Mirza Yawar Baig – Necessity and desire

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of motivation in life is discussed, including the need for effort, money, and time to achieve desires. The necessity of practicing Islam, finding a partner who practices Islam, and finding a woman to be a good partner. The importance of finding a woman who practices Islam is emphasized, along with the need for accommodation, renting a house, and paying bills for a class. The speaker emphasizes the importance of practicing Islam for a better life and fulfilling desires for pleasure and security in order to achieve Islam.
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filarmonica Haven humbly Laravel Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be even more serene. Mohammad Rasool Allah, He said Allah Allah, Allah here, Ali was yourself just live on the Thielen, Casita,

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Bella Sr, there is a basic fundamental rule in life. And it's expressed in one way, which is quite, I think,

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clear and that is, you get a medal for doing over and above your duty.

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Your you get a medal for doing or going over and above your duty, nobody gets a medal for doing their duty, they get a salary for doing their duty.

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The reason I say this is because this is the nature of motivation. In life,

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people are motivated to do things which are in the realm of their

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desires, we take our

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you know, all the things that are in our heart and separate them into two parts you will get to one is necessities, the other one is desires.

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For a necessity, a person will work to a point, because necessities are easily satisfied.

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But desires, they will need a lot of effort, they need a lot of investment, they need a lot of money and time and pain.

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But people do all that, because those desires are so important.

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For example,

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necessity, is transportation. Walking is transportation cycle is transportation. Taking a bus is transportation, taking a train is transportation. Even if you have to buy a car than buying the cheapest car, I'm not saying buy buy a broken on camera by buying the cheapest car fulfills the necessity of transportation.

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But what do we really want to does anybody who wants to have a car? If you if you said to a person,

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I'm willing to pay for whichever car you want to have for your transportation? What do you think the vast majority of people I know there will be the odd person who will who will not fit this. But the vast majority of people, including all our children, what do you think they will say, they will pick the most expensive car on the on the list, right? The most expensive, the most luxurious car with all kinds of features in it, and so on and so forth.

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Even though you and I know, the problem with feature, whether it's cars, or phones or anything else,

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probably 80 to 90% of those features we never use. Most of us don't even know how to use it. And really we don't even bother to learn because we don't feel any pain. I mean, there's no I don't know, the feature doesn't I don't care. I mean, I'm not going to use it.

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Right yet, we are willing to pay more we are willing to work more for our desires. Necessity is a spouse.

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If you go to a woman and say, Tell me what kind of man would you like to marry? Which woman is there on the face of the planet? Who says as long as it's a man I'm happy to marry you? No way No way. You will have a list from here tomato, right must be like this. I like this and like this and like this and was down so much and must be this and be that how many women are Muslim, even our women are willing to say as long as he is a good practicing Muslim.

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That's all I'm getting. That's all I variable. That's all I'm interested in good practicing Muslim.

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Or let's go a step further. Good practicing Muslims, who earns

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minimum wage, enough to have two meals a day.

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And that's one meal more than you actually need.

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And a roof over our heads, which means a rented house. Apartment. I'm happy to marry that person.

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Who Which woman is there will say that

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which man is there to say what kind of spouse Do you want? He says no problem. As long as it's a

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a woman who practices Islam. That's it. Because from the front of on the part of the woman, you don't have to worry about what she earns and how many she has because you're not entitled to that in any case. Right. So which man is there who says as long as it's a woman who is a practicing one hamdulillah

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right No way. She must be looked like this. She must be this height and this weight and color must be this one on that one and whatnot and this race and that

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100 And this bandana, you know, the whole list.

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So where is the necessity? And where is the desire? All of what I'm describing our desires, right? necessity of practicing man who earns enough to support me necessary a practicing moment.

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People who practice Islam, that's it.

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But we're never satisfied with that.

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I need accommodation,

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rent a house, rent an apartment, live in a rented house all your life, what's the brown?

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No way I must own the house. Even if I have to get into haram no problem even if I have to get a loan on interest and accept a declaration of war from Allah subhanaw taala and His Rasul no problem in the law when

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I want to study medicine.

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If I study in America, I can't afford to pay the bills and therefore I have to take a law and I'm paying interest for the next God knows how many years right?

