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Salah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala surefeed, MBA will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Steven Cassian Garcia Amago.

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My brothers and sisters

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let me tell you two,

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Hadith one where So, Elijah Salam described some of the signs of the largest day before

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and among the things you described, he said that

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time will expand

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and he said

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an hour will be like a day or they will be like a week will be will be like a month, month like a year and so on.

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So, think about this and say if Rasul Allah had told us this

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what is the question you would have asked?

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That what is our past?

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What, what what nominee? What What would you ask? And I'm trying to trap you as I'm

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just trying to reflect on how we approach the deal and how does our approach to the

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going normal? What if somebody tells you what, what is the question you ask, there's no punishment, I'm not going to fight with them.

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If they if revisionism tells us this day will be so much also, what what do you think you will ask him

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they make the time for

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things like Olga's our dunya things and so on, and what will you do?

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Maybe the day if people ask the first question, the mind will be, will the rotation of the Earth slow down?

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What is the mechanics of this right we should be talking about today. So, today we have all this knowledge. So, we say what is the time time is was a factor of the speed of the Earth's rotation of the earth? So will that slow down? Or what will happen and so on? And so, we record this question, what is our

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desire was ADRs Rama in that situation? How will we pray?

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How will we bring

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another one

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as soon as I was there, I'm set to set an idea with another alarm, he said to him, that time will come when the grid Fidra will arise,

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but grid destroyed grid calamity will arise.

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So if again, same question if somebody asked me that question asked you that question What will we say?

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What is the nature of this video? what will actually happen? Is it an earthquake? Is it a

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cyclone? Is it a tidal wave?

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Where how

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that's what is it? How can we escape from this? Hidden does what is it? Where is it? How will it come? How it is?

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Now the reason I'm saying this too and we demand myself to do it because

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one of the greatest and most powerful and most effective

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tactics of shaitan is to involve us in intellectual

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discussion and intellectual thinking.

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question after question after question.

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Never coming to action.

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Whereas in Islam, the only thing with matters is action.

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Right. We have the famous Alice which I mentioned later before the model game tribal era we came to this as a revision What should I do which was said to him, Sir, well, I will Allah Masha Allah and do not make schicke don't join any partners with Allah. He said I will do that and nothing more.

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Is there anything else that was said to him pray five times.

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For Sarah five times a day.

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I love the ad each time

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he's there I will do that and nothing more.

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So what does it mean nothing. No, no, no, that didn't work. I five times and I pray that only

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the Sahaba were around they said what kind of man is this? He has no other he's talking like this. Relax.

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deliberative. So,

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not everybody is the same so

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he said what else? So as I said, I'm Jack trim,

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if you have this much of money reserve of zakat paisa so say for example, these are for gold silver and thing is you know the the amount is 2.5% Isn't I will pay that much and nothing more.

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So he's saying I will not give one cent of charity more than that only this one's

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a diva. Then he says what my what else as soon as I said to him first in Nevada pretty narrow. So today's first is I will do that and nothing more

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anything else? There is a sense that to me if Allah gives you the user that the ability then make hij one time in your life he said I will do that and nothing more. He is living in the age as you can do whatever you know, I will do that much and nothing else.

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So then he left so as a result of that uzawa If that man does what he promised Allah will give him Jana

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he's not saying I will become moved diazepam I will be guided memorize the whole Quran I will do this nothing that oh, this was just the fryer

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and he's saying I will not do anything more. I'm not saying we should say that I'm just saying hamdulillah there is no problem and if you do pray the Sunnah has benefited that will not fail and that do the more we do the better obviously we should do but the point I'm making is the focus of Islam and the focus of success is in Amman, it is in action

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not simply in argument or even in learning without practicing.

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Now this is a trap which Chetan puts people in especially is people like a so called educated people.

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I will read this book I will read that book I will read that book and I got then what?

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That is

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so serious if you think about as I say what is the quality of my salad? Do we think about this? What is the quality of myself?

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We should think no, what is the quality of myself? How can I improve the quality of myself

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this will be something which is top of the top of the mind we must really think about die hard because this is very critical.

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In today's world we are most of us are very focused on physical fitness. So how am I eating? Am I eating enough protein enough carbs too much sugar too little sugar or whatnot whatnot right? And enough exercise is all good hamdulillah no problem. But what about the spirit?

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What about the room? What about the heart

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that also needs attention No. That needs more attention because that's going with us this body will stay here

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and that comes from Amman from actual action.

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So do I and salah is the number one of that after shake after not doing shake after the hit. Number one is

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what is the quality of myself? Do I have Osho Illallah

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do I have to share with others whether or not do I concentrate in salah or not?

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To concentrate in Salah one of the most important thing is to understand what is being recited the meaning of the i x

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chef decided so the Bacara the idea before either Gucci and Gucci itself right in just now.

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So what is the hour out of this? And most routers in the eye before either go CLS router has said yeah you will have your arm on one vehicle Marzec nagu min. cuddly and yet your your Mala G will hold on to Alicia woke up you know was Oliver that was my turn I said oh you believe spend from what We have given you before a day comes when there will be no trade and there will be no intercession and there will be no friendship

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and the people who deny Allah subhanaw taala they are those or even they are the oppressors.

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So what should we do?

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Less than spend before the day comes? So what we do

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so, before we leave the masjid or immediately after we leave the masjid

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spend something whatever it is 10 cents, no problem. Something honor the IET

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honor the whole point is I have heard the idea. How am I honoring the idea

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by ignoring it Allah spent the law okay, I heard the advice

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Good recitation. MashAllah

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Soto German

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What will we do Allah has given you a Hong Kong yeah you're living amaro

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that is a hammer

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so what am I gonna do with the with the hook almost.

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So if I'm listening to the eye and I'm not doing it

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then I'm not in there.

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So, I remind myself when you please let us not do this let us make sure that we understand and we focus on our hammer monitor our actions everyday What do I do? How is today different from and better than yesterday was Was there a certain said no today should be the same no two days should be the same.

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Every day there should be some some improvement whatever it is little bit

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and that improvement we should be able to monitor it

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that will give us an idea that we are inshallah on the right path as well as monitor to make it easy for us and to help us to do that which pleases Him and to save us from that vision is not pleasing masala curry while he was away