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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala MBI almost sitting there being with Latina Muhammad Allah He after the Salah was at the same Allah Houma Island that'd be my environet one fact that I learned and I was eaten and yeah, but I mean Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everybody, welcome to the last session and a brief one in sha Allah are preparing for Milan. If you were hoping for the issues that were specific to women, we pretty much covered all of them in the previous women's class. So I encourage you to go on the YouTube channel. And look at Thursday night's women's class. From this past Thursday, we talked in detail about menstrual issues, how that affects

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fasting, et cetera, et cetera. We just have some loose ends to tie up tonight.

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Basically, two issues to do with fasting itself, we're not going to do the rules of air to calf because for most of that's with COVID, it's not really going to be applicable this year. So in future years, inshallah we'll be covering that. And then just a couple little issues relating to the Witcher prayer, and relating to totally

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so without further ado, one of the last two issues that we have from

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the chapter on fasting in and of itself is what if we have a person who has who owes okay fasting days.

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And they had the opportunity to make them up

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during the year but they did not

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until the next Ramadan started,

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okay, we're not talking about someone who is in such a situation where they did not have the opportunity, such as if you were pregnant for the entire time or you are still sick or something like this. But you had the opportunity, you Oh days you have the opportunity. And then you

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reach the next room alone without having made them up.

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By the way, the scholars have edge math, they have consensus that if you have delayed making them up until the following Ramadan, and you reach the next Ramadan, and you had an excuse that there was nothing

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wrong with that. I mean, there's nothing it's not a penalty, you don't have to pay a penalty. There's no sin involved. However, what they disagreed about is what if you have the opportunity to make up fast Ramadan fasts that you owe?

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But the next Ramadan comes first before you make them up.

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The majority opinion

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is that you have to pay a penalty. Okay,

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that you have to feed right just like Vidya

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for all the days that you owe,

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in addition to you fasting Ramadan, and this is the opinion of Matic, Anna Shafi and admin.

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I will Hanifa. However, he said, No, he doesn't, he did not think that such as a person would have to owe any sort of fibia that they merely need to make up for the days and you need to make up the days regardless, paying the figure does not replace, um, the making up these nice sorts of days. The last issue that we have, is that what the someone has to do, okay, if you have a relative, for example, and the relative owes fasting days from Ramadan,

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and they pass away.

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What do we do with those leftover fasting days? Does it get wiped from that person's record? Is it something that you can fast on their behalf? Is it something that you pay a fiducia for them? What do we think let's take some take some opinions What have you heard or what have you?

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What occurs to you to do?

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And the same issue is last issue. We're not talking about someone who did not have the opportunity to make them up. We're talking about someone who did not who did have the opportunity However, they did not take that opportunity.

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Good Masha Allah Mohandas taking like a jurist. Look at that, a show like that. He makes an analogy. He makes a legal analogy from monetary debt. He said, Okay, if such a person is in monetary debt, then the family has to step up and pay the debt.

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And so if it were a religious obligation Do Unto Allah subhanaw taala, then there should be some sort of mechanism to pay for it as well. Whether it's video or fasting, the shave family says Vidya.

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I will Hanifa and Malik are of the opinion that you do not fast on behalf of such a person. But you pay figure for them for each day that they make up or assuming that they that they Oh

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even if men also agreed for this particular type of fast, we're talking about Ramadan, not other fasts that you do not fast in lieu or on behalf of somebody else, but that you pay Fidelia for every day that

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he or she owed.

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A secondary opinion from Abu Hanifa is that you fast on his behalf or her behalf if you're not able to pay up for failure.

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And then even the Shafi has two opinions. The first is that

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you can fast on his behalf in any sort of situation, unrestricted to whether you're able to pay or not.

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And then the second opinion matches the majority that says that you

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pay a failure on his behalf instead of fasting on his back.

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Those are the two final issues for so yeah.

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For fasting. Moving on to issues of Witter and tada we. So if we're looking at what's

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in terms of what they have agreed upon what they have consensus upon, then there is consensus that the time or a valid time for praying which or prayer is anytime in between the Asia prayer and the Federal prayer.

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And that's really the only relevant point of agreements. If you'll see there are many different ways of framing which are prayer. So we're going to get into them the famous difference of opinion is how exactly is what's your prayer?

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Pray, okay. We have three opinions.

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In the school of Imam Malik,

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which of prayer is prayed with three records

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then a test team and then one.

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Okay, so we have raka raka Salam Alaikum salam, Aleikum, stand up one raka by itself. Salam Alikum Rasul Allah.

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I will Hanifa Rahim Allah

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was of the opinion that Witr Prayer is to be prayed three records

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without separating them with a sauna. So 123 setup

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which we will see this inshallah tomorrow night, tomorrow night's the first night of tunnel we in sha Allah Tada at core street messaging.

