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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraf, Edom behavour, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, right out of the USA was one of the Sleeman cathedral cathedra home.

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Sisters, yesterday, I was having a chat with Omar, who takes care of all these, whether reminders about the importance of this series of that I'm doing just now on Islamic manners, and how critically important this is, today, especially in today's times, and especially in these countries in America, Canada, and so on. Where there is such a complete destruction of manners.

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That is, it's incredible, it's

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it's impossible to imagine

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anything that could be worse,

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there is simply

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total absence of manners, not just among children, but among adults. And this is a very

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important and very alarming thing because if adults don't have manners, how will they teach children.

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So, it is something which is

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I strongly advise everybody to do listen to this whole series, and to try to do what

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should have been Fatah odorata Lolly what he talks about which is the Sunnah of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We are on the topic of social matters. And the topic and the subtopic here is telling your family of your whereabouts. If you leave home,

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and go to a place other than your usual work, it is advisable to inform your family of your whereabouts. Knowing where you are, keeps their mind at ease.

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Depending on where you are and what you do, and so on, so forth. Today, that's even more easy to do. Given all the gadgets and apps we have, where you can your family can literally, you know, look at look at the app and see where you are.

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That may not be necessary for everyone to do but definitely let them know where you are when you arrive at the place send a message saying arrive safely when you are leaving, say leaving now. So they have an approximate idea of how long you should take to get there. And obviously this is good also because if you have a breakdown or something and somebody is tracking you, somebody who loves you, is keeping track of you know, you should have been home by now you're not for me now. So let me check and see what happened to you and so on. It's good to know that then we do continue the grid Tabby, other the imminent demise also do see disapproved of one going out without telling his family

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of his whereabouts. In this regard, Mr. Mohammed bin humble Lee reported that Katha narrated that he went with a boo mush out to visit a shabby. His family said he was not home at other asked, Where did he go? His family said we don't know. I thought that disapproval disapproving. They said Are you saying he does not tell you where he goes? They said yes, telling your family where you are decreases their worries if you're late and we'll keep both of you at ease as they will be able to reach you if they need to.

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Then we come to the next section. Respect the poor. If you come across a poor person at a gathering or a poor person visits your home or at work do not look down upon him or her. Poverty is not a defect or fault to be ashamed of my lack of kindness and generosity is I see this beautiful advice I want to repeat this.

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He says poverty

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is not a defect or a form to be ashamed of why lack of kindness and generosity is

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such an important thing. If we you know if you see a what we really consider to be assets, treat poor acquaintances or guests with honor and respect, talk pleasantly to them using the best of language. Again, although it is not advice, many who are poor are more honorable than the wealthy and many who are penniless are preferred to the rich one, but this is so so true.

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Today, we got to a stage where money is the only criteria. So you have a billionaire and we look look up to him as a role model. Even though he is cheating on his wife he got if he you know, his his, his models are like that of an alley cat.

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And please, no offense meant to cats, and so on and so forth. You know, here's a person completely immoral or amoral and we have no problem.

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Key holding that person as a role model. Just think about that. How you

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Evil is that

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then we come to the section called exchanging gifts. If a friend or relative or an acquaintance gives you a gift thank them as soon as possible regardless of the value of the gift. It's good manners to show warmth appreciation for such a kind gesture and if you can reciprocate with an appropriate gift

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam said whoever does you a favor and reward if you cannot reward him pray for the Hadees calls upon the receivers to reciprocate within their means that reward means a gift equal on to that received. If there is not possible then a simple gift will do. If that is not at hand, then a sincere prayer would suffice.

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It is recommended that the reward be better than the original gift. It is the essence of Islamic manners to return a nice gesture with a better one abre a man brought in Abu Hanifa Atilla a gift worth 10 drums, the Imam presented him with a gift worth 500 drops, the man was surprised and said, but Imam, my gift was little about a 10th of your gift. Your gift is

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more valuable. The mom answered, you remembered me while I forgot you. I remembered you only after you had given me your gift, so your gift is better. So I look at the look at the wisdom and look at the humility and look at the good manners of this response. It is a bad manner to receive a gift and remain silent without a word of thanks. As if it is your due right to be presented with gifts is equally ill mannered to delay that to a later time or until you are reminded of the gift.

