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Salam o Allah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin be able mousseline Mohammad Rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam doesn't even cathedra and cathedra from Ababa, my brothers and sisters, it's a beautiful beautiful day fall is coming and you can see that the maple behind me is already turned color.

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I thought let me therefore record this in the on the in the outside outdoors, while we still can.

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We are on this on the hotbar of Navasota Salem, his whole battle with that. And we are on point number six word he said the meaning of which is oh Allah or people Allah has apportioned to every deserving air, his share of the estate, and nor deserving air may accept a special bequest, and no special bequest may exceed a third of the estate. A child's lineage is that of the husband who owns the bed meaning of the biological father, and adulterers shall be stored whoever claims to be the son of someone other than besides his father, or a bondsman who claims to belong to other than his master shall bear the curse of Allah, and the angels and all men, no deflecting of it or ransom for

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it shall be accepted from him. Now

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the key thing to understand in all of this is that Islam is not the name of a bunch of rituals of worship, to be done at prescribed times, and then we proceed about our own lives. Anyway, we like Islam is the name of a complete way of life prescribed for all humanity, by the one who created us, and which enables people to be winners in this world and the next.

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Allah subhanaw taala prescribed rules of existence and dealing that have our own best interest in them.

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It is essential to understand the rules of inheritance and to follow them to write a will that is against the Sharia is not only not defensible in law, but it amounts to shake and is punishable before Allah subhanaw taala. Now, there is sometimes a confusion about a will and about giving to children and others while you are still alive. A will is something that comes into force only after you die. So all laws of inheritance apply to the estate you leave behind after you die. Your inheritors become inheritors only after your death. Your death is a condition for them to be inheritors. I'm emphasizing this so much. Because sometimes young people say to me, I'm going to ask

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my father for my inheritance. So I say to them, then you have to ask him to kindly pass away first, because your inheritance does not exist, why he lives.

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Because you're also some people say I have two daughters, and two sons. So I'm going to give them then inheritance at the rate of one share to the girl and to to the boys. So I say to them the same thing. When do you plan to pass away, because don't confuse inheritance with what you are allowed to do with your property, or what is recommended what you're supposed to do with your property. While you are still alive. While you are alive, you are not allowed to do whatever you want with your property with the recommendation that you you are allowed. Sorry, I got confused. While you are alive, you are allowed permitted to do whatever you like with your property with the recommendation

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that you exercise justice, when you give to your children. And don't give everything to one child because that will sow the seeds of strife between your children. Well, it is indeed a test both for those who have it and for those who don't ask Allah for hunters protection, so that will does not become a problem.

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The two very important things to understand one is that as far as

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the will is concerned,

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as far as the estate is concerned, Allah subhanaw taala has defined rules about who will inherit and these are rules which Allah has defined, they are in the Quran, and they cannot be changed by anybody. And anyone who goes against that is committing shirk because he's bringing his own will into the will of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, in that context, you and I are allowed to bequeath 1/3 33% of our estate, to write a will covering 33% of our estate which is what will be left behind after we die 33% of that we are permitted to bequeath that to whoever we like the mangia the intention behind this is that people who may who are not our inheritors, who will not inherit from

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us, but who are deserving of our gratitude, for example, servants who serve us, people who are in the in our old age and so on. Maybe some friends who you really want to help. Maybe a cause maybe a masjid mothers or whatever, right?

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They don't inherit, inherit, but you would like to leave behind something for them. And this you are allowed to do to the extent of 13

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The percent of your estate, if you do not write a will then that 33% is also included in the whole estate. And then the whole estate will be divided only according to the Sharia, which Allah subhanaw taala has defined. So this is very clear. Now, second thing is that while you are alive, what are you allowed to do, effectively are allowed to do anything? Meaning, not me not meaning that you are allowed to do anything, without any consequences? There are consequences, you're allowed to like Slack saying, Here's my here's, here's a car, where can I go, you can go anywhere. But if you go to the wrong place, you're going to end up in trouble. If you're driving the wrong way, you will end up

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in trouble. Even though you had the freedom to do that the freedom to do something must not be confused with whether that thing should be done or not. Right, we are free to choose. But every choice has a price tag. And this is a very good thing to remember, in everything in life. So also in this. So while you're alive, you are allowed to do whatever you like with your property.

