Mirza Yawar Baig – 2021 Challenges and Solutions #5.1

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The pandemic, COVID-19, stem cell research, and education have impacted science and modernization. The digital age has also created negative attitudes towards science and values. The importance of science and values is emphasized, particularly in addressing issues such as the pandemic and the lack of values in culture. The science method used in the study of the eye is discussed, which is based on measuring the presence of the light, but not anti- Islam. The success of the digital age in inspiring science and schools' involvement in science is also highlighted.
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Ilaha Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shanna freedom ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira cathedra Kala tarina la vida de Luna nebby yeah you are levina Avenue sanctuary he was selling with us Lima llamas Allah Allah, Mohammed Mohammed Camacho Lita Abraham Allah deployment nicomedia Majeed allama barakaatuh Mohammed Ali Mohammed Guevara ally Rahim Allah

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Carla akara Talia, you are Latina hamanako la katikati hora de mucho de la on to Muslim moon.

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My dear brother and sisters, we are on the sixth of the series of lectures related to 2021 challenges and solutions.

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And today I want to talk to you about the focus on science that going forward

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from this year is going to increase and this will be in two parts inshallah, this Java energy one.

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The fourth biggest challenge going forward from 2021 is the rapid development of science, scientific development in medical research, give us the COVID vaccine, where thanks to leveraging what is known and without taking shortcuts, the vaccine was developed in record time. And we hope and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it a means of blessing to deliver us all from this pandemic.

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There are many examples of how medical research has totally changed the face of healthcare and the huge impact it has had on life quality all over the world. small box, for example, has been erratic has now been eradicated. And programs are currently underway to eradicate polio myelitis and guinea worm disease. In my childhood we used to take anti smallpox vaccines every year. We don't need to take them anymore because the disease is gone.

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vaccination has successfully interrupted circulation of polio myelitis measles rubella, and has drastically reduced the incidence of foot and mouth disease and canine rabies. Sadly, it appears that foot in Mouth Disease

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seems to have no cure. And especially as politicians seem to be particularly susceptible to it.

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Talking about stem cell research, one of the effects of it is

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organ regeneration.

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And its potential impact on geriatric live quality, not lifespans, because that is determined by Allah subhanaw taala this will totally alter our view of disease, we can realistically realistically inshallah look forward to the time when cancer will be eliminated, and the blind will be able to see and people will be able to get new hearts, however, with those who are now able to see, look upon a world that will be a delight to gaze upon, or will it make them wish to return to the earliest date

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with the new hearts be filled with, with love and the knower of Allah subhanho wa Taala or with the same garbage of hatred and discrimination?

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Will better life quality for the elderly be an asset or a liability? If it is not accompanied with the economic wherewithal to live comfortably, values of respect for elders, children who see their parents and elders as an asset and not a liability, and a society that gives meaning to your life?

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These are questions that science can answer, but Islam can

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what we eat will change. Thanks to cultured meat. Anyone for cricket sticks.

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I'm not joking. That crickets is the cheapest source of pure protein currently known.

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What about eating cultured chicken, which was never born in the traditional sense, and not slaughtered because it never lived?

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A single cell is developed into a chicken * or a chicken leg.

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Is it Halla?

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Once again, this is not an exhaustive list, but something to give you some food for thought about how education

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needs to change to prepare, especially our scholars

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who understand science enough to be able to advocate on these matters.

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Finally, one of the finest, most inspiring achievements of humanity in recent times, successfully landing a robot on a planet

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132 million miles 200 million kilometers away,

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using another robot, and with no real time ability to make any corrections. I don't know how many of you watch that. And if not, I don't know why not.

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It is certainly far more important and useful than watching Super Bowl or World Cup, or even Forgive me air tool.

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It is all a matter of what we give importance to. As parents, you might like to think of how this influences your children,

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and what they will aspire to in their lives.

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I want you to do two things. Watch the several videos on the link that I have given you hear in this text of this hook bar with your whole family.

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And on the NASA site, please look at the list of people who are behind this amazing incident achievement. And when you finish reading the names, ask yourself what is missing?

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And whether you care?

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Do we even care?

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The time to pretend the world revolves around us is gone.

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The world never did. And it doesn't know awake, an act or perish.

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That's the reality.

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The tragedy of our situation is that though we have a rich history of scientific development, it is mostly relegated to stories and exhibitions of the achievements of Muslim scientists, mostly from Andalusia, between the ninth and the 12th centuries. We conveniently don't ask the question, what happened since then?

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Why is it that when Muslims contributed so much to the world of scientific development,

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then, in the last 110 years, only two Muslims won the Nobel Prize for science.

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In a study done about the reading habits of Arabs today, it is quoted,

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the average Arab child reads six minutes in a year in comparison to 12,000 minutes of its western counterparts.

