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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam. ala ba were mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira and kathira mavado My dear brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala jela gelato centers Ramadan Kareem

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in order to develop and in order to improve and strengthen our connection with him, which is called Taka,

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Taka is that state of the heart where the slave fears not Allah, but fears to disobey Allah because he loves him more than anyone or anything else. That why is wrongly translated as fear of Allah.

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There are several other words like this very important words which are wrongly translated I'm not going to go into that just now. But that's why we'll Let's stay with that why is translated for example, in the IDE which we hear and every Juma fought by you alladhina amanu tala

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digga English translation of the Quran and you will see all you will believe here Allah as he should be feared. Now this is a wrong translation. Because fear produces fear is a negative emotion and fear produces hatred. Nobody loves something that they fear. People fear snakes, and so they want to kill snakes, they, they hate snakes. If somebody fears if your child goes to school and fears a teacher because the teacher you know, is frightened the child. So the child feels the teacher, you ask the child Do you love that? DJ says no, I don't love the teacher. What do you already know? Yes, I obey them because otherwise they will punish me. But do you love them? No, I don't love them. If

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the teachers class is missed, or the teacher is doesn't come to come to school, that child is very happy. Now with Allah Subhana Allah geladeira who that is not the case with the believers because Allah subhanaw taala specifically mentioned this, and he said, Well, Lavina armano Asha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said Verily the believers are those who love Allah more than anyone and anything else. So therefore dakwah is not fear of Allah, it is the fear of disobeying the one I love the most. And therefore love of Allah, hope of Allah, and the fear of disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala are linked and that link is called Aqua, Aqua. Because the more I love Allah, the more I fear to

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disobey Him, the more I fear to displease him, the more I do not want to displease him. The more I love Allah, the more Allah will become number one in my life, which is how it should be. But unfortunately for us today, that is not how it is. Allah Serrano does not number one in the lives of most of us Allah subhanho wa Taala is I don't even know which number. So therefore, Allah subhanho wa Taala centers this Ramadan is beautiful month and Allah that has said you alladhina amanu coochie coo coo kavaguti ballerina amin acaba de como la la quinta taco, oh yo believe fasting has been prescribed on you as it was prescribed for those before you. So that you may become matakohe even

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become people of taqwa. Remember that swatara did not say written for you is it prescribed for you. And because CUDA and meaning of it is prescribed for you, Allah didn't say it is you are advised to do that and the nice thing to know prescribe Now think about this, what is a prescription a prescription is a solution to a problem. Doctors write prescriptions for for, to cure your pain and your ailments and so on. So a prescription is a solution to a problem. What is the problem lack of taqwa? What is the solution fasting and that's why this is to be treated as as a as if we are in hospital for a month, in order to repair ourselves and what are we repairing? We are repairing the

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condition of our hearts, our hearts have become dead, our hearts have become dark with ignorance with fear with stress with with with all kinds of anxieties and this COVID has added to that right so people are now even more afraid of death. Why would you be afraid of death one told us that two things firstly and foremost, Allah subhanaw taala and

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Rosa Rosa Sallam both told us that the time of death is fixed and that it will not be delayed, it will not be brought forward. Second thing is those who said the most intelligent one among you is the one who remembers his depth. The most often Indians is the most intelligent one is the one who feels that these are no The one who remembers his death most often. And then he told us among many in many ways, but one of the ways he told us was he said when you make Salomon's when you make Salaam in tasleem, in salah and he says that Mr. Kumar I want to learn on the right shoulder and then do not believe that you will be able to go to the left shoulder to complete your Salaam you

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might die in between.

