Hussain Yee – Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 15

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and significance of Islam, including the birth of Islam by the Prophet Muhammad and the use of the holy month as holidays. The importance of recalling Prophet's words and advice during holidays to remind individuals of obligations and responsibilities is emphasized. The busy holiday season is highlighted, including a busy Christmas party and a busy Christmas party for everyone. Prayer for partners and sharing experiences with others is also emphasized.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah muda who you know who are stuck with Pharaoh when he owns the lemon Chateau de un fusina was say Molina

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mania de la mattina one minute lil hola hi Deanna shadow Allah in the in the lower the hola Shetty cannot wish to add the Mohammedan Abdul who was sudo who see Kumar de Olympia taco la pocket faza moto con su Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdulillah appraise due to a lot of Allah, Allah Minh,

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who have been guiding all of us from the day we learn

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Islam based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Now no one can say that he or she was guided without the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Few of the ayah This was recited by our emammal tonight,

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talking about the miracle of

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what happened to Virgin Mary

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is a very interesting story that a lot of a lot of men is telling us, he Allah have the power to do whatever he please. There is nothing impossible, if Allah wish it to happen.

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But one important thing in the ayah is when Allah inform wigeon marry that he is going to have a baby.

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When this news was conveyed, the Virgin Mary wouldn't marry was very, very surprised.

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Because normally, you only can have a baby, a child, either you're married, whether you're married, or you're not married, but you must engage you must have a relationship with the opposite, the opposite *, you must have a relationship. Whether the relationship is

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a legal one, or an illegal one, there must be a relationship.

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And that's why when the news was given to Virgin Mary, that she's going to have a baby. She replied, how can I have a baby? When no human or male have touched me? No men have touched me.

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Now this word

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is the same word being used in many other Ayah

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about the Quran

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and that's why there is always some

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differences between some scholars about whether you can pass the Quran when you don't have a voodoo

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or when you are not clean.

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The Quran that no one can patch is the Koran that is in love with Mahfouz no one touched the Quran except the angels.

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But the Quran that was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not revealed by Allah in the form of a book No, but is why you Kalam to Angel Deborah la de la ke Angel Gabriel recite. The prophet will listen and the Prophet all follow nothing

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Now before I continue about the program

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we know that this coming Monday will be a holiday and hamdulillah

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we all love holiday

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from Guatemala in Alaska.

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He said,

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam have said,

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on zealot, Soho for Ibrahima, overly late in Ramadan.

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Ali lay let him min Ramadan.

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So hope Ibrahim, that so hoof of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was revealed to Ibrahim in the first night of Ramadan

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103 Torah to visit in Medina Mina Ramadan

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the Torah was revealed by Allah to Moses in the sixth day of Ramadan.

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The first night, Soho Ibrahim, and the six days of Ramadan Torah was redeemed.

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While India litho Lhasa shraddha Haddad min Ramadan injil the New Testament was revealed by Allah to ease on Islam under the under the pin of Ramadan. First six and the 13

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what unzila Allahu Cora an the herbal sharena mineral Medan

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and a laudable an amine reveal the Holy Quran the last Testament, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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on the 24th of Ramadan

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This is a hadith from Ahmed

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and is being confirmed as huson

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and you can get in Kitab. So hello, gentlemen, and check about the Hades

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brothers and sisters in Islam, it is important for us to know about the Quran and the other heavenly books that Allah have revealed. A lot choose to reveal all of them in one month, only the different days Ramadan Mubarak.

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We hope we have the right understanding. But remember, when Allah revealed the Quran and he revealed the Quran

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as a book from low hammer force kitabi mcnown from low him offers to buy

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only from vitalizer it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad for about 22 past year close to 23 years.

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by one lump sum it was revealed from loafie Mahfouz to beta

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brothers and sister let me share with you a few saying of our profits some Amala Sanam and this is very important.

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And what the prophet SAW the Muslim is telling us about what Allah wants us to do and what Allah wants us to believe in.

