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Valera Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam does Reman, casilla and Cassia. From abajo, mighty brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah, we are in our lesson of leaving Islam.

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And as I keep reminding myself and you,

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the purpose of Islam is to live by it.

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And we will not be fulfilling the purpose of our existence if we do not live by Islam. Allah subhanaw taala sent us a way of living in this world in such a way that we can become winners in this world and the next.

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Islam is not the name of a set of

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rituals or a set of, you know, rules and regulations, which are randomly made, without any sense or without any application. That's not how it is. Islam is something that came with a clear purpose, and which came for our benefit. This is the thing that we have to understand and of course, convince ourselves, and the only way to do that is by practicing it, for example, if I tell you that the benefit of having a regular schedule in your life, of being physically active, of exercising, of eating sensibly, and so on, all of these things will benefit you, if I tell you that

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you will not see that benefit, you will not be convinced of that benefit until you practice these things. Right. I mean, I think at a cognitive level,

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everyone accepts this. I mean, I don't think there's anybody who says that exercise is bad for you. And eating sensibly is bad for you, when you should eat, you should binge on, you know, sugars and carbs on supply. I mean, nobody will say that. But the point is that people,

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people do it, and be happy. That's the whole problem. They

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you know, in the in, in medical, in health care, they say that the vast majority of ailments and problems of geriatric problems, which is that old age problems, you know, 60 Plus, the vast majority of those things are because of lifestyle choices and lifestyle issues. And not because of infection, not because of germs or viruses or so and so on. It's because people's lifestyle changes. And this changes gradually and it changes in a way which is not

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which is not perceived, until it becomes too late. And then changes of course, possibly even at I mean, I'm when I say too late, don't take that quite literally, nothing is too late. There's always time for change. And always

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it is appropriate to change at any time in your life. But it becomes more difficult.

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If you haven't been exercising, if you haven't been mobile for you know a couple of decades, then to suddenly get up and start walking because difficult your knees and this and that all this stuff happens. Whereas if you continuously if you keep yourself active, then you will find that continuing to be active is not a difficult thing. But irrespective of that one must start at any age, if you want to live a life which is healthy and which is free from pain.

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So as I was saying, When will we even though cognitively we accept all this, but

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when will we be convinced is when we physically experienced this? And we will physically experience it only when we do it? How will I physically experience the benefit of exercise? When I exercise? Is there any other way? Can I experience the physical benefit of exercise by watching videos or reading a book on exercise or watching somebody else exercising?

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I can't I have to revise. Similarly when will I physically experience the benefit of healthy eating natural foods, not processed foods.

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Low carbs, low sugar, high protein, all of this high fiber. When will I experience the benefit of this when I start eating like that when I changed my diet patterns? Right.

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So also, when we realize experience the benefit of Islam when our

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I start practicing Islam. Until I start practicing Islam, I cannot experience the benefit of Islam. This is the reality of life. This is the reality of any practice. And that's why I keep on saying all the time, Islam is the name of a practice law. And I give the same example which is like Judo like karate, like Aikido like thing, like, like Kung Fu, and so on so forth. All kinds of martial arts, it is the name of a practice, how can I benefit from that? How can I benefit from the knowledge of judo, not by knowing it in the head, but by knowing it in the body by actually practicing Judo, going to a dojo or learning under under a

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judo Master, and learning how to fight and how to defend myself, then I will start seeing the value of that, then I will start experiencing the value of that the exercise itself will help me be more healthy and more energetic, and so on and so forth. And if I'm in a situation where I need to defend myself, then I can, I can do that, and I can give a good account of myself. So this is, again, issue of practice. So So also in Islam,

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the benefit of Islam can be felt when we practice Islam, not until we practice Islam. And that's why I remind myself when you let us focus on the practicing of Islam. Today, unfortunately, the

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we have we have different kinds of people who are well one of course, who have neither practice nor No, but the even the even the ones are no, we have a lot of people Alhamdulillah a lot of youth also who are interested in learning. So we have them going to this Harada Tanaka you know, and going to watching videos and listening to lectures and so on. So you got a quite a quite a number of people who are interested in learning about Islam. The question is, how many of them translate that learning into actual practice?

