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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I'd like to welcome you dear viewers to another in our series, the best in Islam. In this segment of the episode on clothing we began earlier in our previous episode we looked at statements concerning clothing, dress, etc. And we did mention a statement of the Prophet may God's peace and blessing be upon him that

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the best clothing or cloth is the white cloth. And he went on to say that we should close our living in it and trout are dead in it.

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So there is particular emphasis on white, but this emphasis was because of the fact that Islam put a premium on cleanliness

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and purification and White is the color which will require the most washing and cleaning for it to remain looking clean. So it is really from this perspective, not necessarily that white is superior to other colors, but merely as an encouragement to us colors which

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would be natural motivations for people to keep clean.

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And we have a statement, Qatada

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one of the companions of the Prophet Ana Sydney Malik Are you Libous can have by Allah rasool Allah, He will Jabba Illa Rasulillah kala Alebrije which garment was dearest, or most liked by Allah's Messenger?

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And he replied, the striped cotton cloaks. And this stripe, cotton usually was made in Yemen, and included the colors green and others in it. So it was multicolored, it had different colors. And

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that is clear that

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though he recommended white, it didn't mean that's all you could wear,

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in terms of the type of garment that the Prophet himself preferred,

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whom Salah Ma said, can have both yabby Illa Rasulillah he, I will come is the clothing which the Messenger of Allah like the best was the long shirt. The long shirt is like what we call a job today it's something like what I'm wearing, that's a long shirt. In Arabic terms, maybe it's a stopping normally bit shorter midway in the shin, but that was his favorite dress, being loose wide and properly covering the body in or not exposing what should not be exposed. So it is really because of the

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nature of how such garments cover the body, that the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him. prefer it. We also have

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a statement where the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him spoke about better with regards to garments and cloth and Al Bing Azim he related at once when Allah's Messenger was given a silk garment and people were amazed by its beauty and softness. He said la mana deal sad name was Phil Jana of God who minha Saddam was handkerchiefs in Paradise is much better than this. As wonderful and amazing as people saw the silk garment, then handkerchief something so simple as a handkerchief of saddening wife who was one of the companions of the prophet who died during the life

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time of the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him. He was the leader of the House tribe and Medina.

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And he was among the first that converted to Islam there.

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And the Prophet SAW Salem, honored him loved him. The point is that

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this was, of course, a promise that side, it'd been wise would be among the people of paradise.

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And further, it is a reminder that the things of this life that we may treasure and consider to be so wonderful, so beautiful, so great, they are virtually nothing in the life to come, the wonderful

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pleasures, which will be given to those who are granted paradise were blessed with Paradise far exceeds anything that we experience in this life. Moving on to another topic, another theme, from the best concerning companions, who are the best companions, the Prophet, may God's peace and blessings be upon him, was quoted by Ibn Amr, as saying, I don't as hub in the law, fair to whom Lisa hibi

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and Hiral G Ron and the law, hydro home legionary. The Companions, whom Allah considers best are those who are best to their companions. And the neighbors whom Allah considers best are those who are best to their neighbors. What the Prophet sallallaahu Salam is stressing here

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is that

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when we consider

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who are the best, who we should consider to be the best, should be those who are in their own actions, the best to others. Because if they're bad to others, if you see them, you hear of them, you observe them, being bad to others, these should not be your best companions. The Prophet SAW Selim warned us to choose our companions well, because we will be raised on the Day of Judgment with our companions.

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So therefore, we should be careful with whom we choose, as our companions, meaning those who we hang out with, because,

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as the prophesies have also said, that a person will follow the religion of his friend, the way his friend is, is the way he is likely to be. This is the nature of people, that they are influenced by their companions. So we should be very wary about who we take as our regular close companions. Another example of the Prophet gave me God's peace and blessings be upon him, that the good companion, he said is like

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the perfume merchant. Either

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you are going to walk away

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with some perfume which is given or

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you're going to walk away,

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smelling good because of all the bottles of perfume that he has opened. So one way or another, you're going to go away.

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smelling nice. That is like the good companion. The evil companion. The Prophet SAW Salem wonders, is like the blacksmith who is beating iron over

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coals, sparks are flying. Either sparks are going to hit your clothes and burn it burn holes in it, or at least you will go away stinking of smoke. That is the nature of the bad companion.

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In the West, they say if you live with dogs, you will get up with fleas. It's the same idea. The example of the Prophet game is a little more elaborate and more nice and eloquent. But that's the point. The point is that you are influenced by those around you. So be careful. So the Prophet Muhammad Salim had said given us a sign in a way

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For us to know who are the good companions, who should consider to be a good neighbor is the one who is good to his other neighbors, not just one who is good to us. Because if he's good to us and bad to other neighbors really is not a good neighbor. Maybe he is good to us because he wants to get something from us. He's seeking some benefits or whatever. You know, this is the nature of people, that they may be good to us, but they're not really good people. So we should be careful. Beware of who we take, as our

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companions, as our good neighbors in the sense that we spend time with them, we go to visit them regularly. We invite them to our homes, we have a kind of relationship with them. We should be careful with that, their viewers, we're going to take a brief break, and then come back to look at some more of the best in Islam.

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welcome back. We're now continuing on with our program the best in Islam.

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We finished topics concerning companions, though I should mention before moving on that if not bass had related to the province of Solomon said hydro Sahaba herba that the best group when one is traveling that one should take with us. Our four made up of four people. And in some narrations, he said one traveler by himself is Satan.