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And if you want to

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give that property to your children while you are still alive, not wait for you to die before the inherited, you can do that. However, what is recommended is that you do that with complete justice and equality with all children. Now we'll go we'll come to I'm pointing on I'm emphasizing on that first Hadith,

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no one min Bashir or the law? No, he's

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his father

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to me. And he said, Dr. Salah, I've given a gift to this son of mine. And I would like you to be the witness of that, or Surah Surah Salam said, Did you give the same gift to all your children? He said, No, I've given it to this son, because I love him very much. And also Lasala sort of said, then go find some other witness for your deed, because I do not witness injustice right now. And this hadith is is mentioned in several with several different wordings, but the same thing. So, take it back, take back that gift, and either give an equal gift to all your children, or I will not be the witness of this, because it is injustice, he did not say give two shares to the man to the boy

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and one share to the girl, the two shares and one share come into play come into force and come into practice only after you die in the inheritance while you are alive, it is

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highly recommended. And you are commanded to give an equal share to the son as well as the daughter that they must not give daughters gifts which are less than the sons they must give equal

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to both the sons and the daughter the difference in inheritance comes only in what is given and what is distributed after the person dies. Now you might say well, why is there a difference even then why not give equally is the difference is there because of the difference in responsibility is Sunday. In Islam, the son is responsible not only for himself as an individual, but he is responsible for his family. So he is responsible for his wife is responsible for his children. If his mother, supposing the father dies, if the mother is alive, he is responsible for the mother. If he is if he has siblings, sisters, brothers,

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who are not willing to do he is responsible also to help them to the extent possible. So the amount of responsibility on the male far exceeds that on the female, the female is not responsible for anyone other than herself. So whatever she inherits, is hers. She doesn't need to share it with anybody, including her own husband and children. Right husband and children did not even know what she inherited, they have no they have no control on it, they cannot see anything, they cannot take anything. And they cannot force her to give anything to anybody including themselves. Whereas that is not the case for the for the male, for the male, his wife will will will get is entitled whatever

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he inherits, she can enjoy that his children can enjoy that, as well as his mother and so on and so forth. So therefore, Islam gives two shares to the male and one share to the female. This female inherits whatever she inherited from her parents, from her husband, from her children and so on all that belongs to her there's no one has anything to do with it. And she's not compelled to spend out of that for anyone other than ourselves. But that is not the situation with the male.

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So therefore, it's very important

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that we understand this.

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sadly, nobody.

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Also, we have this

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beautiful story of savage Nevada villain who was a very

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A wealthy man in

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among the unserved and one day he divided while he was obviously while he was away. One day he divided all his wealth between his sons. And after after that a short while after that he passed away. Now after his death his wife gave birth to a son. Now this took place during the rain during the helluva Abubakar of the Alana. So one morning says an hour Katara who met says in Abu Bakr Avila when he said, I spent a whole sleepless night on account of this new child or sad because his father left him nothing. Right. So the father didn't even probably the father did not even know that this lady was pregnant while Harlem or for whatever reason he didn't leave anything to the unborn child.

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He divided the property among his sons who were there. So I will go to the Lana's ideas. I also spent a sleepless night thinking about the same thing. So let us go to case even Assad, the he was the eldest son, and we should speak to him about his brother. They went to high school with Elon who was also as a hobby. And they spoke to him and he said, As for whatsapp My father has done I will never invalidate that. But I would like the two of you to be witness that my share is for my young brother. So his own Jerry gave it up to his

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who's whose brother was an infant, just born. Now this is the kind of understanding and the kind of love for him for each other, that the great companions, the great Sahaba of Rasulullah Salam

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gathered from whatever he said to them on the subject of both Omar and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anima spent a sleepless night on account of a boy who was born after his father's death. They wanted justice not only for the boy, but also for the father, who might not have been aware that his wife was pregnant when he divided his wealth, and they didn't want so maybe the division took place before the pregnancy even took place. Maybe after that, however, does not deprive the young boy of his right to be treated equally with his brothers nor indeed will it deprive the girl of her right to search equal treatment, guys out there Lanos attitude is also highly significant. He did not

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object to what he was told by Walker and O'Meara Vilanova. He did not argue he didn't say who are you? You know, we are outsiders. What do you have do with us? You're not related to us? Right? He didn't say any of that. He respected them. He respected their position. Obviously, they were people of great eminence. But people have the right to you know, agree or not agree. He didn't argue that the division of the property took place a long time ago, and that he and his brother, were entitled whatever they receive. He didn't say, Well, you know, my father did that his mistake, not my problem. He accepted what Abu Bakr and Umar Radi Allahu anima told him as absolutely right and as a

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dutiful son, he wanted to honor his father's action. So he said that he was not the one to invalidate his or not criticizing my father. But he said I will ensure that justice is done to my brother by giving him all my share.