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How many translate that into actual practice, and this is where the, the the essence of it, this is where the purpose of it believe it is not a single teacher in the world who wants to just teach, because he wants to transfer some knowledge into your head? Nobody am talking about Islamic teachers, nobody, every single teacher, I can say this with complete confidence, every single teacher in the world, his or her focus will be How can I? How can my students practice what I'm teaching them?

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Or how successful Are they a lot of best, because this is the this is the whole vein, this whole problem with our teaching and learning that we have confined it to the just the academic part of it, just the conceptual part of it. So we learn

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even the Quran, we learn the keytab we go into the grammar of it, we look at the recitation the methodology of it, we'll look at the beauty of recitation, we may even look at the meaning of it, we may even go to a helicopter seat. So we're looking at the Tafseer of the Quran. And we go into a lot of questions a lot of people have a lot of discussions about this means that and that means this and this word was used and this grammar and so on and so forth. All of that, at the end of all that

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if you ask them or if they ask themselves and say okay, so now I,

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I listened to the Tafseer of this surah. And I understood that and I asked 20 questions, and I got 20 answers. Now how has my life changed as a result of that?

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What is it that I am doing in my life today different from what I was doing before I attended this?

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My brother and sister seriously I tell you, if you cannot answer that question, then you have wasted your time in that regard. As simple as that.

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Of course Allah will give you some reward. Angela is good. Instead of watching some, you know, football match or something you went to Allah good. But that's about it. That's about it.

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If you really want benefits, then you have to monitor yourself and say, what is it that I am going to do differently from what I was doing before I went to the salika? Before I listened to this lecture, before I read this GitHub before I read this book, if that question cannot be answered, then we have wasted our time.

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By submission to is please don't fall into this trap. We must learn and we must practice. Now we come to the happy service or seldom.

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delana rates in the Hudson musavat

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said I have only been sent to perfect righteous behavior in

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Emma boys to Li woo tema Sadie Hill.

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Right? There is

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Sahiba Sally Hello

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or other non rated in the headings in masa dilemma that rustlers Rossum said, I have only been sent to perfect, righteous behavior.

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So already behavioral righteous is not saying I have been sent to correct bad behavior. I mean that goes without saying he's saying here the behavior is already righteous. He said I was sent to make it even better. I was sent to perfect that a person is already praying.

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How can the Salah become even more beautiful? How can the Salah become even more full of Osho and Hugo and dedication and

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and focus on Allah subhanaw taala right.

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That is the purpose of that is the meaning of how to beautify or how to perfect, righteous behavior. Another Addison zevo hari Mehrotra Bara Delano, a man said to me so salam, advise me, Allah Sallam said do not become angry and furious.

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Do not lose your temper. The man said the same thing again. And as soon as he replied the same thing again. And the man asked him for a third time, and the sorceress Adam said to him the same thing the third time, do not become angry and furious. Do not lose your temper. Now, one of the things of course, in this head is you also realize is that lamesa knew his companions very well. He knew the Sahaba very well. He knew their problems, he knew the specific thing that each person had. Right. For example, I was referring to della sola Saracen said to him, do not accept leadership, even if it is over one person. He said to other fighters, Elena, do not accept leadership, even if it is over

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one person.