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Communicating with non Muslims

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have good relations with non Muslims. This is a very important topic. Especially

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if we

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you know when we think about living in these countries in the West, where there is such a wonderful opportunity for interfaith relationships, interfaith work, people are open to dealing with and to learning about Islam. And it would be a really a terrible lost opportunity if we didn't take advantage of that and present Islam to them in the best possible manner and live in an isolationist kind of way. So it is very very important to

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to to understand this and to do it correctly. A good relation to non Muslims as a Muslim once you demonstrate to all people the goodness of Islam with gentle manners and current behavior. Bukhari and Muslim reported the hadith of anus or the landlord, who said, None of you perfectly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. The version reported by Muslims says unless he loves for his brother on neighbor as he loves for himself. The scholars commented that the word brother is used in the most common context and thus means brother in humanity, including both Muslims and non Muslims. A Muslim should love for his non Muslim brother as he left for himself to

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become a Muslim, so as to enjoy the benefits of Islam and the rewards of Allah. A Muslim does an act of goodness when he prays for his Muslim brothers to remain Muslims and to continue their devotion and adherence to Islam. In circle mattina, Allah subhanaw taala said which means ALLAH forbids you not with regard to those who do not fight you for your faith, nor drive you out of your homes to deal kindly and justly with them. Meaning Allah is not forbidding you to deal kindly and justly with people who are good to you.

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For Allah loves those who are just Allah only forbids you with regard to those who fought you for your faith and drove you out of your homeland support and support others in driving you out for turning to them for friendship and alliances. Those of you who do that are doing wrong. And obviously this is very clear. If you are trying to align yourself with somebody who is clearly your enemy that is wrong and it is very stupid.

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The SEC continues nothing prevents us from being kind, generous and helpful to non Muslims as long as they do not demonstrate verbal or tangible animosity towards Islam. Hopefully this will remove barriers between Islam and Muslims. If your neighbors happen to be non Muslims, you must not forget good Islamic matters in dealing with the neighbors, Muslims and non Muslims alike. We may invite them to our homes or accept the invitations. As long as this is done without breaking the rules of Islam meaning as long as

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you are able to.

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If they invite you to eat, you eat, make sure you eat and so on and maintain the boundaries of our faith with regard to hijab and with regard to greeting each other

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So, my experience of dealing with non Muslims here I've been living in America for four years I've been deeply involved in interfaith work is completely positive. Always the I don't have a single negative incident to talk about hamdulillah

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as long as you are open as long as you

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maintain your dignity as long as you maintain your boundaries, people respect you for practicing your religion. I dress like a Muslim I walk and talk like a Muslim, I make sure that I don't compromise anything. Right, I don't wear a suit and a tie just because I think it pleases anybody else it doesn't is their dress I also wear suits, suits and ties when I want to. But I make sure that especially when I'm dealing specifically with non Muslim or teaching colleges where I'm going to to be to interfaith meeting as one that I always dress as a Muslim, meaning that I'm wearing a turban I'm wearing a turban wearing Michela I'm hearing very distinctly clearly Islamic dress. And

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this believe me this is something which is appreciated by people. It's not something which you need to be afraid of, or you need to, you know, be apologetic about it is something which is not just accepted is appreciated by people that people have told me that in so many words, so seriously. I think it's high time we take confidence in our system in our own culture and how and the culture is the culture of Islam. It's not it's not Arab culture. It's not you know, Hyderabadi culture or something. It's it is Islamic culture, we are Muslims. And our brotherhood is based on faith, and therefore its Islamic culture. nothing to apologize for something to be confident about something to

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be proud about not arrogant, proud and not arrogant but confident. And inshallah Allah subhanaw taala helps in this extends also to practicing Islam meaning that if you need to pray you pray and doesn't don't worry about who's watching hamdulillah people watch and this is good for them. They see what Muslims are doing. And I have never seen any, any hostile reaction to that always. The reaction is always been polite, or the actions always been been positive or there's no reaction which is fine. Either way, it's fine. Was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was I remember our together