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So go to another country to study

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no problem, right? It cost you maybe 1/10 of what what you want to pay here. It says medicine, then do the exams come back here and practice

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or find something else? Who's a Doctor Who says you need to be a doctor be something else? There are options or options or choices. But no, we must have this because this is my desire.

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Now I think this is enough for my point that I don't want to I can I can make you a long list but doesn't matter.

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Why am I saying all this? I'm saying this to contrast with our attitude towards our deed.

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What is our attitude when it comes to Islam?

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Brother is it necessary for me to pay pray for a class or not before the war and then to raka sunnah after the war and another terracotta sunnah after at our other two rock out of Nashville after that. I'm paying 12 recart.

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And you say my brother Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said the one who prays for my God before the war, and for after the war, Allah subhanaw taala will build him a Palestinian

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one palace a day.

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Right? No, you can't praise or more than once a day, one palace a day.

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For a dozen or so now before and for rocket after.

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To regardless of not knowing

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when the reality is that palace in general is not real. For us, may Allah protect us from ourselves.

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That car or that woman or that man or that house or whatnot, that is real for us.

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But the pilot in Jannah, which Allah subhanaw taala will build for us and be the pseudo Salam promised.

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Not real. So we mourn and grow.

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Pray in the budget 27 times the reward.

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necessary to have to do this.

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You don't have to do this. Just as you don't have to have a beautiful wife. Just as you don't have to have a good looking husband. Just as you don't have to have wealth. Just like you don't have to own your house. Just like you don't have to eat three meals a day. Just like you don't have to have a fancy car.

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Just like that, just like that, with one big difference. Now what is the difference? The difference is all this list which I made for you, no matter how beautiful that woman, no matter how beautiful that man, no matter how wealthy the woman or man, no matter how massive and glorious your house, no matter how fantastic your car

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one day you will leave it behind.

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One day they will leave it behind and there is no force on the face of the earth I can change that.

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Because if you are born, you will die.

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And then I was was downloaded from the internet we all born

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and when we die, everything, everything everything stays here.

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Whereas what we do for the sake of Allah goes with us. Now take a second look at this.

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And say with regard to the deen, am I thinking necessity? Or am I thinking desire? How about if our high shot? How about if our desires were only for the pleasure of Allah?

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This was the state of resources. This was the state of the Sahaba Redonda Hollywood Mexico state all the all the all the people who are who are close to Allah subhanaw taala

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their desire was to please Allah

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had the virus around the valleys to give away everything is used to live in

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They say, I will only keep what is the Rory for my life here in this dunya.

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And what he knows I'm sure that he said if you wake up in the morning,

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in a sound body, meaning your body has does not have disease,

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you have a roof over your head, he didn't say your own that

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rented or whatever you have a roof over your head, you are secure, which means there is nobody, you know trying to take your life

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and you have food for that day, one day.

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What are the four conditions

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you wake up in a sound body, you have a roof over your head.

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You are you're secure,

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you're safe, and you

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have enough food for the day.

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It didn't tell us you have a job, you have your you have a factory you have a bank balance, you have a dog food for the day, if you have these four things,

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it is as if the whole world has been collected for you.

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So now what must I do I think about this, if we think like this, and if we work like this, then what will happen is that as far as our lives are concerned, they will become very simple. They will become very simple, very easy to fulfill very easy to satisfy no complications.

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And all our effort will go in pleasing Allah Subhan who

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still go out there and build a big business still go out there and run a country still go out there and change the world. But do it for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa

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roof ruthlessly over Last Mountain not for anybody else. Not for dunya not for

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you know not to get

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popularity and this and that. But for the sake of Allah Suvarna whoa, whoa that

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that is the that is the that's the point. change our thinking

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about necessity and desire with respect to the day

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to day we think necessity I will do only which I am forced to do I will do only that which I have no alternative. Instead of that say I will do it for the pleasure of Allah.

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I will do more.

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I don't need to be forced I love to do it.

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And then see how your life would change.

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Ask a lot of our identity to fill our hearts with a desire to please Him

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or salon and the military Murali he was happy maybe routing

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