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Right. So that's my wish. Now, I'm giving my share to my brother. So by doing that, Faisal Delano did more than what was expected of him, but then haziness add another line who was highly renowned for his own generosity and benevolence. You see how the companions of Rasulullah salaam understood this question, and how they acted upon it, the scholars of this nation have also given the same ruling hands it is not open to any Muslim to disobey

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and prefer some of his children over others while giving gifts. Now bequeathing on the other hand, refers to what you will after you die, in this, you are entitled, as I mentioned earlier, to bequeath 1/3 of your estate, to whoever you wish, apart from those who will inherit your wealth as per the Sharia, the one that is meant for those who deserve your generosity like poor relatives, community members, as I mentioned earlier, servants who take care of you, maybe your local Muslim mothers, and so on, we're not your, we're not your heirs, and they cannot inherit from you. Other than that, you cannot be create your estate according to your desires, and you must follow the

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Sharia. If you don't, then you will be liable for punishment before Allah subhanaw taala and it is sure to bequeath

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things more than that 1/3 Or to bequeath that 1/3 to your own children, this is or anyone who will inherit from you children, spouse, and so on. Now, Muslims are encouraged to look after orphans, not by sending them to orphanages, but by keeping them with them in their own in their own homes, and treating them as their own children. But Islam honors the lineage of the child. And so it is prohibited to take away the child's real name and give him or her your own name. The child can live in your home, but will not be

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Maha Muharram to you or to your wife or husband or your children,

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if you have any, so rules of being with not more non Muslims must be maintained. This child will also not inherit from your estate. And so you must give him from the 1/3 of your estate, that is in your power, to bequeath and of course, you can give him or her, whatever you wish, while you live. Remember that the emphasis is not on differentiating between the orphan and your children in any way materially,

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emotionally or in terms of entitlement or treatment. Sometimes we see orphans living with families, but in effect, they are like unpaid servants. This is a good way to attract the anger of Allah subhanaw taala and to invite yourself to be put into the fire so beware of that. Allah subhanho della della della, who is one of the Bacara Allah said, yeah, you will Adina Arman oh hello facil mica fatten wala Tata, we will put water Shaitan in the hole a Komodo mobian Allah said which means or you will believe enter completely into Islam, and do not follow the footsteps of shaitan. Very he is to you a plain enemy. I brothers sisters, I remind myself a new Islam is a practice, it is not a

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theory. And like all practices, it works only when it is practiced. So just believing is not sufficient to realize the benefits. The greatest examples of practice, are Rasulullah sallallahu, and his Sahaba. His companions are Eduardo la he la Malbaie. May Allah be pleased with all of them. If anyone could have benefited from Islam without practicing, it would have been them. But they are the best examples of practice. I remind myself I knew that in the end, we will not be asked what happened, we will be asked what did you do believe is critical in terms of a key that in terms of our creed, we must believe in the right thing. But once you believe, then you must act on that

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The fundamental belief is that there is nobody worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala alone. But if you say that you believe that but when the time comes to worship, who don't worship, then you have contradicted that belief by your action. And that is why the Sahaba were agreed upon. The fact that to deliberately leave Salah is to leave Islam, all the Imam all the Imams of faith are also agreed upon this particular matter. The only difference is in terms of punishment prescribed for leaving the Salah, but nobody said that it was acceptable or permissible to leave. Even one single

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action is at the bottom of it all Action speaks louder than words people don't care what you say until they see what you do people see with their eyes, people listen with their eyes. Data is what people see and experience from you, not what you tell them. So let us remind ourselves to act act act.

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Fine, number seven. Finally, rasa as I said, I have left among you that which if you take it, you will never stray after me. And that is the book of Allah and my Sangha. And then he said, Have I given the message? And the people said yes, yes or Allah, you have communicated the message. And he raised his blessed finger to the to the heavens, he looked up and he said, Oh Allah, Be my witness. Now finally, this is the legacy of the Prophet alayhi. Salam done the legacy of a king restricted to his family to be fought over bitterly, and to end in division, but the legacy of a prophet, which brings together and nobles enlightens and empowers the book of Allah Jalla Jalla, who and its field

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book, its practice manual, the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Valley, he was a seller.

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This is the legacy which also relies on a certain left for all of mankind. Those who accept Him, take it and benefit from it. Those who don't reject it to their own detriment, but nobody will be able to say that they did not know about it. abora the Alon has reported that also Allesandro Salim said, everyone on my nation will enter Jannah except those who refuse, they asked him they are also Allah, who will refuse Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, Whoever obeys me enters Jana, and whoever disobey is me has refused. And this is a say Hadith in Bukhari, the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his messenger Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam are the two criteria for us to keep in mind are the two

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guiding posts for us to keep in mind and to ensure that we act upon them stringently, and never go against either? Everything, especially in the area of Akita and Nevada, the area of creed and worship that come before us must necessarily be judged against this criteria, and believed or acted upon only if it is within this video.

