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Mirza Yawar Baig
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the layer below you know salatu salam O Allah for the moon. So, he

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he was had us write all that

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data said until the graph

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of malware known as zero to hair to dunia well bacteria to say how to Enderby hire don't hire on Savile Row hi Ramallah

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I love

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the wealth and children of this world

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our model

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these are the deception of the life of this world. Well back to Sally happened, not a deal

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and what remains

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will be the good deeds with the

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Hiram savant.

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And they will attract and they will you will find them in much better condition and they will attract a great reward.

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With the last one.

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I remind myself and you

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since we have people here who are

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watching also deal in the share market.

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What do you call a shares?

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public issue which gets

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oversubscribed, the moment it opens a door gets oversubscribed, 10 times within the first 10 minutes.

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What do you say about the confidence of the public in that company.

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And we know many such cases where a share opens. And within one hour within the before the closing of the day itself. It is also very not once or twice.

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And the company is setting out to raise a certain amount of money, they end up raising 50 times.

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And you have headlines in this, this demonstrates the confidence that the market has in that company.

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What is governance, because if it's a public issue effectively with the first IPO, then effectively,

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that company does not really exist in any substantial way. They started the business, they've done some business. They've got to some stage and now they're going for publication.

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The demonstration of confidence is purely on the basis of whatever image has been created in the marketplace of the owners and the managers of the company.

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And the market believes that this company will give them a great return when reliance first I remember 1985 or something I think in football leagues or Reliance

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Industries when Dhirubhai Ambani was this

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huge public, you know, over substitution. And at that time, what was the result? I mean, today of course, there's a lot of stuff that nothing.

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My question is

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that if we are willing to put money into a share market,

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expecting a great reward from somebody who we have no control over somebody who has no control over himself, just a promise and he has not even promised to the world in a in an IPO a company never says we will give you so much reward. This is our company we are going to apply now. Everything else is in the mind of the investor. The investor thinks he will get this reward no company ever promises that they will actually give this much of dividend or whatever they cannot promise

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despite the fact that they're actually not promised we are willing to put money behind it. My question is Allah subhanaw taala has promised

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he's actually promised Allah rather than as promised a return of one is to 700 times. And then our last one of that and be ladies up your life will be my

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last dollar will increase that as he wishes.

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How much faith do we have in this public issue of Allah Hamilton?

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How much are we willing to put behind this year

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in our rocker

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brothers is a very simple macro measure but nothing else. Because ultimately, it's not a matter of saying no, no, of course I have faith in a lot. Of course the federal law aligns with those stated by action.

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The saying that we have faith in Allah is not enough.

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Allah does it very clearly.

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He said that the Arab

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Let's read the word Allah say to them unless

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you tell them as lameness.

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Well again you have to follow a man few kurumi

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You might have not entered their club. They have accepted Islam. So let them not say we are moving in you are moving and you are Muslim in

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to become momineen you have to demonstrate this

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through action.

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obedience to Allah subhanaw taala obedience to Allah Allah Allah.

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So we are saying that Allah has ever Baca to say that, then how much of ours and hat are we investing with Allah subhanaw taala

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we actually need to take a dev ID account and actually maintain a ledger

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is here is the advices maintain a ledger in an account? Write down the date and date wise right there. What did I do for today?

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What did I do for today? Everyday right this is actually so now said in our galana you stockings and what did I do for Allah today?

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And I done this, how much soccer today for last month? Or how many how much of sod and don't count the farm for fertilize for fertilizer for

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last round data we also use it because you will get

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lacking if you don't do it but talk about the other novel for a lot specifically. How many of that did I do?

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was a fasting and you know I've been fasting for Allah subhanaw taala

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What else

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did I help somebody did I go and meet someone who was sick or whatever it was Allah knows best is best for yourself.

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But maintenance maintain a ledger account of your Sally had that you are doing for the sake of example, there are there is somebody who's maintaining that accountability or maintaining it or not. You were to others who are maintaining that account.

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That does the job the whole time the accountants maintaining a ledger balance

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which is which is heavier.

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So it is a good idea for us to balance out on account and prove to ourselves analysing back how to solve that. Do we really believe Seriously? Do we really believe this? Or maybe

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what is it? What is the story? Because if we really believe this, then we should show I gave you example of the share market. If the if the if the investor seriously believes that a company is a good investment. How do we know this?

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Not by people placards and people shouting slaw, put money.

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put money, put money where your mouth is, if you think it's a good investment, put money.

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If you say this company was a great investment, but you find that the public issue is undersubscribed, the public issue cannot take off because nobody's investing money what it means there's no governance, the market has no confidence in the company. The company may be a very good company, but whatever is the market has no confidence. My question to myself venue is do we have confidence in Allah

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as invalid, do we have confidence in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because if we have confidence in Allah subhanaw taala we have to demonstrate this confidence by putting our money and our effort where our mouth is simply sending and talking about, we have to put money and we have to put our effort in the way of our last one OTA then in general, as Roger said, he was rewarded alone

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does not go well go back on his promises, whatever he promises he will get

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as well as Rancho de la to open the reality of his promises on us. And to make us truly aware of the AHA

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because the accurate is coming closer and closer and closer to us.

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I was telling my wife yesterday that a hungry lion very happy we're one thing that the major part of my life is finished.

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And what I have left to live will not be as much I have already

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so and I'm very happy with Angela going closer together Allah subhanaw taala and therefore, the time is to focus on going ahead in such a way that we build some

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investment for ourselves with Allah as well as to open that because of this on ourselves. So that we focus our life correctly instead of being diverted all over the place and engaged in this and that together. So, if I dropped that one I do think this one will stop

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there will be many people who know me and will think very highly of me and who love me very much, but who will also not be able to participate my janazah because that particular time they will have some work and they will say oh what do you know what to do? I really wanted to go over did this this is reality. This is actual reality.

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So why are we chasing this robot to do what

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you need to wake up and we need to focus ourselves in such a way that inshallah when the time to go comes we have some investment because Allah subhana

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wa Salaam Allah Allah Allah will greenwash

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He was heavy as rain but I had to go

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