Ismail Kamdar – 4 steps to ensure content is Islamically acceptable

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses four lenses that can affect one's ability to get rich, including the lenses of Islam, the Believer, and spirituality. They also mention the importance of compounding interest for financial gain and finding a way to use one's quick method to get rich.
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So when it comes to self help this there's four lenses through which I analyze any information for filters through which I put any information that we get from outside of Islam. Number one is Aqeedah. Does it contradict Kawakita? If not 100 enough? Number two is fic. Does he contradict our Vic? If not Alhamdulillah? Number three clock? Does it contradict the characters and manners of the believer? Right? And number four, spirituality or the soul? Does it contradict the purification of the soul? So for example, example of fit would be a lot of self help books tell you that the fastest way to get rich is to you know, to compound interest as Muslims you can't do that and can't go the

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compound interest. That's a haram Bukovel the world but every book I read as like literally if I pull out any book on financial my bookshelf right now, yes, the number one advice for thinking Grow Rich, we have to do that will fix filter. We have to use our quick filters Hold on, I can use that. I have to find another way.

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