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In its purview, otherwise it must be rejected, no matter who promotes it. We must remember that the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam is the way in which we can turn every single action and event of our lives into an act of worship. Who but someone who's both ignorant and arrogant can reject such an amazing deal.

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The legacy of the Gambia, of the prophets is not dyrham and dinar, it is not money, it is not land. It is knowledge it is the legacy of the Gambia is not restricted to their families, because the family of the NaVi are all those who he was sent for both those who believe in Him and follow Him and those who don't. The OMA of Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam is every living man and woman who walks on this planet today, and we'll come to live here until Allah establishes the Day of Judgment. So his legacy is for anyone who wants to take it. So ask, Do I want to take the legacy of Muhammad Rasool Allah He SallAllahu sallam. Finally a warning note for those who don't want to use this

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criteria and want to introduce some new practices into Islam or who want to legislate in the place of Rasul Allah is Allah Salah and make Halal what he made haram and make haram what he made Hello, May Allah save us from being among such people. Such people are quite literally playing with the fire off Johanna.

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I remind myself I knew about the Hadith which we hear in every Juma hotbar where rasool Allah is a salaam specifically mentioned the issue of Baghdad and called all innovation in worship to Him His guidance and all his guidance, he said is in the fire. He said the Hadees which we hear every time, he said in duckula, DC Kitab Allah wa hadal howdy howdy Mohamed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon Ohmori Modasa or collaborated in Buddha

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without in dolla Dolla dolla with infinity Akula Holly has

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walked Makara Rasul Allah Hi, Cara Elisa that was the

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Hadees where a salsa lesson um said most truthful speeches the speech of Allah which is the book of Allah, the most clear and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Salah Salem, all innovation is

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the source of evil and all innovation is be that and all be that is in the fire. We ask Allah to save us from that narrative solidness add, I heard also Allah, He said, I'm saying, I am your predecessor,

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I will be before you at how they'll Couser and whoever will come to it will drink from it. And whoever will drink from it will never be thirsty. After that, there will come to me some people whom I know and they know me and then a barrier will be set up between me and them.

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I will say that hola Delana, who added that as well as a result them further said, I will say those people are from me, it will be said to me here as well Allah you do not know what changes and new things that did after you. Then I will say far removed far removed from Mercy, far removed from Mercy, those who change the religion after me. And this is a Hadith in Bukhari, just as it is very, very clear and important for us to understand this, and not fall into the trap of legislating in the place of Rasulullah Salam, or, or trying to do things which is Allah Ali Salam never did, or bringing into Islam, things that may appeal to us. You know, depending on whichever time of history

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we live in, but which are not from Islam. Let us understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Yo Ma, molto la comme de la come, what went to LA come never D or are the Tula Kumar Islam Medina. Allah said on this day, I have

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completed my religion atmosfera come,

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Dino come, I have completed my religion on you will add one to alagille Nativity and I have completed my blessing on you and have chosen for you Islam as your deen this religion of ours is not invented by any human being it is not even brought by Roswell. It is brought by Ross Ross Ursula but he is not the inventor. He's not the creator of it. The inventor, the creator, the the the one who made this deal in this beautiful way of life is our Creator. Allah subhanho wa Taala Jalla Jalla who himself and therefore it is something that we need to truly value and we need to show our

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our love for this day.

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and not not treated with disrespect and disdain. Finally, after the Surah Surah, Sam said, convey my message to those who are not here, they may understand it better than you understand it. So after the legacy is the responsibility, the legacy of resource SLM is the pathway to Jannah. But it is not meant to be the exclusive property of a select group or cult. It is general for all of mankind. Jana is for everyone who chooses to go there. That is why it also was a Salam give the responsibility of conveying it to all those who were present. And he even said, because the informed one might comprehend what I have said better than the present audience who will convey it, the narrator said,

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and indeed, it was like that we are responsible for conveying not for convincing, by all means clarify doubts, but don't waste your time in arguments. We are responsible for, as I said, conveying not convincing arguments only strain or break relationships, when you need relationships to keep the lines of communication open. So don't argue. But let us convey, most importantly, by our own conduct and dealings and our own way of life. Muslims must be seen as people who are truthful, who have high integrity, who are compassionate, who are humble, were generous to a fault, who are activists for justice, who are courageous to stand up to the tyrant in defense of the helpless and downtrodden,

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who are answerable to Allah subhanaw taala, from whom nothing is hidden, and who are able to take from his treasures at will, who had the connection with him, that when they raise their hands, Allah subhanaw taala does not refuse what they are asking him for. Muslims must be seen as people who always always always deliver quality, Muslims has become a role models for others, Muslims not become people that others aspire to be like, Muslims societies, must become models that others consider being worthy of emulation. Do not be discouraged by thinking that we are far away from from that, from that goal, no matter no matter how far away we are from that goal. That is our standard.