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And there is going to be another announcement on the Facebook page just to reiterate, but you need masks, you need your own prayer rug, social distancing, except for people in your household. And since they are

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coming community that follows the Hanafi madhhab that is the way that they will be praying. What's it they'll be playing Witcher three record? Yeah, I saw your message. You know, I knew I was gonna address it.

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If I caught you within this class, and if not, I was going to announce it on the on the Facebook. So the first day of fasting is Tuesday, inshallah.

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So that was even Abu Hanifa said, winter is three rakaat. And you do not separate with the testimony. And even on the chef theory.

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And, you know, we're of the opinion that Witter is simply one record.

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Or one record, they said it was permissible to pray with or just simply one record.

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But that obviously, it was permissible to pray in any sort of odd number, especially three

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whether you connect them or whether you don't.

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Okay, so we have kind of Abu Hanifa over here that says three and you don't separate them. Malik over here who says three, and you you must separate them, okay, two and then one. And then you have Atman and a Shafi who say is really technically just one that's the actual width of prayer and you can connect it to the to before it or you can break it up and it's not a problem

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are you allowed to pray the witch of prayer

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after sajer has begun.

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So let's say that you forgot to pray with your prayer. You left totally the night before.

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You go to the machine, it's fed your time you remember Oh, wow, I forgot to pray which are you allowed to pray with your prayer?

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In the masjid before you pray your Phaedra with the Jamal What do you think?

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Sister Hannah says yes.

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know we're talking after the event after the event Mohamed by after the event but before the actual sauna or namaz.

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Difference of opinion here. Sheikh pharmacist time has gone

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so we only have oh man, everybody against henna

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sister Hannah. Her opinion is the majority opinion according the opinion of Abu Hanifa that you can pray it in the time of treasure

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as long as you haven't prayed feathered. Okay. However, within the Hanafi madhhab, the two companions of Abu Hanifa Mohammed, a sheikh Danny and Abu Yusuf,

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they disagreed and they were of the opinion that no once the time is gone, the time is gone. And the other three schools of law they say no, you can do it no problem.

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What is the for curiosity sake, how long can you go?

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Right? Okay, let's say for example, now they pray Fudger. Can you pray with her? Can you make up your Witter after fajr prayer? And if so, until when?

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I will. Hanifa Rahim. Allah was of the opinion that you can make up your winter, if you've missed it.

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Even if it's from days ago,

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something that not a lot of people know.

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And there are other obviously opinions that you know, it's not going to work after that. But it's the point is to communicate that there are

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legitimate and hefty scholarly opinions that say that making up of wits or prayer is something that is a lot more flexible than than people think.

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What's the ruling of the Yes.

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Oh, okay. What's the ruling of what's your prayer in the first place? Okay. I will Hanifa and the Hanafi madhhab is of the opinion that

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the witch of prayer is an obligation.

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Not fuddled. But why Jim? Because then, in the School of Abu Hanifa, they differentiate between something that's thought and something that's why they're both obligatory, but found is more obligatory or more stressed or

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emphasise then wide. So within the Hanafi madhhab, the Witr Prayer is actually wide.

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And in the remainder of the schools of law, the winter prayer is a stressed sunnah. So no more academic, which means that it's not something that's obligatory, but it's something that Prophet salallahu alayhi salam never left. So the two most important prayers

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after the five daily prayers, obviously, were the two rakaats before fetcher, and The Witcher prayer. And these were things in the province of law, he said, I'm never left, whether he was traveling or not traveling doesn't matter. And he was so persistent and consistent in them, that there's this, even this difference of opinion, or our Hanifa was of the opinion that the witch of prayer was an obligation

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not reaching the same level of obligation as the five daily prayers

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what is the ruling of the connote the DUA raising your hands and making dua in Witson,

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Abu Hanifa an admin

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they said that it is permissible and even legislated to make dua and any sort of prayer, whether it's Witter or a different one no problem

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medic I have a whole lot was of the opinion that this was not something that was legislated and therefore not allowed to do whether in winter or any other sort of prayer or in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan

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and Ivana Shafi was of the opinion that this is something that is for specifically the second half of Ramadan

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Are you allowed to pray once or twice let's take this one to the A CT of the chat room. What happens if you what happens if you pray with the email and msg got away with it?

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Then you go home and sleep a little bit you wake up you pray more night prayers

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should you pay another winter

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No penalty, again, I like the way that Mohammed is thinking is you can't get in trouble for praying extra prayers.

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Cyrus says no, no second winter.

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Mirrors like I wouldn't do it but you can go ahead.

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Good shake family asks a follow up question what's the best time to make the komoot during winter? Another classical difference of opinion between the Hanafi myth had been the rest of them. Is it before or after record?