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Because you knew that said that

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was a very righteous man. He was a beautiful human being. But he was also very hard. He was very harsh, he was very hard. That was his nature, his nature was he was a very tough person. Physically, he was very tough. And also he was very tough emotionally. And so such people do not always make great leaders because you need softness, you need accommodation, you need flexibility that I wasn't invited Atlanta was so for sort of, in the cover of

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the book, where a sorceress alum, you know, went north, in all the way up to the next to engage with the, with the Roman army, that never happened. But when the sources,

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raise the funds for that, and so on, and then when he left,

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as he was going,

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Yeah, he asked, he did, he noticed that

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he was not with the motherland. Oh, so he asked people to say, Where is he? So some people made some remarks I said, you know, or maybe he, whatever they said, I mean, some disparaging thing. And I didn't like that. He just kept silent. He didn't say anything. But people could see from his face from his blessed expression, that he disliked people saying these things. Then, when about half the day was over the peak of the heat, somebody looked behind, and they saw very far back, a very small,

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you know, image of a camel, a single person on a campus very, very far back. So we look very small.

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So this person said, they came in the report, they say as soon as somebody is following us on it,

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maybe it is the alarm.

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when they camped in the night, then in the night above the fire alarm who came carrying the saddle on his back.

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So now, I've asked him what happened he said, this cabin was very weak and very slow. So I left the cabin, and I took the saddle and I but I just carried it I walked. Now imagine what kind of a tough person is that who can carry a camel saddle and walk and still catch up with the with the army which is marching and the army has, you know, they have their mounts and so on and so forth. So that is available

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referral. Now, the reason I'm saying do not accept leadership, even if it is over one person,

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he knew his people. And so he gave them this advice. And this person also asked him,

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about about advice. Now he says that term, don't lose your temper. Now, really, if you if you look at it, there are so many people who are otherwise nice people. If you if you catch them in a nice mood, they are the most wonderful people going, right, very nice people very polite. But if something happens to irritate them, and if they get angry, then they completely lose control, they totally lose control. And then they will rave and rant and scream and curse and whatnot. And eventually, when the whole thing, you know, cools down,

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they might even be very regretful, they're very sorry, that they said, all of this stuff, and so on and so forth. So now they have to humiliate themselves, and go and apologize to the people who they cursed, and the people who they harmed in that way. Now, what sense does it make

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that's why the President said the strongest person is not the one who can win in a fight. He said, The strongest person is the one who can control his anger.

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Because anger is a very, it's a very powerful emotion. And like all of these emotions, I mean, this is another thing we are sometimes we think of an emotion as negative or positive, is not an emotion is an emotion, emotion is value neutral. It is what you do with that emotion. How do you express that emotion? What do you do with that emotion, this is what makes it positive or negative. Anger is the same, love is the same. Love is not necessarily a positive emotion all the time. Because if you if you express love, in the wrong way, at the wrong time to the wrong person, obviously it becomes harmful and it is something which is

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definitely not something to do. So you can't say Oh, but you say I was only expressing love. No, you express that and you express it in the wrong place in the wrong place to the wrong person in the wrong way. Not acceptable. But similarly, anger is a negative No, not necessarily. Anger can be a very positive emotion. Anger, for example, can drive you to stand up for the rights of people whose rights are being rights are being oppressed people, people who are being oppressed, we had, you know, people are, for example, people who stand up against racism, people who stand up against all kinds of stereotyping of people, people who stand up against violence to to the people to people who

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are weak, right, most of the time, it means women but it can be anybody else. So all of this kind of stuff. This the the motive force behind that is anger. Because you're angry, you're angry that injustice is prevailing in the land, and you say no, I will stand up against injustice, even if I'm alone, especially if I'm alone. Because the question is, if not be there who? If not now, then when? And if it's over? I am alone? Yes, of course, then is that even more reason? Because if there were a million people, then maybe you would have said Well no, there are so many people who are doing this I can relax but if you are not, and you are the only person then even more reason why you should

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stand up against injustice because Allah subhanaw taala is watching and the result will come Allah will not ask you what happened. Allah will ask you what do you do?

