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The speaker discusses the process of running long distance marathon, where people want everything in front of them and want their food cooked immediately, their clothes immediately, and their body ready immediately. The process takes time as it is a process where everyone is in the same situation, but the short distance winner maintains their strength and goes on to achieve their goal. The speaker notes that running long distance is challenging because they do not know when it ends, and depending upon Allah's actions will allow them to reach their purpose.

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This is a generation where people want things fast. They want everything in front of them. They want their food cooked immediately.

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They want their clothes immediately. They want everything in life to pop in front of us. That's not what life is about. Life is a process. And that process requires patience.

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It is the distance between a short distance runner and a long distance runner.

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The short distance runner has a burst of energy burst out and gives everything and then expects a result. But the long distance runner, gauges his strength

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and starts off strong, maintains his strength and then continues along gauging his body at some point slowing down at some points getting stronger until he reaches the finish line and then comes with a burst.

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We are in a long distance marathon.

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And what is challenging about this marathon is that we don't know when it will end. And so we need to depend upon Allah. To have Tawakkol Allah Allah, we depend upon the creator in Allah ballyhoo Amity, Allah will reach his purpose. He has made a limit for all things