Israel’s War On Gaza Is Genocide

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during the Blitz, the Nazis when they bombed England, it was over a nine month period intensely, but it really technically was over four years more people have died in Gaza. Then they died in London during the Blitz and the Blitz was like carpet bombing. It wasn't precision strikes. So make that of what you will we have over 100 genocidal statements from 30 Plus Israeli ministers, politicians and the idea of proper evil people, for example, take the Israeli heritage minister and Mackay Eliyahu he said Israel must find ways for Gaza are more painful than death. Take you have gallant minister of defense, he said Hamas was control of the north of the strip, we were doing a Gaza Nakba of 2023.

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For the audience who don't know the Nakba was the expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinians and the massacre and also the destroying of 600. Palestinian villages. He also says have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There'll be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, he said, You must remember what emelec has done to you says our Bible and this refers to one Samuel 15 Three that says now go attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them Do not spare them put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.

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This is pure genocide genocidal intent here because he's blurring the boundaries if you like between a competent and a non competent and he's saying to children, why would the Gazans believe the idea when the ideas have told them to move on when they've moved? They've been bombed? They haven't been they have the error analysis has been shown by independent entities I found? No, they have women, children, children. That is a child that how much fighter what well, is a child a harmless fighter? Well, if you were saying 11,000 children, how much fighters well hold on is genocidal language, humanizing language, they control even the daily calories. Academics have called it perverse,

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degrading and unlivable in many places. So from that perspective, the way you're framing it, you're framing it as if there are two state actors, and there's a war it's not a war. In actual fact, Israel under international law has no right to defend itself. Why? Because it's already in a has no right. Yet, according to international law, let me explain why after seven can explain why you should do nothing. I'm not saying that listen to what I'm saying is, listen, they should stop the apartheid regime. They stop the illegal settlements, they should stop oppressing the Palestinians, they should stop killing children. They should stop forcing in prison children. The list goes on and

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on and on. That's what they should do you want peace Don't be an oppressor. If your priests don't have apartheid, there are 65 malls that discriminate against Arab Israelis and Palestinians were happy with apartheid, Israel dropped an estimated 6000 bombs in Gaza in less than a week. American US intelligence assessment has said that nearly half of the air to ground munitions that Israel has used in Gaza are dumb bombs, meaning they are not guided is just anything goes anything can be destroyed and even President Biden right genocide joke he said that Israel has engaged in indiscriminate bombing. And this is supported by scholars genocide scholars, let me ask you a

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question seventh of October. Why why why are you racist? Let me know. Let me ask you a question. Because let's keep it civil, no, civil, I'm not being angry. I'm just you are a classic atheist. Let me tell you why. Sorry, classic racist, and your classic atheist as well. Freudian slip, Freudian slip, but he's an atheist. Racist, of course. But why are you racist? Because you're talking about October the sixth? Where is your condemnation of the equivalent five October the seventh that were inflicted on the Palestinians from 2008 to 2020? Where is your condemnation of that? You talk about October the sixth as if everything was rosy and peaceful. Israel has an apartheid system around 65

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laws, no less than 65 laws that discriminate against Arab Israelis and the Palestinians. You have illegal occupation? Where is your condemnation of the equivalent of five October the seventh since 2008? Where's your condemnation? Why the more asymmetry? Is it because you're racist do you believe is really blood is more work is worth more than Palestinian blood because you're not even bothered to address that reality. There are five equivalent October the summit's inflicted on the Palestinians before October, kind of othering that is happening in your language and also the Saturday between war against Israel. Now war against the Jews is these subtleties, these kind of

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propaganda techniques which are quite in fact quite devilish. I know you're an atheist, so don't take it personally because you don't believe in the devil. But the point is,

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is a devilish ploy because it is well known that the Palestinians Muslims as well in general have never wanted to fight the Jews. In actual fact, Islam preserved the Jewish community. Philip Manson's book Constantinople has a primary source of a Jewish rabbi that was expelled from Spain. Because of the Inquisition, he said, Come to the land of the text rich or the fruits of the earth. We live in peace and freedom. Amnon Cohen, a Jewish historian, he's got a book called World Within. It's a two volume book, he collects 1000 records of the judicial records, the Cgo records. And he concludes that although the Jews had the freedom to go to the rabbinical courts, the majority of

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them or a substantial number of them wanted to go to the kadhi, the Islamic judge because the new Justice lived under the Islamic principles, he even goes to the manushi. And he says women would complain of nasaka, meaning maintenance, from their husband to the Islamic judge. And I could go on and on about Zion Zaha, you could talk about jihad. True jihad is liberation of people. Zohar, another Jewish historian. He talks about the Iberian Peninsula, he says Thus, when the Muslims crossed the streets of Gibraltar in the Iberian Peninsula, the Jews saw the Muslims as liberated from Christian persecution. And if you look at the Treaty of the Prophet Muhammad upon him in peace

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himself, he had a treaty with the Jews with the Jewish tribe and he said they should not be harmed and they act as one body. This is unprecedented in history. We're not fighting the Jews, we're fighting Zionism. Our job is take care of all human beings to give them dignity. And that's extremely important. Karen Armstrong's a saint very interesting. She's a popular historian. She says the Muslims create a system of governance where Muslims, Jews and Christians live peacefully for the first time. If you look at this from a historical perspective, there's actually no other time in history where Jews Christians and Muslims live peacefully other than under the Islamic civilization.