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This Hudis, I may have shared with all of you before, but it is good for me to

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recap this beautiful saying of a lot of galantamine.

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Narrated by Abu huraira radi Allahu anhu

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and he said

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summit to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yaku Khanna Raja Raja Lana fee Benny israa al mutawa Ph.

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I had the Houma use nip one muster he didn't feel a bad

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until the end of the holidays.

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I just want to recite the meaning so majority of us can benefit from the meaning.

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The Sahaba Abu huraira said I heard a loss messenger Prophet Mohammed sama, who is under

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Don't forget the performance, slower atom, the profit some of them, saying they would do fret another person's among the children of Israel. Now the Prophet was not there when this thing happened. But Allah inform our Prophet, about what happened in the past and what happened, present and what is going to happen in the future.

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One of them was engrossed in committing sin.

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One of the,

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the believers, he is a believer, but he loved to commit sins.

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While the other was very devoted to worship,

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the other group, I mean, the another brother was very, very pious person,

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a very good person and hamdulillah.

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So, the devotee, the good guy used to see his fellow fellow brothers committing sin and he keeps on advising him is our duty is our amin Kumar, Moncure value of a euro bat, he is tested by Bill fabulous and he was a lambda study for the calbee the Prophet did remind, is part of our responsibility. If you see someone doing something, there is very, very bad. Now, look at what the prophet said is a raw mean come on.

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It's not just what you hear what you see. Now, meaning the person who is doing this munkar he's doing openly there is how you can see

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them in the scene is an open scene. A person is drinking, haram during doing all of the Haram thing openly in front of you, and you was there to witness

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and then you must try your level best to stop if you have the authority, if you can, at least you have to advise him and remind me this what happened from the devotee to another brother, who is a senior but is a believer.

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One day when he found his fellow committing sin, He said to him Don't commit the sin against stay away you know is haram is that how we always remind each other you know this haram?

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His stellar said leave me alone after a few times he leaves me alone.

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And then he asked him Have you been sent out to monitor me? Is that your duty to come and supervise on me and monitor maraca on me.

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The divot is set by Allah My head is upset now because I've been reminding his good friend and his friend just ignore his reminder. Now he was very upset. Sometimes when we want to advise some people with good intention, but we don't have patient and that's what allows it what also blocked what our service. So, after you conveying the truth, you must have patience. There are people who change immediately Alhamdulillah there are people who change very slow, they take their sweet time

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there is a test for us.

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So is a leave me alone. So this devotee good guy said he was so upset by Allah now he is with his anger his sin by Allah He Allah will never forgive you. not admit you to paradise and this is where he come in. Well, la de la from La La, La La, la comme la Jana.

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For comedor urwa

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ha ha man

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with the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala when they die, both of them died.

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And they were gathered before the Lord of the world Rabbil aalameen in the Day of Judgment, alas it first time around in the villa Allah min for call that he has stayed, couldn't be our limit.

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Oh, Allah ma via the urine.

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Now, a lot of the devotee now

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Will you assure of knowing me that I will not forgive?

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Or will you having power over what was in my hand?

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Who have the power to forgive or not to forgive brother and sister

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in the Day of Judgment, Maliki Ahmed in the day belong to Allah don't belong to any one of us.

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So allies when the question is guy,

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number one, Allah says it, will you assured of knowing me? Do you know me? Really?

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You know Allah, you're not alone for him. However, Rahim

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he is so merciful, so forgiving,

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who give you the right to say that I will not forgive that person.

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Allah is going to ask this devotee.

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And then he will ask again, we were having power over what was in my hand, I am the one who make the digit and not you, I have the right to make the judgment, not you.

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Now these hobbies Potsie actually is to remind all of us don't ever be judgmental rule number one.

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You may look down upon somebody because he was not a good guy now, but we do not know the ending. He may just change.

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Then he said to the sinner, now he has, make it clear with the devotees.

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If you look at other holidays, in the Day of Judgment, Allah will just those

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good people for us, very Vietnam.

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He were asked that

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he will call upon the khari he will call upon those warrior he will ask all these so called

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people in this world acknowledge them, they are the warrior of Islam, they are the rituals among the Muslim who donate so much for this for that. And this is a knowledgeable person Akari who have been teaching people to read the Quran here and there.

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But then allow us then

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do you do all this thing for me? Of course we say yes for you, Europe zepter immediately as a You are a liar. You do it not because of me. Because you want people to know that you are so and so. And the people have acknowledged you call us you get nothing from me. Ma it's very, very tricky. And this is a very dangerous area. Don't be overconfident. Rule number one. We are good Alhamdulillah but don't be judgmental to other and don't be overconfident. We are no angels brother and sister.

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Yeah, we are no angel. That's why something is good to commit something reading is good.

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Then we read.

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I'm also a senior class. Okay, if you're a senior I'm also senior. So it's fair now. Sometimes you don't know best. But I'm here and not here to encourage you to come and see him please.

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Then he allows him to the sinner. Go and enter Paradise by my mercy Allah Akbar.

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What color live in a Muslim is a hub for the holy Jana. Mati. What color are his hobby he in a Nara Allah, Allah hymnals Alec.

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And Allah will Allah mean all the angels,

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to take the devotee to go to *.

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What we learned from this beautiful saying

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is, don't underestimate the mercy of Allah.

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Don't ever think that Allah cannot forgive you? But like that guy, I say, the Hadith the Prophet was informed by Allah is a believer but in the same time, he do commit sins. Are we all believers brother and sister insha Allah

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because nobody really can be a Muslim until he believed. If you don't believe in Allah, you don't believe in the angel. You don't believe in his book. You cannot be a Muslim.

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Because it must come from within then

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from our in an hour

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That's why when a person is different out is different than a lot confirmed, he or she is a hypocrite.

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They mean inside, he doesn't believe, but outside he pray like us. He talked like us, he dressed like us that when he is not with you, he do not pray. He do not do whatever he used to do in front of you, because he doesn't believe.

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So, a hypocrite is not a believer. A believer should not be a hypocrite. And

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may Allah, Allah mean, Grant as this understanding,

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so that we are not going to be judgmental to anybody. We just have hope and keep on praying.

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Like our children if they are not good now. We know they're Muslim. keep on praying for them. Keep on advising them.

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We hope on day Allah will help them

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Don't curse them in return.

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Help How about your children? Don't use the word or not shaitan No, no, no idea.

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When you see a nutshell and that means you daddy shaitan then you Baba shaytan you know, you cannot use that word Even you are angry. Just control your tongue. Yeah, just control your tongue and along with helpers brother and sister. This is what I like to share with all of you. So that we have the right understanding. So that we always pray for each other be positive. And we know Yeah, everybody do commit some sin here and there. But Allah is merciful, forgiving, especially in the month of Ramadan. So May Allah keep on forgiving us and they only accept our deeds, our tober strengthen or Eman increase our sabar when we encounter on this issue, so that at the end of the day, all of us we

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have a good ending. inshallah.

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I'm in Arabic And I mean, are we lead to victory? We're afraid that one hour from delivery. I mean

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without forgetting our mom tonight for the pm is

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shokudo view was origin from Syria and then in Qatar, but now he's here

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teaching and hamdulillah so I

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have a mom from around the world. I have dinner with the Malaysian Imam

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and you have Malaysian young Imam and you have from Guinea you have from

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Saudi you have from Syria Alhamdulillah more to come insha Allah.

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So we will see you tomorrow night again Sharma. So hanok Allahumma mayhem deca Chateau La Ilaha Illa and Mr. Kofi Roca to blue lake. And for those brothers and sisters who have been contributing, who will preparing drinking food everything sometime May Allah reward all of you kindly. Allah Amana was chuckerman sakana

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see you again tomorrow night Zakouma

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