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And Allah will not ask us what happened to Allah know, whatever, Allah will ask us, what did you do? And I need to be able to say Allah, I did this, whatever I could do, I did, I stood up against injustice. So anger, and that what drives that is anger. So it's a very good emotion, but the way it is expressed, and what you do with that anger, this is what makes an emotion good or bad, it is not the emotion itself, it is how that emotion is handled.

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So also with angers also with love everything else. Another hand is beautiful as far as this o'clock is concerned. Is this narrated by Maria de la who I just mentioned to you and this is in JAMA Timothy. He said that as soon as Salim said to me, have Taqwa of Allah wherever you are, and follow an evil deed with a good one to wipe it out and treat people with good behavior. So three things that he has been told them, told him the one Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said to him have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Wherever you are, be Motoki do the right thing. What is the Aqua Aqua is to ensure that in our action in our speech in our thought, we never never offend Allah subhanho wa

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that every action of mine every speech of mine is preceded by the thought in my mind by applying the criteria does this please Allah or does it

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right that is the level we need to get at. Allah protect us from ourselves. And we are weak, but we ask Allah to forgive us. But where do we want to get to we want to get to a place where there is no not one single action or, or one single speech, one single word that we attract, without first testing it against this criterion. And the criterion is, does it please Allah Subhana? Wa? Is it likely to please Allah subhanaw taala? what I'm about to say what I'm about to do?

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Is it an action? Or is it a speech that is likely to please Allah Subhana hota? Now, you can have three different answers to that. Number one, yes, it will please Allah is Alhamdulillah please go ahead, do it.

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Number two, no, it will not please Allah Alhamdulillah I realized this before I did it. So I will not do it stop.

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Number three, I don't know whether this will please Allah or not. What must you do? Stop? Don't do it. Until you clarify from somebody who knows. And then if it is something which pleases Allah Alhamdulillah you do it? If it is something that does not please Allah Alhamdulillah you stop, you don't do that. Right.

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Final situation, that without thinking without testing, I said something or I did something. And then I realized now having what I was talking to you about is what is the right time to do to do this testing, right time to check is before the deed before the speech, but for whatever reason, forgetfulness, hurry, whatnot, I did not check and then having said it or having done it, I realized that this is something that I should not have done. This is something that displeases Allah subhanaw taala then what must I do? Immediately is the Far and away

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immediately. The key is the immediacy of it instantly, the minute I realize I must make amends

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the military life, I must make amends. Take, for example, the issue of limited again,

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beautiful story. I was referring to the Alon who

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got angry with Agra Bella, Bella. Bella, as you know, was a I was seen in person, he was a black African man. So he got angry with him or the alano. And he called him He said, You son of a black mother.

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Now obviously, say that I would say that a black mother was African. She was black, but this is not the way

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he's saying that Ilana was he meant that in a disparaging way. Right. He was not describing the situation.

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So naturally say that our beloved Orlando got upset. So he went to Mr. salami he complained, he said, this is how this man is is talking to me. Rosaura Salaam called him and he said What is the matter with you? Have you gone back to the waves of the jelly?

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Have you gone back to the waves of the jelly a pre Islamic time?

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racism was rampant. May Allah protect us racism, again is rampant today. We have lost everything. May Allah protect us from ourselves. We need to get it back. As soon as I was not only not racist, he was anti racist. He was probably the only person the first person in recorded history who was anti racist.

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The difference between being non racist and being anti racist. Right. So he was used actively against racism. So he said to Southern Avila as

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our other Latino, he said, What's wrong with you? Have you gone back to the waves of the jalur?