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If we as Muslims believe no soon as salam, so hamdulillah COVID is one way, right? And then of course, he said the one who dies are in an epidemic dies as a shy. He also said take complete a daughter precautions, quarantine yourself separate yourself. And he didn't say wear a mask, but obviously all of this is part of the part of the production. And he said in the time of a waba in a time of an epidemic, if you he said do not go out. Right? He said don't go to a place which has an epidemic and if there is if you are in a place which has has an epidemic don't leave the place, what does it mean me don't go around the world and spread it stay there. And then he said confine

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yourself. And he said salon is seldom that the one who can find himself the one who takes precautions and is saved, he does not die will be counted among the Shada will be counted among the martyrs. So please understand this when when I'm saying, Do not be afraid of COVID I'm not saying throw away your mask and do stupid things and, and cause problem for yourself. Other people know, take full precautions, wash your hands, wear your mask, this is this is what we know until now, what we should do let us do all that. Let us get vaccinated, let us take all the precautions that we need to take. But remember that the protection is from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So there's no need to fear and if Connor has that I'm going to die. And if I'm going to die of COVID that I'm going to die of COVID Alhamdulillah wa sallam said the one who dies of the ailment in a in a woba in a epidemic in a pandemic dies as a Shaheed. Now, to come back to the I am devil deliberately mentioned this topic here because it's very very topical and important, but boy we are making here is that if the heart is filled with all this, if the art is filled with COVID phobia, it is filled with with, you know, economic phobia, and it is filled with political phobia and it is filled with God knows what phobia we are afraid of everyone and everything except Allah subhanaw

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taala and this is a curse because this is a punishment for Allah subhanaw taala The one who does not fear Allah subhanho wa Taala does not fear to disobey Allah Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah puts the fear of everything else into that person's heart. So what must we do so therefore I had a sick I had is very, very sick, right? And this sickness is being manifested in mental illness is being manifested in physical illness in all kinds of psychosomatic problems and pains and so on and so forth. So what must we do? We develop our taqwa, we illuminate the heart, with the knower of Allah subhanaw taala. And what is the way to do that through fasting and that's why last Renata gave

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us fasting. So first and foremost thing to do, those of us who got Ramadan Kareem in good health Alhamdulillah is to thank Allah subhanaw taala is to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato for giving us Ramadan al Karim, in good health and in a state where we can fast second thing is to ensure that we do fast, don't miss the fast for any reason, which is not permitted in the Sharia. Make sure that you do do you do your Salah and when we are fasting Blake make sure that we do everything in the fast which is not only leaving food and drink and and desires, not soon as a result, observe you cannot control your done Allah has no need for your hunger and thirst. Right? So therefore,

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controlling their tongue is an extremely important past of part of fasting. Fasting is to fast from every negative thing in our lives. Not only in Ramadan, that is a practice session, that's the boot camp. But to do that for the rest of our lives. Fasting is to is to starve the ego and feed the soul as somebody said, it's not one of mine, but somebody said this fasting means to to Ramadan means to starve the ego and feed the soul and so, let us do that. Now when the slave is in that state when he his heart has been illuminated with the nor of Allah subhanaw taala.

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When the person now is concerned about the the about the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala What does he do? He makes doc and therefore in his great infinite mercy. He put this idea in the middle of the aisles relating to fasting and zero to Bukhara where he said what is

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the unevenness Kareem was a Buddha die.

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Fall yesterday whoo Lee while you win ob la la mujer shalom. Allah subhanho wa Taala said said which means

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when my slave asked about me, I am near him.

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He saying Rosa Solomon, my slave asked about me answer him, that I am near him. I listened to him, let him ask me and I will give him

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let him obey me and let him have faith in me. So in this beautiful

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I tell garima Allah Subhana, Allah has given us the assurance that he listens to God, that He gives us what we asked for. There are different ways in which Allah subhanaw taala gives.

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A gives him three different ways. One is he gives you what you ask for. When you ask, as you ask, number two, Allah subhanaw taala instead of giving this to you, because he knows that what you are asking for is not good for you, you don't know that Allah knows it. And Allah Subhana Allah is in his infinite mercy does not want to burden you with your own dog. So therefore what does Allah Allah do Allah subhanaw taala therefore instead of giving you what you asked for Allah subhanaw taala substitutes that by, by forgiving your sins, and or by averting a calamity that was to be for you at that time. The third one is where Allah subhanaw taala did not give you what you asked for, because

