Gym Talk – Growing Your Mind

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I'm on a camera, so I'm gonna catch him in the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. I want to tell all you young men and grown men as well go to the gym, not just the gym that we see here, the iron and mashallah this nice studio that we have. But I want to take it on another level, a more comprehensive level. Gym can stand for three things with the master man method, it is growing your mind growing your masculinity and growing your motivation. So when we talk about this gym, it is going to the gym, but it is required for you to voluntarily go there many times, we've gone to the gym one day, but then the next day, we don't feel that motivated. Well, when we talk about going to

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the gym, just as much as it as it is an external experience. It requires the internal experience and exercise. So firstly, we're going to talk about growing your mind. Studies have shown that exercise is the number one method and releasing the neurotransmitters that help and pleasures such as dopamine, and also those that help with Subhanallah that helped with the brain health, the brain is the most complex anatomical structure of the body. And this assists the most in brain health, ie exercise, whether you're walking on the block for 30 minutes, or adding some resistance to growing your mind. Literally, it helps your mind and growing increasing brain cells. If you look up the

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hippocampus, that is an area of the brain, the central portion of the brain that deals with memory, it helps in that also when your prefrontal cortex cortex and making better decisions, growing your mind thinking outside of the box, challenging yourself when you're at that last set. And you say you know what, I can't do this. And you say, you know, I'm going to do it, you start to think about things. Sometimes I think about a rock on my daughter's leg and I have to get it off after we traveled a long journey. Growing your mind realizing that there are certain realms of your mind that you've never visited. And it takes that element of resistance, being in the gym, to allow it to

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grow. So it's very important that firstly, we grow our mind allowing ourselves to take a journey within ourselves mentally and knowing sometimes it's only here that holds us back from exerting what is ultimately here. All of us have a warrior inside that wants to take it to the next level in order to grow. We don't ever want to be stagnant. Let's continue to grow gentlemen. A cinematic I'm gonna have until I'm gonna catch you