our attitude towards it. As soon as racetam said a Moto G is a person who even if he commits the smallest sin, He thinks of it as if it's a huge rock which is suspended over his head, which can drop on him and crush him at any moment. So what does he do he wants to get rid of this rock so he begs and pleads Allah subhanaw taala as soon as he realizes that he did something

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wrong, he begs and pleads Allah subhanaw taala to forgive him.

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Whereas the pseudo Salah Sam said, a person without taqwa treats even a big sin, biggest of them as being like a fly sitting on his nose and he can just wave like this and the fries gone. Right? So think about it for yourself. He said almasi is the reason for

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insisting on sin is the is the cause for a bad ending. It's for a bad death around death. Right? Now think therefore.

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This is a time to reflect and to

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seek Allah's forgiveness for every single sin whether it is small or big, don't worry about that. It is a disobedience of Allah. So I need forgiveness from Allah Subhana

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I requested Babylon sisters therefore to sit in seclusion those of you who are unethical in your homes or in the Masada hamdulillah Good for you. And today because thanks to the lockdown, there was a time when you were thinking you know, can I go for at the caf? Can I can't I go for ethica if I have time, I have no time today everybody's got time. So if you are able to go to your budget if the if there if if that is permissible legally, and then I'm sure you are already there. If you are not there, it doesn't matter at home. Sit in seclusion, sit and reflect and ask Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness for every single sin that you did?

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reflect on the sin Think about it, seek Allah's forgiveness feel ashamed feel feel contrived, feel extremely sorry that you disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. Remember, think about this. Today we are in a situation where at least the so called educated people like you and me,

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I can probably safely say that almost every single sin that we commit we do it knowing it is wrong. Right.

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Very, very rare case of where somebody is committing a sin without realizing it is wrong. Most of us if not all of us, we still commit the sin even though we know it is wrong. Tell me how many people who are dealing in interest who are bordering on interest who are lending on interest, who are engaged in interest based transactions, how many Muslims do not know that this is haram? How many Muslims do not know that this will result in them accepting a declaration of war from Allah subhanaw taala. If Allah subhanaw taala is your enemy, what do you expect from Allah smarter? Tell me, Allah subhanaw taala declared war on his own behalf and on behalf of Rasulullah salah

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and having accepted the declaration of war, we are seeking a loss protection and we are seeking al novoselov Salam Fayyad on the Day of Judgment. Does it make sense to you at all? Please tell me Does it make absolutely any sense to you?

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People have been talking about the COVID virus, as the as a soldier of Allah.

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So the soldier of Allah has come against whom

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you send soldiers against whom your friends or enemies

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please my beloved sister open your eyes open and just stop stop living this completely insane way of living where we think that we can disobey Allah subhanaw taala and we can get away with it.

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One day about the beautiful story of him. I had been humbled a holiday, where a man met him in a month.

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And in this module, one module was full of people that have a big, huge budget and it was full of people.

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And is mad met Muhammad?

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And he said, he said to him, yeah, I mean, people are stupid question or you meet somebody like about Muhammad? What is the kind of question you want to ask him? But this man asked him this other question. But this is the beauty of the allama, the great scholars, that they turn him even the answer they give, even to a stupid question is a beautiful answer, which is full of wisdom. So this man asked him about being humble.

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He said, Yeah, how many people do you think are in this budget?

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How many people do you think are as much as you've ever said, maybe nobody?

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Now here's the magic, which is full of people. And as far as asking, How many people do you think are here? And mama says, maybe nobody.

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man said, Yeah, ma'am. Are you blind? This man was you can imagine the kind of people have Allah, Allah, whatever. Anyway, so the man said, Are you blind? My mama said, the man who prays five times a day,

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but still tells lies is blind.

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A man who prays five times a day and still oppresses people is blind. A man who's dying stands in a line to get into the budget. But you don't find that man in the line to feed the poor is blind.

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Right write

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the man who prays five times a day but does not serve his parents is blind.

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And the mama had

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listed all of these things, I will send out the text of this also with this

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with this reminder, inshallah. So do do read that in detail.

