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In Al Hamdulillah, salat wa salam O Allah, Colombia, Allah Allah He was heavy on what

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Allah Subhana Allah said

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and laserline journey learn our

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lesson as I said, and there is nothing for mankind except that which they strive for, except that which they make effort for

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anyone myself, I knew

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that this is a basic principle in life,

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that this world is a world of cause and effect.

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Nothing happens by itself

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you want a cup of tea

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or you want to build the Taj Mahal or you want to build a Jama Masjid or you want to build a great education institution or you want to build a disco, whatever you want to do, effort has to be made.

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without effort, nothing happens.

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Number two,

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that this result is proportional to the effects to the effort

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is not Newton's third law. It is a law which Allah de la Vega Newton discovered it, that action and the action are equal and opposite.

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So effort

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is required.

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And result is proportional to the efforts.

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This applies for our

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material goals. It applies for emotional goals, it applies for financial goals, it applies for spiritual worlds,

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the difference between material goals and spiritual goals

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is to one

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the result of the effort made for the material goal is visible.

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If you make an effort to start the start a business and you make good effort, you will see some profits.

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So, the met the result of the material goal is visible.

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And then the end result of the material goal is usually directly proportional to the amount of effort

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the result of the spiritual goal is not visible.

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And the result of the spiritual goal is much higher than the effort made.

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That our goal is visible. But the result is generally only as much as you make the effort.

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What the result of the spiritual work is not visible. But the actual result is much more than what the effort makes

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the benefit of that spiritual work.

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There's another principle in this which is

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that the material goal, because it is visible.

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Therefore, it is not so easy to give up.

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The because it is visible, it also

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forces you to continue to make the effort

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and if you stop making the effort, somebody will remind you

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the one garganega de la vista gala, double click on it, you can wrap it in

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somebody will say is at a job and you don't go somebody will remind you

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But suppose you are working on improving the show in your Salah

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and midway you give up Who knows? Nobody

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Nobody knows, nobody will ask nobody will remind. So therefore, material goals, because the results are visible, are difficult to give up.

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And somebody will remind you and push you, but spiritual world, even though the result, the effect of the spiritual goal is very powerful and very high. The goal itself is not visible.

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And therefore it is easy to give up.

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If you give up, nobody knows.

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Nobody even knows to give up. But you are useless.

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Because you give up the goal, so naturally you will lose. So I remind myself I knew that it's very important to have a sense of discipline, within obviously in everything in life, but definitely in terms of our spiritual goals.

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We tend to neglect them until it is too late.

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So discipline is very much required. When we want to achieve spiritual goals. And as I say

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that in life, one must necessarily go through two things, either of two things, the pain of discipline or the pain of regrets.

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So one must always remember is that there's no such thing as

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you know, free,

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free benefits. It won't come without

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Doesn't matter didn't make this dunya like this. So therefore, for a man for a performer human being is only what he makes effort for. So as myself and divine myself I knew, it is therefore very important for us to take stock

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and say, What effort Am I making?

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It is true both for spiritual worlds and material worlds, and especially for those involved in the Stanford Academy, to understand that the original goals or material goals

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will only happen if we make them our life goal.

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Irrespective whether you want to build a good business or something, unless you make it your life goal, it won't happen.

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There is really a bit of a difference between a life goal and a hobby.

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a hobby is that which you do, when you don't have anything else to do.

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in your spare time in your free time, everything else has to be taken care of, then when some time is left, you spend on this thing, whether it is time collection, or butterfly collection, or whatever it is, that's a hobby.

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A life goal is that for which you sacrifice everything else,

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a live goal is something which cannot reach once you have fixed this is my life goal, then you will not compromise that for anything else.

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So if you look at a daily timetable, the live goal is that on which you are spending the maximum amount of time

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very simple isn't that is all great mystery net. If something is your life goal, then necessarily it must occupy the maximum amount of time that you have.

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If it is not occupying that, and that's the reason why people don't succeed in business also.

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Because they're not giving it enough time. Simple as that.

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Unless you give it time, and quality time nothing is going you know, blank your body in a chair. No.

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Your effort must go into that your thought was going to that you must seek knowledge you must go and talk to people you must dig opinions, you must follow those opinions.

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Otherwise, you will not succeed in business.

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Their business success stories after success stories and one common thread through every business success story is that that person who succeeded in building that business, did it because he was obsessed with it.

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There is no other word to describe that is obsessive behavior.

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Unless you have obsessive behavior, you will not get results.

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And that's why you see other businesses which go up to a point and then they you know, fall by the wayside because of this because there's not enough dedication. That's all.

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Unless there is total dedication, we don't succeed. And same thing applies for the issue of Islam.

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If you look at the Zara designer, like la mudvayne, I've given this example so many times in so many countries,

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the Sahaba were obsessive people.

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They were totally and completely obsessed with the idea of taking Islam to every human being on the face of the earth. There was no other goal for them.

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Everything else was sacrificed for this goal.

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And because of this obsessive barrier, Allah subhanaw taala accepted them for his work and

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so getting recruited by Allah subhanaw taala for the work of his Deen consists of demonstrating enough dedication, enough obsessive behavior

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to show Allah subhanaw taala that I want to be selected for this work.

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People have the very mistaken opinion that to do the work of then you need money, you need this, you need that you don't need any of that.

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The work of Allah subhanaw taala will get it done because it is his work. But he will get it done from people who get themselves recruited.

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Once the recruit so he will give you he has to give you

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makes no sense recruiting you and then he's telling you doesn't matter what happened. So if he recruits we will give you but to be recruited is our job.

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And to be recruited, we have to demonstrate that I am the guy I am the person, please take this work from me. And that will happen only with obsessive behavior. You look at successful,

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very highly successful efforts in Islam, or in any other religion or in any other field you will see obsessively.

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What is the big big complaint made about people who are in who

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they don't get

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For the family, they don't care for this. They don't care for that. dogma delegate, but you know something that is the secret of success of the work of the least

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because they work