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you knew that this was not good for you. And at that time in your corner, there was no calamity to be averted. Now vision has said that third kind of da Allah subhanaw taala stores with him, it stays with him. And when the slave meets Allah when you and I meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, that is when Allah swear that I will say to us, he will show us this is what you asked I gave you this is what you asked and this is a calamity that was averted inshallah, that day, we will see that and then Allah will say, this is what you asked me and I did, there was no calamity to be averted. Now this door is between now asked me and I will give you and where is that conversation

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happening? It is happening before the throne of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, there whatever you ask Allah subhanaw taala will give you inshallah, I request you to ask for forgiveness for me as one of the drawers that you will make on that day for me and my wife, and my family. Please ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us, my parents, my wife's parents, and please ask for forgiveness for our whole family. That is why just one door out of all the doors that you will have inshallah on that day, and having said that narrated these

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about these three kinds of doors. And also Rosana solemn said that if you knew the value of this da, which is not accepted in this world, and which is stored with Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, You will wish that you make continuously throughout your life, but nothing is accepted. And everything is stored. You don't get anything you asked for in his life. Whatever you ask, you don't get it. Yeah, I want a job. You don't get a job. Well, I want children you get no children, I yell I want a spouse, I mean, they are different order. You will not get a spouse and so on and so on and so forth. You have some pain sickness, yeah, like your me will not be cured. The point is that all of

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these which I'm describing for you, they all look like calamities. They all look like a problem. They all look like so Arla, what happened to me, why is Allah subhanaw taala denying me Allah does not deny you, Allah is keeping a treasure for you, which on the Day of Judgment, when you meet him, you will thank Allah subhana wa Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah now I have got these $3 million, which I used to ask Allah subhanaw taala analyzing asked me now and I will give you believe me, you will not be you will not know what to ask. And that's why I asked you only one of those was for me, not you will not even know what to ask. So Allah May Allah, Allah makers among those who ask

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and ask and ask and ask and ask and ask Allah subhanaw taala also to give you what you ask in this world, provided there is higher and if you have to give it to you with higher and apphia but to keep some of those doors, right we don't need 3 million we keep some of those glass for us. 10 2050 whatever with him insha Allah and when we meet him inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us those doors or to use the opportunity to make those plans so this is the man for God. make lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of now how do you make the DA powerful? Now Allah subhanaw taala taught us how to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala said the opening Ayat of surah. Maria, were honest

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about that. I said, all the will human are shavon in Radim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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and saw that Rick

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Baker Buddha who Zachary

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is in

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bevo, NIDA and coffee

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Paula beanie.

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shava will

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be Shafi

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you aka t Moratti

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work on T maratea

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the opening I have Sora Maria Kava I inside which are the Oroville mocha to add the meaning of which only allows Ronald as knows. And then Allah said Riku Rama g Rebecca Abdo Zakaria, this is a seeker This is a remember this is a mention of the mercy of your RAM to his slave, Zachary Ali salam, when you called out to his rub in secret is nada Robbo, NIDA and Javi. There was a man who gave too much and he was making God

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raised his hand and he said, Yalla Yalla Yalla Rasul. Allah says, Don't call him. He said, Make dua with dignity. Make dua softly your rub is not deaf. You don't have to shout, there must be there must be dignity and there must be a DA which which submission, the dua of the slave must be made like a slave, not shouting and screaming. So very important to understand that is not a robber who Neda and Javi when he called out to his Rob in secret, softly, say my rump, indeed, my bones have grown feeble, and gray hair has spread on my head, and I have never been unblessed in my da you have never rejected my dog. And then he says, All my IRA, and verily, I fear my relatives after me, since

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my wife is barren. So give me from yourself and air. Now, the way to make this and I'm summarizing from numerous I have these on the subject and from the Quran is to follow the method that Allah subhanaw taala showed us in this is the purpose of these stories is to teach us to correct the way in weight and make our

