Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #52 Al-Muhyi

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © In a panel discussion, a speaker discusses the importance of Islam's decision to bring people back to life after they have been killed. The speaker explains that Islam prioritizes giving life to oneself and being a special member of the group, rather than just giving birth to oneself. The discussion also touches on the idea of a law that will ultimately bring people back to life after their bodies have been destroyed.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Al mohey. Allah Allah is al de al Moshe means the one who gives life. Allah subhanaw taala gives life and He gives life in a couple really important ways. First of all, he chose to give life to you and me. Out of all the possible human beings that Allah subhanaw taala created and decided to bring into this world, he has decided to bring you into this world. And he decided to bring me into this world. And he decided that we should both be together in this time in this place. And Allah wouldn't do any of that, unless he loved us.

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If he didn't love us, he could have left us uncreated. He could have made it so that you or I never existed. But he chose to bring us into creation, he chose to create you and me. And that shows us that Allah cares about us, and that Allah thinks that we're special enough to belong in this world.

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The second way that Allah is Allah, murky is that after we die, Allah is going to bring us back. Allah is going to give us life again. He's going to bring back our bodies together, after they have been disintegrated and scattered. And then we're going to stand before a law for the reckoning. We're going to have to go over with a law, how we spent our lives. What did we do with the special gifts and talents that our last panel data gave us? So this is something both of these types have given life that no one else can do. Nobody else can bring life out of nothingness like Allah did. And of course, no one else can bring everybody back to life after they've all been dead. So we thank

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Allah for this amazing quality that he has giving life and bringing us back to life after we have been dead. That's all for tonight as salaam alaikum

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