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telera Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala sherfield MBA with mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Darley, he was at

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the Steven cathedral cathedra.

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From Abbado, my brothers and sisters,

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my father another

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one of the things he taught me, he used to ask anytime we went anywhere we read anything he used to give me books to read. Then after I read the book, he would come back and he would tell me so what did you learn from this?

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So the first thing I never repeated the mistake the first time I told him this book is this is what the author is.

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I know what the author is saying, I read the book before I don't want to know what the author Am I don't know what you're saying,

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what did you learn with this book?

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So, similarly, anything in life we go somewhere we do something, which is something he used to say. So, what did you learn?

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And that is something that I have practiced, it is internalized in me, I do this all the time constantly. Anything that happens, what did I learn? What is the benefit of that asking that question is not that every time you ask what did I learned there is a lesson they may not be but if you ask this question, you will find that there is a lot more that you can learn in life than you would have learned. If you never asked this question. You just go through life

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like a mammal like an animal, you know, something happens go on call us.

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So all we ask this question now the reason I'm saying this is today, I had a pointer to a pointer to my ophthalmologist, the eye doctor.

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So part of the test and so on, they put some eyedrops to dilate the eyes.

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So after that,

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everything was blurred. I can't see anything.

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I put on my glasses to continuously and I became very sensitive so sunlight literally I shut my eyes I couldn't come for the year because I just couldn't go outside the house it was so painful.

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So as myself what did I learn from this?

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My eyes are the same. They're not operated on anyone or anything to them. The world outside is the same. So what did

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the Mazda do has always I learned that I can see what I can see depends on the integrity of the lens through which I am seeing.

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So when that lens is covered with something in this case eye drops, then it distorts the vision.

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The reality has not changed. I cannot see it.

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Allah says Rana Allahu Looby Allah Subhana Allah has it on their hearts, there is a color

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la dama Azza wa ala Qin dama Pulu will let if you still do a lesson The eyes are not blind.

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Their hearts are blind. The hearts in there, just these are blind. Because understanding it comes from the heart.

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The eye is only a camera.

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There's no understanding the eye the eye is only a cover.

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For example, people who have dementia, people who have Alzheimer's, nothing is wrong with eyesight.

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Right? The person who has Alzheimer's have lost their memory.

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Their eyesight is fine. But they will see their own children and they don't recognize them.

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Right They don't know this who the person I don't know.

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This is your son Oh is it?

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I said is fine. Nothing wrong. I said you can't see okay, let me give you another glasses you know now you can recognize or no understanding and recognition has nothing to do with this camera. It is it has to do with the processing inside.

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That process is the heart. I'll tell you two stories. One friend of mine

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she went to a mall she was going she and her sister were driving on the way to the malls hands when she told me she handled very dry so she she used to wear ring so she had three four rings, gold rings. She pulled them all out put her put them in her lap. Then she put some moisturizer and so on our hands. There is the ball.

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She opened the door she got out of the car. She went into the mall and all that she came back home. Where are the rings

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so the labor they were in a lab when she got out of the car they fell out well in the in the parking parking lot.

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So now she's thinking how to tell my husband this story.

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But she told us when she told her husband is what happened today. I you know three borings? They were in the in my lab I got on the phone. He's hamdulillah actually

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You won't have to answer for that.

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Isn't that I'll have, at least you won't have to answer for that.

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Another one. Well, one of my aunts, well, the elderly lady,

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she used to wear a solitaire. That's a gold ring with a single diamond big diamond on it.

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So one day and this is in India, so Hamdulillah you know, she had a house full of servants. So one day to make although she took it off, put it on the countertop of the of the washbasin she made although and so on, she came she did her Salah whatnot.

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Then sometime in the evening, was he she remembered where's my ring?

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Now they're searching high and low she nobody can find it.

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Then she remember the I think I put it on this on the counter drug dependence God is knowing.