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door acceptable and powerful before Allah subhanaw taala. So, let us learn to connect to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Before I go there, I must say two things. One is, before you even start making the we have to do we have to be very clear about one thing which is eat Holla Holla there is no acceptance of da no matter how you make if you are eating haram and if you are earning Hello. So please understand this. Do not get into this issue of earning and hitting Haram. If you are doing that. Now's the time to make a step out and try and get out of it straightaway. Don't listen to your bankers. Don't listen to your financial analysts who will tell you you will if you if you get out

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now you will lose so much money. Just give me 12 months and you will come out with all profits. No, you don't have 12 months, right? You might drop that tomorrow. So please understand that if you drop dead then you are dying as an enemy of Allah. Because this i'm not saying all this. You know the ayat of the Quran. Gauri Diaz, Allah subhanaw taala declared war on his behalf and on behalf of his Nabi sallallahu Sallam on the one who deals with interest in any way. who borrows who lends, who writes the document, who bears witness, everybody, Allah, Allah make has written that the names of those people who do that Allah subhanaw taala has declared war on them. So therefore if you are

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indulging in that, what have you done? You have taken your name out of the list of only Allah, which is the default setting for every Muslim because Allah subhanho wa Taala said Allah amanu Can we attack on two conditions, people who have a man and people who have Taqwa, so Alhamdulillah insha Allah all of us have emerita whatever the level might be, Allah did not specify a level. So therefore every believer hamdulillah inshallah, man or woman who has Eva and was taqwa is a volley of Allah, on whom Allah has an Allah,

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one of whom I would love over the lame while you know, unless you are intelligent for them, there is no fear. And for them, there is no sadness. This is our This is our boundary condition, this is our default condition. Now, the people who are borrowing money on interest or lending money on interest, or who are witnessing these transactions, or were involved in any way, in any kind of commercial banking, transactions, whether it is through a bank or it is done privately by yourself, have taken their name out of the list of the Alia of Allah and have put their written their own names, they are doing it Allah has not done it for them. They are doing it. They're writing their names in the list

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of the enemies of Allah, because you tell me, somebody who accepts a declaration of war. What do you call that person?

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If you are at war with with some with somebody who is that who is the other party, who who you are at war with is your friend or your enemy, right please understand this one day we are going to die and we are going to face Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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a rule and his law

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and his writ, which runs even today, but we choose to ignore it on that day that is the rate which will run and there is no concept or no opportunity to ignore it. So therefore, we are going to end up in a situation which will be extremely, extremely bad and I do not wish this on the worst of my enemies. So please get out of any interest base earning also anything, anything haram For example, we have shops, you know, 711 shops and so on where we are selling tobacco, we are selling beer, we are selling alcohol in different forms. They're sending pornographic literature, you're setting or you buy lottery tickets, right? And then visa No no, no but you know this part of the business,

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excuse me, my brothers and sisters, anything which is haram is not the part of a business of a Muslim. Your Razak is reserved we'll cover till Mateen is the one who provides by his power and glory and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not your shop, it is not 711 it is not the gas station, it is not anything, it is Allah subhanho wa Taala throw out all these products, and if you have to change the business change the business, because if you are in a business, which compels you to deal in Haram, that this is not the business for you as a Muslim and of course many people make these excuses, but the fact remains that that is not true the Business Daily does not compel you to

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do that, you can do that business in alway and please do that in our way and I make dua May Allah subhanaw taala give you great and huge Baraka in your business in the hallway, but get out of haram earnings also get out of haram eating today our plate has become International, an IRA base has become International, I share honey and myself had done a

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seminar in quit on this issue of earning an eating holla. And I remember this statement is is used to say our plate has become International. We have beef from from Brazil, we have Martin from New Zealand and Rome, Australia. We have

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you know, Allah knows what I mean all kinds of things, from all kinds all places in the world. And they all come with a large number please understand, the halaal stamp alone does not mean anything because I know situations where things which are in South Africa in Cape Town, there was a case where a a white Christian man phoned the MJC the Muslim Judicial Council and he said I just bought a pack of pork chops with the mgse halaal stamp on it. Now that doesn't mean the mgse is bad. It means that somebody must have stolen the thing and stuck the thing and he's doing it brainless This was his dog stamp on the