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Two travelers is like two devils. Three, four

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are a good group. You have those who will look after each other's affairs. It is better encouraging us better when we travel we travel as a group as opposed to traveling as only one or two individuals. That's a general recommendation to travel as a group. Anyway, we're moving on now to the best of creation. We have mentioned in the Quran Surah Al bayyinah verse seven, Allah says there in Allah Dena Ave Romulo Salah hottie Hola, Erica, whom Hyrule Berea indeed those who believe and do righteous deeds are the best of creation. So what makes people the best, it is the belief and righteous deeds, because belief alone, without righteous deeds, or righteous deeds alone, without

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belief, both are failures. Of course, the greater failure is righteous deeds with no belief, those are completely lost. But if one has belief, but that belief is weak, so righteous deeds are few,

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then one may be punished in Hell for a period of time If Allah doesn't forgive our sins, that the only way out was to pay the price

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for a period of time, and of course, no one should depend on that because

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who is certain of his own or her own faith?

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But they will be taken out ultimately.

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However, what we should be striving for are the highest levels of faith, along with the greatest number of good deeds. None of us should ever think that we have done enough

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Good, we've got plenty of good deeds, not to worry, no.

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We don't know what has happened to those good deeds that we've done in the past,

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have the evil deeds that we've done eating them up. So rarely we have nothing to show,

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we should always be striving to do as much good as we can, and to renew our faith, to make sure that our faith is firm, clear.

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And that it is not affected by

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doubts, and satanic thoughts,

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bad influences, so much so that it no longer prevents us from evil, that evil deeds become plentiful.

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We should work on our faith, be careful of our faith, look out for our faith, check our intentions, because this is where the faith comes from. It's the same place that the faith is based, because it's the faith now, which determines what our intentions are going to be. So if we're having bad intentions, constantly

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doing things for the wrong reasons, doing things for bad reasons, then this is going to indicate to us this is indicative of weak or no faith. So we should be careful

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when this is what this verse reminds us, of the need to not only believe, but to do righteous deeds, that these two are inseparable, true belief is going to produce righteousness. And as some people say, while doing a lot of evil deeds, my faith is here. I don't wear my faith as a badge outside, etc. You know, I don't need to, you know, I have my faith there in my heart. That's between me and God. But if that were enough, then the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him would have said so. Allah in the Quran would have said so. But no, they have asked us to do other things, things which are for strengthening that faith. If it's real, it will be strengthened by them. If

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it's not real, then we will be repulsed by them. We will feel oh, we don't need to do this, or this is a waste of time. So you have people who live in Jeddah, for example, who have grown up in Judah died in Judah and never made Hajj. It's something unthinkable. Could that happen? Could there be someone who would live in Jeddah, which is one hour's drive from Mecca, and never make Hajj? Yes,

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it happens. And that person might have told you, hey, my faith is in here.

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But for them to die in that state, is something Allah knows ultimately what is in the heart, but it's a very bad sign. Because what is in the heart is like the seed inside of the shell.

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When you remove that shell, the seed is destroyed. The shell is not the most important thing, but it has its own importance in that it protects the seed inside. So external aspects of Islam cannot be treated. As you know, peel, it is the shell of no real value. What's the kernel, that's really what it's all about? Well, that kernel will not survive without the peel and the shell. So

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righteous deeds should not be treated as insignificant and unimportant. Moving on to another theme

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from the best, the best days.

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Jabir ibn Abdullah, quoted the Prophet sallahu wa Salam is saying of dulu I am dunya I am will Asha.

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The best days of this world are the 10 days.

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The best days of this world are the 10 days. This refers to the last 10 days of Ramadan. The last 10 days of Ramadan, the month of fasting, those last 10 days are the days in which the Night of Power occurs. The greatest night of the year. That night

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is worth

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1000 months of

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Prayer. If one prays on that night, this is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala that if one prays during that night, it is equivalent to the prayer

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of 1000 months of worship. That is the greatness of that night, Laila to the other. The night also in which the Quran was taken from the Lord and Mark forth, the highest heaven, and taken down to the lowest heaven from there, which the

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angel Jibreel would take the verses and the chapters and deliver them to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam through recitation, etc. So Lailatul Qadr is as great as it is a night, which we should seek in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Of course, exactly when it is, somebody will say it's the 27th. But

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the Prophet SAW Salem told us it is among the odd nights, and the actual date is unknown. The Prophet SAW Selim didn't know but Allah caused him to forget it, so that it would remain as something unknown to the OMA. And thereby we would strive all of those odd nights, to try to catch Leila to other. So this is something which makes the last 10 days of Ramadan. Great days, mighty days are so great and mighty, that the Prophet SAW Salem pronounced them to be the best days of this world, the last 10 It's also worth noting that the Prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him during Ramadan would fast and would seclude himself in the masjid. For those last 10 days, not only

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would he fast as he normally would, and pray, etc. In the other days, in the last 10, he would seclude himself and focus more on various acts of worship. For the those last 10 and his companions used to do the same. In fact, his wives even used to come into the master, they would have a tent set up, and they would stay in the masjid for those last 10 It's known as air to gaff or seclusion for those last 10 something worth considering. Of course, in our times, we get very busy, the opportunities to get holidays etc, are limited. But if you know that your job gives you 10 days or gives you a month holiday, you can take 10 out of those to spend those 10 days in the masjid, you

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should try to do it, you know, even if it's one time in your life, and better to do much more than that the Prophet Muhammad Salah means to do it every Ramadan. We should strive to spend at least some time like that in the masjid. With that, dear viewers, we'd like to thank you for being with us. In this episode of the best in Islam, we've covered a lot of ground. Today we talked about cloth, clothing, we talked about the best companions we talked also about the best of creation that Allah spoke. And finally we closed with the best days. bid you farewell now and hope to see you in our coming episodes salaam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh