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Two critical needs in Education – Part 2


AI: Summary © The critical needs of education for the future include recognizing Allah's rights and understanding the basic principles of Islam, as well as scientific education to link to the creator and avoid dangerous behavior. The importance of research and search for the creation of intelligence is emphasized, along with the need to do research to create a sense of understanding the creation of life. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning about taste buds and thanking the creator for his teachings. The concept of education is discussed, emphasizing the need to focus on the beauty of the creation and use of spices to differentiate language. The host also discusses the impact of COVID-19 on people, particularly in China and the United States, and the importance of profit-driven thinking in teaching children ethics.
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Villa de Monterrey

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alameen wa sallahu wa salam Alessia, Philip beaver mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de Sleeman Kaziranga, Sierra Nevada. My brother and sisters, we talked about the two critical needs of education. And as I told you, you're sitting at home

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with lots of free time, let us spend some time to think about this extremely critical subject, which is the

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which has the potential to take us out of the morass of ignorance that we are now stuck in.

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The first principle was to recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala della della Lu, to understand his rights on us, and to understand and get enough knowledge in order to be able to fulfill those rights,

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which is the glorious magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. To understand that, so that we have is crushert in our hearts, will, we learn to thank him so that we have his hope is love to understand the to understand and to love and respect Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam over and above anyone, anyone, any anyone in any any thing else in this world to

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think about and understand the era, the fact that our life in this world has an everlasting effect and then therefore, we ensure we do the right things. And the fourth one is what are those right things to understand the basic fundamental principles of Islam, in terms of the rights of Allah subhanaw taala and the rights of the people

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in that process, we understand these two things, which is the in terms of Coca Cola, we understand the

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the the prohibitions of Allah subhanaw taala, the halal and haram and we understand the basic rule with regard to the ibaadat and all that Allah has made forth. And as I mentioned, the whole issue of how, when something is Brian baited, everything associated with it is also prohibited.

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We come to the second part of it, which is the issue of

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scientific education. As I told you, this is not something that I'm inventing, I gave you the deal of the Koran, and there is no delille beyond that valley, and that the role of the Quran or the ayat of surah Talal Iran, where Allah subhanaw taala said in the vehicle to savato a lot of de la la la la la, la la la Vina here's a Corona la haka mo de vida de Roma him waiata for Kuru. This is where I want to talk to. Allah did not say our tougher Quran, Allah did not say alluvial Alba, people have intelligence people who reflect people who can think

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one of two, either those who do,

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who do seeker of Allah standing sitting sitting in lying down. Or those who do figure fucile Cusato, Allah did not see this. Allah did not say Allah yes guru Allah chiamo Allah you know, we have a Karuna vehicle.

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Think about that if you write that as a sentence, and as a sentence in the Arabic language, the sentence would be correct, grammatically speaking, there's nothing wrong with that sentence. But that is not the ayat of the Quran. The eyes of the Quran is not seeing out the eyes of the Quran is saying, wow. Why? And so Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us that in order to be considered intelligent, by Allah subhanaw taala, who is the creator, who's the Creator, a creator of intelligence,

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in order to be really intelligent, according to the criterion of intelligence as created by Allah subhanaw taala we need to do two things together. And in a particular order,

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not one before the other.

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What is the order? First, recognize and believe in the creator? And secondly, then do reflection and do research and search and think about the creation.

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If you follow this rule, these two things, you do both of them, you don't do one exclusively, number one, number two, you follow the sequence of them, which is you do not go into researching in the tree creation without an

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Understanding who the Creator is.

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So the sequence is important. You don't do this without that. If you do that, if you do these two things, and if you do them in the sequence that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned then what is the result? Allah did not leave things for us to guess Allah told us what is the result of bernama Allah tada battilana Suhana kasatkina Davina,

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the result is that our hearts and our eyes and our ears open to Allah subhanho wa Taala his greatness and glory and magnificence. And we understand that this creation has been created for a purpose.

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And we are part of that purpose because we are part of creation. And therefore we say, Oh Allah save us from the Hellfire meaning enable me to live a life, which is full of goodness, which is full of duty, which is full of Baraka in such a way that I become a means of benefit for myself, and for all those who are associated with me, right. Now, this is the

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this is the benefit and this is the beauty of following in our education in the way we educate a following the sequence that Allah subhana wa Taala ordered us to follow.

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Now therefore, what must we do in our scientific education, as I mentioned due to archaeology is this is what we should do now in scientific education was

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very important for us in our scientific education, to link to the creator in whatever we teach. Right? Now, that does not mean for example, instead of saying A for apple, we say for Allah.

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Interesting before bat, we say before other

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people make up these kinds of ridiculous things. The Apple is a creation of Allah subhanaw taala instead of saying a for a for Allah, it's really for Apple to teach the child to see the beauty and the magnificence and glory of Allah subhanaw taala in their efforts, so that child will never just eat an apple after that. Every time the child leaves an apple that the Apple is divine child of Allah subhanaw taala sickness and beauty of Allah love for him that he created. He has been great, you know, just some food Allah subhanaw taala created this, this magnificence magnificent array of things. You know what my, my great hobby and passion is wildlife photography. And obviously, because

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I focus on mammals and birds more than anything else, of course, I have nothing against crocodiles izanami I do. I do also photograph reptiles. But I'm saying that when I do that, I also have photos of you know, animals,

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killing and hunting and eating and so on.

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And sometimes I think to myself, you know, on the one hand, if I was say for example, if I was a magnificent leopard, in the Yala National Park and silica I would be absolutely you know, King of the place because there are no Tigers that leopards rule the roost. leopards are the apex predator predator there. And if I was this big, magnificent male, I would, you know, just sort of walk around without any threat. I could hunt

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over eight. I will be eating raw meat.

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And sometimes I will be eating that meat several days old.

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stinking I haven't you can't go near the car because it smells so bad.

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But the leopard still eats it. He doesn't get sick. Allah has created that in his in his body that he doesn't get sick. That is still protein foreigner still nutrition for him. But he's eating that.

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Right now maybe he'll be Alhamdulillah

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Allah made me a human being.

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And because you made me a human being, I don't have to eat carrion. I don't have to eat why I don't have to eat raw meat.

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I beautifully cooked food.

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Allah gave me taste buds, which differentiate between different kinds of tests.

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I have a friend whose wife after her third delivery, lost her sense of taste. She's perfectly healthy, nothing wrong with it, except that she cannot taste anything.

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Right. So as I said, you know, what about bitter sword. He said everything for me is like eating cardboard.

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So you could have made this absolutely fabulous gourmet meal.

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With the most sublime spices

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give it to that lady.

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It's cardboard

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makes no impression on her at all. Just the taste buds.

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So how must I thank Allah subhanaw taala for the tastebuds. So now when you are teaching children in your school, junior colleges University video teaching them about taste, about how smell affects taste

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and draw attention to the Creator

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who created this and Who gave it to you as a blessing, just so that you can enjoy your food and thank him delillo

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do we thank him.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us full color vision.

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And that's why

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when I walked out one day,

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I was about to walk out one day in the winter. We had here about 18 inches of snow in a big snowstorm

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everything was pristine white.

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And in pristine, a scarlet bird

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garden on us rock in that complete white thing. There was one

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small little thing but the deficient absolutely blood red color bird sitting in the midst of that complete white. So Allah

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just imagine that same picture black and white without the color

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has no value.

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See the color of the car?

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on the background of that snow

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is highlighted in

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yellow This is your dounia what must be gender be like? Hello, my name is Luca Janos, Takata camino na, when I was leaving,

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all of you, Rick asked you for your agenda.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us the ability to not just to listen to them, but to differentiate between sounds to differentiate in a way that we understand languages to differentiate the way that we understand different languages to understand to differentiate in a way where we understand one language even when it is being spoken like some other language.

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And if you don't know what I mean,

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listen to somebody with a strong jabby or a strong Bangla or a strong Malayali accent speaking or speaking English.

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Right? Listen to somebody with a strong Punjabi or Bangla

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Malayali accent speaking English.

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something even more than that, listen to an Australian speaking English.

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And if you want to listen to a Scotsman's village review that is beyond description of you, you probably will not understand anything.

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But with the others, you will still understand what they're saying. Although it will sound completely and totally different from the English, which is spoken correctly,

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that the so called Queen's English or the king's English.

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In America, we speak American we don't speak English.

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So the point I'm saying here is that it's when you teach science, focus on these things and say, do recognize the sign overlanders thing. You recognize the sign of Allah subhanaw taala in the fact that Allah created you and Allah created gave you this ability to differentiate sound based on which

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you understand language,

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it will reflect on language itself.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned language and you mentioned all the languages as his sign.

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Why is language the same?

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Right. Why is language because language is the means by which

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we can enable somebody who has not seen something to see it. Because of the way we describe that.

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Language is the means by which we take things which have no material existence, which is our feelings, which is our thoughts, which is our reflections

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Which is our conjectures, which is what we imagine things that are known material

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take them, and we preserve them for posterity.

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who is,

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you know, reading

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a book that was written 200 years ago

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is listening to the author who lived 200 years before he

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does it sending of whatever number you want to put.

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He's listening to that author.

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When that author is painting a word picture before him, this person is seeing that

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one of my favorite authors is PG Woodhouse. And PG Woodhouse writes about

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British society in the, you know, say 18th 19th century Victorian times, basically. So in the 19th century or so.

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And his view, his description is so beautiful, that it's like

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walking around behind those people in those countries and states, seeing the garden seeing the Butler's seeing what they are doing.

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Another, I read a lot of wildlife stories, for example, another fantastic writer, Jim COVID,

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who lived in haldwani. In como,

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where today, the COVID National Park is his was his beat, that's the area he lived in and walked around in,

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I should read his descriptions of the forest,

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the only thing that is better than that is to be in the forest. So beautiful, the descriptions.