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on the back on the box of pork chops. So anything can happen in this world. So where you are not sure I always say know your chickens personally right? So and that is where the chickens because that's where the maximum problem happens. Factory process chickens are not halal. They cannot possibly be allowed no matter who puts a stamp on it. I have been inside a chicken automated chicken Processing Factory. And now I don't have the time to explain all this in detail. There is a lecture on mine called fatwa or taqwa please please look it up I have explained the whole thing in detail in that but please understand, there are difference of diff there is a difference of opinion there are

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different opinions about what constitutes halal slaughter and what constitutes halal meat. But one opinion which is agreed upon by all the Imams of

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Java humbling Hana, Hana v Maliki's ad, everybody one opinion which is agreed upon is that in an animal or bird, which is in itself holler if it is slaughtered by a Muslim who says Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and then using a sharp knife, he's rotters the animal cutting the two characters arteries and the jugular vein in one stroke, but does not separate the head from the body. Then this animal is inshallah halaal and zawiya this opinion is there a difference are the other options Also, I'm not saying they are wrong i'm not saying they are their faults. I'm just saying that the one opinion which is absolutely rock solid inshallah, and on which all the Imams whether you are shocked

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hanafy Emily Maliki's IV whatever the one opinion you can safely follow is this opinion. Right? So don't worry about whether this is the opinion in your mother or not follow that opinion because that opinion is the safest possible opinion. Well, Marlene I love my job is over I have completed and I have informed what I need to inform you. Because everything else I'm going to tell you about the acceptance of da is conditional upon whether your food is valid, and whether your earning is valid. If your food is haram or doubtful and if your earning is Arawa doubtful, then forget about the rest. You can stop watching right now, as far as the the Hadees of doubtfulness is concerned, you know

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that is where also lies Allah Salam said, I'll holla newbigin one haram obion webinar Hama musta behat. He said the Allah is clear, the Haram is clear between the two are doubtful matters. The one who indulges in the downfall has indulged in the Hara.

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And then he gave an example. And he said that this is like a shepherd who grazes his flock of sheep close to the boundary of a sanctuary, it is likely that if he's doing that, that some sheep will stray into the sanctuary, and the shepherd will be in trouble, he said, the sanctuary, the boundary of Allah subhanaw taala his prohibitions are the things that he has made. So, he says, stay far away from that, and that is complete with saying I lost animals and upset there is a lump of flesh in the body, if that is wholesome, if it is pure, if it is good, if it is healthy, then the whole body is healthy. And if it is not, so then the whole body is sick, and that is your car. Now I brothers,

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sisters, please

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call it Hello. Now we come to the things to do as far as the door is concerned. So we I started with the idea of opening is also to Maria, to therefore, number one, see what Zachary Ali Salam did, he speaks about his own weakness. He says Robbie, in the way. He said,

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Carla beanie, asthma mini washed out awasu shaybah. Now he says, Oh, my rub. My bones have become feeble, my hair has become great. So he's talking about his own weaknesses, talking about his own helplessness before Allah subhanho wa Taala is very, very important that we put forward to us monitor our weakness. And then what does he say? After having said all this, he said My wife is old and so on. He said, Oh my Rob, give me an A.

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So next thing is glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala and speak about his majesty and grace and speak about your connection with him Jalla Jalla Lu, which is what the cardiologist did. He said, Oh Allah, my daughter has never been unblessed you have never

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disgraced me, you have never refused my da, but obviously if you want to be able to say that you have to build your connection with Allah before that. So let us work on that. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala with this connection, Yan Abu Yaga, saying Allah,

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Allah I watch it only you and I asked help only from you. And if you are saying this, what does it mean to be alive? We don't do Who should I go to I have to come to so I'm asking you Yella, please help me. Then he says that then the third. So this is the second 1/3 one is to ask Allah subhana wa Taala in keeping with his majesty and grace, remember, Zachary on Islam did not say Allah My wife is org and she cannot have children anymore. So give me a second wife. No, he's saying give me an air from the same woman. Whether she is capable of bearing children or not is is something that is Allah is not dependent on that. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who took out a female pregnant camel