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So man, I was saying to his man, I'm not blind,

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but people who are doing this, which is what, which is that you accept Allah subhanaw taala you have said Lai, la Jai La La Hamada sola, you accept Russell Russell Russell as your email as your Russell, who you follow. And yet you disobey Allah and you disobeyed a saucer, you break it sooner, and you deserve a lot smarter.

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So who's blind?

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Who are we fooling? And why are we doing that? That is what we should do not in these last few nights of Ramadan, which are left and last few days, let us spend time in silence and reflection. And think about every disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala that we have been doing routinely, knowingly, and make Easter far for it. And make this absolute intention that as soon as I get out of the masjid, as soon as I get out of this,

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out of this ethic of whether it's in the masjid or my home, and where to put things, right, whatever of Amaz rights I was not giving, I'm willing to start giving right now. So praying five times a day reading for

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my Zakat, everything that I'm going to do straight away, and whatever of the rights of the people that I was violating, I'm going to stop doing that right now making the intention and then I'm going to make amends as soon as I can. I can do that. The best amend the first comment you can make is to pick up the phone and talk to them.

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And apologize. And then who's whosoever is right, you for you, you you oppressed, whoever's right, you took, give it back to them.

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So this is the thing to do. To take advantage of these last few nights of Ramadan Kareem that we have left. Then build a connection with Allah subhanaw taala. Nevertheless, just as Allah subhanaw taala gave us these nights to search for length.

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And what it does for us a lesson I'm sorry to say the Ayesha Siddiqa de la our mother say that in Ayesha Siddiqa de la May Allah bless her and Allah subhanaw taala raise a desert and fill us our window and give her the company of rasulillah salam also in the agenda as given in this world. She asked him Yasser Allah if I get a little closer, what do I should I make? This is such a beautiful human being She must have been because she asked this question. There's so many of these questions that she asked him and only she could have asked him thanks to which we have already

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said I asked him rolana

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if I get led to cover what must I make?

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So he said to her, yeah, I shall ask Allah insha Allah in Naga for 12510 Allah you are the forgiven. You love to forgive. So forgive me. See this beautiful law. She's not saying I deserve forgiveness. No, she's saying you forgive me.

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Because you will have to forgive you do what you like to do.

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And Angela in that is my benefit. This is also the visa bill of Allah subhanaw taala which helps us to understand the meaning of

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what it is for the slave to be to be happy with what Allah wants to do

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in this case is forgiveness. In some other cases, it's a test of Allah subhanaw taala for example, Allah said this test for us. What must we do? First and foremost, seek forgiveness. Take your name out from the list of enemies of Allah and put it into the list of the Olia of Allah.

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Get out from that place.

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What must we do if you are the target move? Get out. Do not be the target.

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So make us defy Allah by Naga foreman creme de la fufa. Make dua for all of you alumni Naga Vaughn Karim Allah farfan lamonica Vaughn Karim Allah Ivana

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so seek forgiveness have

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read a lot of Quran Don't waste time in talking only essential anything which is only said other than essentials, no talking no WhatsApp, no phone nothing. Just listen and read and listen to her and play lots of Norfolk spend a lot of time in Salut make lots and lots and lots of draw to Allah subhanaw taala brothers sisters forgiveness is the is the is the key because when we seek forgiveness that the anger of Allah subhanaw taala cools down. And one of the ways of seeking forgiveness is to give sadaqa

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command given to the budget. And he was saying Allah forgive me Allah forgive me Allah forgive me, sir Oliver with Allah, Allah was sitting there, he said, You called him and

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he said, This is not how you ask forgiveness. He said, the way to seek forgiveness is to first reflect on what you have done. And to be genuinely regretful, of that.

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Genuinely be ashamed of that, that you were doing this disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala, knowing that Allah is watching,

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How shameless is that? But you did it. So now feel that in your heart, feel ashamed cry before Allah subhanaw taala. And then he said gives us

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And then he said, if it is if the nature of the sin is such that it involves you usurping or taking away somebody else's rights, his life, his dignity, whatever it was, then go and make amends, go and apologize to the person go and give back what you do from them, give them compensate compensate them for that.