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But she's not bothered. She's not worried nothing. So sons they came they heard this is one of his and he was worth so much and so on. So on this end, we will call the police No.

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You will not call the police

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is the right.

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So she said when she says get a Lani? Dr. Veena is your girl home?

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She says Allah give.

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That is why it went What is it? What is the home what is the sadness for that?

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Is why not call the police the because all of these people here in this house. There are people who have been with me all their lives.

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They love me, they take care of me, I take care of them. They respect me, I respect them. Now I know one of them would have done this. But I will not allow the police to come in here and humiliate everybody for that one person. This is no hulless. Where to get Hamdulillah this is from a gift.

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Now why am I telling you stories? Because these are all stories of the effect of the eyes, not literally, but the eye of the heart? How do you view the world? How do you view what is in front of you?

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Yesterday, one of my very good friends from here he sent me this clip about one of the great leaders of Pakistan who

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they told him for it. They told him you cannot go for it prayer anywhere here in prison.

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We cannot guarantee your safety if you go out and this was a guy who was at the highest position in the country.

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A billionaire

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thanks to ill gotten wealth.

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So they said to him You go go to Georgia where he has housing,

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housing one of the most expensive places in Georgia.

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So this is you go there. So he's like if I go to Georgia buy why don't I go and pray in the Haram and this is you. You go to Zara you won't come back out of the alley. Right? We cannot get into your safety there.

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So then they said what should you do? So his house is a masjid right next to his house.

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So he said I'll pray the reason we cannot guarantee your safety within the muscle

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is a way to oppress or obsolete visibly nerves, inside your

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head really mature.

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So as the cavalry

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now the point I'm making is all that wealth, all that power, all that authority. Imagine Allah subhanaw taala gives us things to use. Allah will not hold your hand, right? If I have power, and if I want to misuse this power, Allah is not a level of romance. No.

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If I have wealth, and if I want to miss you that well Allah will not stop me.

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But believe me

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there is a day of reckoning.

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There is a day of reckoning.

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One of the I don't know if I should call it a benefit or a liability of being you know in a budget is that the number of journals are they get written?

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every genre is reminded

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was a Buddha sub sub tarde Hara Raja Raja Lucha lega bhandara. So all of this stuff will be left here when the one comes to take you alone.

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You go along

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there is a famous story about Alexander I don't know if it's true or not, but it's a good story.

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I believe he left overseer he left his you know this will and he said when I die my two hands I want them to be outside the the coffin.

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So this is

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What is this Why Why should the hand be out here because I want people to see that there's nothing in my hands I'm going without anything.

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Even though I'm a great king and so on

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the song back over what is

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covered my hands up to up to them to keep their hands over. So people know that I go with nothing.

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And believe me that that is true. That is true for every single one of us nobody is taking anything with us except our armor. The only thing which will go back to solid what will remain with Allah is what good deeds we did. And so I find myself and you let us focus on that. This whole journey everything on the variables everything will work, nothing will remain. If it is good, it will go if it is bad, it will go if it is pain, it will go if it is happiness, it everything will end

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Kulu or LA Havana with what we're up because

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and therefore I remind myself when you let us focus on that

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always always every single thing we say or do let us focus on the what is the effect of this America that's it

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whatever I'm saying whatever I'm doing whatever I'm eating whatever I'm worth anything, anything anything. What is the effect of this on my anger at every single thing has an effect. That is the beauty of this Dean smile is Southern what does it mean? Just a smile.

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It comes in our record, right?

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I mean, I smile at you because I love you and like my brother but Hamdulillah this is good but this is in both our records. We meet our brother we'd love

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sins are wiped out in the record.

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So simple, nothing we didn't spend any money with no effort nothing you do in any way. I mean I live under Allah has given me so many friends. I see my friend I'm happy.

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But that is in my record a Hamdulillah

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that is a beautiful disease.

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So let's thank Allah subhanaw taala that has that has value this and let us try and increase our assets with Allah subhanho

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wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi name but I have to go