Mirza Yawar Baig – Obedience

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of believing in Allah's teachings and being a part of it to receive reward is emphasized, along with the need for practice and avoiding double-standing. The speaker also discusses the meaning behind certain actions and words, such as hasn't been eating it," and how they can be considered success if meeting certain criteria. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and avoiding harms, as well as avoiding harms and protesting against negative activities. Additionally, the speaker discusses the negative consequences of eating certain foods and the importance of forgiveness for overall health and reputation.
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SL Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi, mousseline moko. So licen Allahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, the Steven, because

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our ancestors,

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were talking about the reality of deaths, you're at work around

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the reality of believing that one day I will die, and that I will be caught off guard.

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this is a proof of the pudding is in the eating? So how do I know if I do have this belief?

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By looking at my life,

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because am I living my life in a way, which shows that I believe that one day, I will stand before Allah?

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Or is it something that I

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I say because I'm a Muslim, because this is a differentiator,

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to believe in Allah subhanaw taala to believe that one day I will stand before Allah is part of believing in Allah.

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Maybe in Allah is not just a hypothetical claim is not just

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some intellectual

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concept, it's not just a philosophy it is to consciously and clearly understand that I belong to Allah.

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And I will return to

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and this is a fact which

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was determined and which was written

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and I had no control over that. And I have no control over it, I will never have any control over it. But this fact was written literally before I was born.

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So what can I do to make sure that that returned to Allah subhanaw taala is a beautiful return. And it's a return where I will return with honor with the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala in a way that will spell goodness for me

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going forward in my life, hardware ensure that I ensure that by obeying Allah

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with color the horrible was lip color slapped on Jabulani, right, Melissa, Ramona give this example is it? When is Rob said to him when his when his creator Sustainer of material protected? Jonathan law who said to Him, submit he said I have somebody

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slim Carlos Slim to

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none no argument, no debate, no discussion, no dissent, nothing. Submit, I have submitted.

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Now is this how my life is and if it is 100 Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala pasta right we ask Allah who is that how much gas doesn't matter for

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for steadfastness.

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To be true to this. And if it is not like this, if it is if there is some gap, there is some

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thing which is missing. Then we ask Allah Subhana Allah to

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forgive us and we immediately make Toba, we ask forgiveness, I may change our lives. Now this is so critically important because somewhere, one of the problems that has happened to us and this is a self grading problem, like all of the

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which is that we have divorced, the practice of Islam from knowledge about Islam.

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This was never the case. When I was

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asked him as a salon, when he only gave him this command to make this dua. The only thing that Allah allowed is the me to ask for increase in was knowledge and I'd be Zeleny Elma. Now it doesn't get to his head. That Zinnia Elman also means Zinni, Amazon,

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increased me in action, increase me in Zuni it

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increased me in obedience.

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Right? Doesn't need to sell with this understood.

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This is understood it's like saying, if you say to somebody, please eat this. Do I need to say please chew it and then please swallow it.

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What is the meaning of it? It means to chew and swallow. If somebody picks up the thing that you have given them read and just hold them in their mouth and does nothing. Then you will say what what should we do? Something is wrong with you. Because how is it that you

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He's just holding it in your mouth, eat it, what does it mean what it means to unsolo. So when we are asking for increase in knowledge, it's not just an increase in knowledge as in, you know, maybe a harvest of the Quran. And if I'm a harvest of the Quran, then make me happy is off the books are heavy is make me happy to have all the

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books off

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and so on and so, no,

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it means increase me in knowledge meaning,

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the substance of knowledge, the understanding of knowledge, the

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then the application is done in my life. So, I become a person who knows

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about lots of 100 data and is the reason are highly so Salam

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who then obeys Allah subhanaw taala in the way that also taught us to obey this is the meaning of of Zinnia rebellion gives me knowledge. So, if I have knowledge of the, if I have this knowledge, that knowledge is what that one day I will die,

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that one day I will die and I will face a loss. I will be brought before a loss manager and I will have to answer for what I did. In the last round that I said we will show you.

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You will actually see you won't just be told about it. You will actually see from my URL with kind of the rotten theory, Yara, you will see my Yemen mascara. Cherie Yara

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Adams vetoed an atom with a Donna of God and other of evil. You will see what you did.

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We ask a lot of identity to save us from this embarrassment.

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The only way that we can save ourselves is not by imagining that there is some way of hiding it. I turn off the projector on the day of judgment but by making sure that when we meet Allah, we meet Allah subhanaw taala clean,

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free from

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defect. And the way to do that is to take advantage of the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala to forgive because he's the one who said called Yeah buddy under the Astra who Allah and proceed that duck not to me Rahmatullah in Allah. Yup. Fiddle Google, by Jamia in the whole photo Rahim. He said, Oh, my say,

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say to my slaves, who have been disobedient, who have transgressed against themselves because remember, when we are disobedient, we are not harming Allah. You're harming ourselves. Allah is reminding us and let's see, why are you humming yourself? But as I say to them, who have been harming themselves who have been transgressing against themselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah.

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And is not saying those who transgress among themselves you will burn in the hellfire. No, no, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala will forgive all sins and verily is the most forgiving the Most Merciful.

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They imagine what

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how beautiful and how merciful is our Rapture.

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Now if somebody does not take advantage of that, despite this beautiful promise of forgiveness, if somebody does not take advantage if somebody still insists on disobeying I must have and

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if somebody is still insists on being disobedient enough, you know doing things which are haram, on eating

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on earning around these other two, you know, I'm like, I'm like a broken record. And actually forgive me because sometimes people complain, they say, Don't you have anything else to talk about? My point is,

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if you have cancer,

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you do want me to talk about cold the fact that you are sleazy, because you're gonna die.

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You have this cancer. So you have cancer. The only thing that is worth talking about is that cancer

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not something else.

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Pain in my elbow. No.

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So here we have his biggest problems and that is we eat halal haram and we earn haram. And when we do that, we negate our Ibadat we negate our wash acts of worship. So you're earning haram, eating haram, you're going to the mosque is five times a day your prayers are not answered. Your prayers are rejected. You make dua see what's happening today in Philippine

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See the amount of dollars which are being made? Right? We are protesting and of course you can protest, there's nothing to stop us.

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You're purchasing

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this and that. And then

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what happens?

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We find it happens, not only to nothing happens, not only not only does nothing happen, but

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the problems are increasing.

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The world is coming together

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to destroy us.

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Despite the protests, and may Allah may Allah bless them the these protests are not only Muslims, Abdullah, there are Christians, there are Jews, there are Hindus, there are atheists, there are people all forms and shapes and colors, who are protesting and saying, We cannot allow this genocide to happen as it is happening and threatening to be

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threatening, that shouldn't happen. In policy. We cannot allow this to happen. But nobody cares.

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Nobody cares. Nobody gives a damn about

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last question why?

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Ask yourself why?

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And the answer is very simple. The answer is that we have canceled out our own membership

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the group, who's under Allah accepts Allah accepts the drivers of those who are obedient.

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If there is a time to come back to Allah, this is the time

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there is no other time because

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other than this time, we don't know if you have the time. So please, has my eye when myself when I ask you, it is not waste this time. Let's make sure that we go what needs to be done.

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To make sure that we are on the right track. Obedient to Allah smarter in the way of Nabi SallAllahu,

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name and how to go

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