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So the majority opinion is that it's before real court after the after recipe recital. And then I believe the Hanafi the Hanafi school is after you come up from if I'm not mistaken.

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The majority say you do not pray to Witter. Right so, is it allowed to pray more prayers after your winter? Yes it is. But the majority and all for legal school say just don't pray a second winter and it's not a the stakes are not high on that one. We're not saying It's haram we're not saying like it's whatever. But I said that this isn't something that's from the Sunnah. And therefore

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it's something that you shouldn't do.

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Issues of taraweeh the only one that really is important

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that people battle over and we mentioned this in the clip a couple of weeks ago. How many rakaats

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how many rakaats to pray to pray today we

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let's see what you guys think what's the what's the right way?

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How many records do you pray tonight we?

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Desi 28 or 20 Mashallah, everyone's got diplomatic answers eight this morning. So

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hamdulillah that's good. That means that I've got you trained to accept. Okay, so okay, I'm going to push it, then I'm going to push it. What if?

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What if there's a community in Utica that prays 36 rakaats? 36?

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Is that allowed?

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Do we give salam Silla?

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Are they?

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Are they innovators?

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36? Is this acceptable? There's something we can accept or not?

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Yes, that's a lot.

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That's a

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good deal.

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Okay, so family brings the value they say totally is never

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and never had that. Right. It can be any number. Mohamed says excessive, it might cause more harm than good. So we'll have it as a movie and training because he's not just thinking about the Mesilla by itself. He's thinking about the overall impact of the community COVID burden, right, like so it might not be impermissible in and of itself, but there might be other mitigating factors along along with it. I love the way that we'll have the same thing. Cyrus says yeah, it's probably okay.

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We have Devesa says we follow the sunnah of our prophesy Salman. That's a lot.

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this is one of the two one of the two opinions of Imam Malik to pray 36 records. Okay, it's this, this secondary official opinion because sometimes schools of law have primary and secondary opinions. Okay? So the primary opinion of Manik is the majority opinion, which is 20 rakaats, by the way,

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but the secondary opinion within the Maliki school is that is 36 rakaats. There is a narration that's who was it from that would have been quite sad that he came to Medina and the type of amount and he found that they were praying tarawih 36 archives.

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I think that's in even ABI Shaybah. His

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my son.

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So we have a precedence for it. So we tolerated no problem. And like the shape family said, what's the ruling of the taraweeh prayer? It is a national prayer. Is an fo prayer restricted and how much? It can be? No, it's not. It's not.

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However, the majority opinion and the opinion of all four schools of law

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is that the best way is 20 rakaat.

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And that is because of multiple reports that say that this is what Armada did during his Khilafah.

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And there was no pilaf. That's the sticking point. Remember before we talked about what's strongest core en sana or each map consensus. So we have here is max Zuccotti we have something that Armada did

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with a lot of companions. And nobody complained, nobody said this is not right. Nobody said we should be doing something different. And so, there is universal acceptance of this practice. And this is why the all four legal schools said that the preferable way

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in and of itself in a vacuum, not considering other things like you know, making it easier for the people or COVID or things like that is 20 Euro cat.

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How do we reconcile that with what has gotten popular in the last 20 years which are people saying that that's completely wrong? It's an innovation and the right way is eight rakaats.

00:24:26--> 00:24:40

Because we have a Hadith from Aisha Radi Allahu Allah, that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and her words were strong because she said it in the negative she said that the prophesy said um, would never pray the night prayer

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except that he prayed at eight rakaats.

00:24:48--> 00:24:52

She said Autobahn through my Autobahn she said four by four

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and then he would close it out with WITSEC

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So the group of people may Allah reward them and you know, bless them for their caution and their zeal.

00:25:12--> 00:25:21

They use this to apply it to any prayer that goes on their Ramadan at night taraweeh. And to share when I say the province, I said I've never did anything more than eight rakaat

00:25:23--> 00:25:25

however, we would kindly remind them

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the companions did not understand that hadith to mean what they think it to me.

00:25:35--> 00:25:58

Because only a few years after the Prophet SAW, I said, I'm passed away. I'm not the only one who gathered the Muslims in the masjid to pray 20 rakaats. And nobody protested. And so clearly, the Hadith cannot mean precisely what they are claiming it means, and that it's likely that I shuffled the LFR and was talking about to shareholders

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and not necessarily Tata, we, and along those best,

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what about the length of the suitors, there's nothing more headed, there is nothing particularly emotional, about the length of the suitors is a good thing

00:26:17--> 00:26:18

in a vacuum,

00:26:19--> 00:27:08

to finish the Koran during the month of Ramadan, either individually or collectively. However, like our brother, Mohammed reminded us with other issues, sometimes there's other masala Mysuru, or more or Tabora that come into play, sometimes there's other, there's a cost benefit analysis that has to be made. If you have times of COVID. Right, and you're not able to do a lot, or if you're in the middle of the summer in a high latitude, and the night is very, very short. Or if you know people are not accustomed to it, there could be multiple things where there could be a muscle a hammer or a tablet or there could be a legitimate prevailing interest in shortening

00:27:09--> 00:27:18

and shortening the rakaats or the sorrows or whatever you're reciting there and which is why which is why it's not something that's specified, you know.