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I'm talking about you do you do or say something by mistake by forgetfulness or something and you realize it is wrong. So then what must you do? So our Rivera delanco Tao, he realized that he had said something which was bad. So he immediately he went looking for cerebella

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when he found that and I will Allah Delano, he said to him, I sincerely and sincerely apologize to you, I didn't mean anything bad. I was extremely, extremely sorry. Please forgive me. And he says I want to punish myself. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to lie down on the ground with my face on the ground and I want you to stamp on my face with your shoe. Right with your leg. I want you to my I will light on my face like this and I want you to stamp on my face with your shoe. Now this is getting it to an extreme. I am not suggesting you should do this. But I am saying that this Abba were so sincere, that this is what they did say that I believe there are certain

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No, I will not do that. I have forgiven you, you apologize matters, that says

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passionate, but he will not that is very that he insisted to say that I will answer I will not do it you can insist as much as you want, I will not stamp on your face with my shoe This is wrong. I will not do that no matter what. So, I will and very again got angry and he said I will complain to me sir.

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This good. First you are saying now you want to complain about this, that I mean this hour we're like brothers to each other Alhamdulillah they must have had a you know, a laugh about it or something. But the point i'm saying is that this is the level of sincerity of the Sahaba revoir Allah here language Wait, what is the lesson we learn from you? The lesson we learn from here is yes, it is possible that something a mistake can happen from the best of us. There is no one who exceeds people like a mother the father in law No, in virtue in today's world is nobody who can even come close to them. But even they sometimes they made mistakes, but when they made mistakes, what

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was their behavior, their mistake and how they dealt with it also is a matter of learning for us. Now May Allah subhanaw taala blessed us our offer sudo salah and grant them the highest stages and status in the agenda. Be very hisab inshallah, this is what we learn that if you make a mistake, then immediately don't wait. immediately make amends. So taqwa three things that I wish I advised him number one is to have Taqwa wherever you are, whatever situation you might be in.

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Whether you are in your home, whether you are in a public place, whether you are dealing with one person you're dealing with 1000 people, whatever may be the situation. have Taqwa of Allah meaning that this thought in must be Supreme.

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This thought must be absolutely number one in the mind to say, my action or my speech, does it please Allah? is Allah subhanho wa Taala pleased with what I am saying, what I am doing. Second thing is that was that we shall assume that follow an evil deed with a good one to wipe it out. Because Allah subhanaw taala said in Lhasa net, you the hipness a yet very Lee the good deeds, wipe out the evil deeds. Right. So he says, follow an evil deed with a good one. So in the case of the fire, there are no this is what he tried to do. Following it up with a good one, the good one might be to rock out of Salah, the good one might be giving some sadaqa the good one might be fasting,

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whatever is a good deed. If something bad has happened, then follow it up with something good. This is a very

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important thing. And final thing is the sorcerer assumes a dream, treat people with good behavior. Now imagine, remember, he's not saying treat Muslims, he's saying treat people, anybody, whether it is Muslim, whether it is not Muslim, whoever, whether even including him, in this case, that was awesome, said people, but other places. He even spoke about the importance of treating non people meaning animals, and birds and so on, with good behavior with kindness. Were we and to the extent I mean, we know the famous story, the Hadith, where a Surah Surah Sonam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive a man, all his sins, whatever you're done, because he gave water to a thirsty dog,

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this dog was very thirsty.

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There was a well, there and the water was it was deep down in the world, his dog couldn't get to it. And he was struggling, this man came and his man took off his shoe. And he tied the string the laces to the shoe and he dipped the shoe in the well and he pulled it out. And he gave the water to the dog to drink

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lots of water like this deep so much that Allah subhanaw taala forgive the man whatever he had.

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Remember that this is a this is not an animal. Now point is that that is the reason why it is so important to be kind and be nice and be good to people. Again, either I began by saying that you see the benefits of this, of practicing Islam. Now think about this. All of these things which I mentioned to you, we are looking at it from the perspective of the architect. But let us also look at it from the perspective of the dunya from this world. Tell me what do you think will be the life experience of somebody who lives his life like this? Somebody who lives his life were very consciously this person is kind to others. He is polite, she's polite, they don't lose their temper.

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

They don't rave and rant, they don't scream. They don't curse people. Right? Even if somebody does something

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Wrong they forgive them. And if they have to correct them, they do that with dignity they do that with respect. They don't do that by trying to humiliate that person.

