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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield on Gable mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah Subhana Allah Holly on it he was salam doesn't even consider and consider Amago.

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Jane anything, we have to know what the current situation is there is no change is not possible without assessing the current situation

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of any kind.

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So, how do you assess your current situation as far as

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time is concerned

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I have a way which I teach in my time management seminar.

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And that is

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I ask you to take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.

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Maybe a little more to the left, so the left column is a little

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less wide than the right column

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in the

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left column

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right down from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep,

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write those times down in half hour intervals. So, start say for example, you wake up at 5am. So, write five to 530. Below that you write 530 to six, below that you read six to 630, and so on, all the way to the time you go to sleep.

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So, that's the left column and the right column, what you do is think of

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the previous day.

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So if you're doing it today, think of yesterday.

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And in the right column.

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Write down what you remember what you recall of what you were doing in those time slots the previous day, so we're looking only at

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one day earlier.

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So it's not something you know, the remote past, the very immediate past one day earlier, what were you doing, now write this down.

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When you do that,

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you will find that as you're writing each time slot,

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for example, you say five to 530 trying to wake up 530 to six still trying to wake up six to 630 Still trying to wake up and so on.

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You will also find that there will be time slots, where you have no idea no recollection of what you are doing the previous day. So 11 to 1130 you scratch your head as have no clue what was I doing, I have no idea 1130 12 No idea 12 to 1230, no idea 1230 to one, I was having lunch one to 130 and so on.

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If it was a working day, then you will also find that

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there will be slots where you remember what you were doing and say I was in a meeting, for example.

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So nine to 930 Meeting nine to 10 meeting, and so on. Sometimes we are those of us who have been in the corporate world or are in the corporate world, I'm sure all of us are very familiar with never ending meetings, the closest to you know, eternal time.

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And so on. So fill this chart.

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This chart is what I call

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the time log, or the time map.

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And this is a snapshot of what your time usage looks like today.

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It is extremely important to to do this, honestly, because this is a this is a

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confidential document for yourself. It's not something to post anywhere. It's a confidential document for yourself, it is something that

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is going to be immensely beneficial for you. So be completely honest with yourself.

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Don't try to put it in writing in a way where you know it was good. If it is not good, so that's very important.

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Once you do that, once you have your document ready, then you

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then you

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do one more thing, which is

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you ask yourself, you work out

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I will define

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I have the term for it called effective time. Et

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now work out you're at the how do you work the ETL

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Very simple.

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Et effective time is the time spent

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in anything that helps you to achieve your life goal, anything at all. But

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be honest with yourself, it should be something which helps you to achieve your life.

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If it is not something that helps you to achieve your life goal, then it is not at, it's not effective time. It's, I have some other names for those things. And I will tell you in a minute, but just now, if I do time,

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you might say what can go into effective time I can be anything can be obviously to Salah

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very much. It is especially the Hodgetts.

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It is physical exercise, the time is spent to make sure that your body is working and remains working.

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It could be reading, always always reading.

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It could be anything that depends on what your life goal is. Anything that relates to your life. Yesterday, I spoke about the importance of writing down the LIBOR, very important, write it down, put it on a nice big chart,

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big letters and stick it on your wall where you can see it every day.

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Remember it and then effective time. Now once you have

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cones, you have your definition of effective time now take a look at your time log and see which of those time slots

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obviously the blank ones don't count because you don't know what you were doing. But the other ones, which of them

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were spent in effective time

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spent effectively.

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And then ask yourself a question which can be very tough and very difficult sometimes, but it's important to ask. And that question is, if I continue the way I'm I am today, meaning if I use my time, the way I'm using it today, is it likely that I will achieve my life goal?

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How likely is it that I will achieve my life

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when I do this as a seminar as an exercise, I have had people in tears, I didn't make them cry, they they cried because they realized and some of them were elderly people, and they realized that not only would they not achieve, not only is the current time usage such that it will not help them to achieve the LIBOR. But really, it

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showed them that they can never achieve the LIBOR because now, you know, they are

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at an age but they don't have much time left are we having said that nobody knows how much time we have left. So it's not as if you know, older people and younger people and stuff. You might be 70 And you might have a lifespan of 95 which Allah refers to another 25 years to go quarter of a century, which is a hell of a long time. Obviously, your strength decreases over time, your you know, your body starts breaking down your arm, all kinds of things happen to you may Allah protect us from all these things, but nobody gets stronger and more vital and so on. Which is the reason why

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a sensible diet and exercise

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my principle digital people is eat 1/3 of what you eat today and exercise three times what you access today. That's a simple 333 by three, three, Lesson three was

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1/3 and three times x. So

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it's very important to ask yourself this question because if you are spending

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too little time and life goal is something that you spend the maximum amount of your time consciously on is a live goal is not a hobby. A hobby is something you do on weekends. A hobby is something that you do maybe one hour a day. If that is the amount of time you're spending effective times you're spending on your life goal and believe me it's not a life goal, it's a hobby and you will never achieve it. You know how you don't have to achieve anything it's like a hobby and you know, it's like

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it's your free time. So you're spending it in doing something enjoyable, but your life goal is something which is which gives meaning to your life which helps you

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you know in times when you want to think back and say what did I achieve and there's an answer. So, very, very important to get this thing straight. So make very sure do this time log,

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write down the definition of effective time, according to you and then do the analysis to see whether you are spending your time effectively or not.

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Are we look at the next step for this was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was to go away