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And as long as we work with diligence, we will get there. So this may seem like a tall order today. But I take solace from the fact that Rasulillah Salam showed us the way so we know that it can be done. It is doable, sustainable, and is the only way to long term change of our destiny, and with the emphasis that was made in this glorious hotbar. And he said, narrated our Bukhara of the Allahu anhu, also known as the people and said, Don't you know what day it is? They said, Yeah, Allah and he did us all know best. He thought that he might give the thought that he might give the

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allowances that we thought he might give the day another name, or Surah Sana Sana and said, Isn't it the day of Anwar is ended the day of sacrifice. We replied, Yes. He said, What town is this? Isn't in the Haram of Makkah. They said yes, he also he said, your blood your property is your honor your skins meaning your bodies are as sacred to one another, like the sanctity of this Day of yours, in this month of yours, in this town of yours? And then he said, listen, have I haven't I conveyed Allah's message to you? We replied, Yes, you are. And he said, Oh Allah be my witness. So it is incumbent or and then he said, so it is incumbent upon those who are present, to convey this message

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of mine, to those who are absent because the informed one might comprehend what have said better than the present audience who will convey to them the narrative added. In fact, it was like that Surah Surah Salam added beware, do not become disbelievers after me, by striking the necks of one another. And this is in Buhari, how far we are from this ohana. To recap the eight salient points of the whole bottle WADA number one your lives and your property until the very day you meet your rub or as inviolable to each other. As the inviolability of this day, you are now in in the month you are now in.

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That is one

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or people believers are but brothers, no one may take his brother's property without his full consent. Have I given the have I given the message Oh Allah be my witness. Number two truly interest, money lending with interest or any kind of interest dealing of the gyla has been laid aside forever. And the first interest I begin with is the interest that is due to my father's brother Abbas been of the mortality of the Allahu Anhu and truly the Blood Vengeance of the era of ignorance has been laid aside forever. In the First Blood Vengeance we shall start with that which is

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to do for the blood of my kids when

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I met Ben Robbie, Ben Harris, Abdulmutallab, sort of Santa Salam Set both aside. Number three, truly the hereditary distinctions that were pretentions to respect all these lords and titles and whatnot in the era of ignorance have been laid aside forever except for the custodianship of the Kaaba, by dividing up by the money of the DAR and the and the psychiatr had the giving of drink to pilgrims, by the by Allah bus and his family or the Alana, the noblest of you in Allah subhanaw taala sight is the most Motoki in Accra, Macomb in delahey, of Congo, the Arab has no merit over the non Arab, other than Taqwa have I given my message or Allah we may witness number four shatta and has

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despaired of ever being worshipped in this land of yours, though he is content to be obeyed, in other words of yours, which you deem to be of little importance. How true this is, like everything that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, we have, our whole lives are based on false ideas of culture and so on, which are haram which are harmful to us. Yet we continue to do that. Number five we serve So fear Allah and respect to women, and concern yourself with their welfare have I given the message or Allah be my witness number six, Allah has a portion to every deserving heir his share of the estate, and no deserving heir may accept a special request, and no special bequest may exceed

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a third of the estate. And then he said Salah Salem, a child's lineage is that of the child's biological father, and

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adulterous the punishment for adultery, adultery, is death by stoning where was whoever claims to be the son of someone other than their father, this will be will bear the the course of the of Allah and the nilotica and all men and no deflecting of it will be accepted number seven, I have left among you that which if you take it you will never straight after me. That is the book of Allah and my sunnah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have I given the message and oh Allah be my witness and eight convey this message to those who are not here. My brother and sister Hamdulillah we have come to the close of

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the lectures on hold bottle water I asked Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to follow the best of all examples. For one kind, the example of His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, and to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to our clear to create a jelly gelato, according to the way which our Creator prescribed, which is the Sunnah of Rasulullah Selim which converts every action of ours, accord done according to it into an act or a bother or worship, asked a lot of data to give us understanding of the consequences of our actions and to make the right choices so that we will be forgiven when we meet Allah subhanaw taala and we will be permitted to drink the water of Alcocer from the blessed

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hand of Rasulullah sallallahu ala he won't he also salam was Allah Allah Allah Nabil Karim, Allah Allah He was heavy as main Bharathiar mandala himI wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh