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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of photography and how it is seen as a threat to privacy and privacy-related issues. They suggest avoiding certain photos and videos that are considered "geeky and prohibited" and encourage parents to hide them. They also mention the potential loss of graduation photos and graduation royals if privacy concerns are not addressed.
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Is it okay to have family pictures and photos displayed in the house.

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The issue of photography has divided the scholars for actually quite a while since the beginning of the advent of photography was seen as a major shock and a major kind of prohibited thing. And then people started to get used to read and understand it and maybe reassess their opinions on whether order the prohibitions that were mentioned in a Hadith, and they are certainly scary, and they do mention this animal, so we're on those people who you could theoretically that phrase today is useful the word photographers, and therefore, you know, many scholars said, it's completely haram to take photography to take photos, use them to draw etc. And I just want to say that I do follow the

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opinion that actually it is permissible to to draw and to take photos, especially photos in this digital format, I'm from those that do not believe that prohibition is referring to these folks, although that is there does need to be a modicum of care. And that is to aggrandized and to make the subject that you are preparing into something more than what it is, so that it becomes almost a challenge to Allah and his creative ability, his unique ability of creation, and you're trying to mimic that in some pseudo fashion. That's where the problem applies. And that's kind of happening, for example, if you take a picture, and then you put it on the wall, you know, you see all these

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rulers and dictators and of all the various countries, that they insist on their power being consolidated with their pictures in all state buildings, and hotels, and whatever whatnot. And that is a really problematic thing, and in our own, and our own local versions, our families as well. So I think that we should avoid that entirely. Yes, there are some that said that it shouldn't even be in the house at all, I believe that it can be hidden. I believe that if the picture itself is not being aggrandized or not being made to make any more of them, or dazeem, or it's not being made high and important, and whatever, and I think that's allowed, I think the process is allowed, I think the

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headings which prohibited or not referring to those that are doing arts and involved in graphic design, and so on and so forth. I don't believe that applies to that. And especially so there's a difference of opinion when it comes to creating human forms and an animal forms and then those which are not even real, like cartoon characters or fake kind of images, etc. I think that's entirely different and permissible, but they should not be on display a face that can be recognized as a real human face should not be on display in the walls. You know, if for no other reason than the Hadith of the prophets, Eliza, that Allah cultivating his aura, the purpose of mycelium said that the

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angels do not enter a house in which there is a picture and some said that means the picture anywhere but I believe it means that which is proud of the spirit and challenging that is of a loss of Hannah to Allah. So please, your family portraits and photos and graduation pics and all the rest of it, hide it, put it in a drawer

The topic of photographs is a massive one. There has been many discussion and opinions between our scholars about this topic. When it comes to a person’s home, is it permissible to display family photos?

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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