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It also report it is also reported

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that an average that an Arab individual, on average reads a quarter of a page a year, compared to 11 books read by Americans, and seven books by the British per year. If we arrived, the minimum average time that youth spends on the internet, that gives us 365 hours a year, one hour a day, which is far less than what actually is spent by let's say with us. So it's 365 hours a year. And if you compare that with the average time an individual Arabs spends reading, that is six minutes per year. And the difference between the two becomes clear. And it shows how the internet has taken over our lives.

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Think about that, if that internet time is being spent on doing some research or some something worthwhile and useful. It would be something but majority of the time if not all of it is spent on social media.

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If these had been people, if we went when we were talking about the Arabs, I mean Arabs or Muslims, we had been people who have never done anything worthwhile like many others, it would not be remarkable. But for people who gave 60% of the names of stars to the world, who map the heavens, and whose contributions started and fueled the renaissance in Europe. It is both astonishing and tragic. Cordoba was known to be a place which had 100% literacy, and which had more books in its libraries than all the libraries in the world combined.

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at a time, when in the rest of Europe, even most monarchs, Kings, and the nobility could not read and write in Cordoba stablehand

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And gardeners wrote poetry.

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My brothers sisters, I remind you of myself, the great civilizations are never destroyed from the outside, they collapse inwards, when they don't deal with their internal diseases. Our internal disease is ignorance

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for people whose religion is based on a book, the book of Allah, and in which the first word revealed was a Korra. Read, to be in a state where our children are future, read for six minutes in a year is worse than getting a reward of being in the terminal stage of pancreatic cancer. Because

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worse, because in cancer, only you die. In this case, the whole nation dies.

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Instead of appreciating science as the lens to see the signs of Allah, we are hostile to it. We denigrate science, but we run to doctors if you get sick, you must change urgently.

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Think about this, if a father had taken his young son or daughter to the Geneva Motor Show, in 2015, they would have seen the highlight of the show, which was the Aston Martin Vulcan, with a seven liter V 12 engine,

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six speed sequential gearbox, variable traction control, adjustable suspension and respect trials. What would inspire that child? And what kind of aspirations would that child have seeing state of the art high precision engineering?

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Now, if the same parent and his children have gone to the automechanika, Dubai in 2016, the following year, they would have seen the gold plated Nissan our 35 GTR, worth $1 million

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as the center of attraction. Now, what would inspire that child in Dubai? And what kind of aspirations would that child have? In this case?

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What does that tell you about the focus of the two societies.

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One focused on high precision engineering, the other focused on blink.

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Who wins?

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There is among us a strange and tragic hostility towards science, which is even encouraged by our traditional scholars who treat science as if it is from shatter.

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Many of them actively discourage university education, and the practice of the scientific method of investigation and searching for evidence before believing

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before believing anything, and needless to say, there is perhaps not a single mother sir, or the room where science is taught seriously. I know some make a pretense of teaching it because the country where they're located insists on it. But when have you ever heard of a scientists come out of others?

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But then, when we have a system in which to become a teacher, a formal teaching, qualification and knowledge of science of child psychology is not required? What else can you expect?

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Amazingly, mother's our system is the only one in the world where teachers have no formal training in teaching. No lesson plans, no appraisals, no quality checks.

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Yet, we call it education.

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This is tragic because all those Muslim scientists whose names we take as pioneers in science came out our mother is

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what we know today, as the scientific method was pioneered by Muslims, and used both in science as well as theology, most famously in the study of the eye had these horizontal lines and yet today, it is as if we are looking at two enemy camps.

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This hostility comes out of gross ignorance on both sides about what the other party does, and how that is inherently beneficial for both.

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This is the result of ignoring each other for seven centuries or more, instead of understanding and appreciating. Ignorance breeds fear, and that hatred.

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The problem lies with how we address the true

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scientific temperament and method and Revelation, which is religious thought.

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Scientific temperament consists of curiosity, questioning, reasoning, dissent,

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actively engaging

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dissent, experimenting, documenting, measuring comparison, collecting evidence, conceptualizing and theorizing and changing those theories where new evidence emerges.

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It consists of an attitude of openness, encouraging an accepting dissent, knowing that those who disagree help you to look at areas in your own blind spot, which is critical for you. It consists of inventing innovating, devising new methods, tools and techniques to arrive at physically measurable results.

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All these apples because the scientific temperament and method begins with the following three premises, number one, I don't know.

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Number two, I will believe only what I can measure, or have empirical evidence for that is what I can touch and hear and feel or measure with tools. And number three, I may be wrong. And so I am forever open to changing my theory, if I am showing evidence to the contrary. To change the theory even to trash it totally and accept a new one is perfectly normal in the realm of science. Nobody ego is hooked to his theory, and any scientists word the name may defend his theory. But if he is presented with evidence to the contrary, he sees it as a sign of development and progress. And we'll accept

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regions thought

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is based on what seems to be the opposite of this. I'm not saying it is I'm saying it looks like that. And I'll tell you why it looks like

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Islam is based on the data on direct revelation from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The Quran is the speech of Allah as revealed to Rasul Allah is Allah Salah, and communicated to us by him and a Salah.