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Now, how do we do that? Because Allah subhanaw taala gave us this ability, he gave us the ability of thinking something,

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and converting that into a form which can be written down and which can then be

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and which stands the vagaries of time and which transcends centuries.

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That is what language does for us.

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teach science in a way which connects with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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teach physics like that teach chemistry like that teach biology like that. Teach humanities like that teach everything.

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This is the meaning of get a Corona.

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And if you do these things together, then we come to the ultimate purpose of education.

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What is the purpose of education to reach the point where you say from your heart robina, color,

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to blue,

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to white,

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ba, ba ba ba

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you did not create this in vain. You didn't just create these things just like that.

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You created them for a purpose. You created me for a purpose. Or let me live my life in a purposeful manner

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that we live my life in a way that you are pleased with me.

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Because that's why you created me up to general inside.

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You've not created the human beings and the jinn for anything other than to worship us

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to see what are you created for that you created us for that purpose. Let me live my life in a way that I fulfill that purpose

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and save me from the Hellfire or that do not be displeased with me.

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Now I want you to go back and think

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what do you need to do to bring about this change in the way we educate?

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How can I change the way I educate in a way where I teach children ethics relating to Allah subhanaw taala no Salah. How can I teach them models?

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How can I teach them

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the importance of compassion?

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Think about this. today.

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This COVID virus has spread all over the world. Right? And we are many people in many countries. We are playing the blame game. Blaming this blaming that you're calling it a Chinese virus and you're calling it

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And that you're saying the Chinese have won the third world war, without firing a single missile, and so on and so forth. And in some countries people are blaming blaming Muslims, and you will see this game. This is all just keep passing until somebody has that they will blame Muslims until they find someone else to blame.

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But really speaking seriously, think about this.

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You know, today, airlines have all stopped flying, right?

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No airlines. Why? Because people are traveling with the travel, the disease spreads.

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I think about this, if airlines stopped flying, if airlines had stopped flying

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three weeks, before they actually stopped flying,

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what would have? What would that have meant in terms of how much those buyers would have spread?

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The three weeks?

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Right? dumb question we did, the spread of wireless would have been far far, far less if airlines had stopped flying. Just three weeks before they actually stopped.

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They let me ask you a question.

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If you were the chairman, the CEO. And I wanted him to airlines not because I have against anything against them. But because these were the airlines, which flew out of China and into China the most

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Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. If you were the chairman of these two airlines.

00:21:37--> 00:21:47

And you knew about this spread of the virus, and obviously, you know, you need to be brain dead if you can't make the connection that is people traveling with, which is how the virus is spreading.

00:21:50--> 00:21:55

If you are the chairman, would you have stopped flying three weeks before you actually did?

00:21:57--> 00:22:26

I do. If I was the chairman, I would not have stopped. You know what? Because I would have been thinking money. I would have been thinking my career because the fact of life is that any chairman of this airlines, if he or she had said Let us stop flying because we don't want to spread the virus. The first question would have been what hit Will you take on your bottom line, and you would have taken a major massive, massive hit.

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You know what would have happened? You would have lost your job, you would have been sacked. Nobody would have said oh my god, fantastic, beautiful. We love you because you are such a compassionate human being. And we completely and totally support your decisions. Believe me, nobody would have said that. Your board would not have said it. Your shareholders would not have said it.

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They would have said You are a fool and you put this airline in this big mess and now we have taken a hit on our bottom line of multi billion dollar hit. You've grounded the hundreds of aircraft.

00:23:02--> 00:23:05

You need to go you need to be sacked.

00:23:06--> 00:23:19

You know what? Because that is our thinking. Our thinking is that we are looking at the effect of our decisions purely on the basis of profit alone,

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forgetting that our decisions are not made in isolation. Our decisions do not concern only money. But our decisions have far bigger ramifications in terms of their effect on humanity and on the whole world. We forget that we don't care about that. We only look at profit as far as the decision is concerned, which is why airlines continue to fly why this Coronavirus for it as much as you spread. Now, let me know question

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when this is all over and everything will be over even this will be over because everything changes, when this is all over. What is the thinking by which you are going to be thinking of global warming, of deforestation,

00:24:13--> 00:24:14

of climate change,

00:24:16--> 00:24:18

of eradication of poverty,

00:24:21--> 00:24:23

of distribution of food,

00:24:24--> 00:24:27

of clean drinking water,

00:24:29--> 00:24:35

pollution of the environment pollution of our seas, our rivers, the air,

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00:24:39--> 00:24:43

I can go on ad infinitum I will not let me leave this with you.

00:24:44--> 00:24:45

And let me ask you,

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

how will your thinking be different? Because you have been through the corona crisis. And you have seen the effect of purely profit driven thinking. This is why

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Education must achieve well Salalah Alana will carry while he was average Bangor Attica