What are the Diseases of the Heart

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Bismillah Walkman you're watching um

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we are all born pure. As we live, the heart changes and how we change.

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become sick, become ill.

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diseased. What are the diseases of the heart? What are the, what's the viruses that will affect the heart? Number one, the biggest one, associating one with a loved

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one I worship, should Association. Have something with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number one, number two,

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arrogance, arrogance, I'm better than somebody else. Gradually, my surroundings feed me, the time the best. I'm better. My skin color, the way I look, my education, how much money I have. Anything makes me feel I am better than the other and I become arrogant. So you have shark, you have arrogance. You have self admiration or job. I like myself. I'm not saying I like I shouldn't like myself. I like myself because of the way I am. I am better than other so self admiration will feed to arrogance. Anger is a huge disease of the heart, anger and it's usually a result of arrogance. ostentation a big one. I do things. I say things. So people will see me so people will praise me.

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ostentation I don't do to be to please him. No, I do what makes people happy with me. I say what people likes about me. I act in the way where people will praise me ostentation, but uh, yeah, that's why they are Swati Sato Salaam taught us. Aria is actually one kind of a hidden ship. The other disease of the heart is actually jealousy.

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I'm jealous, and the the first

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crime on earth is because of jealousy. When I am born, I am not born like this. I am born on the fifth or a pure and the heart becomes gradually gradually, gradually sick.