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out of a rock. So if Allah subhanaw taala can do that allows America created

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without parents he created How are you sir, I'm from a man, he created a salon without a father. I love that I can do whatever he likes. So Rob is now calling upon us via data in keeping with his majesty and grace. So the first one speak about your witness to speak about your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala della della who speak about the glory and magnificence of Allah, and then ask Allah subhanho wa Taala in keeping with his glory and magnificence when you are asking Allah subhanaw taala don't bring your constraints into the picture neither in your heart nor nor on your tongue. Because your constraints apply to you, your constraints do not apply to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. You are asking Allah because you have constraints you are asking Allah because the things are not working.

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For you, so what is the point in going back to that and say yell about, you know, this is what the doctor said is what's also said, I'm sick. Yeah, like you're me. But you know, there's no no buts, with Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is Sean in school. He says B and it is he says happen and it happens and therefore as with that, and not your weakness, and your worldly circumstances, number five, ask with complete and total certainty that Allah has the power to give. All that is needed is for you to persuade him. So work on that. Then as well as

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advised us to be patient in our door. And he said, Do do with patience. Don't be in a hurry. Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you he says took us a while he said I'm 40 years and I'm saying do that it took me forever is ramen years 80 plus years for him to have a farm to have a giant Then they asked them to sell. This is yours will not sell.

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What is the best time

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to make dua and now we shall sell have said it is the time of the hedgehog. The head is of our omega or Delano. He said the roses as they asked him at what time does Dwyer find the greatest response he said Dwyer made during the middle of the last part of the night and after the conclusion of the font salah and this is inter with the other good times do are between Azhar and a comma before you decide as I start designing certain Fatiha during ruco and sojos and after the Shabbos and before Salaam do i is accepted also in Croton with it and in footnote in accordance and asila at the time of calamity every Friday every Juma there is a time during which Allah subhanaw taala accepts all the doors, but

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it's a very short time. So continuously make dua throughout the Jamaat and among the

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times and places of acceptance though of course is the day of arafah Bella granters to be able to make Hajj inshallah very soon. And where Allah subhanaw taala accepts those do us dua is accepted right now we are in Ramadan, to please understand dua is accepted at the time of the start. So don't waste that time chasing services and stuff. Don't waste that time in chit chatting and watching this or that. No, forget it's third parties don't go to any of their body don't have any third party, make sure that you are at home or you are in the masjid and make a lot of da at that time because that

00:32:46--> 00:33:15

is a that's a time of acceptance of God. Now he's also celebrating the holidays in him nimasa which is a indeed the fasting person has at the time of breaking the fast a DA which is not rejected. So make dua with this complete certainty in shall, we shall also said three doors are not rejected the dua of a father or parent father or mother the dua for fasting person and the DA for traveler and this is in by Aki and this is a this so let us make dua during that time.

00:33:16--> 00:34:00

There is Allah Sallam said in another hobbies the results are absurd there are in the month of Ramadan every day and night those to whom Allah grants freedom from the fire I ask Allah to make all of you among them inshallah, and there is for every Muslim a DA, which he can make, and it will be granted and this is I had this in Muslim, the mammoth so make a lot of God and has been medic rhodiola Oh, reported that sorceress Adam said the one who makes dua sincerely for Shahada, it will be granted to him, even if he is not killed on the battlefield and this is a Muslim. I live in San Jose rasulillah salam said the miser is the one in whose presence I mentioned, but he does not make

00:34:00--> 00:34:20

dua for me. And this is intermediate, what is the dava? Sir, it is to xendoo then Salam on him. abou hora de la reported the Surah Surah Sam said a slave comes near as to his rub when he is in suit. So increase da in prostration this refers to do I will be which will make it such that

00:34:21--> 00:34:55

the DA of the parent for his or her child is accepted and the DA of the oppressed is accepted. And there is no barrier between these doors and Allah subhanho wa Taala so beware of oppressing others. Beware of being unjust to others. The one oppressed is praying against you is praying for your destruction while you are while you are fast asleep and is Rob is listening. So watch for that. And 11 one, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala with his beautiful names. Allah subhanho wa Taala said the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call upon him by them.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Lila smell husana fabu

