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To love our evil hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin v one more city Muhammad Rasul. Allah it right it was

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the Steven Kavita and cathedra.

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Sisters, we know the first studies in Bukhari and Muslim.

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The first of these in the RB Novia, which is the Hadees.

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Narrated by Omar Abdullah Delano, who said, as well as salam said, in our llama Lavinia

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that the reward of the deed, the reward for the deed is based on its intention.

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you know, the Hadith, but what is it that we need to do?

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First of all, we have to see, what is

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what is it that

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constitutes near any action? How do we check the knee?

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Again, if I'm not around to Lolly, and these other books are so serene in the Mocha Dima, in the introduction, he says, A Lithonia V will lead a man of equally acquired

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of equally as well as bodies that will coffee.

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He said, The HA the expression, the awareness,

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the bringing forward of the intention, frequently Am I in every action for people to call in all our

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speech have equally in all conditions? And why is that well, coffee, weather these things are visible, open, or whether they are hidden inside.

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Now, if you think about this,

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it shows a extremely high level of self awareness.

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The Importance of Being aware of who I am, what I am, where I am, what I'm doing, why I'm doing it.

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All of this

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extremely important to be aware of all of these things.

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And just being aware is not enough, being aware with the intention of correcting the idea to do that thing only for the sake of Allah.

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Let's see the Hikmah of this. If I am completely and totally and constantly aware of every speech of mine, everything that I say, and I'm, I have this my mind that I'm doing this only to praise Allah, then it is impossible to say anything which is haram to say anything which is a sin, because if I'm saying something to please Allah, obviously, if I have a thought, for example, if I think of doing a river or the amoeba or or slander of water or deceive somebody or tell a lie, or use any bad language or anything, the woman the thought comes in my mind, the NIA is there to say, you are going to do this to please Allah. Obviously, Allah is not pleased with these things. So I will not speak

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it. So it is like a gateway it is like a protection from sin. Similarly for action, every action, whatever the action might be, immediately if by Nia is clear to me, that I say what I'm about to do this, should I do it or not? obvious answer is no, I should not do it because this is a sin. And vice versa if it is not, if it is not as if it's a good thing I Hamdulillah I do that with awareness frequently, in every condition, I find myself in now what is the situation with conditions, there are two situations one is if the condition is good, or Hamdulillah, then the position of the Muslim is to be thankful. Every single Hamdulillah robola Allah subhanaw taala has given me well, and I'm

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thankful to Allah, if the condition is not good. If it is some there is some pains of suffering some difficulty then immediately usual Allah, we ask we make a stuffer. We make Toba for the condition to go because Allah subhanaw taala says Rama we know gonna perform for the what is to be done when these difficulties make us different though and Allah subhanaw taala forgive, we do that, and we have a summer we don't complain we don't cry, moan, groan complaining we behave with some see the beauty of this now.

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What is it that corrupts the knee.

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Now the olive I have mentioned several things. Among them is and usually the most common one is the need for and the desire for name and fame.

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right, I should be known if I for example, if my resignation is good, I want to lead salah and the intention there is so that people can hear my resignation.

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Right? If you make if you if you think many people think they are good speakers, they are actually not but they think so. So you're if you think you're a good speaker, then you want to

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make a speech or give a lecture or bad or hope or something, because the intention is or I want to impress people. So, this is one of the most important one of the most important thing one of the most common, not important most common ways in which the NIA is corrupted by Shatta Wale you can extend that in terms of charity in terms of Salah itself, somebody standing like this you know bent down and the people also are looking at is crucial, but there is not so that that person is doing that to show people the danger of that is that only Allah knows and only you know, right. So think about is how tragic it is. For example, if the if the car if the Imam is residing in a beautiful way

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but his intention is to is to please the people, he is committing shirk while standing on the masala but the people themselves they are mashallah because of this Quran, they are getting a lot of shows that people are doing well hamdulillah but this man, he's earning sin, he is committing Sheikh was selling on Amazon, how tragic is that. So the first and foremost thing to guard against is

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this desire to please people are rare. The second one is where this is related also to some form of material gain. So for example, the Hadith, or the Imam is giving a hotbar and he's seeing in the in the, in the in the crowd, he sees the president of the machine, he's seeing the treasure or the magic, he's seeing this person who is a millionaire, that person who's a big businessman and so on and he knows the business is haram he knows that this is billionaire is doing something and he but he will not mention those things. I'm not saying he should not in any case, he should not take the person's name and mentioned but saying for example, that interest based banking is haram or not

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declared war, because this person sitting there is a banker.

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So, now you have a

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hidden desire there you know I was not so let them not be displeased because they will give me some gift or some kind of thing maybe they give me a raise make me a head of our supremium or

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god knows what their luck with everything. So, that is the second one Biggie which is looking forward to some material gain

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from the people instead of pleasing Allah smarter, these are the two main things I mean, there are many other smaller things that they have mentioned. But these to name and fame and money. Now what to do

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oh my god, he mentioned I made a very beautiful give a baby for example, he said

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if the NIA at the beginning of the action, and the near at the end of the action is the same then Allah Allah subhanaw taala will forgive whatever comes in between Now what does that mean? It means that you began the action with a good day obviously I mean nobody will begin with a bad day. So begin with a good idea Allah subhanaw taala should be pleased with me. Now when the action is finished check your knee again if this if the if the near the still the same that hamdulillah Allah should be pleased with me then you have another other law says that we're not in our favor. He said that in between if the near and dear then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will forgive but if the

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beginning is good, and at the end you find yourself as this one Allah You know, I went off somewhere else. Now I my my my my mind is where all this source is. Then he said making stuff aren't always wajib otherwise your action is not accepted Allah

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will remove this action so we reject this action. So it's very important to keep checking the near again and again. Some of them are given a very nice example they said that, imagine that you are going through a big market sales, a lot of people milling around here or there and you have money in your pocket, you got your wallet, you got money in your pocket, how will you go through that fear? You will have one hand on that pocket. Right? You will not you won't leave it alone. You won't get distracted by the people because there are big pockets and if you get distracted, they will steal your money.

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So your car one at least one part of your brain is against you. That is my is my money safe. So the Obama said that this is the way we must guard our near constantly keep on checking is my near safe or not? Is it being corrupted by shatta is somewhere is it going away as to say this time

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You know, you don't say I am doing it to please even the one who's doing it won't say that. But that is what is happening is that and as I said, only Allah knows, we don't know nobody else can know. And that is the reason why it's so dangerous. It's so so important to be constantly aware.

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And this is the beauty of Islam see the degree the granularity to which this Congress between thought and feeling and speech and action. All of these must be in Congress, then inshallah we're safe. But if these things if there is a dissonance between them, that the thought is something and then the species something else and the action is something else, that this is a sign of never, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure that. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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fill our hearts with His last with cluster Nia with the sincerity of intention. We asked him to surrender to protect our Nia we asked him to surrender to protect us from the from the cupola the shutter, to protect us from the Vasa associated to protect us from all forms of corruption. whatever actions we have, he asked us to accept them and put Baraka in them. And to reward us it gave him his majesty and this was a lot on the military while he was grumpy