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Right, they deal with, with everyone they deal with them justly.

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If they get angry, they get angry for the right reasons for the right causes to change something which is bad.

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But if you are a person like that, how do you think the world will view you what kind of life experience do you think you will have

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I can tell you that you will be the you will quite easily become the most beloved person in your community,

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you will become the most beloved person who will become the person who everyone you know looks up to and respects and the people will come to you for advice and all of this will happen. You will inspire people because of your behavior. So here is this behavior, which is Islam which Islam is teaching us

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and for which Allah subhanaw taala said he will give us reward. So when we die inshallah, this behavior is good for us when we go to meet Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah these are all excuses and these are all reasons that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to use to forgive us of course always Rama is without reason it gives it because he's a luck, but the same behavior

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will also get as good reactions will get us good results right here in this life itself before we die.

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Now, what objection Can anybody have to that?

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That but as I said, this will happen only if we practice.

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That's why I gave you the example of the exercise and proper diet and all that

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jazz just like you and I can see the effect of exercise and proper diet, when we do it.

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Not before when we do it.

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Just like we will see the effect of that when we do it. We will also see the effect of good behavior and so on. So what when we do it

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right, that is what I want to emphasize for you and I want you to think about if we do something good then inshallah the results of it will definitely be good for us. Another Hadith narrated by Zod being a sham or Delano.

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He asked Ayesha Siddiqa de la momineen mother cheese he said to her Yeah, woman woman, a robot of the believers. Tell me about the character of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

00:32:45--> 00:32:53

She said to him don't read the Quran. He said yes, I read the Quran. She said the character of Salaam was the Quran.

00:32:55--> 00:33:24

Right? This is in sunan si as well as in, say Muslim, so sad in Asia Delano. He asked say the Ayesha Siddiqa. delana mother of the believers young woman, please tell me about the character of Ross Ross and salah and she said don't you read the Quran? He said of course I read the hora. She said the character of masala Salaam was the Quran. Now the sisters

00:33:26--> 00:33:54

Think about this. I began by saying this, that Islam is an mo practice. And what it says is the Hara delana saying about the character Musa he saying that he's saying that he practiced the hora. He lived by the Quran. He didn't just read the Quran. He didn't just recite the Quran, right? He didn't just teach the Quran. He lived by the Quran, whatever the Quran

00:33:56--> 00:34:52

has mandated rasulillah salam followed that to a level of excellence. Whatever the Quran prohibited rasulillah salam stayed away from that to a level of excellence. Now this is what we have to understand. Now what among the things that the Quran mandated and promised and prohibited? is a blanket statement where Allah subhanaw taala said Rama Taku rasuluh wa kumaun who Fanta who what the whole law in Allah How shall he do the cup in Santa Lucia? Allah subhanaw taala said whatever mind Abby gives you take it, meaning whatever mind Abby tells you to do do whatever my NaVi orders you to do. Complete it and do it. Mama Haku man Whoa, whoa, whoa, whatever mine Abby's stops you from Stop.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Don't argue. Don't try to put your own logic into it and say, Well, you know, this is what he meant. And this is what he didn't mean. No.

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

He tells you to do something, do it. He tells you to stop, stop

00:35:05--> 00:35:10

and have Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And remember that Allah, Allah Severe in punishment.

00:35:11--> 00:35:22

You know, the finest example that I can give you for about this, about the importance of following this call of the corner is from the Battle of HUD.