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00:35:03--> 00:35:36

it is narrated then as we Monica Donna said I was sitting with Russell's on a solemn and a man was standing and praying. When he bowed and he prostrated when he made ruku and pseudocode and recited the show, he then started making dua, and in his dua he's alone My name sir Luca B. Anelka, Hamed, La ilaha IL and Alma nano body Osama T one. Yeah. Really crap. Yeah you after you in me as I look and he made his dog Rasul Allah Salah Salem

00:35:39--> 00:36:28

said, Do you know what he has asked with? Do you know what he is obligated with? They said Allah and His NaVi Salah Salaam know the best, he said, by the one, in whose hand is my soul, he called upon Allah subhanho wa Taala by his greatest name, which is called by he responds, and if he is asked by it, he gives, and this is a so he had his insulin naszej and as soon as I also said, the DA of the known euros Ali Salaam, by which he invoked Allah from inside the belly of the whale, Lie lie lie under some Hanukkah, Inigo tomato, Solomon, or there is no one worthy of worship but you Glory be to You. Verily I am amongst the wrongdoers no Muslim ever makes dua by this, but that Allah will grant

00:36:28--> 00:36:38

it to him. And this is in tirmidhi and Muslim hockey. It was narrated, the honor has been Malika delana said that homeless lamb

00:36:40--> 00:37:28

came to Rasul Allah is Allah salah and said you are a solo Santa, teach me some words that I may make dua with during my Salah. And he said, glorify Allah Serrano della by saying so Han Allah 10 times, then praise Him by saying Alhamdulillah 10 times and then glorify Him by saying Allah, how about 10 times? So what is that? 10 times one Allah 10 times or hamdulillah 10 times Allahu Akbar, and then ask him for you for what you need. And he will say yes, yes, yes. so beautiful, so simple, nothing that we even need to memorize because when Allah Al Hamdulillah, all of us know that. And finally, I remind myself and you about this most wonderful da it was narrated from Abdullah bin

00:37:28--> 00:37:54

Abdullah rhodiola Anima from his father, that rasulillah salam came one day with a joyful expression happy expression on his blessed face. He said gibreel came to me and he Solomon said, Will it not please you all Mohammed, Salah Salem to know that no one of your Omar will send Salaam on you? salatu salam Manu, that Allah subhanaw taala said

00:37:55--> 00:38:43

will it not please you Obama's Asana that no one of your oma will send salah and Salam on you. But I will send salah and Salaam 10 Ford, and no one will send Salam on you. But I will send Salah on him then for and this is what Allah subhanaw taala say so make send lots of the road and Salam ala rasulillah is on a solemn, especially on the day of Juma which is a very special day for that. But make this into your normal routine, your normal, our rod and Your will then you're asked God to send salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, at least 100 times every single day on Juma try to do it 1000 times it doesn't take a long time. And believe me, let it take a long time. What is the problem?

00:38:43--> 00:39:20

We're sitting there with the Rama of Allah subhanho wa Taala being showered upon you. So what's the problem? What is it that is more important than you need to run away from the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala this whole issue of you know, how long does it take? These are disgusting questions so that somebody is telling you something about vigor, the question about it takes too long. What is it that you have in your life, which is more important and more beneficial for you? Because nothing benefits Allah subhanho wa Taala that you can do more beneficial for you than the weaker of Allah, what is more beneficial for you then doing something where allies ending Salah on

00:39:20--> 00:40:00

you? And you want to leave that and run away and you want to say oh, this takes too long in daily life when I do this shows that the gross ignorance that we have with regard to our deal. I ask Allah to protect us from these errors. When Mallika Delano said Rasulullah Salim said whoever sent Salah upon me once, Allah will send Salah upon him 10 times and will erase 10 sins from him and will raise him 10 degrees in status. If you're selling Rasulullah Salallahu Salam on Amazon Salam durood 1000 times Allah subhanho wa Taala will send salatu salam will send Salah Manu and bless

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

Are you 10,000 times we'll remove 10,000 of your areas 10,000 of your sins and we'll raise your degree your your stat your degree or data within 10,000 degrees.