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If they are not there, compensate their children for that,

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for whatever you did, right? Correct your accounts in this world because if that person you meet him on the Day of Judgment, believe me that will be very expensive for

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you can't afford that I can't afford that. So, let us not leave anything

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as a balance in our account, when we go Performance Monitor. So I live with me that says this was my he explained this to him and he says do this make sure that you do this

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right. Now,

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therefore, when we are making this store tavernas so far let us make sure that we are fulfilling all of these ways of all these conditions for the acceptance of is tougher.

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So don't waste your time. Do not waste your time. God may get into some kind of social gathering where you know all the good friends are hanging out in the masjid and having fun and chit chatting and whatnot No please. That is not what ethical is.

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Ethical is to seclude yourself

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to cut all connections with everybody and join the connection with

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So let us treat it in the way it is meant to be treated. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us this ethical in good health and in with this with this realization and this

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with this you know feeling and this

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desire to to connect with them

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and then of course make a lot of drama. So make a step far.

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did a lot of Quran and then make a lot of remember Allah subhanaw taala said only SDG bloco and as it asked me I will give you

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so let us ask, especially those who those who are in aitikaf in the masjid, you are in the house of Allah subhanaw taala You are the guest of Allah. There is no host who is a better host than a lot

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and it is why do you want to host to give the guests what he wants. This is part of being a good host so when you go

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To the massages, believe me Allah subhanaw taala call you unethical because he wants to give you

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whether you're doing it at home or in the masjid, Allah called you for that, because he wants to give you so take, don't go without taking. Don't go back empty handed if you go back empty handed, you are responsible. It's not because Allah didn't want to give you or Allah could not give you Allah subhanaw taala treasures are unlimited. And Allah subhanho wa Taala called you to give you so take it.

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When you're making dua, make dua with complete certainty, don't make this you know this limb to us, where you are full of doubt about whether this will be accepted or not accepted and so I know Allah does what he wants on his own. But as far as do is concerned, the dua one person is enough to change the destinies of nations who are one person is enough to change the conditions of the world. So make dua with complete and certain complete certainty that you are asking the rubber seal Karim soldier Allah Allah, Allah Allah you

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know Rahim, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Shahada

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you are asking the one who's shown is fry Asha or yaku by Reed wala coalition

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fatty Rossum our Buddy

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Holly Fukuda shabalala this is Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala with this complete and totally joking that this is my rub, and he can give me whatever he wants, he has it. So my job is to take it, so beg and plead like a small child begs and pleads with its parents to give him or her whatever she wants.

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The child has no doubt that the parent has it and the parent can give it. The what's in the child's mind is I have to make sure I get it. So I'm going to beg and beg and beg and beg and beg until my mother or father gives me what I want.

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make lots and lots and lots of law. Remember my brothers sisters, you are the only people who can make dua because you weren't the only people who know and must monitor. So make dua for Hidayat for everybody in this world and make dua for forgiveness for all the Muslims.

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is no forgiveness without that. So you have to ask for that first. And then ask for forgiveness. And make dua that Allah subhanaw taala should remove this COVID virus from everybody make dua that Allah subhanaw taala should correct the situations the enormous

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an injustice and cruelty and oppression that this world is groaning under. Pray for relief from this alibi. nannaya Luca fino Horry when I was becoming sure him a la manera de Luca fino him when I was becoming sure him allow my knowledge Luca fino hora him when I was becoming sure him

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Allah your their their next add in your hand Allah remove them.

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All the oppressors of this world make do against them, make dua that Allah subhanaw taala should relieve the oppression of this world. Whoever the oppressed oppressors may be

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made for protection of people make dua for remember Allah subhanaw taala is rubble Mr. Duffy, he is rubble Masaki. here's the rub of the poor is the rub of the week. Allah never called himself rubble Moloch and the rub of the king's allies also the Rams are the kings the key the neck of the kings and the hand will also monitor

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the necks of the of the of the leaders of the worlds. The next of the of the billionaires and trillionaires are in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala every single one of them will meet monokuma Juan de julio de Falco molekule Mattila de Buccola

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they need to remember that we need to know that

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so make sure these last few days are the best days of your life ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept all your drawers to be pleased with you never to displeased with you. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the doors of his of his treasures for you and to give you what you asked with Clara Nivea. And to add to that from his wisdom and grace, and his generosity was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was happy with me