00:27:20--> 00:27:35

And if you'd want to think about it like this, the soldiers that are recited within the five daily prayers are not fixed. Right and so if they're not fixed then min Babbitt hola then it's even

00:27:37--> 00:27:39

the non obligatory prayers

00:27:41--> 00:27:49

are even more deserving to be open and not fixed, what sources we recite or how long they should be?

00:27:50--> 00:27:51

Well, Allahu Tada.

00:27:54--> 00:28:17

And that covers pretty much everything for for Tada, we, we gestured at the other issue, and this was an issue that was brought up in the clip, as well. Do you pray a two by two or four by four? The hadith of Aisha, interestingly enough, indicates four by four. However, in the Hadith of the rough man had been given off I believe it is

00:28:19--> 00:28:35

the province I said, I'm instructed him to make the night prayer, methanol, methanol. So again, we have this is two by two. So we have two legitimate opinions. To pray total, we either four by four, or two by two. It's not a problem, either way.

00:28:38--> 00:28:44

And I think that's probably a good stopping point. Does anybody have any outstanding questions about anything?

00:28:52--> 00:29:08

I'm surprised there's so many people here. I thought everyone would be cooking and making sweets and things like that getting ready for Ramadan. So I'm Manila. Thank you for coming up. For bite four out loud. Yes. So that's a good point. Shake family it wouldn't follow the typical

00:29:09--> 00:29:13

to knock it out louder than to silent. Yeah, it'd be four by four out loud.

00:29:19--> 00:29:26

Many scholars when they talk about out loud or not out loud, the biggest thing that they consider is night or day.

00:29:28--> 00:29:49

So many of them say that but also that the default ruling of a prayer between Muslim and fetcher is that it is out loud. Whether it's a Sunnah prayer, or whether it's a obligatory prayer, and then the Sunnah or the also the default of a prayer during the day is that it is silence.

00:29:50--> 00:29:54

Okay, except proven otherwise, such as Jamar, something like that.

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

Yes, also the three rockets

00:30:00--> 00:30:00

So what's your

00:30:08--> 00:30:10

what's your edge amount outside of Ramadan?

00:30:15--> 00:30:16

That's a very good question.

00:30:18--> 00:30:19

I don't know.

00:30:21--> 00:30:25

What's the ruling of Witter ngema outside of Ramadan? Yeah, I don't know.

00:30:29--> 00:30:30


00:30:33--> 00:30:36

predilection is to say no problem.

00:30:37--> 00:31:04

Because the Prophet Mohammed Salah is set on this as an authentic hadith. And this is what the the chef, the chef a school and the humbly school use as proof that Witcher is actually only one unit and that praying with her as only one unit is accessible is acceptable, excuse me, because the Prophet SAW I said, I'm gonna pray to shepherd sometimes, and I Isha would be sleeping, and then he would wake her up to pray with her with him.

00:31:05--> 00:31:07

And she would pray with her just one rakaats with him.

00:31:09--> 00:31:33

So, the Shafia A and the Hanna Barbera use this evidence to say that it's the actual winter prayers, just one Raka and even if it's better to do three, it's permissible to just do one record. And the Hadith would also seem to indicate and I would need to look to see if there's any other contradicting evidence or anything but the Hadith would seem to indicate that winter in Jamaica outside of Ramadan is no problem.

00:31:34--> 00:31:35

Well Oh Tada

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anyone else

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No, all classes are going to start for Ramadan.

00:32:09--> 00:32:21

What we are going to do is in the last 10 nights, I believe it's going to be after Ossur we're going to do a somatic Tafseer

00:32:22--> 00:32:23

of the last 10 Jews.

00:32:24--> 00:32:34

Okay, so it'll be kind of like a companion to your reading. But for the first 2020 nights of Ramadan, there will be no classes.

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And if that changes, it will be announced.

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I mean, well yeah. It's a nice refresher for me to

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a lot of these things I don't look at until

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hamdulillah Thank you much. Thank you very much everybody. And may Allah grant us the ability to reach them along and accept our worship and accept our fasting. Make it easy for us and bring us back to him.

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renewed and repentance mean

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okay, I'll see you soon inshallah. So don't want to go off to La Hebrew.