00:40:14--> 00:41:03

Right? Think about that. Just think about that. And when you are doing that, have this show and have this love in your hearts for that. Among the other things which are prescribed a Formula One is to cry to really weep. Let your words design your da in keeping with your pain, design your GPA in keeping with the width do with what you wish from Allah subhanaw taala right. I that those are not words which I can give you. But these are things which the which Allah Salam used to do. Abdullah Ahmad Asada Lama reported that a sorceress Salam recited these two if any one of Saudi Rahim he said, which was rather I said Robbie in our own Allah Allah kathira mina nazy Furman Damiani, if I

00:41:03--> 00:41:51

know many women are sarni for inaka or Rahim, or my Arab they have indeed led astray many among mankind and whoso follows me he is verily of me and who also disobeyed me still You are indeed of forgiving most merciful see the heart of your MLA sir he's not saying the honor disobeyed me punish him No, he's saying I love you if you do deserve to be You are the You are the ones to forgive. And then the other eye of throat reminder of the door of Israeli salon, where neisseria Salam says into as a boon for in a home a bad look. We're in the villa home for inuk and Allah Aziz will Hakeem Allah, if you punish them, they are your slaves. You have the you have the ability Do you own them,

00:41:51--> 00:42:35

they belong to you. Yeah, if you punish them, they are your slaves. And if you forgive them, verily, you only you are the Almighty and the all wise so it's an Islamic era. If you punish them, you can punish them. But if you forgive them, this is your glory. This is Your Majesty. This is your forgiveness. This is your mercy. This is your generosity, and also a solemn wept, and he kept saying, Yara be Amati Yara be Mati Mati Allah subhanho wa Taala heard him and sent gra Salaam and said and divaris came and he asked him and of course Allah knows this. He said, ask him why is he grieved? As soon as he was arrested? Yeah. gibreel What will happen to my oma analysts rather than I

00:42:35--> 00:43:22

said, tell him we will make him happy with respect to his alma Allah And then he said, Well, so far you will Tikka mirrabooka fatorda as well to Doha, verily your rub will give you all that is good so that you will be well pleased. So Allah we are people who, if Allah is pleased with me for one single second in my life, inshallah This is for me for my era, but here Allah is saying, I will please you all Mohammed Salah, mahalo Salah, see the manager of Santa Rosa Sara Sara then says, then I will not be pleased if even one of my own minds in Johanna I live in Milan who used to say to the people of Iraq, you think that the I have greatest hope in the Quran is Kalia by the alladhina

00:43:22--> 00:44:14

assalamu Allah and him lonato me Rama de la in Allah you know by Jamia in Nova foto Rahim in Surah. Allah said all my slaves or Abadi my slaves who have transgressed against themselves by committing sins, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Verily, Allah forgives all sins. Truly He is the author of forgiving, Most Merciful. And then it would be an honor to say, but we meaning the Sahaba and the albite consider the art of greatest hope in the Koran. What are so far you take arboga further, because Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, Allah will Allah because Allah said, I will please you And nevertheless I've said I will not be pleased, until every single one of my oma is freed from the

00:44:14--> 00:44:20

Hellfire and put into gentlemen, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the Shabbat also Salah on the day of jasmine,

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

Allah, Allah said, my brothers and sisters, therefore, it is very very important for us to remember all this and to continue to make a lot of work. And I have tried to explain to you at least some of the key ways in which we can make our door acceptable. ask Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with you never to be displeased to make this Ramadan, the best Ramadan of your lives yet remember that one Ramadan will be our last. So let us treat every Ramadan as if it is going to be our last and make sure that we extract the maximum benefit from it. Allah sent it for us for our

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

benefit let us make the maximum benefit from it. ask Allah to make this the best hour of your life to accept all your drives with siren afia. And then to add to what you asked him from his majesty and grace and generosity, or Salahuddin Abdul Karim Hualalai, he was happy he might be erotica. Rahimi wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.