00:35:23--> 00:35:38

We know the story of how rahsaan positioned a group of archers on the top of the small hill, which is close to 100. Then between this small hill and the big mountain of odd, there is a

00:35:40--> 00:35:41

channel there is a pathway

00:35:43--> 00:35:49

rasuna solemn position a group of archers who was headed that group was headed by

00:35:50--> 00:36:41

Satan, a Jaffa would have been Vitaly, the brother of Alibaba with Alibaba nano. So, Jaffa Delano was the head of those of that group. And this group of arches was positioned on this hip. And the reason why rahsaan position those arches there was because he was afraid he wanted to take care of the of the possibility that Khalid bin valets or whoever might attack through that passage, cavalry might come through that passage, which would then attack the Muslims behind from from the back, which is obviously a horrible situation to be in. So to prevent that, he put this group of Sahaba on on this hilltop, and he gave them very clear instructions. He said to them, stay there, on that hill

00:36:42--> 00:37:06

illa spective of what happens. He said, to the extent that even if you find that the battle has been lost, and we are dead, and the crows and vultures are eating from our bodies, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, even if you feel that, even if you see that, do not leave your position.

00:37:07--> 00:37:27

Now, think about this what, what is what kind of instruction is that? It's a very severe instruction. But it's an absolutely clear instruction that nobody can be in any doubt about is he saying, no matter what happens, if this battle is won, or it is lost, it has nothing to do with you stay there until I command you to come down.

00:37:29--> 00:37:30

Now what happened in

00:37:33--> 00:37:35

the battle Initially, the Muslims won

00:37:36--> 00:37:50

the Horus they ran away. Now when the chorus ran away, they left a lot of their baggage and so on and so forth there. So the Muslims soldiers they thought battle is over. So they went to take the honeymoon, they went to take the

00:37:52--> 00:37:53

the booty.

00:37:54--> 00:38:06

These people on the hilltop, they had an argument and they said, well, the battle is finished. And we have won. And people are collecting booty, so let her also go and collect booty.

00:38:07--> 00:38:14

So Sara Jafar and couple of other people doesn't know that this is against the Hong Kong against the order that was given by Rosaura solo.

00:38:17--> 00:38:23

The people who wanted to go What did you say to them? They said no, no, that order applied only when the battle was there.

00:38:24--> 00:38:45

Now it doesn't apply because situation has changed. What did Allah say? Amata como rasuluh Bhavana hakuba, Novato whatever mine Abby says, do it. Whatever he stops you from stop, whatever it's a blanket say but anything. If we tell you stand on your head stand on your head. Don't say why this Why that? No.

00:38:47--> 00:39:18

They did that they argued. And some of them are many of them. They left. they disobeyed. They left and they went to collect the booty. And as a result of that Holly been worried. At that time before he became Muslim, he was behind the hill with a detachment of cavalry. The moment he saw the archers leaving, he attacked, and the whole battle was turned upside down on its head to the extent that even Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself got injured.

00:39:20--> 00:39:26

Right? It got so bad that even the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself got injured in this battle.

00:39:27--> 00:39:32

Why did it happen? Because they disobeyed the order of sources.

00:39:34--> 00:40:00

The reason I mentioning is this is because at the end of the day as I began by saying the test of the pudding is in the eating as they say with regard to anything. So the test of Islam is in practicing it. If you practice it inshallah we will benefit. But if you don't practice it, we will not benefit No matter how much we think we know anyone

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

The things you know Islam is not practicing it my submission is you do not know Islam. So I advise myself when you let us start practicing it, let us start practicing what we preach. That is what tribes are practicing what we listen what we hear, by all means at an Allah cause by all means, read books, by all means, watch lectures, listen to lectures, everything, by the end of every single one of those at the end of every class at the end of everything, come back to yourself sit down and say, what is it that I am going to do differently from tomorrow?

00:40:34--> 00:40:39

As a result of what I just heard, or what I just read,

00:40:40--> 00:41:06

if that question is not asked, If you don't have an answer to that question, if you don't do that in practice, believe me You're wasting your time and this will become a legit argument against you. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you and protect myself. We ask a lot to enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which does not please Him. masala Alanna will carry value. So it might be Rama Rama Rama pasa la vida Kumara De La Hoya