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As such, since the Quran is the actual speech of Allah, the premises on which it is approached are different from those which define science.

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That is not to say that the Quran or its study is unscientific in the derogatory sense that this term is usually meant, but that the nature of the science of the Quran is different.

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The study of the Quran is based on the premise on the these three premises one, we believe that this is the actual speech of Allah subhanho data and therefore, it is the truth in which there is no doubt. Number two, we believe what we read without asking how we like life. Number three, that the Quran deals with the unperceivable arrived not just the unseen and that's the wrong translation of

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the Quran deals with the unperceivable and is the means of connecting to Allah subhanaw taala. As such, empirical evidence is not necessary in the presence of the word of Allah.

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theorizing, philosophizing, conjecture and imagining are all discouraged, even prohibited in matters that relate to Allah subhanaw taala and

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the unperceivable

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this sometimes gives the impression of Allah theologians being rigid and closed minded. And that misunderstanding is the root cause of the antagonistic attitude or both sides.

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But it is reasonable and logical, they are actually reasonable and logical questioning in any discipline demands that it be done within the framework of the discipline.

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So also in Islam, every question is welcome, provided it is asked respecting the rules of inquiry. This is not a sign of an unscientific development, but of recognizing the boundaries and limitations of inquiry. We don't enquire where there is no chance of getting any answer because the Revelation the way he has stopped, and because it is not possible to experiment or search for empirical evidence in an area which is unperceivable. This is directly in keeping with the scientific method, where you cannot conduct an experiment for example, to measure how much you love your wife and thank Allah was born versus

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science is the tool by which we can see the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa Taala up close.

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There are two things the holder of Allah and the Sunnah of Allah. One is Allah power, which has no boundaries is correct. And the other is the system that Allah

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Rihanna created by which his creation functions. One is the Koran and all the modules that the miracles that are mentioned in it. The other is called physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and everything that people who don't know Allah subhanho wa Taala call laws of nature and so on.

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One tells you the why of things. The other one tells you the how.

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Both are from Allah subhanaw taala and are intrinsically interrelated. There is no conflict between the two. All the IR that we quote today, in the hour about embryology and geology and astronomy and so on, are all scientific statements, but Our Ayat of the Quran, all of them were in LA at the time they were revealed. But today, thanks to science, we can see what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned. This confirms the truth that to study the principles that Allah subhanaw taala established in the creation of the universe is not anti Islam, but a part of Islam. But we Muslims sadly, have created a gap, even a gulf between the two to our own detriment. Let us see what Islam says about science.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us about the relationship between theology and science, where he said our we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in the vehicle

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of the afterlife la de la de la Bab. Allah Xena, Quran Allah haka, Mama, Oh Allah Jehovah him with a Coronavirus de la Thielen Subhana Kakinada na in Surah, Allah Allah, Allah said, which means very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of the day and the night of the night of the day, there are indeed signs for people of understanding those who remember Allah subhanaw, taala, sand, standing, sitting and lying down

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on their line down the sides, and who deeply think about the creation of the heavens and the earth. And they say, our up you have not created all of this without purpose. Glory to you, Exalted are You above all that they associated associated with you as partners? Give us salvation from the trouble of the fire. There can be nothing clearer than this, about the importance of science in Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us what to teach and how to teach it. It is very unfortunate that those who read this ayah taught it, memorized it, but didn't stop to ask.

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Why is it that when Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned two things, his Vicar and resurgence creation, we only talk about one and not the other.

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That is how universities teach about the creation as if there is no creator.

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And our mother is treach about the creator as if there is no creation.

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Both are bad, but the latter is worse, because it is we who received the ayah we who read it and memorized it, yet, we did not act on it. We didn't study science. And so we remained ignorant of it. That made us suspicious of science, especially because its principles are so different from our theological principles. And we started to fear it, and to disparage and deprecated denigrated. Scientists, on the other hand, remain ignorant about Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they look down upon us and considered us to be insular isolation is ignorant and backward. If we integrate our teaching, knowledge will flower as Allah subhanho wa Taala intended to and we will use science to

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see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala and use it to fill our hearts with his glory and majesty. Science is the tool to view the creation of Allah by the lens that we see it with, which is our heart.

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inshallah, we'll talk more about this next Juma, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to understand science in the right perspective and to understand the relationship between science and the Koran, and to be able to create spaces to create schools in which we can teach science in a way which opens the eyes to the glory of magic.

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diavola and fills the hearts with his door and with his with his glory and majesty, was Allah Allah Bukhari while he was on his way. We refer to him in what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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